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  1. Looking to get into python modding!
  2. Manipulating a newly created unit
  3. Question/Problems with CyCamera().JustLookAtPlot() and CyCamera().SetLookAtSpeed()
  4. Production Choices
  5. Why "protected" as opposed to "private"?
  6. What exactly is a unit node?
  7. Sibling error in LeaderHeadInfos
  8. Navy Upgrade Issue
  9. Making A Map Script
  10. Getting AI player in diplomacy screen
  11. Preventing A Unit From Waking
  12. python callback canBuild question
  13. telling the ai where to go?
  14. AStar Pathfinding: List all plots in direct path between two plots
  15. Culturaly linkes start question (
  16. GameUtils
  17. Inquiry concerning the argsList formal parameter within MapScripts
  18. Noob + addPanel() = problem ?
  19. Forcing war via python
  20. Error Messages
  21. Duplicating a simplified version of resources
  22. Please, tell me what that means
  23. Help with a FfH2 Worldspell
  24. My 1st Python Success... further questions
  25. Where in the DLL is the list of feats?
  26. Where is building art inserted?
  27. AI_getAttitude() Infinite Loop
  28. doCombat
  29. How can I detect WHEORN using python ?
  30. Mint building
  31. Counter-intuitive FAsserts?
  32. CvDLLFAStarIFaceBase::generatePath()
  33. Multithreading & Boost
  34. Historical events coding help
  35. ChanceNumber
  36. help on building DLL with SAL.H problem
  37. Main questions
  38. Exclude techs with bTrade 0 from alliance/team tech sharing?
  39. Problem with updating cultural borders after plot change
  40. Combat Changes
  41. UU Problem
  42. Putting Civ Intro into Mods
  43. Units with the same ID?
  44. Compiling AND in VC++
  45. SDK-Problem: setPlotType()
  46. Reconstructing units from a save
  47. Python Question
  48. Adding extra information to plots while in WB
  49. Preventing a unit from healing
  50. Need help with ModNetMessage
  51. Multiple array questions (for corporation like building effect)
  52. Questions
  53. Trouble finishing mod
  54. Spontaneous Religion Spawning HELP
  55. Help with Python
  56. Civilization Specific Art Mod
  57. Rising & Falling
  58. Allowing All Civilizations To Play (BTS)
  59. Bulding cost in python
  60. Looking for AI Help
  61. Loooking for expert AI input
  62. Changing number of months
  63. Baldyr, question for you about python code
  64. Crazy compatibility problem between ssd and hdd
  65. Possible to increase attribute of BuildingClass via Tech?
  66. Looking key insight of python class methods that return useful AI info
  67. Now able to get AI data from the dll
  68. Can someone explain this
  69. New Traits and Resources in BUG 4.4
  70. Resource filter in globe layer
  71. Python Basics - ID to Plot
  72. Python - City Production Relocation
  73. Adding/removing features when improvement built/removed
  74. Help Merging Multiple Favorite Civics Mod
  75. I NEED HELP with Revolutions Mod CyGame ChangePlayer function
  76. Popup for one player only
  77. Change player's starting points in scenario/map
  78. Questions about using fake wonders for trait abilities
  79. HowTo assign a player to a team in an event?
  80. Force AI to reset its research?
  81. Increasing wealth from Capturing a city
  82. Autoacquiring/Losing Promotion Near Improvement
  83. Python exception help - merging BUG and Extra
  84. SDK Help Needed
  85. Help needed interpreting onCombatResult arguments
  86. Spells Triggering Events
  87. SDK->Python
  88. Python Code Only Works Second Time Round
  89. Need help with Sevopedia
  90. help, please II.
