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  1. Is there a way to search a single thread?
  2. Adding units, this is getting confusing..
  3. War Weariness, ugh! :(
  4. Roman Legions
  5. Some forgotten-but-important technologies
  6. Leader Traits
  7. Most amazing thing happened in my recent game
  8. How do resources work?
  9. question
  10. After reading the forum
  11. Consider lowering requirements for some promotions?
  12. why does city raiding end with gunpowder?
  13. Era's - What's the impact?
  14. Looking for BTS 3.03 broken star leaderhead.xml
  15. competing corporations
  16. "The Bomb"
  17. Tribal huts with barbs
  18. Ancient Era Advanced Starts
  19. Fixing start in modern era
  20. I had been done with Civ4, but now...
  21. Ridiculous things that you do
  22. Anyone seen this new military tactic? (AI)
  23. Unsuccessful successful spy?
  24. music missing from soundtrack folder?
  25. culture win without any cottage.(and how to stop AP diplo defeat?!!)
  26. Graphic Display Bug
  27. AI-only game?
  28. Help, im stuck in Iraq,need your help
  29. Q about war readiness
  30. Warlords question
  31. Resources for BTS
  32. Phi Ind
  33. Is first strike % chance, or a guaranteed first strike?
  34. Is there a box set?
  35. New Idea: National Congress
  36. Isabella is on ITunes Radio!
  37. Representation and Democracy...
  38. Honorable Game
  39. Promotionls: should mobile artillary have acces to commando?
  40. To Bulb or not to Bulb, that is the Question...
  41. Navy Seals: worth much?
  42. Is it worth getting the expansions?
  43. Capitulation
  44. Civilization Merchandise?
  45. Partly Open Borders
  46. Multiplayer and patch problems
  47. How often do you play civ?
  48. Family Lines
  49. Recommend a civ for a newbie.
  50. Barbarian Spam
  51. I almost feel sorry for Tokugawa
  52. Can't build Mining Inc ?
  53. Extremely simple, and would look a lot less weird
  54. Basic Question
  55. Wher can I find a list of quetss and their rewards?
  56. Money Issues
  57. List of city names ?
  58. Environmentalism vs State Property
  59. Insane!
  60. How many cities??
  61. saved games
  62. sudden jump in GPT?
  63. Issue running Civilization IV on Vista
  64. Canal Improvement
  65. Monarch or Emperor?
  66. The Incan Land Battleship
  67. Looking to upgrade
  68. Moving to Prince
  69. Rubberbanding AI
  70. "Landmarks" Ingame
  71. vassals
  72. How's your civilization doing?
  73. Vassals, trading, and being too advanced.
  74. PolyCast Episode 32 with "Nugog" and "Snotty"
  75. cheats
  76. Invading without war ???
  77. Newbie with Civ4 on a Mac
  78. Civ 4 Gold - Terrible!
  79. Starting city resources
  80. The game relies too much on early turns...
  81. Company invading my country
  82. Holy city
  83. Analysis of my latest "first game"
  84. holy mountain quest
  85. How does Religion and Advanced Start work in multiplayer?
  86. How do you use your GGs ?
  87. Strategic Leader Trait
  88. Philosophical leaders : Why doesn't Fred get the attention that he deserves ?
  89. Exact turn count for each speed? And opinions?
  90. Civ costs: they rise?
  91. Is there a mod using Next War units and Techs for the normal champaign?
  92. Where do you go / How do you change Improvements?
  93. Apostolic Palace "trick"
  94. Late Great Library
  95. AI leaders and 'always peace'
  96. Typical Monty
  97. Stuck in war with Pericles
  98. How to limit thenologies ingame.
  99. Barbarian Cities Spawning Trigger?
  100. Guided Missles
  101. where do I sign up foe the civ 4 ladder?
