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  1. new resource settings?
  2. No Editor in BTS and where is The_Lopez
  3. explorers
  4. Hello and a question
  5. Unique Architecture
  6. No Ground!
  7. How could I speed up the game with my configuration?
  8. PolyCast 18: Dale talks about Road to War
  9. Pick and mix mod?
  10. 1600AD Seals, Manhattan Project, and Scotland Yard
  11. Will Canals Enable Fleet Production in Inland Cities?
  12. Any Modding/Scenario tips for a beginner?
  13. Why Choose Religions?
  14. What is worst?
  15. How will you get BTS?
  16. What is YOUR favorite BtS feature?
  17. Screenshots of the New Leaders?
  18. Alternate universe unique buildings
  19. Unit Management in Large Stacks
  20. Espionage thoughts
  21. Ask to be a computer's vassal
  22. Conquest victory
  23. Calling all North American posters
  24. Is MAF problem addressed on BTS?
  25. More religious diversity
  26. New Civilization Game!
  27. Hardware Question
  28. Rid of useless vassals
  29. Road to War: Movie!
  30. Is This Normal?
  31. New Tech option
  32. Diplo Music
  33. The Chinese civilization has been destroyed!!!
  34. The New U.N.
  35. Multiple of the same luxuries in starting area?
  36. World's Unluckiest Civ Player
  37. Tricky resource question!
  38. Wee! I finally install Warworlds! :D
  39. Babylonian UB and the Greek UB...
  40. I, for one, welcome our new Dutch overlords
  41. Always War
  42. Changing rules mid game.
  43. City flipping
  44. So where's the catch in BtS, I wonder?
  45. Warlords Content In Bts!!!!!!!!
  46. Any confirmed changes to imperialistic?
  47. The new role of being Philosophical
  48. some questions
  49. What will you do if BtS isn't released in July ?
  50. Qin Shi Huang's diplomacy modifiers
  51. Vassals and UN
  52. Gah! I'm at it again!
  53. MAF Fix
  54. Resources that should be in - but aren't!
  55. How can I open border with other countries?
  56. New intro music to BtS
  57. Trait bonuses to wonder building?
  58. Quick question
  59. No Haile Selassie?
  60. Some ally!
  61. Start Preferences?
  62. Combat system
  63. Possible to play PCs vs Macs via LAN?
  64. Does anyone know the adjusted Ai bonuses in BTS?
  65. What trait rebalancing with they include in BTS?
  66. Any Chance Firaxis will pre-release the BTS Civilopedia
  67. Great Prophets still as useless as ever?
  68. Any leader, any Civilization?
  69. Ok, Dumb question I know... Acronyms
  70. Is there a way to open the Civ..pedia only?
  71. Do you think State Property destroys Corperations?
  72. Nice start location (pic)
  73. How many golden ages do you use in a game?
  74. combining mods & custom assets?
  75. Water culture
  76. New combo of national wonders in Bts
  77. Nukes and global warming
  78. Unit Obsolescence - are there details anywhere here?
  79. India is not a civilization!
  80. Languages?
  81. Corporations and Religions require more dynamic and "self awareness"
  82. Corporations and Religions require more dynamic and "self awareness"?
  83. A few in game how-to questions if you please
  84. Stop Trading with our enemy??
  85. General Questions about bts/warlords
  86. Buying BtS from
  87. Arminius?
  88. Air strikes on artillery
  89. How do they KNOW I bought in a war ally?
  90. Can't advance past 28 XP?
  91. civ4 complete???
  92. Are there any girls out there who play Civ?
  93. Which Civ game was better, Civ IV or Civ III?
  94. Governor a bit wonky
  95. The Great Wall
  96. Disabling Space Race in World Builder
  97. Lebensraum
  98. Peace negotiations are tedious
  99. Noble benchmarks
  100. Question about religion?
  101. Tactical War based strategy games. Suggestions?
  102. Crossbow and ChoKoNu
  103. Best World War II mod out there?
  104. Cavalry pushed back? good or bad?
  105. What would be the incentive(s) to let go of my colonies?
  106. Keep city growing - how?
  107. New Player
  108. Some ideas stolen/borrowed from Rhye's and Fall of Civilization?
  109. Hitting a Wall
  110. Advice on a nuclear strike
  111. Religion - Civ Converts but then Converts back
  112. Da 4th
  113. Enemy resource tiles
  114. What? BTS out on the 20th??? (UK)
  115. What is the first difficulty level you will play?
  116. Potential random events ideas
  117. Delay in release?
  118. New official trailer out (July 5, 2007)
  119. Fav civ
  120. New IGN feature (July 5, 2007)
  121. Playing vanilla Civ4 after Warlords/BTS install
  122. wandering missionaries
  123. Civ best game ever?
  124. Have you had a dream about BtS?
  125. Modifying Technologies (eg oil OR coal for RRs)
  126. Can you trust the power graphic?
  127. What are the benefits to Mercantilism?
  128. Fixed: Top 3 New Leaderheads
  129. triremes with metal casting, good idea?
