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  1. Theocracy and Missionaries
  2. Terrain: which one?
  3. Who do you hate most?
  4. Steal a technology
  5. C3C Vet, drifting on first CIV 4 Game
  6. Space Race Victory on Emporer
  7. Custom Games with AI Teammates
  8. What to do now?
  9. Need help with a couple of things: Specialists and "working" tiles
  10. What to do with workers when every tile has an improvement?
  11. Wars lasting to long, help!
  12. Where are the scientists?
  13. Q's and Discussion on Terrain Developing Specialized Cities
  14. Help convincing my dad...
  15. Technology avoidance
  16. What would you do next in this game...?
  17. W - From Sea to Shining Sea
  18. Wonders/Great Merchants
  19. Windmills/Watermills
  20. Ai
  21. Advanced Warmongering...a question for the experts
  22. Newbie's first real war question
  23. Initial Expansion - new city placement
  24. Border Cities
  25. Worst start I have ever seen in any Civ
  26. Which are the best civics combo?
  27. Second City Placement
  28. Difficulty Level?
  29. Playing Archipelago maps
  30. War Over-preparedness?
  31. State Property & Palace / Forbidden Palace / Versailles
  32. ICBMs
  33. What happens with odd surplus?
  34. What is a general, good ratio of specialized cities?
  35. What am I doing wrong???
  36. anyone struggling with noble....
  37. How do you sail through ocean?
  38. How does the units defending in Civ4 follow?
  39. Lakes vs Continents
  40. Other Advantages of building a Wonder
  41. Losing the Tech ran late in game
  42. Avg. Number Of Cities
  43. Commerce v Gold
  44. The false, not so false decoy
  45. civics
  46. How to deal with unhappiness factors while trying to adopt another's religion?
  47. Getting maximum end game score
  48. Chop Rush (A New Beginning)
  49. AI Warmongering nonexistant?
  50. Help with building an army and economy
  51. How far can you go into the "red"?
  52. Naval Tactics and Tips Thread
  53. Advice for playing as Isabella (sp / ex)
  54. I just won my first Prince game
  55. Which are the good AIs to play with?
  56. Cats kill culture?
  57. Which are the 'must have' wonders?
  58. Trade Routes
  59. Curing Quayle-ism?
  60. Caste System?
  61. Going up a difficulty level?
  62. Can you envision a city when you found it?
  63. abandoning city?
  64. 10 Don'ts of War
  65. Permanent Alliance diplomacy
  66. Tile improvements: Emphasise or balance?
  67. A quick question about industrial trait
  68. Question regarding gold generation
  69. The Art of Diplomacy
  70. AI upgrade of units (is it a cheat?)
  71. Deity level... argh
  72. Financial/industrious traits strategy needed
  73. bug or implementation (barbs love huts)
  74. Are jungles now a good thing?
  75. Winning Immortal
  76. Success at Noble - must I be a warmonger?
  77. To occ or not to occ: That is the question
  78. Naval Units help
  79. How many cities?
  80. Revenge of Rapid Expansion Strategy on Emperor (crossposted from earlier thread)
  81. Can you upgrade without
  82. Alot of Q's
  83. Proxy Wars
  84. Gifting Missionaries?
  85. Hows My Game
  86. Sea Warfare!!!!!!!
  87. Specialists
  88. Another Newbie Hoping for Save Game Review...
  89. Help me out - What am i doing wrong?
  90. Are there any must-build improvements?
  91. Culture cracking
  92. Ugh.. help I suck
  93. Building cities in the "circle"
  94. Beginnerīs stubid question...
  95. Can you win this monarch game without war ?
  96. Early exploration = huge advantage?
  97. Using Great People to discover techs
  98. Which Aggressive Civ is the best?
  99. Balancing Technology and Warfare
  100. maintence/upkeep cost of old units
  101. Matching the AI's civics
  102. Buying Togo
  103. Desperately need help with cottages
  104. My one burning question
  105. My first emperor win
  106. Your favorite difficulty and reasons
  107. Can't quite beat noble... help!
  108. Damn alexander
  109. Destroying one's own city
  110. "Too crowded" :( Please help a noob here..
