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  1. i have a suggestion...
  2. Alternative to corruption?
  3. Option to buy
  4. Disbanding Question
  5. Playing Conquest game
  6. Key aspects with each CIV game
  7. how do you put a little *zazz* in your game?
  8. Diplomatic Options missing...
  9. My treasury is to low.
  10. Is Civ3 without mp is a "flawed" game?
  11. Specialist's
  12. Giving cities away??!!
  13. Today, 15 march 2002: MGE/ToT> Civ3
  14. opps
  15. Reducing time between turns
  16. Totally Stupid Techs Discussion!
  17. What is the best civilization???
  18. Open a Civ 4 Suggestions forum!
  19. How will multi player game work?
  20. Where do you send your troops?
  21. We will pay you to make peace with our friend.
  22. How do i take screen shot??
  23. Civ3 Scoring
  24. Re-Install Failure
  25. What does "Can't forget the cruel oppression..."
  26. Icbm!?!
  27. Best way to win?
  28. The economics of anarchy?
  29. no maintainence for despotism?
  30. Golden Age triggered by war
  31. Poll--Scoring Change
  32. When your treasury hits zero...
  33. What do you do with the worker before you build your city?
  34. Most popular
  35. What do you think the ai is good at.
  36. Histogram peeks
  37. Is it supposed to be this way?
  38. Too many cities
  39. rate of fire?
  40. F11/Demographics screen...
  41. What Difficulty yall play on
  42. Army stripped of members!
  43. Help to find 1.16 Patch??
  44. I gave up on this game!
  45. New Atribute - Agricultural
  46. Midsea shiphopping and other stupid galley tricks
  47. Has the AI been granted Holy Sight?
  48. Need help getting Civs to start in their geographic locations and downloads.
  49. Revenge on the AI
  50. Who's still playing Civ 2?
  51. How can I change the effect of Courthouses?
  52. Selecting New City Sites
  53. Building armies: is it worth doing?
  54. "Preferred Government"?
  55. City Relocation???
  56. So there is no in game option for having the Civs start in their historic locations?
  57. Great Library Nitro Boost
  58. Funniest thing YOU have been able to tell the AI
  59. Two suggestions for new trade screen options
  60. Disbanding cities?
  61. How do I manage a big empire?
  62. How do I finish a wonder with an army?
  63. Bring back farms!
  64. Any news on 1.18?
  65. Any way to solve the AI self-destructing under Communism?!
  66. Possible non-cheating explanation for AI Galleys
  67. Unit's real ADM and BRF values?
  68. Need aluminum
  69. Stupid starting position...
  70. how to have a sucsessful/fun start game with 117
  71. Warmonger or peacemaker?
  72. Anyone else have problems with the map generator?
  73. Poll: New Governments
  74. Communicate with Leaders
  75. Civilization Zone Magzine
  76. City Improvements, Technology & Culture
  77. "Remove your troops"-BS - another bug or intentional?
  78. bombardment, sentry, zoc, and healing
  79. I can't install the game. Please help!!!
  80. Urgeeeentt Helppp
  81. question for Dan
  82. So, Ive played for ages. After hours of thinking here are my thoughts on the game!
  83. Mountains Deserts Jungles
  84. Diplomacy
  85. Love/Hate 117
  86. Is it possible to get the new patch w/o the new editor?
  87. Communication with Leaders
  88. What is the point to ages?
  89. Choosing random affects color?
  90. FIRAXIS please do this (with POLL!!)
  91. A harmless request...
  92. Negotiating Peace Treaties
  93. Marla Singers World Map?
  94. How do you break MMP's?
  95. Yes!
  96. Invading Overseas
  97. Gah! Where is multiplayer???
  98. I must be slow. . .:(
  99. Civ 3 VS. History
  100. Nuclear weapons, and other missiles
  101. Firaxis, please fix the luxory trading bug!
  102. Marla's latest map 1.18
  103. What is your Most Hated Rival Civilization?
  104. TWO Russias!
  105. I have a ghost!
  106. Is it 1.17f's fault or Monarch's fault?
  107. AI Mines/Roads without worker
  108. Gap between Cavalry and tanks
  109. How do you set science/tax rates?
  110. Have you been bitten by a Civ3 Bug?
  111. Have you been bitten by a Civ3 Bug (actual)
  112. Civ3 HoF Special Submission!!!
  113. Are there reviews for Civ III senarios?
  114. Creation of a "Supreme Government"
  115. I am aware that there aren't any Civ III senarios so now maybe someone can answer me.
  116. Why does the world hate me ?
  117. Damn... Commerce SUX!
  118. Can I kill?
  119. Artillery, Artillery, Artillery....
  120. Cheats?!
  121. What is your favorite Mod?
  122. Laying low
  123. Solved: Domination Victory Calculation
  124. Mod in Mid Game? or How to reduce corruption?
  125. Keeping tabs on civs during tech race
  126. for all the great modders out there is this possible ?
