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  1. what causes resources to deplete?
  2. A Twitchy Theodora
  3. Communism as Antidote to Corruption?
  4. Adding a Wonder in C3C
  5. Civ music
  6. Stealth attack
  7. Goverments
  8. Help with my Civilization!-Newb post
  9. PLEASE PLEASE Fix Culture Flipping
  10. What the heck is this?
  11. Best Unique Unit?
  12. What should I do about my Civ-playing flatmates
  13. Some general interface Questions
  14. Cheapest Labtop that will work with Civ
  15. What victories do you have most often?
  16. Does anyone know where to get the pre-order bonus cd?
  17. War Weariness in Conquests
  18. Conquests final update: How about unit cost tweaking?
  19. How long do you keep wandering around...
  20. Note to Self: Fire Science Advisor
  21. does propaganda work???
  22. C3C easier than PTW?
  23. Preferred and shunned governments
  24. Tip
  25. Fav Unit
  26. Damn this game
  27. Quick Question about the Beta Patch
  28. Air defense
  29. Empire wide luxuries?
  30. Making demands
  31. Bandits!
  32. Forbidden palace problem
  33. Changing Units etc.
  34. help with the Chasqui Scout!
  35. Forced Labour
  36. is was wondering...
  37. Bad cities
  38. Maintenance
  39. City building in marshland?
  40. Astrology in Civ3
  41. CIVIII (conquest) scorecard ...
  42. Accelerated production?
  43. Possible corruption alternatives?
  44. How bad is this?
  45. Nuclear technigians, i call for you....
  46. Q's on aggresion
  47. New Member, help needed
  48. online no work!
  49. roads on volcanos
  50. Rulers Boxing Match?
  51. middle ages conquest
  52. Tileless Civilization - Possible
  53. help
  54. Mutual protection
  55. an emperor game histograph
  56. Got any favorite Great Wonders?!?
  57. Have the rivers been mentionned?!?!
  58. Am I over treading or what?? what about luxuries?!?
  59. Goody Hut Persists
  60. Trading maps
  61. Man the AI cheats BAD
  62. WWII ship names
  63. WWII ship names
  64. Which One Is Better? Monarchy Or Republic
  65. Casino as a city improvement.
  66. weird negotiation
  67. Diplomatic Victory doesn't work ?
  68. Trebuchet worth waiting for?
  69. In the 1st Conquest, what are the Cedars of Lebanon?
  70. Changing governor default
  71. When playing a Non-Religious Civ. How many Govs do you usually switch to in 1 game?
  72. Reagent harder after Deity
  73. At what difficulty level does the Expansionist Trait become a very bad trait?
  74. Immortal vs Gallic Swordsman. Which UU do you like best?
  75. Just wondering
  76. need no cd patch!
  77. Educated Newbie Here
  78. My Civilization 3 Hang-Ups. Do You Have Them Too??
  79. Amphibious Assaults
  80. How can you estimate spy success?
  81. Lm?
  82. Stealth Fighters and Attack Strength.
  83. could you play a conquest even after all its turns are up?
  84. Forum Newbie
  85. whats wrong with the move all nits in a stack button?
  86. question about radar towers...
  87. WHAT THE?!?!...very strange
  88. AI better civs?!?!?!?!?
  89. funny story
  90. early repubic sucks
  91. which land-mass do you play on?
  92. Have you ever seen a respawned civ win ?
  93. Too many cities!
  94. Maintenance counts
  95. Rise of Rome Conquest: Where to build FP?
  96. Help me plz
  97. what is the not symbol on tech tree
  98. Collateral Damage
  99. Dutch Unique Unit
  100. Second Best (Warlord)
  101. Feudalism too strange?
  102. Civ 3 Vs CPTW
  103. More turns than 2050?
  104. Searching these forums
  105. New Guy
  106. Oh My God!-(Venting anger)
  107. When capturing city..
  108. What Civs Would You Like Added for Civ 4?
  109. Foreign Advisor Line Colours
  110. Middle Ages Conquest - Does eliminating a Civ destroy the Holy Relic they had?
  111. So How Long is That $10 Amazon Conquest Deal Running?
  112. Vote on the best Civ4 Ideas
  113. Seed
  114. Vote on the best Civ4 Ideas
  115. Mandatory Retirement Year !!??
  116. Would this balance things out a bit?
  117. corrupt cities
  118. Barbarians in Conquest?
  119. Civ3 Windows Theme
  120. Acquiring new techs
  121. Production List question:
  122. How are this counted?
  123. Road & Railroad networks should decrease corruption
  124. unit upkeep and stealth aircraft
  125. graphic bug? tank as ma
  126. Avoiding the building of Wonders!
  127. Two daft question about user maps in conquest?
  128. U.n.f.a.i.r.!!!!!!!
  129. Weaker iron units?
  130. Idea about balancing Statue of Zeus
  131. seed? eh?
