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  1. Did you experience some stupid losses? Here's mine.
  2. Cities: The early!
  3. Where should i put my FP?
  4. How do you safely change the music files?
  5. 365*365 map, limiting my cities
  6. alternate menu screen
  7. barbarians
  8. Does Civ III work properly yet?
  9. Help a noob.
  10. poll beginners biggest mistakes
  11. need help with embassies
  12. Abandoning a City: Does it Effect Chance of Future Culture Flips
  13. Immobile Land Units
  14. New to Civ3 - impressions
  15. Game Preferences
  16. Cancelling a MA
  17. Greetings
  18. Fighting Total war (advice)
  19. Making a List of City Improvements for Governors to follow?
  20. More turns?
  21. Optimum number of workers
  22. How to play Maps
  23. How far out has anyone ever played a game in Years?
  24. Free Settler
  25. What Happens if I capture thery of evolution
  26. Windowed Mode
  27. Game stops when bomber starts
  28. Am I the only one who prefers the original game art?
  29. Is there a way to stack bombard?
  30. Elites, MGLs and upgrades
  31. Metro in middle age
  32. why does ai drive such a hard bargain?
  33. install just the map editor?
  34. China
  35. Depleted resources and exports
  36. Agriculture Civ Trait (newb question)
  37. Corruption
  38. Ahead on techs but not in land
  39. How do you take screenshots?
  40. So slow, I could die.
  41. What is the obislik type thing on the world map?
  42. Where to build
  43. Hows my progress?
  44. Quick Answers
  45. French text in english version?
  46. GL - I don't understand
  47. Mutual Protection Pact not working?
  48. Trade and Hotseat Question...
  49. Integrated utilities?
  50. Barbarians
  51. CIV3:PTW Human Alliance Options
  52. Keeping up in tech race early
  53. Complete Ini File
  54. Nomadic callenge / Zero city callenge
  55. Civ 4 coming late 2005
  56. Help! Every civ is after me.
  57. Probability of successful bombardment?
  58. New To Civ 3
  59. Naval conflict
  60. I have finally conquered a whole continent!!
  61. Opinions needed
  62. Why does Japan have a radio tower in 4,000 B.C.?
  63. Settler Rushing/Opening Game Strats
  64. Technology
  65. MPP induced war vs ROP violation penalty
  66. Huge pangaea Deity C3C SS victory.Piece of cake.
  67. One City Challenge
  68. Clearing forest/jungle/marsh
  69. Capital City Flipped Back...
  70. Tribe Chart: Strengths, Techs, & Unique Units
  71. How to start a new poll?
  72. wheat flood plain Start
  73. Which AI advantage do you find most unfair or irritating?
  74. help island civ vs the contient
  75. I shall CIV no more forever...
  76. How do you play a map of earth and have civs start in their regions?
  77. Declaring war, reputation and attitude
  78. Improvements in captured cities
  79. AP, Graphics?
  80. What is the point of the Secret Police Headquarters?
  81. Request for Updated Marla Earth Map & Aerial View
  82. Units move too fast
  83. Entire Civ Eliminated - Without War
  84. simple question (diplomacy)
  85. Forbidden Palace
  86. scenerios
  87. Win by Wonder?
  88. Anyone see any dinosaurs?
  89. Why haven't you joined the Demogame Yet?
  90. UN question
  91. How Do You Conduct A "Police Action" War?
  92. What do you think is the worst civ?
  93. Golden Ages
  94. Can the AI really EVER be trusted?
  95. When did you start playing Civ?
  96. Need help with mod. Simple i just dont get it
  97. show team color disc
  98. Conq Scenarios - Which is the most difficult?
  99. Very Interesting Find!
  100. Goverments and revolutions
  101. File Help
  102. Rise of Rome question
  103. How to eliminate FOW when you know you are toast?
  104. A stupid question perhaps......
  105. Tech trading in the Conquests question
  106. What did I do wrong???
  107. Unit attack/defend values: meaningless in C3C?
  108. Huh? AI with halved growth and production???
  109. A couple noob (not that much I hope) questions
  110. file for hall of fame / conquests completed?
  111. AI doesn't accept my gpt. Why?
  112. Historiography of Civilization pt.1 - Militarism
  113. How many Great Scientists you got?
  114. multiplayer not enough people???HELP!!