  130. How to build production city
  131. History of the Middle East
  132. Gamespot screenshots
  133. random Unique Units?
  134. Loading Different Mods via Shortcuts
  135. Small gripe about leader heads
  136. Newby question: How does Food Work?
  137. Extremely annoying poll about whether it should be Mercia not Anglo Saxon Kingdom
  138. How to avoid intro video?
  139. Mausoleum of Maussollos
  140. Inflation?
  141. Gw
  142. Why am I so awful at Noble?
  143. How to make Great person in your games?
  144. ok new comer here
  145. Is this a crappy system? or decent? HELP!
  146. Vassal bug ?
  147. Suggestion For New Game Concept: True World History
  148. PolyCast 19: "And On and On"
  149. Actual release date
  150. Is Warlords 2.09 patch coming on 23th July?
  151. Is it possible to turn off the wave animation of the forests?
  152. Great People mechanic can be done better
  153. BTS - Is anyone going to make a mod with units with city names?
  154. foreign advisor
  155. Who is interested in an “Unaltered Gameplay Mod” for BtS?
  156. Delhi Sultanate...
  157. What Scenarios
  158. Native American Crossbows?
  159. can any one tell me?...
  160. Best Wish, Biggest Fear?
  161. Annual income per capita?
  162. list of changes?
  163. Public unrest on a civ war
  164. What's the fastest way to get the game?
  165. Hot Dike Action
  166. Hello, Some Very Noobish Q's Here
  167. I have a simple question, can anybody help?
  168. Do you think GUI of Civ4 is good?
  169. Beyond the Sword website
  170. Map Trading
  171. Road to War: Movie!
  172. Realistic Warriors
  173. What about the Babylonian garden?
  174. Canals
  175. cheapest and quickest way to get it in the uk?
  176. I'll get the game on July 20th
  177. State property
  178. Is Prince much harder than Noble ?
  179. Are there any lo-res movies available for Warlords?
  180. Changing civs flag?
  181. How do you plunder effectively
  182. I miss respawning civilizations!
  183. Noob Question: Energy
  184. Rushing Buildings
  185. In BTS can I gift a city to my vassal?
  186. Nuking question
  187. Option I'd kill for: Global Warming
  188. Atheism until free religion?
  189. BtS plus Warlords scenarios
  190. What do you say add in Modern Ice Age and Modern Global Warming?
  191. Arms Trade: Is it possible?
  192. The AI's can team up?
  193. Can't build Destroyers with Uranium
  194. Cultural Victory
  195. Custom Maps
  196. Montys diplo music
  197. Whipping
  198. Some Technologies
  199. Are there any mods to play Civ4 on a low-end computer?
  200. Changing difficulty?
  201. Difficulty level suggestion
  202. Prince or Monarch?
  203. Civ4 intro and menu in Warlords?
  204. Stalin Agressive?
  205. With cavalry being pushed back will cossacks get beefed???
  206. City view?
  207. Aircraft bombing
  208. New Scenarios?
  209. BTS system req???
  210. Best Civilization Music
  211. How do the AIs do it?
  212. Chaning Opening Music
  213. ...WOW! Just learned of NextWar!! AHH! Need more info!!!!
  214. So inconsistant...
  215. UB Confusion (Byzantines and Greeks)
  216. Culture Slider, Something I'm missing?
  217. Final Frontier vs GalCivII
  218. Legendary civs
  219. When do you build your first settler?
  220. predicament
  221. Can i have your opinion on something?
  222. The Scots as a Civilisation?
  223. East Indiaman thought
  224. 1 scenario remains but no...
  225. What Is That !!! People !!!!!!!!!!!?????????
  226. How do I see "world rankings" at will?
  227. 100XP unit
  228. Does the positive health brings something positive indeed?
  229. BTS Walkthrough Video (same as trailer)
  230. I found the BEST Civ 4 music possible
  231. In need of help from more experienced players.
  232. Greatest advancements
  233. I welcome the Native Americans!
  234. That Really Grinds My Gears
  235. Apostolic Palace Question
  236. The most cities you lost
  237. Strategy Informer Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword preview
  238. How the Ironworks Wonder is working exactly in Warlords?
  239. Upgraded UN>?
  240. Partisans
  241. Random Events - Player Only?
  242. Charlemagne: Allemand or Français?
  243. Civilization Song by Electric Funstuff?
  244. Alternate creative and fun names you use for Civ leaders
  245. Wonder movies "on/off" setting for multiplayer.
  246. Top 10 Game Mechanics Changes I'd like to see in BTS
  247. What else did comrade Stalin do?
  248. Overseas Trade
  249. Looking for information!
  250. Donating units...