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  1. anyone want to play on a team
  2. trouble registering on gamespy
  3. Help me set up a fun MP game
  4. Let's play
  5. Warlords PBEM problems.
  6. Simultaneous PBEM vith HOST?
  7. connection problems.. help
  8. Need a couple of replacements (PTBS)
  9. Looking for some help testing PTBS
  10. MP game November 19th
  11. Beyond 2050 AD
  12. Thanksgiving weekend games?
  13. 1 or 2 players for next monday pbem
  14. can't connect with gamespy
  15. Starting New Diplo/RPG Based Game
  16. Need help getting multiplayer to work
  17. Problems with MODs in multi
  18. Calling all kiwis, or those in closeby timezones
  19. hi guys i got a question about multiplayer needing answer :)
  20. Handicaps on MP
  21. New PTBS games?
  22. How do people play Civ 4 multiplayer? I can't get it to work :(
  23. Gamespy and internet play
  24. Etiquette of Multi Player?
  25. Necrominous vs PBEM
  26. Start IP direct connect
  27. Direct connect IP
  28. How Do I Setup a LAN with 2 Laptops for CIV4?
  29. Can Someone Help Me Get DirectIP to Work?
  30. New Game "Geer" on Civstats. Where is thread?
  31. Question: Domination Win in MP?
  32. Quick question about MP settings
  33. VPN with civ4?
  34. Civver Looking For a PBEM Game...
  35. Lan Game Hamachi
  36. Getting started with the Multiplayer community
  37. QUESTION: connectivity between versions
  38. Not able to do trade in LAN games
  39. Do I need 2 disks to play multi on my own network?
  40. Seeking Game Partner
  41. Realpolitik III: The Epic of War
  42. trouble
  43. Multiplayer
  44. Newbie Questions about multiplayer?
  45. How do i play by email
  46. Players wanted for current game
  47. Does golden age affect all members of a team?
  48. direct ip connection
  49. Second Revolution MP???
  50. MP Civ4 game
  51. Need advice starting a 4v4 team game
  52. How do I go about playing someone?
  53. Trouble with MP Saved Games
  54. Is there a new Pitbox or PMEM game?
  55. Direct IP not working -- need help!
  56. looking for someone to start pbem
  57. Starting PBEM game now!!!!
  58. WW2 senario game?
  59. Need help With Multiplayer
  60. How to Work Multiplayer Load Games?
  61. Multimplayer warlords game for Saturday 1:30PM
  62. CIV4 IRC chan/network
  63. Hi all! I would like to play
  64. [CC] Recruiting
  65. Macs vs. Windows
  66. Warlords and MODs
  67. Play Civ4 Warlords for money and a Trophy
  68. multiplayer earth map?
  69. The Battlefield-League and the Academy
  70. 2 replacements
  71. Fall From Heaven II Multiplayer... 7pm EST every Friday Eve
  72. Mutliplayer battles
  73. Total Realism Game
  74. Whats the best way to get started with some multiplayer games.
  75. direct ip connection - out of sync
  76. Cheats?
  77. Is the AI controlled by the host in multiplayer?
  78. PBEM and Lan Question
  79. Replacement Needed
  80. Play-by-Email!
  81. Team research costs in multiplayer?
  82. Out of synch!?!
  83. Replacement player needed
  84. Aggressive unit-gifting bug gone?
  85. Adjusting the tech rate modifier for multiplayer
  86. Civ4 Warlords MP Cash & Trophy Tournament
  87. question: how do you play multiplayer in a turn-based game?
  88. Noob question about difficulty levels.
  89. KAC International Cup
  90. trying to find or setup a PB game
  91. Civ 4 - warlords - no Gamespy- need di-624 config
  92. MP Help!
  93. How to make ping check be4 game start?
  94. HELP needed (multiplayer case)
  95. Gamespy does not support Civ4?
  96. single player game to mulitplayer
  97. Internet Playing Questions
  98. Fall From Heaven 2 PBEM - let's try it
  99. New to multiplayer
  100. Unable to play Multiplayer Games
  101. End turn not functioning after loading
  102. GS server
  103. Is GameSpy server down?
  104. Multiplayer lan Problem plz plz plz plz plz help
  105. Different difficulty levels in multiplayer?
  106. A newb's plight
  107. LAN hosting problems
  108. city flipping due to culture in a team game
  109. Gamespy problem...
  110. Not fun at GameSpy...
  111. Shintaku - PBEM
  112. Issue with Human Vassal
  113. I hate to sound stupid but.....
  114. LAN Duel
  115. resource sharing & scenarios for LAN/internet games
  116. Open spots, PBEM too
  117. Enter Troubles
  118. New MP Games- Aussie time zone
  119. Multiplayer error
  120. Multiplayer problem
  121. tips
  122. Simultaneous turns & Playing in Gamespy
  123. Saved game forgot password
  124. Hard Reboot while playing multiplayer internet games
  125. Cheaters in Multiplayer
  126. My list of quitters and noobs
  127. OOS desyncing problems
  128. Looking for CivIV Group -- PBEM, PitBoss, Etc.
  129. Looking for a Game
  130. router connection problem
  131. Some MP questions
  132. Does Anybody Play Non-PB/Email MP Out There?
  133. Warlords Group Looking for More Players
  134. To: Admins
  135. Krasny's Regular ONLINE Weekend Game
  136. Does Anyone Have PBNotify?
  137. Anyone get mplayer working between a PC and Mac?
  138. Game Version Compatibility
  139. On line game for today
  140. Log in gamespy problem
  141. PBEM conversion to single player game
  142. LAN - Problem. I cannot start a lan game
  143. Civ4players Presents the Nations Cup
  144. How to rename your leader in MP game?
  145. Looking for another game..
  146. Civ4 Players' Nations Cup Irish Team
  147. is it possible?
