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  1. Bug or just stupid? My Scout is the champion of the games and gets Leadership promo!
  2. Exiting BtS messes up the video signal?
  3. (NEEDS CONFIRMATION) Wonders Not Going Obsolete When Tech is Traded
  4. Warlords: Error loading any game with mod
  5. Military academies
  6. Naval Trade Routes link is broken in Crossroads Civilopedia
  7. Air units are on ground for Recon mission
  8. (BUG) Incorrect display of # of turns to research tech (in next-tech dialog)
  9. Odd hero upgrade bug, maintains traits of last unit selected.
  10. AI Workers have precognition...
  11. pUnit.getFortifyTurns() returns turns since last move
  12. Another CTD, in every game at the same point
  13. Hydro Plants give dirty power
  14. Independence and continents: bug(?)
  15. Great Artists nerfed??
  16. Loaded spied get caught
  17. Broken cataphracts
  18. iAIAnimalBonus & iAIBarbarianBonus in CIV4HandicapInfo.xml
  19. Gods of Old: fighter rebase/deployment bug
  20. Pinging in Multiplayer?
  21. Translation bug (french version)
  22. Rhye's and Fall - temple of Kukulkan?
  23. [BTS] Bug: <TerrainAttacks> doesn't work
  24. Options in Aid Brothers in Faith-Event not working?
  25. Hostile Takeover triggering when already completed
  26. Units at war occupy same tile
  27. Random event(s) that can bring peace during war & vassals
  28. Odd AI behaviour with corporations
  29. Espionarge
  30. Great Person Golden Age BUG!
  31. CTD every time on same turn (save file attached)
  32. Mercantilism Bugged with Corporations
  33. Patch 174 for internet not working
  34. Can't Load Warlords - XML Error
  35. CTD on civolopedia
  36. Compatibility Problem with Steam Version?
  37. Can't build hindu monasteries!!
  38. (NOT A BUG) D0estroyer sailing through tunrda(SAVE GAME)
  39. Crusade Quest Bug
  40. Rubbish AI Even Worse Attacking Each Other
  41. Cannot locate CD-ROM
  42. Sending War Aid Event
  43. (CONFIRMED) Can't make colony...
  44. (NOT A BUG) Question about carracks
  45. Apostolic religion gives no hammers
  46. (CONFIRMED) Preserve Forest and Sleep hotkey overlap
  47. City given to team-mate gets for free two units
  48. Petition: Negative espionage weight
  49. Ships blockade
  50. XML Text Parsing Errors on Game Start-Up
  51. Defense: Round15 - Neverending enemies
  52. Cant build buildings in captured cities!Beyond the sword!
  53. Charlemagne has no face!!!
  54. AI pays for tech with only 1 turn left
  55. Disappearing gold
  56. AI doesn't get correct difficulty bonuses on Earth 18 civ map
  57. Crashes - Maybe because Enemy Missle Stranded
  58. Do expansive and imperialistic work in BTS?
  59. Unable to build any buildings in the first city (boreal map, 2 human players)
  60. [BTS] BUG found - Religion shows place of unknown city
  61. BTS Installation Error ... Please help!
  62. AI commits economic suicide
  63. strange executive implementation
  64. UN secretary general election only has one 'option'
  65. Warlords: Fortified stacks moving with other units
  66. automated workers bug
  67. Custom music folder on network
  68. Captured City given to Wrong Civ
  69. Help!
  70. Pease treaty bug.
  71. Modern Era Game Hang
  72. AI declaring war on me with no apparent reason.
  73. Civilopedia makes game crash to desktop.
  74. U.N. Bug - Resolution fails when it should succeed
  75. Warlords scenarios not available when using BtS.
  76. Minor tech quote mistake
  77. Incorrect details for Air Units in Civilopedia
  78. Minor Civilopedia errors
  79. 3.03 patch -- weird combat graphics?
  80. Hall of Fame screen bugged
  81. [3.03] Specific Type of Civilopedia Crashes
  82. (NOT A BUG) River trading without sailing?