  111. Immortal HA rush works
  112. Spread out cavalry...
  113. Fuzzy math?
  114. Production Automation help.
  115. Which leader is the best as an AI?
  116. Deity axeman rush
  117. Meaning of World/National Wonders Limit
  118. Drafting Units And Spending Cash On Production
  119. Space Race
  120. First unit
  121. Strategy Question: Multiple Religions?
  122. HeLp plz
  123. Multiple Religions??
  124. Wonder Timeline Project
  125. Is it possible to get cultural victory before mass media?
  126. Popping huts
  127. Persian Immortals
  128. Please help Gandhi in the early game!!
  129. Beware of the Sudden Collapse Experience
  130. Delaying Astronomy to preserve the Colossus?
  131. Give me that tech or I'll have you neck! Or not?...
  132. OCC - Beware of conquering
  133. playing on Prince, feeling like a Pauper
  134. Keeping a large enemy city
  135. Specialists in Cities
  136. Isolated Island with Mongolia
  137. Advice for playing as Napoleon
  138. GEng Hurry Production
  139. Strategy for building land improvements
  140. Exploration tactics/strategy
  141. Make your allies strong!
  142. How should I deal with Japan?
  143. Bureaucracy: Useful for large empire?
  144. Louis XIV vs Japan, a question on foreign policy.
  145. World Wonders useless on Monarch or higher?
  146. short industrial age/tech trading computers
  147. Teaming with a Deity AI
  148. When is the time ripe for spreading your religions ?
  149. Need Advice in Religious Game
  150. Sealing off more than one can settle?
  151. Did you win the first time you played?
  152. Defense Units
  153. quit or play on?
  154. Terrain management help
  155. Combat and Research question
  156. Quick questions: Upgrade All & Artillery How To?
  157. What Techs does the AI *NOT* research?
  158. Strategy Guide for Emperor - in quest for the truth
  159. Best path to a Musketeer rush
  160. Which civ do you hate the most?
  161. Winning without Financial?
  162. Mid Game Success
  163. Improving on Monarch
  164. How to Tech whore
  165. How do I beat the game Gahandi on prince?
  166. Attacking a more advanced Civilization
  167. Whats the best UU?
  168. Free +1 attitude with AI
  169. Difficulty levels question
  170. chop or improve tile ?
  171. Types of City Specialization
  172. how to be chosen for diplomatic victory?
  173. Critique this start: Prince Lv
  174. AIs possible flaws
  175. Emperor strategy
  176. putting cities ON TOP of resources?
  177. General Strategy Thoughts and Questions
  178. help?
  179. 1725 A.D. . . . and no religion too? Help!
  180. How Would You Play This Emperor Game as the Barbarian Minors
  181. disband or not?
  182. First Game played without reloads
  183. Stop the Strike!?
  184. The Art of the solid defense.
  185. Come-from-behind Monarch space race win
  186. TIP's for choosing a good dependable leader
  187. Beyond Emperor: Winning on Immortal
  188. Are larger maps harder to win on?
  189. Balancing expansion with science
  190. Clowns to the Left of me, Jokers to the Right
  191. Which tile do all of you choose?
  192. Unit upgrades vs Builds
  193. Game Speed
  194. Coal plant behaving strangely
  195. Antagonize to war.
  196. Great Merchants
  197. Wealth versus Research
  198. Why is everyone so afraid of Monty?
  199. Civ traits on emperor or above
  200. Do You War or Peace It Out?!?!?!?!?
  201. Lessons from a game
  202. What are swordsmen for?
  203. Terrain vs. Traits
  204. Swordsman v Quechas?
  205. Which is the most useless unit?
  206. What would you do?
  207. Cottage Spamming Vs. REX, what are your thoughts?
  208. Trait balancing ideas
  209. 1 city challenge?
  210. Does the AI have a financial advantage
  211. Is it ever worth it to not build a shrine with your first Great Prophet?
  212. West point
  213. About Immortal
  214. Specializing Cities
  215. Can't Overcome Conqured Culture
  216. Germany= Good Civ?
  217. Critique these cities
  218. Early Game
  219. How much troops should you build?
  220. The Early Quecha Rush
  221. Workers and specalized Workers question.
  222. bonus questions
  223. Critique My Emperor Game, Need Help
  224. Ceasefire then make demands
  225. How do you get high production cities?
  226. What is the best trait?
  227. Help! We can't win! :) Horrible start.
  228. Over Flow of Workers
  229. How to progress from prince to monarch
  230. Oddball Strategies?
  231. Some beginner questions
  232. Always Peace
  233. Middle age warfare...
  234. How to stack attack, how to set rally points?
  235. production issues
  236. Unit Stack Size
  237. Holy Cities & Shrines
  238. religions - whats the difference?
  239. Cho-Ku-Nu
  240. How to start a World War?
  241. Attn: epic strategists
  242. Disappointed: chopping is the only way.
  243. Unit Promotions & defence question
  244. How to win on DEITY with some luck and WB to change start position to island
  245. How Many Cities!
  246. How would you play this game?
  247. Economical crises, need advice.
  248. first commerce city
  249. Help! How do you overcome the AIs?
  250. How do you enjoy the high difficulty levels?!