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  1. AI Espionage Rates Question
  2. HELP! How to deal with Cvil Unrest?
  3. Memory and performance
  4. Need Wonders help from someone please.
  5. My space ship flew into the sun
  6. Please help me in finding what I'm looking for
  7. Timing of AI's Great General Emergence
  8. diplomacy
  9. the "once and for all!" topic
  10. Cultural Victory is not boring
  11. Help Needed! Civ 1-3 expert Civ 4 Novice...
  12. Nukes in BTS... realistic or not?
  13. Could you lend me a minute - registry entry question
  14. removing UUs and UBs and traits from the game? how?
  15. Lost Instal Disks but still have key
  16. Hey you, spy! Sentry for 5 turns, then wake up!
  17. 3.13 patch - is it that bad?
  18. Where is the "tactic" in building a spaceship?
  19. Gross AI Blunder
  20. Build Orders
  21. Work through videos
  22. Map generator
  23. What do you consider the easier way to win?
  24. What do you consider the hardest way to win?
  25. Beelining for Victory
  26. Happiness and Healthiness
  27. Editing WBS
  28. What is gold worth?
  29. The Lexicon of CFC: Group Project
  30. Hi, rank BTS Civs in true world importance (opinion)
  31. Culture screen
  32. A little luck makes for a warmongers dream...
  33. Any way to add to more Random Events?
  34. Tlalynets Mod
  35. Best tribe for conquest victory and other questions
  36. Mods: Love or Hate?
  37. Quick Complaint about Flank Attacks...
  38. Cultural defense?
  39. Any more patches comming?
  40. How do I use the Apoc Palace?
  41. Coastal Squares with 3 coins?
  42. vote for your mod :)
  43. Nimoy?
  44. [Railroading] Heavy-handed mechanics
  45. Improvements and wonders in AI cities
  46. Civ 4 Complete and patches
  47. (REQ) Lyrics for Coronation?
  48. Are you obsessed with promotions?
  49. Uber Food Hamlet
  50. Open borders and related stuff
  51. I love my game now, thanks guys for the tips
  52. On Obsoleting Wonders...
  53. Protected by the AI
  54. "Failed To Uncompress Data"
  55. Any math on how to counter espionage?
  56. Please help me - city screen question
  57. Markets, science and confusing math
  58. Thinking about Monarch --> Emperor
  59. Lets find a new trait for Ghengis Khan ;-)
  60. Quick G.Spy Question
  61. Paratroopers: What are they good for?
  62. Oh no, It's Asoka!
  63. Help! I Just Want A Simple Huge Earth Map
  64. Gaelic Warrior and Macemen upgrade
  65. civilized jewelers question
  66. Worst Civ/Leader Combo?
  67. An Early Celebration!
  68. Next Expansion or Patch
  69. Subs
  70. Uh huh, yeah right buddy
  71. Is it just me or is this missing
  72. Anyway to turn off a civ
  73. Probably a 'n00bish' question
  74. A new spin on religion
  75. Forts & Resources??
  76. What civ/leader is USEALLY your best friend?
  77. Horses in Civ4
  78. Yes, I won for the first time!
  79. Access to all maps in single-player?
  80. Do walls effect Ship Bombardment?
  81. Ships in Forts
  82. Am I jumping in too fast on the difficulty level?
  83. Are Guided Missiles worth it?
  84. "We have enough on our hands right now"
  85. The Next Patch after 3.13
  86. Turning off overseas maintenance??
  87. I love corporations.
  88. Multiplayer savegame problem..
  89. Warmongers i need your help
  90. Prince -> Monarch
  91. When some say the Phalanx is better in BTS, I think it might be better in Vanilla...
  92. New Units and Random Events!! Is This a Mod??
  93. How do you add a new civ?
  94. Great people?
  95. Reference Sheet: All Leaders' Starting Traits and Techs
  96. Lots of small questions regarding an SE
  97. Question about religions
  98. Founding a religious city can you choose?
  99. So, how'd your last game go?
  100. AI doesnt use Privateers, Is it a bug?
  101. Yahoo!
  102. newb here with simple question please.
  103. Which game to start with (vanilla, BtS, Warlords)?
  104. Hall of Fame Mod
  105. Religious Relations
  106. Chariot vs Axeman
  107. Combat Mechanics Observation
  108. About Diplo music.................
  109. Quest Trigger?
  110. So, How's your current game going?
  111. A question about barb city formation
  112. H may AI's have WILLINGLY asked to be your vassal?
  113. I never Play single player.
  114. two questions
  115. Production City=military units WHOLE GAME
  116. GP growth in Team games
  117. recording the game
  118. Diplomacy Needs Improving
  119. Favorite Moment in a Game
  120. Noob Q:Why did this war happen?
  121. Help,
  122. If there was a "Scientific"-trait in BTS...
  123. Illogical War
  124. Inflation in BTS
  125. Arboria
  126. 4 things
  127. Some Promotions are too powerful
  128. How to start off the game?
  129. PolyCast Episode 35 featuring "KMadCandy"
  130. BTS peaceful leaders
  131. How to win people over for diplomatic victory?
  132. Double 'can't find it'
  133. BTS Noob Questions
  134. Tell me about espionage
  135. BtS Defense Mod: What I'm missing?
  136. A Really Questionable Thread
  137. BTS - Graphics Issues on HP Laptop
  138. Pangaea Shoreline type
  139. General rule of thumb for # of workers?
  140. Online
  141. What is Commerce?
  142. AP Destruction Question
  143. Some NooB questions
  144. Can an SE work with tech trading disabled?
  145. Give me victory or else lol
  146. BtS Fonts
  147. like game...hate how units move.