  115. newbie Q
  116. Novice Questions
  117. Building United Nations
  118. Combining Civ 2 and 3
  119. Need tips to stop culture flipping
  120. I seem to always haemorrhage cash
  121. Time to put the Conquests CD back in...
  122. Democracy vs. Republic
  123. RNG getting stuck when using armies?
  124. About terrain and attacking
  125. Tundra Towns
  126. Why buy conquest?
  127. Really Stupid Question
  128. How to multi-task playing Civ3 and talk to your girlfriend,and get away with it.
  129. How do you initiate propaganda?
  130. Flaw: Fascism and Communism
  131. Civ -N- the hood
  132. Is it possible to change your name in mid-game?
  133. Random how?
  134. Weird... AI starts MA for free...
  135. New Government has TOO MUCH CORRUPTION!!!
  136. The real value of spearman(by AI)
  137. Getting Deposed - (and not liking it)
  138. Corruption OFF Problem
  139. Privateers?
  140. How do I PtW with Conquests?
  141. Ever notice historical situations...
  142. How Many Maps Are There?
  143. How the AI deals with War Weariness
  144. Dealing with Legionaries
  145. Seed Count?
  146. The game ask me to Enter Seed...What is this all about????
  147. Civ3 played in a window?
  148. What is the latest version of Conquests?
  149. Any way to clear the HOF?
  150. Can someone please take my hand and walk me through this.
  151. Peaceful expansion
  152. why do I have a rep hit? :(
  153. Hall of Fame?
  154. Americans - Amerindian culture?!?
  155. Need some help
  156. I'm in!
  157. diplomatic questions
  158. Nil?
  159. Civilization of the month (February 2005)
  160. Why they no use nukes?
  161. tech research
  162. sentry unit
  163. Pacth Downloads not working.
  164. Unable to install downloads
  165. Scenario Governments
  166. You know there's a war coming when...
  167. Obscure Reputation Question wrt Tribute
  168. Looking to improve
  169. SAV files...
  170. The Wimpy Warlord Seeks Training
  171. Frankenstein
  172. Is It Normal To Lose Frequently On Demigod?
  173. Weird Situations
  174. Historiography of Civilization pt. 2 - Universal Progress
  175. Great Leaders
  176. When all others are against you...
  177. Conquests - is it worth it?
  178. Can anyone point me to good articles on beginning queue arrangement?
  179. Civ3 Newbie, Old Civ Veteran
  180. Judge my chances!
  181. Luxury:50%.Money= -$25.Money in chest=$0.
  182. Question about performance
  183. Multiplayer patch?
  184. Auto Bombard
  185. city view
  186. barricades and water
  187. Dumb AI's
  188. Opinions on a TGL gambit
  189. American UU replacement?
  190. Mesoamerica - better balance?
  191. Help with Rise of Rome Scenario
  192. Has anyone noticed this?
  193. feudalism
  194. Is there a way to issue collective orders?
  195. Is it just me or..
  196. Endless game mod...
  197. What wonders do you/would build with your scientists?
  198. Micromanaging
  199. Era advancing - What years do you advance?
  200. How can you ever finish a game?
  201. Patriotism/civ flaw?
  202. I found an easter egg
  203. Help!
  204. I am an Idiot, a newbie and am stuck!
  205. stuck on warlord
  206. more reasons that you've been playing too much
  207. Turning Unit Animations Back On
  208. Accelerated Production
  209. Protecting Weaker Civs
  210. How to finish before 2050?
  211. Deficit spending a good thing?
  212. How many AI rivals do you play against?
  213. How To Move Splinter Of The True Cross ?
  214. ethnic cleansing
  215. The Egyptians=Greek?
  216. Suicidal AI behavior
  217. Which UU for the American Civilization?
  218. close to 2050AD and no leaders yet
  219. Why so few strategic resources on a large map.
  220. Some reflections about mounted units
  221. Great Library and Free Techs
  222. I'm back!
  223. I can't load any scenarios...
  224. Early Game attack --- decimated
  225. i really need to know this:
  226. Pollution editor?
  227. How do you get into the aerial view of a city?
  228. Critique me Please
  229. Propaganda fequency
  230. Abandoning a city
  231. I think I may need help...
  232. CRpMapstat help
  233. Ehm....newbie question
  234. A.I should not always be BRIBED!
  235. volcano killed my worker!
  236. Grrrr Pollution :mad:
  237. Unrecorded victories
  238. please help! :) interface question
  239. Warrior after you retire? Wat is the deal?
  240. Very Early Defeat
  241. Mongol PTW Deity, Earth.
  242. Sun Tzu Cheat
  243. My unit just dropped dead!
  244. Force NPC to attack me
  245. Starvation
  246. Short on gold? - go to war
  247. Extra gold mystery
  248. is there a way to disable the worker warning messages?
  249. Do you play the Conquests?
  250. Bio/Chem weapons