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  1. CIV Product Placement ... Brought to You by Sound Blaster...
  2. 2 negative thoughts from a BtS fan
  3. Spy Ratio...
  4. New maps - abundance of food?
  5. Best Warmonging Civ (only 6 choices, not all civs)
  6. Money Maker for the new Espionage System
  7. Improving Aluminium Co and Standard Ethanol
  8. Quest list
  9. Set an Ending Age?
  10. Do Spies travelling as cargos get caught, too?
  11. I need someone to give me a couple files
  12. Great Gaming Moment
  13. As if protective couldn't be more overpowered...
  14. Best Trait combos and UU for a slow mover like me?
  15. Religion Spamming
  16. Scenarios, why do I never play them...
  17. lack of random events
  18. Why does this (sub)forum(BTS) suck ?
  19. Airships yes!
  20. Will Civilization Revolution end up making Civilization V more complex?
  21. A few questions about corporations.
  22. So called "aggressive" AI leaders are simply idiotic!
  23. BtS - Zoroastrianism??
  24. Huge maps got bigger?
  25. Multi party peace talks and trading vassals
  26. culture
  27. Customizing spaceship - cosmetic only?
  28. I miss the old Palace from Civ III
  29. Survey!
  30. Aggressive AI = The Real Civ?
  31. 4 Air Units only can stay a city
  32. Firaxis: ETA on the patch?
  33. Why can't I play Rhyes & fall
  34. Terrorism in BTS??
  35. Polymetallic mines
  36. AI - Historical or Human
  37. Privateers give GG points
  38. UN Resolutions?
  39. The "settle on 10 landmasses" quest
  40. Holy Mountain Quest
  41. Changing The Combat
  42. I keep giving back my captured cities!
  43. Counter-Espionage Civilopedia Tip
  44. AI's favorite civics
  45. The Firaxis website seems to be different.
  46. Banned Nuclear weapons !
  47. Is it normal that i got fission without even researching it?
  48. New Patches
  49. Sound Files - too much space!
  50. BTS and Warlords
  51. see what you can do with my civ
  52. Suryavarman !!!
  53. Problem with Installation.
  54. Does BtS....
  55. What speed do you enjoy playing most?
  56. Is the AI better on Terra Maps?
  57. Ridiculous Map Start
  58. Gilgamesh
  59. Is there a mod that makes the civs more unique?
  60. What difficulty setting on BTS is the equivalent to Noble in Civ 4 and Warlords???
  61. Defence Scenario - Disappearing Units?
  62. AP and Corporations Questions
  63. Limit on number of civs
  64. Raging Barbarians
  65. Firaxis please fix the stack mouseovers!!!
  66. I don't understand First Strikes >.<
  67. What difficulty akin to 'normal' on BTS?
  68. HRE rant
  69. culture the buildings generate doubles over time?
  70. Civ4 BtS Hitler Leader Mod?
  71. Bored
  72. Siege units are now more or less obsolete
  73. Frederick the Wonder machine
  74. Advanced Start
  75. Any BTS mods for ethnically diverse cities?
  76. Espianoge to steal money
  77. Dynamic Game Speed
  78. Civilization 4 online gaming questions!!!
  79. Hi From a Newb
  80. BTS or Warlords?
  81. Civ 4 and expansions. Can I load all using the Beyond the sword?
  82. Improving management statistics?
  83. Map types
  84. Apostolic Palace votes not occuring
  85. What's "maximum damage?"
  86. Tutorial
  87. A Spy Has Been Stumbled Upon!
  88. Earliest wins?
  89. Random Events---> "Heresies" <---- Questions
  90. Random Peace Treaties
  91. Beyond the Sword Performance Issues
  92. How do I use the Apolistic Palace?
  93. I hate the AI!
  94. Apostolitic weirdness....
  95. Why cant BtS be as big as mods are?
  96. vassalt problem with recource
  97. Changing the secondary color of tiny flags (see pics)
  98. Firaxis, add more random events and quests!
  99. need some advice
  100. Power Plant Questions
  101. Does adding a small amount of collateral damage to the Khmer Elephant sound nice?
  102. First use of Nukes should be a full screen ALERT!
  103. Is anyone else finding the unit spam boring?
  104. What events do you think are overpowered, and how can they be altered/removed?
  105. Interesting AI Message...
  106. Suggestion: Police State should get an espionage bonus
  107. Revolts
  108. problem when I launch civilization IV
  109. AI and amphibious attacks
  110. speed difficulty
  111. The problem when it comes to defending against an invasion
  112. Choose religion
  113. Why do all AI citys suck.
  114. JUst wanting to know...
  115. Two quick BtS mod questions
  116. Great expansion pack!
  117. BTS Help and Manual ... not so good
  118. My Spaceship Is Up In The Air....Is It Safe???
  119. How Do Other Civs React To Your Nuclear Capability
  120. Anyone had their colony actually help them out yet?
  121. problem when i launch beyond the sword
  122. Are you seeing the AI trying to win with different victories?
  123. How are Musketmen now?
  124. BTS air combat
  125. Can vassals found colonies?
  126. what warlords should have been
  127. Cover Sheet (excel) beta
  128. CIV 4 Installation steps?
  129. Confuzzlyness with executables and patches...
  130. Any way to fix the pause that occurs each time I access a sub-screen?
  131. MAF, my old friend...
  132. Fast & silly question
  133. Are mountains still aliens ?
  134. Am I the only one who gets Great Walls every game now?
  135. Do we need Warlords for BTS?
  136. Death by...
  137. General Experience Chart
  138. limit possible technologies to one era?