  102. Installation on windowns Vista Ultimate version
  103. Vista and Warlords
  104. Imperialistic Leaders ? Who's the best ?
  105. Dial up issue with the patch.
  106. How to change diplomacy status levels?
  107. Repeated Blunders - Will ever learn?
  108. Religious Oligarchy/Monopoly possible?
  109. Just learning, but need some help
  110. Vassals/Colonies
  111. What is wrong with 3.13
  112. Looking for a mod
  113. Best national wonder combinations
  114. Best national wonder combinations
  115. Can't get any foreign trade routes going
  116. tonight i saw something beautiful
  117. Prince/Monarch AI advantages?
  118. I hate early rushes, (warrior/archer, early)
  119. Civ IV BTS online
  120. How Many Religions do we need?
  121. missing resource in city
  122. Is BTS Worth it?
  123. Elevator on the oasis map
  124. My epiphany about advanced starts!
  125. Momuments and creative
  126. Flock of Vultures
  127. LOL - "Could you spare this for a good friend?"
  128. Getting a head-start for war
  129. A Continent of Love
  130. War Mongers Map
  131. Steal Tech when capturing a city
  132. Some (hopefully) new questions
  133. Multi-poll test
  134. Organized
  135. beelining archery
  136. Artillery
  137. The value of Commerce and Great People Points
  138. Pre-game movie
  139. What do you prefer on Noble? Philo or Industrious?
  140. All at war
  141. Custom Resolution Restrictions
  142. Another Idea for future versions of Civ
  143. Zoom to messages?
  144. Addicted to real-life maps
  145. Latercomer
  146. warmongering and turtling
  147. NERD QUESTION - CIV4BTS trainer
  148. map help
  149. I captured perseopolis and found 13 wonders!
  150. Air War
  151. Acquiring Enemy Capitals
  152. Stop the war with...
  153. Help with trading resources
  154. Austronesian people as a civ?
  155. Religion Strategy
  156. Map type
  157. Putting Monty in his place can be fun :)
  158. missing civs on power graph
  159. cant build corp.
  160. What setting and difficulty do you usually play on?
  161. Offered nothing for trade
  162. Your favorite CIV music?
  163. Installing BtS on Vista
  164. Why do I always blow them away?
  165. Questions
  166. Favourite BTS unit for all civs?
  167. airship problem
  168. OOS Error
  169. Thought Experiment for Civ IV Players
  170. Which AI are good for team games?
  171. Why do higher levels curve mathematic ?
  172. Geeky Combat Mechanics Question
  173. Impeachment and Vassal Sabatoge
  174. Rise of the Video Game
  175. Which CivIV to buy
  176. Balancing Great Generals
  177. what's fastest way to force capitualation?
  178. Can't construct a corporation HQ
  179. some questions i need help with
  180. Your favourite traits?
  181. Spearman Rush
  182. Is it better to make CITY GARRISON effective in towns or villages?
  183. Contiue after victory
  184. Scientists?
  185. Problems with Windows Vista
  186. Obsolete
  187. Siege Weapons
  188. Cold Wars
  189. Will this expansion include warlord expansion?
  190. Handling barbs on Monarchy
  191. Going through the Eras question
  192. Raiding with Ragnar, a strategy
  193. favorite civic?
  194. HELP! Using ships to settle other continents?
  195. Help with HRE... Stupid Greeks are too powerful
  196. Custom Civ Maker?
  197. Is there a way to change the size of the interface?
  198. Technology and the BIG change in Naval Strategy
  199. Engineers need something to do late in the game
  200. Mysterious improvement requirement
  201. I need tips on how to wage war on Monarchy+
  202. Best combos
  203. TXT_KEY_GEN Problem
  204. unit prodction takes to long
  205. DIPLOMACY - more more more
  206. Great Prophets in late game
  207. BTS removes culture info on buildings - anyway to get it back?
  208. The key to winning on higher levels is...
  209. Why?
  210. So, Sitting Bull declared war on me...
  211. new Patch?
  212. Espionage, tell me about it, please!
  213. Vassals
  214. Building Epics problem
  215. What the deuce?!?!
  216. Importing hall of fame scores
  217. Global Warming Ridiculous
  218. Lost the thread
  219. BTS For Mac
  220. More vehement AI in .13?
  221. Palace Improvement
  222. Jukebox
  223. Cause of BTS All-forest One-resource Starts
  224. Random Events - Any List Out There?
  225. Is there any way to reduce loading times between turns?
  226. Hi All CIV IV or earlier
  227. MesoAmerica mod?
  228. How can I see what civics other civs are running?
  229. How They Can Fix Protective
  230. Forts as Canals
  231. Partisans after razing - wins and losses!
  232. Espionage defense for casual player
  233. AI captured workers, destroyed?
  234. Declaring War without Diplomacy?
  235. Liberation and cities
  236. Name Change for Ages?
  237. what is the best music
  238. Civs that seem to always show up...
  239. Milking vassals
  240. The Frech UU
  241. The Civ Songbook
  242. Forts and next patch
  243. Help! Lost Vanilla disk (#2)
  244. Is she really going out with him?
  245. City flipping
  246. Critical, but still missing resource
  247. Help?
  248. Doors to Manual !
  249. Civ IV units in Your langauge!
  250. Isn't the AI supposed to be better at naval invasions?