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  1. where are the resources!?
  2. problem with pop increase
  3. Granarys without Pottery...
  4. Republic more Corrupt in C3C?
  5. stupid scrollbar
  6. Can i take off
  7. City Commence
  8. Expansionist on Archpelago Maps?
  9. Who likes Arabia?
  10. Alliance
  11. masterpug of the koreans 330 ad
  12. My first win!
  13. Unhappiness Cause: It's Just Way Too Crowded
  14. Rules of War?
  15. Conquest vs PTW
  16. is this suppost to happen?
  17. Crossover point on Emperor
  18. Happiness
  19. How to survive an unprepared war?
  20. i have a question regarding great wonders
  21. i need your help, now!
  22. Scientific Civ and the free tech
  23. Is PTW included in conquests?
  24. Favorite NEW part of conquest
  25. What game type of Conquests will you play more?
  26. Multiple leaders
  27. MPP and making peace
  28. Is the AI more aggressive on higher levels?
  29. Dose this mean suprise attack?
  30. So what are the current patch details? And what a great site!
  31. Who Shall I Be?
  32. Future Tech
  33. aggressiveness on warlord level
  34. F-15's or Bombers
  35. Screenshots?
  36. Resources visibility bug?!!
  37. Changing railroad movement?
  38. Experience levels for air units?
  39. The A.I attacked according to history.
  40. Monarch toned down in C3C
  41. Colors?
  42. Too MUCH Pollution...
  43. Bug: move planes without Carriers
  44. what is the start bonus in Sid?
  45. Shogun Upgrade
  46. What is Communal Corruption?
  47. Viva Le Culture!
  48. Middle Ages -- Help!!!
  49. What does the sentry command do?
  50. Future Tech's?
  51. How good is this forum?
  52. Any of you take actual racial prides into these games?
  53. Comparison between Civ3, Civ2, and Civ1
  54. Thing next to capital?
  55. regarding city on resouces
  56. Rise of Rome Help
  57. GPT trades & Communism/Fascism
  58. Age Of Discovery Treasures
  59. Civ 3 No CD patch, help!
  60. ROW BETA v1.15 Update Posted
  61. Reapearing civs
  62. Mesopotamia: Strategy for Babylonians?
  63. How Do Policemen Work?
  64. Macedonian dilemna
  65. Disease
  66. Hall of Fame Suggestions
  67. Military unit question
  68. Supply/fuel element in Civ4? Too much micromanagement?
  69. Patch 1.15-- Are we making progress?
  70. War goverments...
  71. Statue of Zeus/Templars too Powerful?
  72. Any comprehensive guide to reputation?
  73. Launch Spaceship After 2050
  74. How many cities can you hve in a C3C game?
  75. Next New Civs?
  76. Next Expansion pack...
  77. Multiplayer with PTW and Conquests (HELP)
  78. help me!!
  79. civ3 gold edition
  80. Fascism is Killing My AI Opponent!
  81. question about beta patch
  82. something fishy about marshland?
  83. Just curious: Civ3 Platinum?
  84. Question bout Democracy game...
  85. Why do I have civil disorder when everyone is happy?
  86. Simultaneous win - is it possible
  87. The highest Step to take
  88. Nuclear Plant Meltdown
  89. Small nation VS Large Nation
  90. New resource replaces old?
  91. Why can't I build a wonder in this city?
  92. question about patch download screen
  93. Trade is the Key to Civ3?
  94. Urgent Problem With Editor!
  95. Cycle cities question
  96. Best Civ for C3C multiplayer
  97. Does propaganda ever work?!?
  98. Regent to Monarch help please...
  99. Do you guys want civ 4 to be more realistic?
  100. Why monarchy has money-rush unlike all other non-tradebonus govts?
  101. What exactly is the AD?
  102. Feature request: saving upon quit
  103. Civ III Gold HELP
  104. Limited "re-base" range???
  105. How I stopped worrying and learned to live with the 'forbidden' Palace.
  106. Fall of Rome
  107. Locked Alliances????
  108. Army Question
  109. is unit attack lessened by dammage?
  110. question about defensive bonuses
  111. building wonders
  112. I think people who are good at Civ must have these...
  113. Women playing civ
  114. Golden Age - do we really need/want it?
  115. have you built the Iron Works SW?
  116. have you built the Iron Works SW?
  117. discovering late strategic resources question...
  118. Is there any reason to install Ptw before Conquests?
  119. Venting about AI Military Agreements
  120. Discovering new sources of resources (help!)
  121. Our spy in Istanbul has been captured?
  122. Missing Wonders?
  123. Building Question
  124. Balancing Culture/Science/Wonders/Military
  125. They are so right!
  126. why do I always come in 2nd??