  139. Random Events
  140. Other Civs Working MY Land!
  141. Classic Era Starts - Does Player Ever Get a Religion?
  142. Don't you find getting a Great Spy a bit too hard?
  143. Now that we have BTS, what UU needs to be buff
  144. Is beyond the sword worth the $30?
  145. I can't seem to generate a decent map. Pictures inside
  146. What leader do you most resemble?
  147. "Better" AI sucks
  148. So tell me about Civ4 - Should I get?
  149. Which map size do you enjoy most?
  150. Install Issues
  151. Sitting Bull's welcome
  152. Thank you Firaxis!
  153. Couple of Questions...
  154. Vista for beyond the sword?
  155. Need help from Terra experts
  156. BTS Theme Song
  157. Hemispheres
  158. You know you have played too much BtS when...
  159. Spy level
  160. Huge Ups on Random Events
  161. What Happened to Trade?
  162. Which might be the strongest unique building so far???
  163. GP Farms in BtS
  164. "I thank you for your pity"
  165. Extreme Beginnings
  166. Italian localization
  167. What happened to the ping signal in multiplayer?
  168. AI cultural victory
  169. Colony? how to make a such, and what are the implications?
  170. Siege weapon tactics question
  171. Great Person
  172. What to do with Great People?
  173. my stack of redcoats wiped out by curaseeirs
  174. I love Statue of Zeus
  175. Best leader/civ for cultural victory?
  176. Bug or my own stupidity?
  177. BTS- C4 Queries
  178. BtS AI - Is it better?
  179. Things you never build...
  180. Bug - Advanced Start "Next War" Mod
  181. Forts question and healing units
  182. What???
  183. Warlord too easy, noble.. way too hard?
  184. What's up with the low-food capitals?!?!
  185. Where to buy? What to buy?
  186. Petition:New leader for China~
  187. bonuses?
  188. Cathy, why don't you love me ?
  189. Why can't cities build espionage?
  190. Additional Espionage Missions
  191. Fading and quick moves.
  192. Civilopedia
  193. Geronimo?
  194. Really Hidden Resouces
  195. Most important additions since Civ 4 Vanilla
  196. I hate these pop-ups...
  197. Civ4 + Warlords Sale
  198. Can someone explain why this *isnt* a fresh water lake?(pic)
  199. time to completion with current build / espionage question
  200. Who do you play against?
  201. Has anyone seen a game changing random event?
  202. Repetitive Goodie Huts in BTS?
  203. Promotion 5/10 - Just sitting there?
  204. Resources and Corporations
  205. Didn't Eleanor of Aquitaine ride into battle pregnant and bare-breasted?
  206. Spys or Where's Waldo?
  207. What's with all these forts?
  208. Best Unrestricted Leader/Civ combo's you've tried
  209. BTS mod request for colonies
  210. what's more important when settling
  211. Question about availability of Espionage options with Spy
  212. Apostolic Palace
  213. Dot map advice
  214. Two questions: great person automation, huge map hardware
  215. Peace Treaty Cancelled... Uh, We Had a Peace Treaty?
  216. Turning off OVERSEAS VASSALS?
  217. One thing I wish they'd change about colonies
  218. DLL, More then 18 Civs!
  219. More Graphics Problems
  220. Afterworld help
  221. change teams?
  222. The World considers me a villian?
  223. "You've grown too powerful for us."
  224. what resembles roman religion & zoroastrianism best?
  225. Stationing spies in your own cities - more the merrier?
  226. Saladin and his heroic spearmen.
  227. Does total Realism work for Civ4Gold?
  228. Does anyone else think that India is a bit overpowered?
  229. Does the AI care about Defensive Pacts when declaring war?
  230. Too Many Military Units (Back to Civ III)
  231. Blockade?
  232. Curiosities in my first BTS game
  233. Willem the Oranje Clown
  234. chariots
  235. What is the Hemisphere map like?
  236. Are the random things biased?
  237. +2 hammers from religious buildings
  238. Okay I need some serious advice!
  239. Wow, Darius I = Mr. Money Machine
  240. Spreading Corporation
  241. my game keeps crashing
  242. Advanced Start
  243. What good are Vassal States??
  244. Question about city placement (Screenshot)
  245. Simpsons Intro like Civ IV Intro
  246. Get off your gaming pa-tooties and get BTS.
  247. Thank you Firaxis for my airborne gods!
  248. Early game money problems
  249. Help - how do I reset pitboss password?
  250. anyone find Pericles's animation weird?