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  1. Where does all this research money go?(+Civ4 idea)
  2. How to make growing difficult cities!
  3. Stop 100K on behalf of 20K ?
  4. I have a foreign settler!
  5. Passwords in PTW
  6. How Do I Know What version I Have
  7. How to control resources?
  8. Resisters and City Defense...
  9. Number of army is limited
  10. How can you get settlers/worker when razing a city
  11. problem? (1.27 MP)
  12. What is your MAIN factor in choosing which civ to play?
  13. Heli and Carriers
  14. Civ-Related Abilites
  15. To play or not to play....that is the question
  16. Has France been sterotyped by the game makers?
  17. Decision: A Miniwar or Not?
  18. How many people support Italy ?
  19. Skimping on disk space...
  20. Die Tiger
  21. Getting out of an MPP
  22. Taking screenshots in-game
  23. Different Levels
  24. Has anyone noticed this? (bombardment damage)
  25. First time on Civ3
  26. To the Atari guys, it's Xen again, and I've got some mo' questions...
  27. Tried this? (Hitpoint modification)
  28. Should Mobilization be Removed?
  29. Upcoming chat with Firaxis.
  30. Locked Alliances
  31. Paratroopers, Helicopters, and what do Marines do??
  32. Questions list for the Firaxis Chat
  33. My no 1 wish: Dynamic difficulty levels
  34. Diplo Screen
  35. Get PTW or wait? (advice needed)
  36. What level do you play at?
  37. Latest Computer Games Magazine Preview
  38. Improved American UU's
  39. what nations will prefer new govs?
  40. Resource Trading
  41. Extra civ trait: Centralist
  42. Democracy a no go?
  43. End of a game. what do you do?
  44. Luxeries kill the usefulness of Monarchy
  45. Newest Patch
  46. question about mutual potection
  47. Terrainbuildings
  48. a few questions
  49. Does ai think forward
  50. What does a palace cost????
  51. Success rate of tech stealing, has it been researched and posted?
  52. nation preferred govs
  53. Absolutely clueless on how to play, desperately need help!
  54. cultural groupings question
  55. Transition V1.29f to PTW or Conquests
  56. Why can't I perform espionage missions?
  57. Improved Chinese UU's
  58. What's the difference????
  59. Industrious. MAYDAY! what defines as an Industrious civ? Someone please!!!
  60. The FORTH worst UU
  61. making a backup
  62. MPP?? There are only two of us left
  63. Propaganda has upset my citizens?
  64. Port is RELIGIOUS!
  65. Port UU
  66. The UN is comin' to town!
  67. Question about "Future Tech"
  68. 'Curious' Victory Screen
  69. Nuclear Deterrent. Has anyone ever seen an ai civ............
  70. What is rate of fire and how does it affect gameplay?
  71. Jump to Regent?
  72. Espectacular Idea for Port UU
  73. Culture Clash!!
  74. Unique Units for New Civs and Unit Mods.
  75. Indepentent "Citizen" Market System for Civ4
  76. Help.....what is a conquest victory.
  77. Reputation and eliminated civs
  78. Tech Race
  79. What causes a modpack to crash?
  80. Can't get past 740 AD
  81. Strategic Missile Defense: Only works against ICBM's?
  82. Pulling out Game Map for Re-use
  83. We've done max shields and pop..what about gold?
  84. Screenshot of the Day #146: Weight Watchers
  85. Numidian Mercenaries: Overpowered?
  86. how does reputation work?
  87. Where is my Spaceship?
  88. New Mod
  89. Who is this guy?
  90. So the Dutch should be...
  91. What's Your Favorite Age?
  92. Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me
  93. Controlling the Entire World From a Laptop
  94. Delayed UK release?
  95. Music from Civ3
  96. few ?s - slave workers and diplo
  97. Do UU's make some normal units functionally obsolete?
  98. CIV4 discussion points
  99. does anyone know why spy units were removed?
  100. Enslavement for Conquistadors
  101. Would this be a rep hit?
  102. What do you press to only see the land, no improvement or cities.
  103. "I kicked your butt! Hope no one noticed..."
  104. Trading wierdness
  105. Great Leader right off the bat
  106. why do pyramids give granaries???
  107. Newbie questions...
  108. Occupation of Players
  109. Favorite Variant
  110. Accelerated production...
  111. Your pick for the CIVIII Soundtrack?
  112. Unique Unit vs Barb
  113. Qsc
  114. What's Your Favorite Way to Win?
  115. What kind of teren you like most?
  116. scenarios
  117. When did you start?
  118. Questions for AtariJeff
  119. Pros and Cons
  120. Persia or China????
  121. Music rate
  122. C3C vs PTW???
  123. Starting and Not Finishing
  124. Priority of victory conditions. Space wins over culture.
  125. Help! Spaceship Won't Launch!
  126. Sound FX
  127. Someone is cheating here?
  128. Update me here please
  129. Miss Cleo...hah.
  130. Enemy cities disappear
  131. Special civ abilities
  132. Known bug on prepatch?
  133. Newbie - CIV3 Multiplayer??
  134. Random seed and sunken boats
  135. my first success at AW on warlord!
