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  1. How to stop a trade with a civ
  2. Is there a way to tell replanted forests from original forests?
  3. What on Earth means "assland"?
  4. Game assessment requested
  5. So is this a "stack of doom?"...LOL
  6. Hello, and please help!
  7. Help please
  8. 2 things are driving me bonkers
  9. Democracy, worth the anarcy and Reserch?
  10. Im just getting decent at Civ3
  11. How do you not lose gold?
  12. I never build courthouses because they don't do anything.
  13. Help with Debug Mode
  14. Got a question
  15. security breifing
  16. Problem - 1 square island enemy city
  17. Cant get oil?
  18. They would probably be insulted by this offer???
  19. why do mod makers cheat?
  20. Pointless thread, but I needed to boast
  21. What's the easiest way to win?
  22. If you could change the goverments , What would you do?
  23. I gotta know....
  24. Can I view full replays?
  25. Playing against a bitter revenge driven opponent....
  26. problem in editior
  27. (Civ3) Civilopedia Right here!
  28. Can't build colonies any more
  29. This game is too good to leave!
  30. artillery....what's the point? And other ?'s
  31. trading luxuries
  32. The AI has a strange way to price strategic resources
  33. AI can't handle archipelago maps
  34. not even fair
  35. Bug.
  36. Stupid question regarding scenarios and unit mods
  37. adding a resource
  38. Just got Conquests!!
  39. What I learned under Monarch.
  40. Why do I fall behind in tech??
  41. Crashes near endgame ??
  42. problems with city expansion
  43. Help With Civ 3 Gold Edition
  44. Why is this city in civil unrest?
  45. please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!
  46. Automate workers?
  47. here i come once again!!!
  48. Civ3 has brains or has it just gone mad???
  49. Why does Civ3 suck so much?
  50. No CD Patch
  51. Building Embassies....
  52. For the last conquest in C3C
  53. Open Source Civilization III?
  54. My empire is full of me
  55. To Turner 727
  56. Wow I wish I would have found this site before.
  57. My NES
  58. How do I watch bonus/reward video again after WWII conquest?
  59. Forest Harvesting
  60. What map type do you like best?
  61. UK C3C patches?
  62. Most Useless UU
  63. Where's the sense of wonder?
  64. How often do you make colonies?
  65. UK release
  66. Best Government.
  67. Government Numbers In Parenthesis?
  68. Could someone explain army combat modifiers to me?
  69. Anyway to destroy a civilization
  70. This game's civilopedia is a godsend
  71. Loans?
  72. Is it okay...
  73. Monarch game that has slipped in Neutral
  74. Multiplayer Help
  75. Most useless/least used Advisor
  76. Which type of war do you prefer?
  77. Where is Patch 1.20
  78. Civs the AI Plays Well
  79. Is there a mod that'll let me customize the map size?
  80. Question about Accelerated Production.
  81. Chat 'N' Play
  82. online chat window key
  83. City Placement/Settler Factory Management
  84. Corruption.... In your Capital.
  85. *sigh* Why was Fundamentalism removed? I liked that government.
  86. My people never gave me a palace !!!
  87. Do civil wars break out in Civ III?
  88. First Assland, now MadameSettler?
  89. Where will you go from here?
  90. Black Death in Conquests?
  91. Mesopotamia Conquest
  92. Multiplayer problem
  93. compatability question
  94. Question regarding number of opponents.
  95. Why Am I Taking Random Rep. Hits?
  96. everyone,can help me,I want to play CIV in no full screen status
  97. City Governor?
  98. How can I make my people give me palace upgrades?
  99. Conquest Scenario CTD
  100. Civ III Complete Question
  101. sharing saves?
  102. Civilization of the month (November 2005)
  103. Catapults and Cannons: Are They Worth It?
  104. Favourite Victory Condition
  105. Knight variations
  106. completely stumped!!
  107. Civ 3 in a window
  108. If you were a C3C leader, which would you be?
  109. No Book! What do I do??
  110. New to civilization 3 wow
  111. Need help with final scores
  112. Walking on water
  113. question about irrigation
  114. Dispatch Fortress - Good or Bad?
  115. WARNING : Dont Buy Civ online and Download!
  116. Question about the ending time.
  117. CIV Complete, and Conquests Question
  118. "Too many cities." Is there a mod to lift the limit?
  119. how do i build embassy?
