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  1. Military Problems
  2. Make explorers REALLY useful
  3. AI a resource cheat?
  4. disable civ specific abilities ??!
  5. imune to propaganda?
  6. My locked ally signed a trade embargo against me?
  7. Workers
  8. How many AI Civs do you play with?
  9. Can't rename units anymore
  10. Naming Places On The Map
  11. What is your favorite civilization to play?
  12. Favorite Civ
  13. What the?! (Freakin' Bablyonians!)
  14. Loans:
  15. Improve Foreign Advisor Screen...?
  16. How do you like the new conquest scenarios?
  17. contradictory population stats
  18. A historical question
  19. Crusade
  20. Bah, I'm so incompetent.
  21. Music...
  22. My Daimyo Always Loses While Theirs Never Does!
  23. Upgrade to Veteran
  24. Secret Police HQ
  25. Can't wait for that patch to come out!
  26. No Aerial view or palace in scenario's?
  27. What Great Leader are You?
  28. City population won't grow
  29. What are Flavors
  30. Is the navy AI bugged?
  31. Dumb Grassland!!!
  32. Civ Attributes
  33. Destroying a civ in 1 turn
  34. Help, how do you build armies
  35. where is everything
  36. Is it possable...
  37. With police HQ, is communism viable?
  38. Do you play Civ at work ?
  39. Civ IV, she is coming to town !
  40. Forrest and De-Forrest
  41. Fall of Rome - Strategy
  42. A funny little civ called Persia
  43. Help! why... (AI Demands)
  44. Modding and Scoring in the Hall of Fame?
  45. Town Halls and Sheriffs office
  46. City and Palce view gone?
  47. Strategy Assistance Needed
  48. Abandoning a city is cruel oppression?
  49. Started new game
  50. Mass Kicks ....!
  51. How can that happen?
  52. I need help with Tech Tree
  53. Give units
  54. How exactly do luxuries work?
  55. city-view?
  56. Game Freezing
  57. Is this legal??
  58. Just finished first full game of Conquests
  59. How do i...
  60. Is there any way to get around this?
  61. y no musket man of the 1700s and up?
  62. How do i get other civs to join me in a war
  63. having problems starting my civs up....
  64. Question about Byzantium...
  65. government types?
  66. Can a unit generate multiple leaders?
  67. Installation Question
  68. Was the "improve your palace" feature removed?
  69. Help with Leaders
  70. Learning & reloading
  71. what the heck....i just got wiped-out
  72. Can't move captured princess!!
  73. Conquests Function of Control-A
  74. Austria?
  75. Collateral Damage??
  76. Plucking workers from the coast
  77. What is a good Score?
  78. GS Arcade Firaxis/Atari/BA chat
  79. OMG My wife wants to play
  80. Paras and Marines - Are they worth the building now?
  81. New civs and nits in the next game
  82. CivIII ===> Civ PTW?
  83. Ideas on improving the Mongol UU
  84. Flak / Mobile SAM, SAM battery / Coastal Fortress
  85. Anyone try playing "NPC" civs in the conquests?
  86. What game did you enjoy most?
  87. REQUEST: C3C PediaIcons.txt
  88. Catapults
  89. Why i think the Dromons are the best UU.
  90. Culture Expansion
  91. Facism or Communism?
  92. I have a problem...
  93. My Ideas
  94. Army Question
  95. Culture flip to a destroyed CIV?
  96. Only 2 Scientific Leaders?
  97. Is market economy ever going to be added!?
  98. AI Strategies - Defense??
  99. Tech tree
  100. Contradictory Babylons
  101. does Fascism immune to anything
  102. Importing:
  103. Modern Isabella question:
  104. quick question i need answered
  105. my challenge
  106. civ Unit Colors Too Similar
  107. C.A. - Civilholics Anonymous
  108. Conquests Extras at
  109. Ah! Help Me!
  110. Strange thing about agricultural trait..
  111. AI cannot handle peace treaty/MA combo (anymore)?
  112. Head shots?
  113. eagerly awaiting patch...
  114. Playing CIV in strange places
  115. Do you play with Culture Flipping enabled?
  116. continental rally points?
  117. I hate Railroads...
  118. Newbie question about 1.02 patch
  119. Colateral damage!
  120. Lotsa GPT u guys r making
  121. How do you do it?
  122. invisible wonders
  123. Luxury resources change
  124. Islands and civilizations.... будь они неладны... What to do? How to be?
  125. Ok, I'm getting slaughtered on Demi-God.
  126. Do you retreat your injured units?
  127. Question bout Gold
  128. anybody else having this feeling?
