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  1. Something gets under my skin
  2. Some BTS feedback balance the negative
  3. Warlords to BTS
  4. Corporation Ideas
  5. BTS 3.13 a DUD
  6. Rise and Fall
  7. Pls help me Im very new to Civ
  8. Patching direct2drive version of BTS??
  9. more civs?
  10. Where Do Trades Resources Go ?
  11. Religions no longer seem equal and unbiased. (Also, a 'Next War' aside.)
  12. Resources: What are the exact bonuses?
  13. \b Who wants a C++ Programmer? \b
  14. What is your most used map type in normal BTS games?
  15. Increasing game performance?
  16. Debug Mode Commands (Hotkey) in BTS
  17. Diverse Graphics for Gunpowder units?
  18. Specialist Economy Help
  19. Vista
  20. What features will you expect to be in Civ V?
  21. No final frontier?
  22. My ally hates me for aiding
  23. New Research system for Civ5
  24. The 3.13 AI actually techs decently!
  25. Your most embarrassing civ moments
  26. Is there any way to play in a specific era?
  27. I have to uninstall this game..
  28. Need help with spies
  29. Do captured wonders lose their culture?
  30. Weird glitch: conquer one city get one free!
  31. What do I miss out on if I get BTS and not Warlords
  32. Map finder.
  33. What's a good way to keep your income up?
  34. What size and what map
  35. Do I need to buy Warlords?
  36. Should be able to airlift missionarys.
  37. Two Quick Questions...
  38. How can you tell what patch you have on?
  39. patch 313?
  40. Is this a bug or is the AI senile?
  41. Downloding?
  42. Strategy advice for Boudica
  43. Can no longer build Statue of Liberty.. what am I doing wrong?
  44. Financial trait - the best of the traits, and unbalanced? Should it be changed?
  45. 24 / 32 Max Civs BTS 3.13
  46. Improve Espionage Spending
  47. Anyone else do this?
  48. Looking for a group of Modders interested in Saving CIV 4 MP
  49. Ultimate Military Production City
  50. Barbarians
  51. BTS Patch
  52. Leaders that should be there!
  53. Make Civ More Like History
  54. How many cities?
  55. How do I win this war?
  56. Found Corporations while running SP?
  57. WTH is this? Is this part of the patch?
  58. Tell me about trade routes
  59. Blank info screen?
  60. leaderheads!
  61. Blank info screen!? (Meant to post this here, sorry for other post)
  62. Your Civ 4 idiosyncracies
  63. Rhye's And Ethiopian Ridiculous...ness
  64. Vassal states, why do they come so late?
  65. BTS installation problem.
  66. Mods
  67. Question for Custom Game
  68. Civ4 on HP 6910p
  69. Alarming silence of Firaxis
  70. Give cities to Vassals.
  71. cool glitch for free troops - hotseat
  72. Trade Route Economy
  73. Human Capitulation to AI... Why not?!
  74. cant make step up from Chieftan to Warlord without getting stomped on
  75. Bonuses added before or after maintenance?
  76. AI making too many Corp Execs
  77. Gold for BTS?
  78. Screenshots
  79. whats the worst thing that can happen in a Civ game
  80. Starting your City on Turn 2 - Ever Worth It?
  81. Performance improvement tip
  82. Old Debate, New Circumstances: What do you build first?
  83. Need to Reinstall, but lost CD 2
  84. Sid miere on multiplayer?
  85. Harbormaster Quest: Which Reward should I take?
  86. How do you stop your catapults from defending
  87. Seriously, Need to Reinstall, but lost CD 2
  88. My first civilization win! :D
  89. 3.13 Patch compatible with Solver's patch?
  90. ....IS there going to be a Civilization 5?
  91. Quick Question
  92. Neato!
  93. It Would Be Nice If Someone Make Zombie Mod,but Not Like Defense Mod
  94. 3.13 is Tough & Fun (kinda)
  95. Does Great wall & Imperialistic trait give you 200% GG inside cultural borders?
  96. The Babylonians are a late-game civ!
  97. The Future of Civilization?
  98. Is this simple or NOT???
  99. Religious discount to espionage
  100. writing and alphabet
  101. backstabbing . .. .. .. .. .
  102. Help required.
  103. Shuffle map?
  104. Mercantilism?
  105. How to proceed?
  106. GOTM-01 BTS Experiment!
  107. HELP! Warmongering and staying even in tech.
  108. Need assistance
  109. Deity strength micromanagement
  110. An enemy spy is running wild...
  111. Music
  112. Is Darius made too powerful?
  113. Noob question
  114. Unrestricted Leaders
  115. Trade stolen techs with No Tech Brokering?
  116. Vassals or jealous kids?
  117. An in-depth proposition on how to fix Protective: (Please read and comment!)
  118. I'm surprised they haven't added ranged bombardment yet!
  119. how to get technologically advanced fast?
