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  1. Wfyhbta?
  2. Challenge #4 - The Mini-Me Challenge
  3. Improvements NOT in the fat cross
  4. What next?
  5. Newbie needs warmongering tips
  6. Where is the article on AI research tendencies?
  7. how to wage an archipelagos game?
  8. Custom Games - Resource option
  9. Keeping ahead in tech
  10. What goals should you set, depending on what victory you persue?
  11. Versailles
  12. Signs!
  13. Newbie question
  14. Lateralis' random challenge #1 - The Builder's Contradiction
  15. The Atheist's lament or "Help me, of little faith, my Lord"
  16. Cultural Glitch
  17. What kind of victory should I have sought?
  18. Continents map, invasion of 2nd Continent
  19. Prince Monty advice needed
  20. Help me decide.....
  21. Cho-Ko-Nu's must be the greatest unit
  22. World Map 18 Civs - Roosevelt
  23. Anti-Air Range Question
  24. I have some questions.
  25. Upgrades
  26. I got nuked, post your worst enemy
  27. Winning the space race...
  28. Oh Great Prophet, we beseech you!
  29. Please help my Monarch early game!
  30. A Very good Unit--trebuchet
  31. Spies and waging the "cold" war
  32. How do YOU fight the expansion urge?
  33. Plains that you can't irragate... typical improvement?
  34. Bigger maps...
  35. early game trouble
  36. Which improvement do you build the most of?
  37. How stupid can an AI be?
  38. Attacking a City - One Stack or Two or More?
  39. Need help... a lot of help
  40. Seeking space victory
  41. Help me win non-culturally on Monarch please
  42. Free army reserves
  43. AI Personalites Explained
  44. Barb cities keep improvements?
  45. Advice needed in the middle game
  46. One city challenge strats needed
  47. Worldbuilder victory in Hall of Fame?
  48. how important to consolidate?
  49. Getting Out-Researched!
  50. CE vs SE Head-to-Head Experiment!
  51. The Great Ones
  52. I need help with Monarch/Emperor Domination wins.
  53. advice on winning prince
  54. Waging war from the comfort of your non-aligned neighbours backyard.
  55. first noble game (input wanted)
  56. Need help: Noble game, 660 AD, Malinese
  57. 2 Turns to Change Civics
  58. The Inner Workings of the UN and Diplomatic Victory
  59. Declaring war while having unit overlap.
  60. Emperor - Ouch!
  61. Early game without Bronze Working
  62. Catapults
  63. slavery - how to use?
  64. The CoL slingshot - please explain
  65. Couple of questions from an inexperienced player
  66. Bizzare starts on terra custom maps?
  67. Basic early expansion help please!
  68. Cottaging Tiles
  69. Articles on city specialization
  70. Which city will be the Holy One ?
  71. Great People
  72. Domination Help
  73. provoke a war?
  74. Barbarian Mod
  75. Whip away unhappy workers?
  76. Overpopulation
  77. Attacking cities
  78. My very first monarch game.. Please tell me how im doing and what i should do to win!
  79. Challenge #5: Million Dollar Monty
  80. Civ4(warlords); Questions of an Idiot
  81. Beating the Space Race Rush
  82. What to do if you have NO COAL!
  83. Napolean crushed me using the leftovers of my wars.
  84. Next Emperor Masters' Challenge?
  85. No metals, no horses
  86. Keeping up in the power stakes
  87. Third World
  88. Critique my first "Real" attempt at monarch (Warlords)
  89. I need help
  90. Advice Needed: Planning ahead for war
  91. A little dotmap help requested
  92. First War
  93. Monarch Raging Barbs
  94. Angkor Wat Doesn't Give +1H to Super Priest (Great Prophets) !!!???
  95. Mercantilism useful.
  96. Can I trust the AI governer?
  97. I don't get the CoL > CS Slingshot strategy
  98. ALC Game #9 Pre-Game Show: Playing as Huayna Capac
  99. The Emperor Masters' Challenge 3 (on Warlords)
  100. New player needs advice so he doesn't get spanked
  101. advice for winning on emperor
  102. Favourite Great Guy
  103. State Property or Mercantilism???
  104. Managing workers the ADD way. Don't automate!
  105. newbie needing help
  106. ALC Game #9: Incas/Huayna Capac
  107. Having problems with low level cultural victory.
  108. New player, and getting butt whooped
  109. Please Answer- How late is it to settle your second city on monarch and raging barbs?
  110. Experience Farming?
  111. What if I start with…a worker?
  112. Making early use of the Immortals
  113. Happiness cap etc
  114. WHat dO i BuiLD?
  115. Please look at my saved game and comment!
  116. Does anybody know how exactly WFYABTA works?
  117. how much free tech to give away?