  129. how do you play?
  130. How do you change a Civ traits?
  131. Radar tower combat bonus
  132. New strategic resources question
  133. Will this work.. ?
  134. Would this make the Industrial Age more interesting?
  135. Automatically Fortifying Units
  136. Tech cost and minimum research
  137. You know you're in trouble if
  138. How soon do you switch to Monarchy ?
  139. Highest tech a goody hut can give?
  140. Tribute and "Losing Face"
  141. If Canada became a Civ, what traits and UU would it have?
  142. CIV III and History
  143. Planning their destruction
  144. cultural win
  145. patch poll
  146. Knight vs Ancient Calvary
  147. New downloads at
  148. how does the FPalace bug work?
  149. Middle age scenario-assasins suck
  150. civilization intelegence agency?
  151. Age Cutoff Date
  152. Is Lethal Land/Sea Bombarment Good?
  153. Trait specific improvements!
  154. More combat model tests
  155. Forest Preservation
  156. Stealth fighters
  157. C3C: Try before you buy, at GameSpot
  158. Is Civ your most favorite computer game ?
  159. Augh! No patch yet?
  160. Assigned Civs don't work????
  161. Tiny Archipelago--best strategy(s)?
  162. Really Odd Glitch
  163. corruption level pre FP affected by bug?
  164. No Resistance, No Demands
  165. I found an idea to simulate "trade winds"
  166. War Weariness and locked war
  167. Archers
  168. Why rank cities for corruption at all?
  169. ship attacked my city
  170. Is Conquests Worth Buying?
  171. Grouping the Civs into "Modern" Civs, and "Ancient" Civs
  172. City Size - > Real Life Correlations
  173. Maya and Spain switching starting places
  174. Secret police
  175. Manda <== On tree in Civ III
  176. Pls take this challenge!!!
  177. i have not finished a game yet.
  178. I don't understand palace jump
  179. Updated Editor
  180. Will they ever agree to peace treaty
  181. epic game?
  182. How do I conquer single-tile city?
  183. recon
  184. Half Town Growth Potential
  185. beginners help
  186. The foreign advisor is a humble pessimist.
  187. The discovery of satellites has raveled the whole world to you!!!!
  188. Idea for units...
  189. Armies can't be Airlifted?
  190. What's your favourite C3C land configuration?
  191. Locked Alliances - I've created a MONSTER!
  192. Ninjas in Shogun Conquest
  193. Population Representation
  194. New Sengoku music
  195. c3c 1.02 patch issues
  196. Yumbo?
  197. Civ4 automate ideas
  198. Got food?
  199. paratroopers -- any good?
  200. Non Army Stack movement
  201. Great Ideas Civ3 didn't implement
  202. Idea for Scenarios: Multiple Maps
  203. Colony/Protectorate should be added to civilization!!!
  204. Sengoku; AI research
  205. Commonly Used Acronyms on CFC
  206. Challenge: Create 1000 Civ-related Acronyms
  207. Science Leader, whith tech give SL???
  208. Question: What does gpt stand for?
  209. Wonders
  210. Colonies??
  211. mutual protection vs non-aggression
  212. Great Leaders
  213. Limits to rebase ability?
  214. I need a units_32 link that works, so I can Update from PTW to Conquests.
  215. Is there an updated Units_32 file for conquests?
  216. Tips on Cross-Continental Warfare
  217. Scottish??
  218. Is there a way to see if I installed patch?
  219. a question
  220. Will they ever learn?
  221. List of possible additional UUs
  222. Tips for Middle Ages conquest @ emperor+?
  223. 'best deal' button in trade
  224. knight v apc: there's nothing wrong with this game after all
  225. Problem with patch & multiplayer
  226. Hall of Fame
  227. Cavalry for Japan?
  228. Rebuilding Stuff Over and Over
  229. Ninjas in Shogun Conquest
  230. Wot no Oil?
  231. Sengoku - Which Clan?
  232. Mobilization
  233. How many beakers?
  234. Capture and steal advances?
  235. Oasis, what the hell?
  236. Start Up Question
  237. Can anyone confirm...
  238. do you play civ with music off or on
  239. Capturing the Princess
  240. Conquests Beta Patch Now Available
  241. Sengoku historically correct locked alliances
  242. how do I...i need help
  243. Alter rules in save file?
  244. I'm ready to go screaming into the streets!
  245. What's Sid level like?
  246. Can I combine all Conquests?
  247. Turns of Anarchy
  248. Republic and Democracy under reduced corruption
  249. Corruption-> Even worse than before
  250. Worst Trait????