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  1. Athenian Tireme As Greek UU
  2. Forts are ugs...
  3. Building ideas: Inn and Sea defence
  4. problem with advance start
  5. Phalanx
  6. Civ4 bts Ramses 3 as leader?
  7. Phalanx Historical accuracy
  8. Leader heads
  9. How to change color of cultural borders?
  10. World Map
  11. 2nd UU?
  12. Epiphany And Its Rewards
  13. Explorer = war doctor!
  14. Monstrous Qin
  15. Mansa Musa Strategy
  16. Resource Questions...
  17. Darius Strikes Again!
  18. adding new civ or leader to core game?
  19. war allies
  20. Apostolic Palace sneaky question
  21. Does this game not have a Quest Log?
  22. Change AI players to human?
  23. Best incarnation of Civilization?
  24. Is the AP/UN victory condition satisfactory?
  25. Ah, i'm just ranting...bored at work.
  26. Founding a religion almost useless?
  27. AI settings
  28. Improving the Explorer
  29. Cheat Codes in BTS?
  30. So how does speed affect the game?
  31. BTS Stupid Statistics and analysis
  32. What should the 2nd UU for each Civ be?
  33. Border - How it is determined
  34. Can't...stop...wonder...building...
  35. 2nd UU discussion
  36. Vassal states
  37. Can't construct corporations
  38. darn cheat/cheek
  39. Vassals & their masters
  40. What Civ4 Wonders have you seen in real life?
  41. What would you use as a 2nd UU
  42. Am I seeing things? (marines)
  43. Tongue in Cheek UUs
  44. corporation question
  45. Anybody else notice this improvement?
  46. The people of x rightfully ask to join the x empire
  47. Just Pick the Leader Traits
  48. Diplo at a Glance screen gone?
  49. GP FARM in BTS
  50. Specialization Of Cities ?????
  51. AI overproducing corporate executives
  52. Old Favourites
  53. Not Installing Properly
  54. National Epic - when and where??
  55. Newb, be gentle...
  56. Am looking for good BTS mod - any suggestions?
  57. Archers in cities on hills
  58. It Wuold Be Nice To Introduce Transport Choppers To Bts!!!
  59. a special mod
  60. Terrible lag in Marathon/Huge late game - What can we do?
  61. How many games before you starting winning on Noble?
  62. Spies can not enter our borders (missing spy mission)
  63. Why Poison?
  64. Where is traitsinfo in BTS?
  65. Crashing
  66. Demanding Peace
  67. New AI cities culture bonus?
  68. Caste System?
  69. National Wonder Question (Palaces)
  70. Can you declare war on your vassal?
  71. quick way of locating units that are exploring?
  72. Civ reference in TVGoHome
  73. World builder: give circumnav bonus?
  74. Why guided missile with strength 40 don't destroy unit of same power or less???
  75. Strategy for Caesar Augustus...
  76. Colony tech trading, Vassal states and settler gifts
  77. Hybrid strat
  78. How can I do this?
  79. What does the "charismatic leader" event do?
  80. 34+
  81. Vista problems....what a shock
  82. Is The Ikhanda (Shaka's UB) Really THAT cool?
  83. How do you get a sizeable army
  84. Is Firaxis Likely to Release CivIV Bundled with X-Packs At Some Point?
  85. Hi I just bought Civ 4 and my online wont work.
  86. Counter espionage question
  87. What techs to GPs pop ?
  88. Random Events?
  89. Corporations...
  90. this is annoying me
  91. Would dividing the forum into casual and advanced be useful?
  92. Catapults - Expendable - Never Upgrades
  93. Espionage Economy?
  94. Positive Health bonus...?
  95. BTS 3.13 - Cure worse than the disease?
  96. Most favourable starting moves?
  97. Game set up for corporations
  98. How to change save game location?
  99. cities joining other civs
  100. armies instead of units
  101. He is not scared enough
  102. Ideas on how leader feats could be balanced in BTS
  103. City overlap - Really bad or not that much of an issue
  104. AI Favouritism
  105. Transition from Prince to Monarch: Thoughts
  106. looking for information
  107. Joining a war
  108. War Mongers: How do you do it?
  109. we love the "...." day
  110. Airship: the moost ridiculous unit in the game?
  111. How often do you move your capital?
  112. Favorite Unit death animation
  113. Gathered Feedback on Improving Espionage
  114. The Easiest Victory to Archieve?
  115. In my attempt to play different game styles..
  116. No resources for your UU? Huh?
  117. Fix Airships: the Poll
  118. I allowed barbarians in "CIV4CivilizationInfos" to be able to build every unit
  119. If the U.N is destroyed, all its passed resolutions remain in place.
  120. IMAGINE COMBINATION OF CIV,RTS & FPS.Read my opinion & wish!
  121. Colony woes
  122. Civ 4 Gold Edition
  123. Did this really happen? HRE adding Germany
  124. Favorite Traits ?
  125. Couple of advanced questions
  126. Earth map scenario on BTS?
  127. PolyCast Episode 29 with "Impaler[WrG]", "GarretSidzaka" and "Elhoim"
  128. Early uber scout
  129. searching for a mod.