  148. They got lost on the way to Alpha Centauri...
  149. Where is the Red Ping Button?
  150. Miscellaneous questions
  151. List of Bonus' AI Gets At Different Difficulties?
  152. Worls Wonder / World Project - Wher's the difference ?
  153. Julius Caesar
  154. Big Problem with Game
  155. Spy Promotions
  156. Why can I not see Stealth in my units?
  157. Setting default settings for custom and multiplayer games
  158. Questions about the "Base" BTS
  159. Large Maps
  160. Why cant workers plant forests?
  161. Do Vassals trade away technologies?
  162. 36 turns Golden Age!!!
  163. Curissaire Flanking bug?
  164. Balance of production and economy
  165. Help! Newbie, getting lost with battles happening off-screen
  166. AP defy resolution penalty
  167. How effective is blockading?
  168. AP/UN not doing anything, not even election.
  169. Unvassalizing
  170. Newb Questions & How can I check things in detail?
  171. Remove leaderhead animation
  172. Technology and War
  173. How to make the game remember your population setting?
  174. Game pace and Map size
  175. Aeroplanes, Do you use them?
  176. New to BTS, need (serious) help...
  177. Gods of Old Instant-Win
  178. Flat Islands vs the World, how to win
  179. Can forts make a landlocked city into a coastal one?
  180. How to make someone play to CIV?
  181. New colony trouble
  182. Colonies Trigger Wars for No Reason
  183. What happened to the tutorial?
  184. Insane capital cities... (Usually belonging to AI)
  185. Sorry AP palace question
  186. Holy Mountian quest. What is it exactly? I mean why do it?
  187. Montezuma
  188. my writeup for Immortal difficulty Domination win
  189. Leader - Civilization Matrix Available?
  190. Have coal, but not getting credit?
  191. Hi, some newbie questions.
  192. Is Drill worth it now?
  193. Is there a point to swordsman now?
  194. A bug with the Dun building?
  195. The once and for all - Compilation
  196. [History] Unexpected Leader Personalities
  197. Production Bonuses
  198. Cottage spam
  199. Huge frustrating bug with Defense scenario
  200. Does Beyond the Sword use the Warlords content?
  201. Unbeatable odds
  202. Noobish question about the UN
  203. AI's giant vassals
  204. Reqeust for suggestions on "finishing" the conquest victory
  205. Does BTS = early war is bad??
  206. Battle Tactics?
  207. Pacifist warmonger
  208. Great Generals - Settle or Combine?
  209. 770AD Immortal Domination Win 367298 score
  210. Declaration of war with no contact?
  211. Why is everybody so unhappy in my cities?
  212. Air Combat
  213. Holy improvements, Batman! Watermill PLUS another improvement on same tile?
  214. changing civilization play mid-game
  215. Returnee with MIA Civ4 disk...
  216. Prince isolation start
  217. Leader name: Owner
  218. Noobness Abounds!
  219. Further Empire Customization
  220. Looking for a type of mod.
  221. Return to "My Idea for a new Civ feature"
  222. When the gods smile upon you.
  223. So with Corporations and all, State Property still has its place?
  224. When is a building worth the cost?
  225. AI nutjobs spoil this game
  226. Macemen and crossbowmen
  227. Stopping troop transports
  228. Best way to use a Great General
  229. Catapults with City Raider or Collateral Dmg?
  230. Catapults with City Raider or Collateral Dmg?
  231. Using Road/RR Network under Enemy "Control"?
  232. Colonizing as a defensive action
  233. Do random barb Axemen still spawn?
  234. Your highest culture-producing city?
  235. Is anyone afraid that Civilization: Revolution will be similar to Empire Earth III?
  236. Huh!?!
  237. Dumbest Question Ever
  238. Disasters?
  239. How to install reskinned unit graphics?
  240. Quick Question
  241. Unexpected Win !
  242. Celtic/Gaelic Mods
  243. How do you stop airships?
  244. Trade Routes w/ other continents
  245. Single Player are NOOBS
  246. Civilization IV: Complete Edition... stock shortage?
  247. Civilization 4 or Galactic Civilizations 2?
  248. One of my main difficulties is...
  249. HAnging gardens, great library and ironworks.
  250. New to civ4 hello to 1 and all. mod advice