  127. What do you need in addition to Masonry to build palace?
  128. technology on a long march
  129. I Can't build a United Nations!?!?!?!
  130. TACTICAL BATTLES is what CIV really needs
  131. Can't build any water units (ships)
  132. Governments
  133. My radical ideea for better gov !!
  134. Revolution in 1 turn
  135. New patch realease date?
  136. Annoying Civ
  137. are SAM sites useless?
  138. how to launch a Spaceship after building it?
  139. Anyone here want to join me in the creation of a new game???
  140. trading betrayal?
  141. domestic advisor's bogus numbers
  142. Its Easy To Be Powerful!!!
  143. Uhh, how does one use the military advisor screen?
  144. Custom music...
  145. Zone of Control
  146. Unit Costs???
  147. Did 1.17f break the years per turn?
  148. Thanks to Gramphos...
  149. What do you think of my civilization?
  150. Call to Power Battle System?
  151. A question about power plants...
  152. New Capital
  153. A couple of observations.
  154. Bug in Civ 3 re: Palace -- Firaxis, can you fix?
  155. Have you ever moved your palace?
  156. Is Stealth bomber too cheap?
  157. Anyone play original version
  158. wartime economy
  159. A couple of n00b questions...
  160. Diplomatic screen suggestion
  161. Diplomatic Victory = Contrived Victory
  162. Number of Leaders?
  163. Sea Connection to Resources?
  164. Re: Carriers
  165. Are they all out to get me?
  166. Ok, I'll admit it - Monarchy Rules!
  167. Anybody use Republic or Communism?
  168. Can't make horse units?
  169. Cannot build Newtons University
  170. The civIII Democracy Game
  171. Great Librarie
  172. Difficulty level descriptions
  173. Civ's favorite gov
  174. How to Turn off Victory Conditions?
  175. Harming resources and Automatic Workers?
  176. Odd problem with my own units attacking each other?
  177. What demographic do you usually have good in?
  178. negotiation
  179. Wonders side effects
  180. Very strange trading behaviour
  181. What is of Bigger Improvment - Warrior to Swordman or Tank to Moderan Armor?
  182. Profitable peace treaties?
  183. how do you make the AI declare war?
  184. Help!
  185. Mindless milling by AI
  186. Question!!!!
  187. Hi Everyone, I have Newbie ?
  188. New Patch...
  189. Poor spies?
  190. Microsoft Game Commander
  191. CALL TO FIRAXIS: please add diplomacy option "end war with..."
  192. ReUsing Computer Generated Maps???
  193. R j00 a rookie?
  194. Any tips on making the load times go faster?
  195. Challenge to IronicWarrior19: English or Idiocity
  196. newb needs help
  197. do u attack with?
  198. The Save Game of my roman empire (this game is for those who like nuclear race)
  199. rebase lockups
  200. AI and World Maps
  201. Isreal
  202. OT to Ironic Warrior
  203. Real Starting Locations
  204. can't upgrade
  205. Diplomacy Drawbacks?
  206. Help/Advice r.e. Faster Research
  207. Double-Crossing Civ's
  208. when a game starts being extremly boring
  209. Message to Cunobelin Of Hippo
  210. Do the French allway start near Wine?
  211. new (or not so new) ideas
  212. cancelling trade agreements
  213. Flicster?????
  214. Technology Investment Formulae
  215. What are military police?
  216. i search the ...
  217. Diseased Flood Plains
  218. Please Firaxians...
  219. AEGIS Cruiser
  220. A BIG Problem
  221. How could I make my game run faster?
  222. how do you conquer the world?
  223. Are there any cheats for CIV 3?
  224. How did I lose, and who won?
  225. Sabotage wonder doesn't work?
  226. Declaring war under democraty
  227. CD-Cracks
  228. I have a very simple and serious quest.!
  229. saving games as scenarios
  230. bombardment and scout question
  231. Oh no!
  232. Perpetual Unhappiness?
  233. war weariness
  234. UUs are useless!
  235. Reputation
  236. I Love This Game!!! (Game Oscar)
  237. Is there a No-CD crack for CIV 3????
  238. 1.17f = the dumbest, most unreasonable trade requests
  239. Spaceship construction
  240. questions about the leader
  241. How often do Galleys sink?
  242. Pollution is killing me!
  243. Blast! what's happening to my armies?
  244. Which unit gives the best victory call?
  245. Colony
  246. Forbidden Palace
  247. Get Civilized European Tour
  248. Dominaton Problem
  249. Leaders versus corruption
  250. Stacked Units