  130. Trade?
  131. Road to war HOTSEAT? :
  132. What units your colony vassal have had when you gave him indepedence?
  133. Score
  134. I have gotten alot better, but...
  135. How to overcome a tech defficet
  136. Resource question
  137. Corporation symbols in 3.13?
  138. Trait values : Agg vs Chm
  139. Missile Cruiser Question
  140. City Wanting to Join Vassal - Bug?
  141. Scoring in CIV 4
  142. iTunes mini player
  143. Shipping
  144. Happiness problems late game?
  145. try and ban me
  146. Create Unrest
  147. Python question for BTS
  148. Military strength and AI intimidation
  149. AIs in BtS love settling on hill so much
  150. ?s about BTS
  151. Has the delay between unit moves been fixed?
  152. Locked Modified Assets and Scenarios
  153. Culture defense + walls are not stackable?
  154. Favorite resource
  155. The AH debate
  156. Spoiled with Financial .
  157. Please help me be a better warmonger!
  158. Roads & Settler Question
  159. The Stable
  160. Help: Holy Mountain Quest, list of rewards or screenshot of it being finished?
  161. Privateering Question
  162. Cheap Strategies that Rock!
  163. XML file for Custom screen?
  164. Shame on you for advancing in tech!
  165. Spy Usage: Bribe Units
  166. How to prevent city revolt?
  167. Why are Catherine and Isabella so ornary?
  168. Info screen
  169. Can't found a corp... what am I missing?
  170. Capitulating to an AI?
  171. Barbarian vassal!
  172. Did anybody ever notice that Suleiman is Satan?
  173. Couple of Questions
  174. How have you tweaked the game?
  175. Way's of making forest/jungle more useful
  176. Another dot map question
  177. How to direct IP connect w/ Proxy Server??
  178. Best game from Firaxis?
  179. How can you trust those "blue circles"?
  180. How fast of a PC is fast enough for decent game speed?
  181. Delete 'levee's!!
  182. AI Teching
  183. Random and unwanted runs and charges.
  184. Spy in the city
  185. Customs House on pangea, good for nothing?
  186. How important is "score" in the game?
  187. Unfair or Good Tactic (against AI)?
  188. Steal Treasury and Steal Technology: Mission Impossible
  189. Speeding up BTS Startup Load-Times?
  190. modern age=game killer
  191. What the crap??
  192. Favorite Philosophical leader
  193. Industrious synergy
  194. Espionage: Crippling Economies
  195. Blockade missions
  196. WWII: Road to War unit icon?
  197. Refraining from spy activity?
  198. Let's prize Bhruic and Dj Anion !!
  199. National Wonders
  200. Sea People Empire
  201. The animals are planning a revolt
  202. Let it never be said that I never learned anything from Civ IV!
  203. Do you reload saves when things go bad?
  204. Two AIs ( Pleased toward you) suddenly declare war on you?
  205. Monasteries
  206. The end is near
  207. Do you ever ' flip' cities to your control?
  208. Production Queue List is too small
  209. Is financial+town spam still much more powerful than alternatives?
  210. Is there any way to fix the problems that appeared whit the latest patch?
  211. International incident.
  212. Should Caste System Allow Unlimited Spies?
  213. Getting nukes back once banned by UN?
  214. First strikes and Drill promotions
  215. Spy Defence
  216. start on the highground?
  217. Game manuals in Civ4 Complete Edition?
  218. Curious - why no Sikhs in Civ4?
  219. Custom Music Track Question
  220. Conquest game
  221. Using Great Generals
  222. Civ Rankings
  223. Scenario Idea: Global Warming
  224. Is it possible to recover an economy?
  225. Defense question
  226. Capturing Zeus
  227. specialists
  228. Hey. Q on Events
  229. What is the single most powerful promotion?
  230. Destorying culture
  231. Civil War
  232. units, promotions, combat... and a cup of tea
  233. How usefull is a small civ as your vassal.
  234. Time to Play
  235. Civilization Revolution brings back the funny bits
  236. abbreviations
  237. Youll have to take it from our cold, dead hands.
  238. What do I do about a patch.....
  239. Civ IV Classical Music - Beethoven
  240. Fans of Rome .
  241. A few questions about civ 4
  242. BTS is great!
  243. Next War Mod, BTS: Crash fun late in the game. Please take a look (for my sanity)...
  244. Guardian Angel - an experiment gone right
  245. do you need warlord for BTS?
  246. Very tight start!
  247. AI still too passive compared to CIVIII
  248. Colonial expenses
  249. Uhm, is it supposed to be this way?
  250. Shortest CIV ever?