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  1. PTW Clan List
  2. Just got Civ - the boardgame
  3. Hacked Civ3Editor
  4. 1000 Reasons How Civ 3 Ruins Your Life
  5. Screenshot of the Day #40: Slave Trade
  6. Great Leader Blues
  7. I Killed an AI's Great Leader!
  8. Two UUs to each civ
  9. Fast Tech progress
  10. City Lists
  11. Unusual Names for Rulers
  12. 3 Wishes...
  13. I Have Play The World
  14. Question...
  15. You all are missing out on the fun...
  16. Two questions
  17. Ok I'm going to for emperor...
  18. How often do you win
  19. random factor in combat
  20. Computer cheats? With no iron or salt peter AI builds infintry and marines?!?!?
  21. resources
  22. Does anybody know what the diplomatics for online Civ3 play will be like?
  23. Getting above being pathetic
  24. Screenshot of the Day #41: We Surrender!
  25. Civ3 Limericks
  26. PTW expantion
  27. Is picking your enemies "cheating"?
  28. The Worst Culture Flip EVER!
  29. POLL: Your Favorite Leader
  30. How many hours of sleep do you lose to civ each night?
  31. Oracle revised.
  32. AI breaking treaties
  33. Deeper unit building system
  34. A few stupid questions:
  35. is this normal??
  36. Do You Believe...
  37. Sid Mier
  38. Spam Alert!
  39. Help me fellow players!
  40. Historical Leader-Lincoln
  41. Sid Meier Vs Brian Renolds
  42. Where can I buy PTW ASAP in Europe?
  43. Mod removeal
  44. what has been your worst defeat?
  45. failed at tech brokering - what went wrong?
  46. Music in Civ3
  47. Deity Winner Registry
  48. I'm assuming...
  49. Behaviour of mixed Armies?
  50. AI DOES Notice Scout Squatters
  51. Making Resources 'Untradable'
  52. Suggestions for Civ IV
  53. Wich is the release date for civ3 play the world?
  54. Rumor...
  55. nutty Aztecs
  56. Screenshot of the Day #42: Oil
  57. Massive PTW Preview Update @ GameSpot
  58. Government Falls
  59. How Many AI Civs do you play against?
  60. How to change the ending date...
  61. Gunpowder: who needs it?
  62. Science Town in Civ3
  63. City Ruins?
  64. Re-establishing reputation.
  65. Are You Worried?
  66. 1-Tile Road Suggestions?
  67. A Question about............Fish!
  68. Civ Players Gallery
  69. Productivity, GNP and Mfg. Goods?
  70. Useless City Improvements
  71. the Ocean???
  72. One City Challenge Civ
  73. recommendation
  74. how many units per city do you usually have?
  75. Firaxis Chat
  76. Modding Gone Bad
  77. Ideas for the next Civ3 expansion
  78. Screenshot of the Day #43: Crazy Science Advisor
  79. Idea I just had...
  80. Turns to switch government
  81. AI in the PTW
  82. I love CivIII but....
  83. Cavalry.... reversing to Knights ?
  84. Whats better defense or attack
  85. PTW netcode
  86. Civ3 PTW Intro Movie @ GameSpot
  87. Anybody who dont think Paratroopers, helicopters and Marines will be more used in MP?
  88. deposed?!?
  89. New PTW ship date at EBGames
  90. weird......
  91. Will changing some aspects of the game help?
  92. Is the Great Library too Powerfull?
  93. Ever Been Nuked By the AI?
  94. Resource Hunting
  95. First Game Advice Regarding My Strategy and AI
  96. How many units do you send to battle?
  97. Switching Production
  98. What changes in play do you think multiplayer will bring?
  99. Screenshot of the Day #44: Yellow Roman Warrior
  100. Trading In Play The World
  101. Tiny Maps have No Luxury Resources?
  102. Thunderfall: Multi-Player Forum?
  103. Farms?!
  104. What is a Pirogue?
  105. Can I Actually Get Farms?!
  106. A Really Good Way to Learn How to Play Civ3
  107. Vectoring Units ala Warlords
  108. new units
  109. What is the best way to win that is fun?
  110. Does the research lab have any other purpose?
  111. Do you want 3D Civ?
  112. number of armies
  113. Great Library grants advances even after Education!
  114. please i need help with downloading scenario's
  115. Ridiculous AI armies
  116. Screenshot of the Day #45: Make more friends!
  117. Walls
  118. Editor
  119. Funny Civ3 Captions
  120. Being Deposed
  121. Unit Removal
  122. Need factory for Hoover Dam?
  123. Sudden mood drop
  124. Biggest reason you don't spend more time playing civ
  125. pressing borders - does it tick off the AI?
