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  1. Persia twitchy again!?
  2. Help
  3. computer ai too good
  4. Question!!!!!!!
  5. Has anyone else done this? 1v1?
  6. Marines
  7. New Editor!!
  8. How Often Do You Lose?
  9. PTW question
  10. Another question....
  11. More on Leaders
  12. Interface question
  13. The Workings of Rate of Fire
  14. The Right of Passage Exploit--Can it be fixed?
  15. Technology timeline
  16. The OCN Problem - and a suggestion to Firaxis
  17. FIRAXIS - Will we be able to make leaders/unbuildable units in the upcoming patch?
  18. irrigation grids etc...
  19. Can anything save Civ 3 from mediocricy?
  20. foreign advisor screen problem
  21. What are Culturally Linked Starts?
  22. firaxis getting on my nerves
  23. New Maps at Civ 3 Site
  24. Need some excitement
  25. Another suggestion to Firaxis: starting options
  26. Can never build anything
  27. Long Lasting Defects of Civ
  28. more modifyanle cities
  29. Nest starting position?
  30. Stinkin' Lincoln and the Mad Monarchs
  31. The Power of Expansionists!
  32. What Is Your Favourite Civ to Play as and Why?
  33. New luxury/strategic resource
  34. Civ History
  35. Malicious AI cheat
  36. AI difference between Regent and Monarch? More than what Editor has?
  37. Civ II Wasn't All That Good Compared to III
  38. Do we jump to conclusions about the AI?
  39. Nostalgic for the old civ 2 forums and fed up with Civ 3
  40. A request
  41. Poll - Flicster must be released in the XP!
  42. The Ancient Era
  43. Opinion Survery
  44. the spearman is our god!
  45. Can Civ3 be run in a Window?
  46. Are huge maps too huge?
  47. a little reversal of fortune
  48. Heroic Epic & Militaristic Civs
  49. AI using artillery offensively?? Yeah right and you have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell
  50. Culture Flipping
  51. What size map is the hardest to win on ?
  52. Quite a stupid question: Diplomatic Victory
  53. What is "culturally linked starting positions"
  54. Dang it. CivIII burnout.....
  55. I need the civ3 install file
  56. Highest Production city
  57. Length?
  58. which civs would you add?
  59. Which patch do you prefer?
  60. WW revisited: How long does it take WW to debilitate your empire under Democracy?
  61. How many steps to complete a palace?
  62. I have a few questions, can someone answer them please?
  63. On MPP's
  64. Which map options are your favorites?
  65. Can the "Reduces Propaganda" Flag be used more than once?
  66. Suggestions for a better scoring system
  67. Feed a Tank an Asprin
  68. AI early Courthouse construction
  69. newbie question: Transport settler
  70. Two questions
  71. Awesome! It's me... vs A Barbarian Chiefdom! Must see!
  72. When to irrigate? When to mine?
  73. My First Regent Victory!!
  74. Pet Peeve Poll
  75. Anyone Else Miss Food Caravans?
  76. More AI cheats? -- resources
  77. Hammurabi and his stack of doom
  78. Peace negotiations
  79. Newbie in need of dire assistance
  80. The AI waging War
  81. Is there a way to wake up a stack? (I'm embarrased to ask this)
  82. Unusable Resources
  83. Help
  84. Check out these nightmare glitches!
  85. boredom
  86. Battleships vs. Tanks
  87. the sound effects of fighting disappeared!
  88. Upgrading ARMY units
  89. Do resources increase terrain value?
  90. Toundra City
  91. Forbiden palace on the other side of the world
  92. Problem with Espionage options
  93. Avoiding Deity 1300AD S/S Victories
  94. what are forts for?
  95. Where is the editor?
  96. Leaders & armies
  97. Border Patrol / Checkpoint
  98. Opinions on pre-building palace for GW switch:
  99. Another "Politcally Incorrect" Thread: Titles for Civ III
  100. trading strategic resources
  101. jungle warfare
  102. Firaxis - How many is sufficient???
  103. Black Market Deals and Smuggling
  104. Upload saved game-files. How and where?
  105. City Crowding
  106. Land Trade
  107. What units can barbs build and why?
  108. First Monarch Victory!
  109. Real Solution to Culture Flipping
  110. The best Civs: Traits and Unique Units...
  111. Question About 1.21 Features
  112. Private Armies
  113. Automated Bombardment?
  114. Are more realistic time frames important to you ?
  115. Are you brave enough to compete in the Super Deity Challenge !
  116. What do you think about a bar graph showing your rep ?
  117. forbidden palace
  118. Pathetic AI cheating
  119. victory Questions
  120. Another frustrating glitch...
  121. Solution - Civ2 style "barbarian" civs
  122. Fixing railroads
  123. Great Leader Not Allowed in Golden Age?
  124. Best strategy vs. Germans?
  125. money!
