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  1. The Great Civ Specific Strategy Project: America
  2. A certain random event: on or off
  3. Form your own Civ4 Government!
  4. Do you play games starting in a later era?
  5. CivIV Gold Price drop on Amazon, now $19.99!!!!!
  6. No Nukes + weird workers
  7. Air Combat - How does it work?
  8. Some questions
  9. Games being 'Decided Early' ? Never happened to me!
  10. hiding excess stuff
  11. Keeping specialists assigned?
  12. Any help would be nice please
  13. How to conquer fast enough?
  14. Can someone make a list of the ages?
  15. Hi and help needed
  16. Civ 4 class
  17. Amazon Deal of the Day 1/30/08
  18. Protective's Usefullness
  19. What's the best place to start?
  20. two quick questions
  21. reworking UU
  22. Is a cultural victory easier in BTS?
  23. Can't establish corporation-what's missing?
  24. What do you think of the implementation of a truly round world through hex grids?
  25. a "think lot or mabey not" question
  26. do you want civ 5 to have civics or goverments?
  27. Odd Leader - Barbarian Civilization as a vassel
  28. too much un happy ppl
  29. Question about "Aggressive AI" option
  30. The English Civilization Died. How?
  31. Never hated the Ap. Palace until....
  32. Favorite trait to combine Expansive with.
  33. Anyone Played Real World Map 18 Civs
  34. Land Improvements quesstion
  35. What Type of Map Do I Want? Help Please!
  36. Churchhill and my Population Go Insane
  37. General Civ 4 Wiki
  38. Unable to log in
  39. Civ vet has stupid question on trade routes
  40. AI religion changes...
  41. In Which Era Do You Get in the "Zone"?
  42. Babylon 5 Mod to Final Frontier
  43. Playing as Brennus
  44. Effects of Espionage Mission "Spread Culture"
  45. Do you use the F1 screen?
  46. event/quest combo to mess with my head
  47. More complicated government system?
  48. OCC nat'l wonders
  49. Cannot perform espionage?
  50. Granting Independence to colony started war?
  51. La Grand Armee
  52. Sumeria - actually pretty good?
  53. Making hills impassable for chariots
  54. Commerce, gold, wealth, science and trade routes
  55. Is there a way to show enemy units movement range?
  56. modular modding
  57. Why are trebs lower strength than cats?
  58. Victory!...Not.
  59. Increase bots(?)
  60. What unit do you use to accompany settlers and workers?
  61. How about natural wonders?
  62. city ruins
  63. Ranged Bombardment
  64. Capturing a city and its culture
  65. corporations?
  66. ww2 senario
  67. Help needed, changing maps
  68. Colossus?
  69. I wanna be a vassal too!
  70. City Defence
  71. A couple of espionage questions
  72. Open Borders: advantage to potential enemies?
  73. New Graphics Glitch
  74. What am I doing wrong? (combat)
  75. How do I...
  76. Disappearing Colossus & G. Lighthouse
  77. how much of a combat advantage does the AI get?
  78. Playing without nukes
  79. servers down?
  80. Overwhelmed
  81. Save the cats for human?
  82. ICBMs and red faces
  83. how to ping a tile?
  84. Most Fearsome Maniac
  85. Drafting, Nationhood?
  86. The step up from Noble to Prince
  87. A little clarification on how Spies work?
  88. On no, that question AGAIN!!!
  89. Can you play without a disc?
  90. The city that would not flip - why?
  91. so?
  92. How many farms do you need?
  93. Trade Routs
  94. Super Bowl v. Civ lol
  95. Whoa @ Archilepego maps...
  96. Coincidence?
  97. Post your best start
  98. Who says castles and protective suck?
  99. customising victory conditions
  100. Montezuma
  101. Much needed interface improvements
  102. Sitting Bull Personality
  103. Make AI to declare war?
  104. Proposed new World Wonder
  105. Side Scroll With Mouse
  106. How are technology stealing costs determined?
  107. New Navy Unit
  108. espionage?
  109. AI declaring war
  110. First Noble Game
  111. Peace n' war
  112. A couple of questions from a new player
  113. AI bribing AI? Two quick Q's.
  114. Power of Creative Civ AI's; and Wang Kon...?
  115. Not enough disk space... Yeah... RIGHT...
  116. The Civ Gods Hate Me
  117. Happy Mardi Gras
  118. You have to be kidding
  119. A mod to do away with the time limit?
  120. Aargh! Stacks.
  121. Quickest way to up your score?
  122. Well, at least the AI in this game gets to `pwn` a Human for a change. [i]HELP![i]
  123. Diplomatic History - not working??
  124. versailles - great artist or merchant?