  83. Do any developers read this forum?
  84. AI stack only attacks with one unit?
  85. Random Events Bug
  86. Strange Combat Animations
  87. BTS not compatible with AOL bug
  88. Final Frontier Leaderhead strangeness
  89. Bug in spanish
  90. Next War Addons to Standard Game Bugs/Concerns
  91. City can't build buildings
  92. Cannot Pillage Tundra Improvements
  93. Aztec Flag
  94. Afterword - missing sound file?
  95. Regenerate map and advanced start
  96. Different version in Multiplayer
  97. BTS Crashes when loading
  98. BTS under Vista
  99. Right clicking on your portrait in the foreign adviser...
  100. Aqueduct through the open sea
  101. English Audio in German Version
  102. Can't Scroll Build List
  103. Destroying production after its been built
  104. Not a bug - combat withdrawl error
  105. Can't see the Top5 city list wonders
  106. BTS crashes to desktop trying to reproduce a film (Wonders etc. etc).
  107. Typo in American city list
  108. bts patch 3.03 city miscalculates unhappiness
  109. Not a bug but a suggestion!
  110. Very annoying Pop-Up and recommended units/buildings
  111. [Vanilla/BtS] Civilopedia entry mistake: Bomb shelter
  112. Still confused: Are power plants bugged or not?
  113. Computer isn't recognizing the cd
  114. OCC does not allow me to build more national wonders
  115. Civics/Religion Screen
  116. 3.03 Nvidia? crash
  117. AI stratigic resource trading
  118. Game CTD when fort destroyed with AI boats only in it~
  119. Cities prefer their specialists?
  120. Spy Killed While Aboard Attack Submarine
  121. Save game crash...
  122. Locks up after 5-7 turn...
  123. Oddities selecting paratroopers
  124. Age of Ice bug: Upgrading heroes causes interface weirdness
  125. Religion spreads, but no contact with leader
  126. Creating colony leads to CTD
  127. Next War Scenario: CTD upon ending turn
  128. My own cities constantly request to join my vassal?
  129. Spicy Mine
  130. Consistent Crash-to-Desktop on UN Election(?)
  131. Turns to Victory off by one
  132. RFC Problems
  133. Problem with mods loading
  134. More than 32 Leadernames RUNTIME ERROR
  135. 3.03 breaks combat resolution graphics
  136. BtS: Citizen Automation doesn't count into specialists?
  137. Stranding the Dutch
  138. Audio and Other options panel don't show
  139. Interface and advisor boxes will not appear
  140. 3.03 Theme Parse Log
  141. CTD when i start
  142. Autospread corporate executives
  143. Give back city bug (system)
  144. Broken Star bug: Barbarian Warriors
  145. Game Crashes upon building a Wonder.
  146. Broken Star: Global warming ticked on at start of game
  147. Certain Mods Won't Load...
  148. Hall of Fame Bug
  149. Wrong behaviour of naval units
  150. Disappearing Units/Interface
  151. Problem Patching
  152. Invisible worker running across ocean
  153. Caravel CTD
  154. Multiplayer: Can't Change Espionage Slider
  155. 'Can Research' in foreign advisor bug
  156. Domestic Advisor - Culture (turns left) Bug
  157. bug: holy war random event
  158. Missing XML, Not on CivIV Disks..Please donate! (A copy)
  159. Graph Errors
  160. UNITAI_MISSIONARY causes CTD at end of turn
  161. Bug? Colonies and no 'inherited' culture
  162. computer crashes when loading or btw turns!!
  163. BTS Crash after some time of playing
  164. No penalty for requests rejection bug?
  165. Blue screen of death from time to time
  166. Monasteries costing two hammers production a turn.
  167. Hotseat loading crash
  168. BTS Crash when loaded from Pitboss
  169. UN resolution gets enough votes but fails?
  170. Crashing with old custom maps
  171. BtS: v3.02 customs house money bug(?) / moai statues hammer report bug
  172. RE: BTS 3.0.3 Patch (Civlopedia Crash)
  173. missing fonts on civ startup & vista ** SOLVED **
  174. Wonder movie stuttering, only started in 3.03
  175. Stealth = No Submarine Detection. + Crash Bug
  176. BTS can no longer generate the character portraits...
  177. Movies stutter
  178. Combat Odds not Displayed
  179. Boudica's UB not working--FF CTD
  180. A Military Academy bug and some thoughts around the outbalanced builder strategy
  181. It keeps crashing when loading!
  182. when i load up Age of Ice, it gives me some weird language.
  183. You decalred war on... Umm, no I didn't
  184. Doesn't recognize my horse resources
  185. Automated workers don't recognize forest preserves
  186. Submarine and Attack Sub Graphics Reversed?
  187. [FF]: Star Base culture disappears after capitulation?
  188. Unable to create colonies in games that start with 18 civilizations.
  189. *mod* and OOSs in multiplayer
  190. My vassal has a DP, but is at war too
  191. paratrooper bug
  192. Duplicate Leader in Charge of Colony
  193. Colony location and placement
  194. possible first strike bug
  195. Frederick's Civilopedia article.
  196. Wang Kon hates me secretly?
  197. 1.61 graphical glitch please help
  198. Colony/Master diplomacy
  199. Fort 'cheat' - is it a bug ? or design fault ?
  200. city names mising!!
  201. Game crashes when the user liberates city
  202. AI contact glitch (not the crash)
  203. Cristo Redentor gives +50% worker speed
  204. Why are workers building forts over all my resources?!
  205. Playing Chinese breaks the game!
  206. Drafting Units causes CTD
  207. Pirating (Privateer units)
  208. Liberating and disappearing AP resident
  209. French edition untranslated
  210. Uhhh My Saves!!
  211. End Game CTD
  212. Versioning Error
  213. Crash: Civilopedia->Corporations->click on Jewelers
  214. baseproduction -3
  215. BtS stops working
  216. Can't load at all!
  217. Crash if city is razed
  218. AI has riflemen and cavalry without rifling!
  219. Cannot load BtS patch 3.03
  220. Multiplayer "Crash to Desktop" Bug
  221. Double entry of Harappan
  222. Please remove this post
  223. A Palace not obsoleting when UN is built
  224. No Main Menu
  225. Warlords 2.13: An AI can complete The Apollo Program and space parts in the same year
  226. Strange performance hit 4 turns in
  227. v1.61 - Hit Musicals, Movies and Singles decreasing
  228. Bug: Crash to Desktop via Civilpedia (Reproducible)
  229. Bug: Privateers disappear if AI ship enters city.
  230. Crashing savegame
  231. OCC (One City Challenge) Unable to Build Multiple National Wonders
  232. Link in Jaguar civlopedia entry crashes game
  233. Defeated at start problem
  234. A little combat animation bug
  235. Irrational over-coast resource connections (with WB)
  236. Illegal 5 range tiles for paratrooper
  237. Unlit tiles exploit
  238. AI defies U.N. resolution, but no penalty
  239. Broken Star: game doesn't end
  240. wtf
  241. Crashing at X date
  242. Two peace treaties!
  243. Unable to Load Patch Setup Aborting!
  244. Possible compatibility problems with new Nvidia driver
  245. stopped invasion
  246. The fort was destroyed,but plane in it was still safe
  247. Retreating Mobile Artillery
  248. Apostolic Palace blocks contact for ever
  249. Can't uninstall BTS
  250. All units have disappeared.