  148. Calling all Earth players!
  149. SIGN UP: GAMESPY complaint to Firaxis.
  150. ressources and forest/jungle not appearing
  151. Please! Help Me! I Can't Pbem!
  152. Quick Question
  153. Did gamespy just crash comeletely? (3:40 AM EST 5/29/07)
  154. A Possible OOS Error Workaround
  155. Firewall Problems
  156. PBEM for 1 years, here is the result (hahaha)
  157. Rhye's Mod
  158. Want to play, any games starting ?
  159. Hall of fame mode in mplayer
  160. Multi loss of player problem
  161. Marathon or Epic speed multiplayer games
  162. Internet Game Lobby Question
  163. No One PLays on gameranger?
  164. KAC Cup 2 - win Civ4:BtS
  165. I click "Login" and nothing happens
  166. Cannot open diplomacy in multiplayer game ...
  167. Need help with connecting
  168. How to Join in Internet Civilization 4 quickly?
  169. Mac and PC multiplayer problems
  170. Tandem multiplayer...can I get some help?
  171. Multiplayer maps
  172. Is Multiplayer possible with dial-up?
  173. Looking for Multiplayers
  174. Marathon or Epic speed multiplayer games recruitment
  175. Cheaters???
  176. Has this happened toyou before?
  177. Humans taking over AIs always playing on Noble??
  178. How to force your units to auto-move IMMEDIATELY at the beginning of the next turn?
  179. Looking for players (sundays)
  180. How do I check pings with other players in a game?
  181. My first MP game!
  182. Conversation Log Length?
  183. Are there Clubs or games open to new players?
  184. Looking for a game - Non-Warmongering
  185. Q's about pitboss and xfire...
  186. Why do I keep showing up as MOD?
  187. Hide score pannel
  188. Is MP worth playing?
  189. Trouble with Earth Map
  190. Australian Multiplayer games
  191. BtS installs affecting non-BtS pitboss games?
  192. I downloaded the new patch needed for multiplayer, and now my game wont start.
  193. Problems with installing patch 1.74
  194. The king is dead, long live another game...
  195. mp game anyone?
  196. Unnecessary game files on pitboss server?
  197. PitBoss Turn Timer problems
  198. BTS Scenarios for LAN
  199. Keeping old version of Civ4 and Warlords alive
  200. Multiplayer game slows down over time
  201. Civ4players BTS Tournament
  202. Multiplayer Disconnect Issue Please Help!
  203. Is multiplayer-gaming for free?
  204. New Patch erro catch play the game at all
  205. MP players wanted - warlords - pitboss - sundays
  206. Question: in a team game are Golden Ages shared?
  207. IP Connection problems
  208. Join Spade Clan for BTS
  209. Are multiplayer games just glorified Intersel Empire games?
  210. I suck at MP
  211. Ideas to increase conflict between players?
  212. Civ4 Gamespy Lobby can't be THAT pathetic??
  213. Whats wrong?
  214. MP trouble...
  215. Question
  216. Final Frontier Muitplayer
  217. Teaming up in a FFA. Ok or not ok?
  218. BtS Sunday game
  219. "version mismatch - critical game files do not match host's"
  220. Looking for one perston to PBEM
  221. Using bots to cheat...
  222. Gold Edition/Standard Edition... anyway to Multiplay?
  223. Choice of Economy: CE v SE in MP
  224. Pitboss Newbie (BTS) questions
  225. Saturday Afternoon EPIC game
  226. Unusual mp issue
  227. Good MP Warmongering Civs for Pangaea FFA
  228. GMT+2ish friendly game.
  229. 18 civs game: vanilla version GMT +1 - Gamespy game...
  230. How's it even possible to win diplo victory in MP?
  231. Longbow Rush? How's it done?
  232. Multiplayer BTS quiery...
  233. How are starting techs decided in a MP team game?
  234. When to build buildings and when units?
  235. more or less regular gaming // club of the elite fair players
  236. Mental MP Bug...
  237. The minimum files needed to run Pitboss...
  238. Unrestricted Leaders + Chosen Leader
  239. What's the story on the MP Ping Function?
  240. Scenarios/Mods are they multiplayerable?
  241. Learning
  242. Cheating: Is it possible?
  243. goofy community hotseat game
  244. China and MP Warmongering
  245. Mods/Scenarios in Hot Seat?
  246. Simultaneous Turns and Religion Founding
  247. Vanilla game - as many players as I can get till next weekend - MAP 18civs
  248. Locked PBEM Game, Lost Admin-PW, Patch 1.74 Riddle
  249. Where's everyone gone?
  250. Map "pings"? (BtS)