  125. Apealing to Noob Masses- CIV REVOLUTION
  126. Any way to play my own music in Civ4?
  127. Combining Apolyton and Civ Fanatics
  128. Flash Civ?
  129. What is that circle that comes out on a tile/tiles when you activate a settler?
  130. Production cities
  131. Consistent game crash
  132. Tread Routes?
  133. Workers Hiding?
  134. Tech listed against a leader's name
  135. Specialists your thoughts
  136. I got Astronomy from a hut in 1000 AD!
  137. "working' cottages
  138. How do you check what version?
  139. The "spread culture" spy mission
  140. Chain War Declarations, Getting Pinned, Etc...
  141. Sleep/Sentry
  142. Can any one explain how the power scale works?
  143. question on hydro power
  144. Strangulation Strategy
  145. Proposing new AP resolutions
  146. Strategy differences from Vanilla to BTS?
  147. Is there any good unofficial expansion?
  148. My first win on Noble
  149. Something that's never happened...
  150. Who plays most games on Emperor and up?
  151. Things you do to keep Civ4 running smooth....
  152. Automation Blues
  153. Defending against espionage
  154. strategy question
  155. Can you plz suggest a dotmap on this map
  156. AI Caravel in ocean tile: promotion, bug, cheat?
  157. Transitioning to IV
  158. Patch Help
  159. How to pwn the world with the Khmer Empire (34 civ world map)
  160. direct ip
  161. How Many Workers?
  162. Good Warmonger Wonders for BtS?
  163. Simultaneous victory conditions
  164. Need help with calming down rioting cities.
  165. settling in a new Island
  166. apostelic castle elections?
  167. Standard Size Earth Map--as India--help!
  168. Airships?
  169. Noble losses in Renaissance
  170. Very simple, incredibly difficult question about commerce cities
  171. AI workers
  172. What xml file do I need to edit?
  173. Mac OS X release?
  174. Modern units resource usage is unrealistic
  175. Forbidden Palace benefit?
  176. Mercantilism is underrated
  177. Can Forest Grow on Tiles w/ Roads?
  178. Changing unit graphics
  179. Rant : The annoying BS factor of CIV IV
  180. odd message
  181. Chariots...
  182. [BTS] Help with colonies
  183. The Pen/Line Tool [or, a GREAT mod idea!]
  184. can my computer run civ4?
  185. questions I cant find ANYWHERE here
  186. AI gets there one turn before you!
  187. Question about diplomacy
  188. Worst case of global warming ever (Desertifiation Sucks!)
  189. Hot-Seat Troubles
  190. My kamikaze warrior. The game is cheating in my favour.
  191. Strategy Evolutions (or, When You Outsmart Yourself!)
  192. Culture win with 7 cities
  193. :) :) :) :):) :) :) :):) :) :) :):) :) :) :):) :) :) :):) :) :) :):) :) :) :):) :) :) :) question...
  194. Game experience VS Gameplay
  195. Is BTS the easiest version yet?
  196. What's Your Favorite Wonder?
  197. Please help me win on Noble!
  198. Game Crashes in Modern Era?
  199. [Help] Cannot Raze Cities
  200. Diplomacy and religion...Huh?
  201. Question on Monarch level
  202. WAA (War Addicts Anonymous)
  203. New player - Coupla questions
  204. Sign of an Expert
  205. The Multiheaded Hydra Cometh
  206. Who do you kill first?
  207. I'm trying to understand a few things
  208. Random question
  209. DiplomaticVictory-explanation needed
  210. AI hasnt been informed....
  211. Worst Civs to Play As?
  212. I thought river trade required sailing?
  213. invading army won't attack my city
  214. best tile ever (2x money bag)
  215. Indian Warmongers, Unite!
  216. Just Bought Civ.4
  217. Crashing on Startup
  218. can't see pointer
  219. What's the most you've spread a religion?
  220. The random battles
  221. Qin Shi Huang/Kublai K. switch
  222. Military problem
  223. Help with .DLL File not found
  224. Quick questions
  225. Shortcuts
  226. PolyCast Episode 37 with Michael "emeseles" Lucas-Smith
  227. Civilization Card Game
  228. A problem with an early axe rush
  229. founding a late religion.. how do i take advantage?
  230. Perverse mechanic: I can work an iron mine, but can't build iron units
  231. Three Gorges Dam, bug?
  232. First time feeling sorry for opponent
  233. No Gunpowder units have city raider?
  234. Have Firaxis Abandoned BtS?
  235. beeline
  236. Hilarious Aztec event!
  237. Bug????
  238. Will be smooth play on 192x120 maps on 3Ghz dual core,4Gb dual chanel C4,8600gts?
  239. Civ Card Game
  240. vassal states
  241. Keep getting tons of barbarians.
  242. Wild Animals, what benefits should they give you?
  243. Preventing an Inevitable War
  244. No pointer on screen
  245. Golden Age at 3275 BC
  246. Failed Cultural Victory Attempts
  247. Civ Player Nationality
  248. Speed Dating in Civ 4 - How do I keep people from waging war?
  249. Question regarding Capitulaton
  250. Random Events: On or Off