  132. Hall of Fame Question
  133. Game scale changing idea
  134. Set Rally Point
  135. Age of Science and science allocation
  136. Your favourite seeds
  137. Conquests cultural borders
  138. Civ conquest
  139. How do you create Tax men
  140. resources
  141. Game Crash in C3C
  142. Firaxis where you want to go?
  143. Cultural expansion
  144. Nuclear Meltdowns are lame
  145. Aztec Goodie Warrior's
  146. options for huts popped as expansionist (higher difficulty)
  147. zulu impi
  148. Man the Best Early Civ's Unit Are...
  149. favorite offensive unique?
  150. restoring order to and optimizing multiple cities
  151. Help!!!!! I deleted a folder!!!!
  152. Do You Play With AI Respawn On or Off?
  153. Question about Scientific Leader
  154. Upgrade from horseman to calvary?
  155. Spy Experience
  156. Do you make stories while playing?
  157. Alot Of Random Questions
  158. All built up and nowhere to go?
  159. Voice chat hotkey ?
  160. A little bit injustice...
  161. Primitive fools
  162. Forbidden Palace Location
  163. time
  164. WWII Scenario as Americans
  165. New Kinds of Maps - idea for Civ4
  166. Question about start of game. How does comp get so many cities
  167. Steam Power ?
  168. napoleonic scenerio bug?
  169. Patch? Units requiring bldgs
  170. napoleanic scenario question
  171. Who do you curse?
  172. Map size and difficulty
  173. Pool of stupid suggestions for Civ4
  174. Do You Play With The Grid On Or Off?
  175. Stealth Attack
  176. Rivers
  177. Best Conquest
  178. Man i got beaten up at Monarch
  179. So, When I Get This Expansion, Does It Come With All the Patches For Civ3 and PTW????
  180. Conquest and PTW
  181. Alternative (but plausible) UU's?
  182. New functions in the UI in C3C?
  183. democracy
  184. Conquests and Firewalls
  185. temple of zeus ... in MP
  186. Maya Flood Plain Start
  187. multiplayer "abandon city" option
  188. down load searinos?
  189. Beta Patch 1.13 Released
  190. Victory Points
  191. Barracks upgrade should change regular to veteran
  192. A Q thats always bugged me but always forget to Ask...
  193. secret police head quarter question
  194. Question about Planes
  195. Gingerbread Man's Epics - give them a go!
  196. Units + City Trade?
  197. Crash
  198. apollo program
  199. AI abandons city
  200. Are Armies less powerful again?
  201. Aztec Warrior, Incan Scout and Chariots
  202. Lenght of Anarchy
  203. final patch requests
  204. AI naval bombardment
  205. C3C 1.13b - sinple FP & Corruption Test (Graphics intensive)
  206. Where do they get these wonders?
  207. Fighters, where do they go?
  208. Saltpeterless Yet Again
  209. Help! How do I clean my hall of fame?
  210. Stragety for "Fall of Rome" scenario
  211. Mayan slave question
  212. Pausing the Game?
  213. 2 UU for each tribe?
  214. Siphai vs Cossack. Which Cavalry do you like more? +2 att vs Blitz
  215. iw ant a lord of the rings mod
  216. A novel idea. All UU's should be useful. No Industrial Age or Modern UU's.
  217. confused about relevance of FP location
  218. Unique Wonder for Each Civ
  219. Orginal CD, Patched 1.13 = Insert right CD??
  220. Rate Of Fire ? :)
  221. Which unit would you prefer?
  222. $10 Amazon Conquests Deal Is Over
  223. Persian Immortal: still the best UU?
  224. Newbie questions to Gurus's please
  225. A suggestion for a new resource system
  226. The 7 Wonders of the World
  227. Middle Age Tech Race
  228. Is C3C way harder than CivIII/PTW?
  229. what would searino would you rather have then ww2 in pacific?
  230. Does looking at trade screen without trading anger AI?
  231. Unique City Improvment for each Civ
  232. C3C humor
  233. Ideas for new Civ4 units.
  234. Dynamo looks like ELVIS!?!?!
  235. fuddled text
  236. Newbie Question concerning Civ3 Conquests
  237. Game version key ?
  238. Resource Levels in C3C vs PTW/Civ3
  239. Hidden Nationality
  240. Your favorite Conquests?
  241. Leaders can't hurry wonders anymore?
  242. C3C autostart-problem
  243. AI more aggressive in C3C? I hope!
  244. FIRAXIS: v1.13 and Patch Information
  245. Rise of Rome Map Problem
  246. Relocating Aircraft -- decrease the range
  247. Game-length world peace
  248. My First Regent Win!
  250. Do Happiness improvements have carryover effect?