  120. Game over at a certain date
  121. Future for Civ3?
  122. Question about "poprushing" unhappiness
  123. Question about Scenarios
  124. NOT saving
  125. Question about military alliance
  126. Adding music to epic game
  127. How to make the AI accept gold per turn deal
  128. AI Invasion
  129. Question about SGLs...
  130. Spy Missions -- Any tutorials or advice posts anywhere?
  131. Precision Strike?
  132. AI zooming ahead in last few years...
  133. Beware AI's bearing gifts? (probably newbie question)
  134. alternative war idea i just considered
  135. question about civil disorder
  136. trading etc
  137. Can some1 help me. I'm trying to become better.
  138. Incorporating Civ IV Features Into Civ III
  139. To whom it may concern....
  140. A word of warning to Civ3 fans
  141. PTW question
  142. probably a noob question...?
  143. Is corruption/waste higher at higher difficulty level?
  144. Need Help
  145. Any way to enable city view in conquests scenario maps?
  146. Anarchy Question
  147. ho do you get AI war support?!?
  148. About Civ3 Complete
  149. World war
  150. Anyone play russia in Civ3 complete 1.22?
  151. Problem with all Resources from all Cities
  152. Is it possible to mod in this feature?
  153. Wanted: Military Advisors!
  154. Time Limits
  155. Science Spending
  156. Question about legion stats...
  157. I want to skip!
  158. Who had reached different ages fastest?
  159. Battle for New York?
  160. civilisation merchandise
  161. How is this possible?
  162. Hmm.. game coded against Arab success?
  163. Your favourite Civ 3 experience / Game / Scenario
  164. Stupid noob question: Save screen
  165. Hello. I have a question.
  166. I want nuclear weapons!
  167. Ugh...darn AI...little help/tips?
  168. thanks civfanatics!
  169. Avatar?
  170. Favorite Civ
  171. spontaneous resource appearance
  172. Help! My cavalry keeps razing cities. Why can't I capture other cities?
  173. I found atlantis! =D
  174. Help me expand
  175. civ3edit question
  176. Need suggestion for a new style
  177. My god, the Ottoman UU rawks. O_O
  178. Privateers?
  179. worst AIs ever
  180. Anything wrong with this bit of micromanagement?
  181. Feudalism-the forgotten government
  182. A good start, but screwed by city placements
  183. Help! Difficult transition from monarch to emporer
  184. Defending against multiple enemies.
  185. 20k or 100k victory
  186. Q about Fortesses and Barricades
  187. 3 Cows,3 Incense,and a hut!
  188. Which AI bonus is hardest to accept?
  189. Island Games
  190. Abandoning vs. razing
  191. PTW unit stacking
  192. Why do people rate AGRI trait so highly?
  193. Lost trust when I shouldn't have
  194. Civ 3 1.29f Patch
  195. start location
  196. Question Re "Scientific"
  197. How Do I play Multiplayer?!
  198. Patch upDATE
  199. A few questions
  200. Stealth Bomber Precision Strike
  201. Newbie questions
  202. Civilization of the month (December 2005)
  203. List of 20 turn deals?
  204. I hate it when the game cheats
  205. Which Spaceship?
  206. First Warlord Game
  207. Does higher difficulty simply mean faster tech gain for some of you guys?
  208. Help with Conquests
  209. Japan - No hunting or mysticism?
  210. editor is awfully unpopular on forums...surprising
  211. UU triggering golden age
  212. Conducting Diplomacy
  213. Military leader - can't build army?
  214. Thanks, and a Disorder Question
  215. Who has CIVIII GOLD?
  216. Science Leader/ Science Age
  217. Same old tr1ck...
  218. Newbie... how to move on from cheiftan
  219. Palace Expansion?
  220. If i take a civs only source of ivory- can they still complete Zues?
  221. City name list
  222. Quick Question
  223. Son of a ...
  224. Corruption is killing me !!
  225. Best Government for extended Wars??
  226. Stack of transport ships - which one defends?
  227. How do you trigger a Golden Age?
  228. How do I found an embassy please?
  229. Funny screenshot: A social visit perhaps?
  230. No Artillery used by the AI
  231. I'll give you some of my cities but not any worthless techs..
  232. Rushing Wonder/Leaders problem
  233. Which utility will allow you to
  234. How Do I Get More Civs?
  235. goody huts - SGL?
  236. governor deposed in conquered city
  237. Tested the Air Interception Probability - Weird results
  238. Rebuff the rebels!
  239. Shocked! Attacked by the slave worker. What's the?..
  240. I don't know if this is the right place for this post but...
  241. Disbaning units (sometimes shields sometimes not)
  242. Checking on diplomatic network
  243. Tech Lead?
  244. Tipsy Javelin Throwers
  245. Redesign the UUs.
  246. Conquests! problem
  247. This Made Me Mad!!!!
  248. Conquests in Spanish
  249. Two questions to someone knowledgable
  250. I feel ashamed to have my game under the HoF...