  126. Topics that should be PERMANENTLY banned. Period.
  127. Another dumba** newbie Q
  128. The Best Time for a Golden Age
  129. Does anyone know if Firaxis reads this site?
  130. swordsman to rifleman!
  131. just fyi for those who don't know
  132. Super Deity Challenge - To No Voters & Exemptions
  133. Do you play with Diplomatic win on or off ?
  134. Can anyone clear something up for me?
  135. Civ3 Tournament,Round 1:Americans vs the English
  136. Ideas for currency and trade
  137. Minor Enhancements That Firaxis Ought To Add/Fix
  138. The most important resource?
  139. City production queues
  140. AI Transport stupidity/exploit
  141. Looking for Profiles for MS Stragegic Commander
  142. 4 gl in same turn
  143. Help!
  144. GLs in GAs
  145. Civilization4 Compiled List of Ideas!!!
  146. The Boredom Factor...?
  147. PTW question
  148. another thing to fix soon - the map generator
  149. Change number of rivals for High Score HOF?
  150. Do you think their is going to be a Civ4?
  151. Where are the natural disasters?
  152. Civ3 Tournament,Round 2:the Iroqois vs the Greeks
  153. i don't believe in the age barrier for science
  154. Archers should be a defensive unit not attack
  155. What is he thinking?!?!
  156. Flight, Advanced Flight and Bombers
  157. Can't upgrade!!!
  158. civil unrest
  159. Upgrading units
  160. Overheard civ conversations...
  161. Do you build privateers?
  162. Hey Mike B., How does the Great Wall Work?
  163. Another culture discussion
  164. Civ3 1.29f Patch Coming This Friday!
  165. Government bug??
  166. Unit / Era quandry
  167. Culture Corona's stay inflated in V1.21
  168. Patches 1.16, 1.17, 1.21 Helllp
  169. Can't send carrier into allied waters.
  170. Rising Coastlines?
  171. What is favorite part of Civ3?
  172. culture win trigger question
  173. How does lethal bombard work??
  174. Does anyone use armies?
  175. Remove your forces or declare war
  176. Earthquake in my city
  177. What should be changed in CIV3 ?
  178. What's the toughest game moment you managed to survive ?
  179. How do you use the stacked movement ability?
  180. what happened to pale horse 76?
  181. War or not
  182. Poll; Traffic light aproach to Culture flip
  183. ahh another poll; How often you win?
  184. What edits have you made?
  185. Extra Manuals?
  186. Can I do this?
  187. Make your own civ attributes!
  188. New civs??
  189. Patched and Slow
  190. Super Deity Challenge - Prizes for winners
  191. new civs part 2
  192. Early war and unit combat
  193. Urgent Question to FIRAXIS
  194. Nuke Use
  195. your personal secretary!
  196. The complete cheat guide
  197. Why Are They So P*ssed Off?!
  198. Poll: When do you trigger Golden Age
  199. Patch 1.29f Bugs
  200. Civ3 1.29f Patch ReadMe is here!
  201. Those numbers after the government type in the Info Box
  202. Greeks are the best for archipelago...
  203. What have I done? Why do they give me these deals?????
  204. 2 simple questions
  205. Houston we have a problem
  206. Scout resource denial? HOW? WHEN? WHERE?
  207. Palace to Wonder Exploit
  208. Tips for Cramped Opening
  209. units should have more than 1 requisite!
  210. Heidelburg is misspelled
  211. deleted
  212. Can I display city radius for all my cities on the map?
  213. I need help please?
  214. hey genius!
  215. Do AI civs attack each other with nuclear weapons?
  216. What to do with a leader ?
  217. Who is your LEAST favorite Advisor?
  218. and another very annoying thing - the goto command!
  219. Too many Polls
  220. Regent TICKS ME OFF!! (long)
  221. No civil wars?
  222. More civs?
  223. will the new patch contain more civilizations
  224. Firaxis - Delay the 1.29 patch!
  225. It's thursday already where is it?
  226. Firaxis; a simple insult intended
  227. Question about City Governors
  228. goody hut settler with average city number?
  229. why cant my city build any wonders?
  230. Civilization 3 was primarily designed as
  231. Civilization was primarily designed as
  232. Taking Pictures during Gameplay.
  233. 1.29f IS UP!
  234. are deals broken after civ is conquered? rep hit?
  235. Civ3 1.29f Bugs Report Thread
  236. How do you get missles to load onto cruisers and subs?
  237. What causes a democracy to fall into anarchy?
  238. accelerated roduction?
  239. having trouble
  240. Does patch alter my current game?
  241. start looking for them 1.29 bugs
  242. Firaxis Reveals Units can follow only one AI strategy choice per unit
  243. HP Bonus under Units in the Editor.
  244. Did they fix that gpt bug in 1.29f
  245. Accelerated Production in 1.29f
  246. Trading Units
  247. disabling automated workers (not a spam)
  248. Warning! Before you isntall 1.29f!!!
  249. thanx Firaxis for the Elite *
  250. How to earn money ?