  136. Civil defense, radio towers, etc.
  137. Saved Games
  138. dutch UU???
  139. Civ3 Conquests Designer Diary 1: Sengoku
  140. Cool Tip to Make Your Rivals Seem Stupid
  141. Help with navigating site
  142. religious civ bonuses
  143. I demand you pay tribute to my greatness! Please?
  144. Infrantry: one of the core problems of the game
  145. What's the worst culture flip you haven't reloaded from?
  146. Do u realy think there is any more big C3C news?
  147. What is this???
  148. Military advisors advise.
  149. How did I do this?
  150. Invisible goody huts?
  151. Which Civ Leader is the Grumpiest?
  152. Expansionist and Proud! But why?
  153. Lux Slider
  154. The ancient age - my suggestions
  155. Grumpiest Female
  156. Which Female Civ Leader is Most Annoying?
  157. Ever have one of those game?
  158. The new patch vs new winning conditions
  159. leader generation
  160. Any Advice?
  161. Cool Story About My Win By Surprise!
  162. Does the AI ever trade away its only resource?
  163. Defeating Hoplites in the Ancient era..
  164. Does anyone know of a good way to see if AI has SDI?
  165. How does CivIII work out combat?
  166. Favorate & Shunned Governments
  167. The Ever-So Scientific Warlord
  168. war wareness
  169. atomic wepoions
  170. Help with the later stages of the game.......
  171. Spys
  172. Does abandoning an AI city, equal razing it???
  173. Still trying to learn what fire is...
  174. Babylon...The culture capital of the world???
  175. Why raze?
  176. Will we be able to make improvements and small wonders obsolete in the editor?
  177. Railroads=gimmick?
  178. update!
  179. Original Unit Graphics
  180. What do you think your favorite conquest will be?
  181. Who Defends?
  182. Civ specific bonus's
  183. Have you played as every Civ?
  184. I thought this exploit had been fixed
  185. Poll: Which will be the best new Conquest
  186. tech costs....
  187. Sweet New Governments!!!
  188. Plant a tree!
  189. What is the map size?
  190. Conquest specific techs/units/bldgs/civs
  191. Naval units & coastal fortresses
  192. Settling Captured Cities
  193. corruption and commercialism
  194. CIV III Gold+ PTW+ Patches+ Conquests
  195. End without "Golden Ages"?
  196. Have you guys checked out the new FAQ and features list at
  197. Damage Multipliers?
  198. to slowly
  199. Manual problem
  200. Veteran Artillery
  201. Is air units and nukes still useles in this game
  202. CIV 3 for PDA
  203. Catherine Against the World
  204. Zeus, or no Zeus- that is the question
  205. Wipe a Civ out with one conquest...
  206. What Conquests do you want added?
  207. Question regarding year dates in Conquest games
  208. Yea ill defenatly buy it
  209. I would like
  210. Over 50 new units!?!
  211. Are Airports still usefull in PTW.
  212. Rules
  213. You can have production during anarchy!
  214. Starting locations problems!
  215. Best lookin' leader in modern times
  216. Can anyone recomend a good world map?
  217. Who's your greatest ally?
  218. Which Civ Leader are you?
  219. Difficulty with the Later Game
  220. developing fast
  221. Fundamentalism
  222. C3C Multiplayer
  223. I just bought the game
  224. IM lost...
  225. Willl conquest have more air units?
  226. Ocn
  227. Question about Gold Edition
  228. Government Question: Islamic Sultanate?
  229. Things that peave me about spies
  230. Conquest Designer Diary 2
  231. I wiped out 3 civs with 3 icbm's !
  232. do u play Respawn AI players?
  233. Sort Ghandi Out!
  234. Two questions (posted here as the old thread has been closed)
  235. Number of civs in your game
  236. Starving they filp?????
  237. My friend just accused me of..
  238. Specialist citizens
  239. Question about Recycling Centers and Mass Transits
  240. What do you think?
  241. Installation overwriting?
  242. Question about slaves.......
  243. Airplane Concept
  244. shunned and favored govs+rant
  245. Weird Continent Maps
  246. Do you play with modded rules?
  247. System Requirements
  248. How do I do espionage missions?
  249. When Do You Find Time to Play Civ?
  250. What Map Size do you play?