  118. Capital
  119. Whipping
  120. How to get the big bucks?
  121. How do you save the event log?
  122. When to decide on strategy?
  123. Newbie qeustions
  124. Great Scientist Strategy Theory Help
  125. The Specialist Economy - huh?
  126. Falling Down Under the Power Graph
  127. Game speeds
  128. Question about whipping
  129. Que-swapping the same unit?
  130. crowded unhappiness
  131. Resources
  132. Prince tech tree "trap" near Rifling
  133. Carthage Challenge
  134. Optimum amount of cities...
  135. Opening Build Order
  136. Anybody have a good terrain improvements chart?
  137. Lumbermill vs Mine
  138. Spies
  139. Super capital/specialist economy
  140. Critie this game (i.e. how BAD am I doing?)
  141. Emperor! Discussion revisited, help needed.
  142. A Four-Phase Deity Domination Victory Strategy (Dual Map)
  143. ALC wanna-be, culture shock.
  144. Cavalry
  145. Agg, Cha, Spi & UU Drafting
  146. Tips you've learned from losing.
  147. panama canal & suez canal……modern war
  148. Religion/Money City - do I have this right?
  149. How to stay up in techs while isolated???
  150. One City Challenge
  151. Your Missionary Fails to Spread Religion
  152. I've taken the what?
  153. Grassland hill windmill vs mine
  154. overwhelmed by options
  155. Facing many opponents
  156. Worker Automation
  157. Upgrade strategy
  158. Tech Trading Strategy 101
  159. Useless Minutiae
  160. Planning my Next Move
  161. Starting a city...
  162. Stuck on Population 11
  163. Cottages
  164. Research in middle ages
  165. Vassals in Warlords
  166. Whipping?
  167. Challenge #6: Ironman
  168. City specialization help please!
  169. Razing your own city
  170. how to pre-alarm the AI declare war on you?
  171. capturing cities
  172. befriending AI the fastest way
  173. Cottages? Farms?
  174. Free AI starting units and Archery
  175. Getting AI's to break agreements
  176. Mac and Mods
  177. What to do with Financal/Floodplains
  178. Techs with great people
  179. Arrogant Demand then War
  180. Why the Hell Can't I Win
  181. Need help with Bismark
  182. High-level help
  183. Strike?
  184. Golden age: Better to keep the great people or not?
  185. Great Person Farm
  186. Irrigation
  187. I lost ... in 1751 AD the space race
  188. Goto City
  189. Location of the equator in certain maps
  190. Tips for cultural victory on Noble?
  191. Increasing Happiness - Help!!!
  192. Don't understand trade routes
  193. Whats the best use for a Great Scientist?
  194. What I have learned so far
  195. when do conquest and domination split?
  196. Sieges/Embargoes?
  197. Stop Trading with So-and-So
  198. Give the Barbarians a city
  199. Great Merchant City worth it?
  200. GP City: Better to have wonder production if it scarifies population?
  201. Trade Mission Question...
  202. How do resource trades work?
  203. Help a bankrupt Catherine
  204. How to manage GP farm?
  205. Aggression: always a winner?
  206. Religious conversions in the early game.
  207. How much attention do you pay to the score?
  208. Whipping versus Drafting
  209. Oops, I razed a Wonder!
  210. Advice for continuing Quick culture victory on Settler
  211. Modern Age Help
  212. Cultural Victory
  213. Advice Needed...
  214. Cultural Victory on marathon
  215. Isolated Japan advice
  216. CivMath: Whipping in a REX war
  217. micro management. spiritual. civics, religions
  218. Peace In Our Time
  219. Intermediate player questions..
  220. Civics?!?!?!
  221. Archipelago Maps on Monarch?
  222. Flavour Challenge: Pilgrimage to Mecca
  223. Civs beating you to wonder by 1 turn
  224. Suggestion for making whales useful
  225. Warmongers: Creative or Expansionist?
  226. Military unit building help for noob
  227. Early Game Help
  228. a question for the experts
  229. How can I increase scientific output?
  230. next emp masters challenge?? great wall/pyramids/forge engineers use debate
  231. Early maces, does it work, DOES IT WHAT!!
  232. Early CoL slingshot civics
  233. CS slingshot
  234. Can't capture shrines?
  235. UB Leveraging!?
  236. How to win a lost war?
  237. I guess this exploit no longer works?
  238. Victory on Monarch (help)
  239. Early Maces, the gory details
  240. My first OCC
  241. Specialist advice for the new guy..
  242. Religion and Warfare
  243. An alternative to the SE
  244. Playing a religious game at Emperor? (Saladin)
  245. Can you choose which AI defenders you attack?
  246. Most useful attack units?
  247. Great, new patch...
  248. A question?
  249. Revolts
  250. looking for a dotmap request