  127. Food/Luxuries - Importance?
  128. Courthouses improved
  129. The Alluminium Bug
  130. Old Newbie
  131. What irks me about city defections
  132. Cd problem with patch
  133. Barbarian Week on the History Channel
  134. What AI will research next
  135. my worst mistake
  136. Something I noticed about the German Panzer
  137. Should Hitler have been the German Leaderhead in Civ3?
  138. Netzahualcoyotl's Court in Meso-American scenario
  139. Communism vs Republic
  140. My First Empror win.........daahhhhhhhhhhh
  141. TOW Infantry
  142. What do you do with obselete unique units?
  143. Trading - where to find tips on trading
  144. help
  145. Effect of destroying Manhatten Project?
  146. Stack Bombard...
  147. Bug, error with lines in game
  148. why is it called "Vanilla"?
  149. starting emporer
  150. C3C Resource scarcity test idea
  151. ExtraLife Comic
  152. The Incas... very weak?
  153. Is it my imagination, or are there many changes in 1.15?
  154. What is a civilization?
  155. Assassins in Middle Ages
  156. Something interesting about GPT deals with the AI..
  157. Cancelling deals
  158. units have limited range
  159. Conquering enemy cities
  160. What can be done to help the paratroopers?
  161. Middle Ages Conquest: Research Agenda?
  162. espionage dilema
  163. great leaders
  164. Modern age short comings
  165. Mysterious free unit
  166. How powerful is the Agricultural trait?
  167. How does Unit Support work?
  168. What's an "Epic Game"?
  169. Is this a gaf????
  170. Civ3 Gold - do I need 1.29f patch?
  171. Atlantis worthy of a place among the other great civs
  172. ancient cavalry
  173. Isabella revealed
  174. Maps, Scenarios etc
  175. Which conquest is your favorite?
  176. AA Formula Discussed...
  177. A bunch of questions about Conquests
  178. flak
  179. 5CC Start
  180. Babylon
  181. Starting epic game with all 30 civs
  182. A little border weirdness...
  183. Manidtory Retirement>?!
  184. Is it possible to get expelled over water?
  185. How does territory grow?
  186. 1/21 version of 1.15 includes previous betas?
  187. Bombardment
  188. A tech tree oddity
  189. Logistics
  190. Ahhh, run for your lives! - Pompeii
  191. Bug (?) with upgrading paths of units in editor
  192. Post your world wars here as they come along.
  193. Mystery Money?
  194. anarchy time btwn Government change
  195. The Great Library and Obsolescence
  196. Conquests: Buggy or infinitely harder?
  197. Has your CIV addiction ever caused a problem at home?
  198. security briefing
  199. Irrigation
  200. Huge corruption difference (1.15)
  201. New wonders and Aerial View
  202. Wonder victory
  203. Fall of Rome VP Question
  204. Why is there one square of...
  205. Newbie inquiry about resources
  206. Easter Eggs thread?
  207. Any chance of victory?
  208. Peace Treaties durations, Refusing to Move Out Units and Reputation Hit?
  209. The Realism Challenge!
  210. Where does this wasted shield come from? and more
  211. circling birds(?)
  212. Best civ for a conquer victory?
  213. Here are a few short questions about C3C...
  214. Crazy worker
  215. What's better, Monarchy or Communism?
  216. Pachacuti is really a zombie
  217. are battle outcomes aleatory?
  218. Timeline
  219. If you could have 45 civs who will they be?
  220. my cities not railed!
  221. Glitch or Not?
  222. What do you think of Portugal?
  223. Taking a Screenshot?
  224. Are you currently working in a scenario?
  225. Wierd...They all declared war on me...
  226. What are Demo games?
  227. Coal plant to hydro plant to coal plant?
  228. Wartime mobilization?
  229. Happiness effect on production?
  230. Cruise Missles
  231. AI City Building
  232. Strategies to get strategic resources?
  233. Combat calculation not working in Beta1.15
  234. Do you think real time should be aviable to singleplayer?
  235. PTW Did I miss anything?
  236. Can someone explain this? (Culture not accumulating)
  237. comment on upgrade paths
  238. Food Dist
  239. War Council??
  240. A problem with the Industrious Trait?
  241. 1.13 needed for 1.15?
  242. Army Promotions?
  243. Stealth Bomber vs. Fighter
  244. How far can you clear a forest?
  245. Join City
  246. Fall of Rome Strategies
  247. 73 G But Not 73 GPT!?
  248. Help!! Fall of Rome Strategies, Please!
  249. Who says you can play past time limit? Phffft
  250. Late advice from millitary advisor ?!