  126. PTW, how many human rivals?
  127. Screenshot of the Day #46: Soldier for Life
  128. Searching For 2 Customized Items...
  129. Military service?
  130. Justify Helicopters
  131. The GL
  132. What are the oldest civs currently surviving?
  133. How did you come up with you handle?
  134. Bombardment issue
  135. Psychotic Workers with Transporter Tech?
  136. Play the World Launch Party
  137. Absurd Editor Bug
  138. Join City?
  139. MPP- Worthless?
  140. The Best Two Trait Combo?
  141. The Internet causing mutliple GAs...
  142. Your Enemy is in a GA: Peace or War?
  143. Different release dates
  144. Airlifting Worker & Setters
  145. The Pentagon and the AI...
  146. I'm copping grief off my girlfriend for spending 2 much time playing Civ. Need help!
  147. Civ Boardgame at CompUSA for $39.99!
  148. Screenshot of the Day #47: 'Negative' Attitude
  149. Help Needed....
  150. The AI CIV most likely to succeed
  151. Panzer Divisions
  152. Newbie Questions - ask here!
  153. Cheating And Civ3
  154. years per turn during the ages
  155. Have I overrates the Iroquois
  156. Problems with Militaty Alliances
  157. PTW Goes GOLD!!!
  158. Yet another thread on PTW
  159. Does Anyone Else Suffer From Early-Mid-Game Lull Syndrome?
  160. Favourite ancient unit.?
  161. Culturally Linked Locales
  162. Transporting Armies
  163. Screenshot of the Day #48: Two Years Ago Today
  164. Is anyone else counting the days till PTW arrives?
  165. What Should I Do Until Dec 25?
  166. What Civ do u play as and why?
  167. Who's your favorite AI neighbor
  168. Prefered Government Type?
  169. What is official?
  170. A Really Funny War
  171. PTW was released on 10/11/2002?!?!
  172. Uses of Outdated Defense Garrisons
  173. Are you happy?
  174. Screenshot of the Day #49: Desert Iron
  175. how do u take in-game pictures or print a mini-map?
  176. Civ self-control
  177. Follow the leader!!
  178. Question about PtW
  179. Ww1
  180. Play the World In Store-Bought Civ3?
  181. Bring me up to date
  182. Random Bouts of Anarchy??!
  183. Wow!! The AI Launched a Real Invasion!
  184. Trade
  185. Worst Battle System Ever!!
  186. WARNING!! Combat Improvement Suggestions
  187. PTW Chat?
  188. What kind of manual will PTW have?
  189. Where can I get a decent version of the editor?
  190. is isolationist - who wants to send PtW to Europe?
  191. The "nitty-gritty" techs:
  192. Diety Problem
  193. Do you use a terrain mod
  194. catapults? cannons? that strangely named korean UU in PTW? worthless!
  195. AI's spies
  196. Civ: The boardgame
  197. How will PTW affect my mods?
  198. What difference does a preferred and shunned Government type make?
  199. Screenshot of the Day #50: Best Unit is...
  200. Maybe somebody asked before...
  201. Got a few questions
  202. Waiting for PTW...
  203. New UU's unbalanced
  204. Deleting saved games
  205. The Wonder of the Babylonian UU
  206. ultimate heresy: I just uninstalled Civ3!
  207. Irritating Stuff
  208. Media Play says PTW will be here Thursday!
  209. hellow
  210. windowed civ3
  211. I Finally Received My Cd!
  212. Civ Abilities Question
  213. Starting positions
  214. PTW Now Shipping
  215. Map generator - test results are really weird
  216. question about MPP
  217. GRRR!! Too Many Technologies!!
  218. A Deeper Economic System?
  219. AHHH So close
  220. What are you going to do when PTW is out
  221. Nethog's Civ3 Tech Tree & Unit Summary
  222. Clearing the Deity BS...
  223. Anybody else not getting CFC Email notification?
  224. Regicide Rally Exclusive Scenario From Firaxis
  225. Civ3-Play the World; Revolutions in PTW?
  226. Civ3 v1.29f no-cd
  227. Anybody got PTW yet?
  228. Any problems with PTW?
  229. To build Barracks, or not to build Barracks?
  230. Play the World Units Exposed
  231. Is PTW standalone program?
  232. PTW Patch v1.04 Released
  233. Nucleur War?
  234. Can you make a custom size map IN Civ3?
  235. The official PTW feedback's thread
  236. PTW will lead to more early conquests
  237. With PtW is it possible to force a civ to start in specific city?
  238. civ3x.bix history
  239. Good Lord! Whats with the speed?
  240. Tips for those having trouble with MP
  241. Bye, bye calvary
  242. Ptw Sucks
  243. PTW screenshots
  244. Trying to play the world is worse than...
  245. Mass Regicide = Free Scouts !!!
  246. How can I tell the difference between Snoopy's graphic mods in PtW?
  247. Firaxis wasn't selective about the mods they shipped with PtW?!
  248. Five Reasons Civ Has Me Down
  249. IFC23.DLL error message in Ptw 1.04f
  250. Any PTW changes of heart?