  120. Hurricane
  121. Help I'm Not Good!
  122. Watermills and Levees
  123. Cities disappear when barely zooming out - help!
  124. Worst Leader?
  125. Need Help Starting WWIII
  126. Non-Proliferation Treaty
  127. List of Acronyms Anywhere?
  128. Not even a Thank you?!?!?
  129. Should Spiritual be boosted in BTS?
  130. Team mode is fatally flawed!!!
  131. Playing on Monarch+ difficulty
  132. Seafood for the Dutch - advice?
  133. Tempted to buy civ4, some questions
  134. I've searched all over this website...
  135. Calender
  136. Environmentalism a bit too weak in BTS?
  137. rumor conformation
  138. Boudica will not stop declaring war!
  139. the Song of the Wistful Gamester
  140. We know watermills can be made good, but what about windmills?
  141. Which musical number is the most worthy of being in any future Civ releases?
  142. Coroporations and SP
  143. Corp HQ: Why can I move it?
  144. Any way to track the cause of a crash?
  145. Workshops
  146. Holy City but no city views?!?
  147. Unit advice.
  148. Pericles (Greeks) as a tech-heavy game player. (Advice Anyone?)
  149. MODS: Incorrect info about Grocer in Info Center
  150. Specialists and Peace
  151. New strats: Teching via espionage
  152. Trading with AI
  153. Louis XIV is a Jerk
  154. Triggering era Tech in BTS
  155. Civ IV has achievements? (Windows Live)
  156. Civ 4 questions
  157. AI and chopping forests
  158. Castle Quest
  159. Civ4 under Windows Vista
  160. Up-to-Date Charts for Tech, Civs, Units, etc...?
  161. Can you have too much food?
  162. What type of victory do you achieve LEAST often?
  163. Do you think the resource system is sort of bunk?
  164. Patch 3.13 doesn't get attributed to game.
  165. Little Help Here PLEASE
  166. Korean Map/Scenario for East Asia?
  167. 18 Civ Scenario Leader change?
  168. Total science being produced
  169. Interesting New Idea
  170. Init Python problem
  171. new way to consume resources
  172. privateer safe harbor in friendly cities
  173. Wars?
  174. Servebot and Giggles always have the highest scores
  175. First Prince win
  176. My game keeps crashing..... please help.
  177. Question about the Koreans
  178. Totally new to Civ :x
  179. Patch wont install ?
  180. Hotseat Worldbuilder?
  181. Help Please!
  182. Problems with the advanced start
  183. An idea for future civ games
  184. Beating Boudica of the Romans
  185. What a ridiculuous but lucky incident..!
  186. religious buildings give no culture?
  187. Stuck in a loop?
  188. Rise of Rome XML error problem
  189. Worldbuilder at HotSeat-Games
  190. BtS installation questions/problems
  191. Poll Testing
  192. Which female leader would you prefer instead of Boudica?
  193. Who else really really hates random events?
  194. Carrying missiles
  195. Holy Impossible !
  196. Best Leader Hat
  197. missile strike.
  198. "Creating" Villages
  199. Experience Points and Leveling
  200. Cannons and steel - still not fixed...?
  201. weirest tech path ever
  202. AI is now more aggressive than ever!
  203. How to improve the Russians
  204. Access
  205. Coal - is it a waste?
  206. Hotseat Difficluty
  207. how many disk does warlords have?
  208. Quick Questions
  209. OCC @ prince and beyond...
  210. Protective v. Imperialist
  211. What's the purpose of "Sea Patrol" button?
  212. The AI has serious stupidity issues....
  213. realistic looking worlds?
  214. Random Events
  215. Distance modifier / Map size
  216. Which bonuses are Cumulative
  217. Expansion Advice?
  218. Apostolic Wars
  219. What am I missing here?
  220. Little wish list if BtS still has a new patch
  221. [HELP] Please, need help with PitBoss
  222. Civ bts - Greek Phalanx Unit
  223. SDI Defense and Nuke shot down
  224. Civ4 bts - Roman Praetorian
  225. Modern Warfare: Blitzkrieg From Above
  226. Bts Barbarian Galleys
  227. Archipelago starts are too dependent on luck
  228. Quick Questions...
  229. What with my Great general?
  230. Unrestrained Leaders
  231. Perhaps they should've stuck with the Hoover Dam
  232. BTS Lag from nowhere
  233. The Best Starting Tech Combination? (Poll)
  234. Citizens are Fleeing!?!
  235. Stirring the pot
  236. Power Plants
  237. Some ideas for new events
  238. Best Custom Leader?
  239. sell/destroy buildings
  240. why are my cities suddenly culture flipping away?
  241. Trade problem.
  242. Quechua Question/Bug?
  243. When do Barbarian units attack?
  244. There a way to move bombers (from mutliple cities) all at once?
  245. Need help with moving units
  246. Random Bridges
  247. "Blessed Sea" worth it?
  248. View resources in Hotseat?!
  249. Help!! Out of Synch Errors with 3.13
  250. Cheating AI ???