  91. What does CyArea reference/return?
  92. Reverting from Visual Studio 2010 to 2008 or 2003
  93. scrolling scoreboard
  94. SDK Compile error
  95. Run time Error
  96. Merging BTS AI and Air Combat Experience
  97. Simple formatting problem in Python pathnames
  98. Weird Compiler Error: syntax error : missing ';' before ''template<''
  99. Kick units out
  100. Event text
  101. SDK for SetHasTrait
  102. [SDK]::Read/::Write Methods for Custom Classes
  103. Land carrier AI?
  104. Declaring War script
  105. Decompiling?
  106. Buildings disappear with custom era
  107. TradeYieldChange (like in Civ5) - or: simply +1 [yield] on each trade route
  108. Python callback and city function question
  109. Multiple Free Promotions For Multiple Unit Combats for Traits - already done?
  110. Change the default camera rotation?
  111. SDK Build Error
  112. Unidentifiable C++ Exception
  113. Getting the player's current civic in the DLL
  114. No Unit in 0,0 Error
  115. BUG 4.4 Sevopedia Effects payne
  116. Merging Unit Statistics+My Mod
  117. Tempermental DLL?
  118. Logging with the SDK
  119. Formatting popup checkbox text
  120. Convert Unix to Dos/Windows for C++
  121. Deleting an item from an argsList
  122. Need to create a new function?
  123. City´s graphics
  124. Help! CTD without error message
  125. What does CvArea do?
  126. Assert Failed's
  127. Merging Dale's Combat MOD
  128. Help needed with Specialist Commerce CvCity.cpp
  129. Merging superspies 3.17
  130. Identifying Wonders
  131. Launching popups during the AI's turn
  132. Master/vassal plot control rules
  133. Python Screens
  134. Allocating Zero or Less Memory in CvXMLLoadUtility... need help or readpass3 example
  135. Is this possible in Python?
  136. Basic questions
  137. Food in ocean?
  138. How do I show floating integers in Civilopedia
  139. BuildingClassNeededs do not work after changing a building to a unique building
  140. Immobile Timer?
  141. AI-City defender
  142. Method to start a city revolt
  143. Updating Puppet States to BTS 3.19
  144. aggressive animals + enter to cultural borders?
  145. How to Add Settings to a .ini
  146. Religious Building Query
  147. Mysterious code in
  148. In event, only my unit to trigger
  149. Can someone explain what is going on in this piece of code?
  150. In event, unit in a particular city
  151. Help me with my hideous python error
  152. Fixing Pedia scroll bar
  153. How to show Unit promotions in Popup list
  154. Python Equivalent of GET_PLAYER()?
  155. Changing Calendar types
  156. Permanent Alliance
  157. Python exception in CvMainInterface.updateSelectionButtons()
  158. Trapping a key press
  159. Python Video Tutorials
  160. Player at war more than 15 turns?
  161. Refreshing a selection button
  162. AI_chooseProduction, cities sitting idle
  163. Dale's Combat Mod+Air Combat Experience??
  164. chooseProduction
  165. Passing a NULL CyUnit to CyPlot.getBestDefender()
  166. Help needed with Civic Free Specialist in Capital
  167. Request: Assistance with religion changes
  168. Changing the Custom Game Screen
  169. I have a problem about rise of mankind a new to do deal with language?
  170. Apply an event if Score > X
  171. War Switch Code
  172. Question re Python
  173. Event problems
  174. Problem with FEATURE_ICE
  175. Merging Python code
  176. Adding a sign
  177. AI giving a city; the inner mechanism.
  178. help find error, please
  179. SDK and ArtDefineTag
  180. static void Main (String [ ] args)
  181. Python error in unitnaming
  182. Function Returning a Unit's Home City?
  183. Python Code Help
  184. Missionary XP's
  185. minidom in Civ4
  186. Increase a variable in a per Turn loop
  187. Need help understanding some python (
  188. extra diplomacy tribute
  189. Barracks UB Issue
  190. add tribute cities please help
  191. Formula for emancipation anger
  192. Help: How can i find the coordinates of a city
  193. GameUtils file fails to load in BUG
  194. Error When Trying to Use Fstream
  195. Problem Compiling BBAI Source Files
  196. Detecting when a unit enters a plot.
  197. GameText error
  198. City size population prereq mini SDK mod
  199. Annoying Python Thing
  200. python help needed for FFH mapscript
  201. setReveal function
  202. Building Civic Prerequisites
  203. Read 2D array from XML
  204. 'CyTeam' object has no attribute 'acquireCity'
  205. Merging Python wonders
  206. Python request: Units forcibly promoted when on a certain trait's land during war
  207. Workboats no longer automated
  208. BUG doesn't register a callback (but loads related events)
  209. Why Slower Debug
  210. CvInfos.cpp woes
  211. UI - How to alter tile yield display on map?
  212. World Size
  213. addressing error 4108 in compiling dll
  214. Need a utility for SDK file searches
  215. Quick assistance request... How to track down coded functions?
  216. GC.getNumCivicInfos() == 0?
  217. Adding a new box to the civlopedia for civ powers
  218. Need Help for my Mod Project
  219. Circumventing locked assets for PBEMs
  220. Exposing a function with a default argument to python
  221. Adding Modcomps
  222. Prerequisite Era not based upon a tech
  223. Creating an entirely new XML file/C++ info class
  224. How to forbid diagonal move?
  225. need help getting building commerce
  226. SDK Questions
  227. Crash Help
  228. Changing the civilization short description during the game
  229. multiple python files with the same function?
  230. Adding a new XML file
  231. Game Text
  232. Callback help needed
  233. Check if Enemy Units in Visible Range
  234. Problem reading/writing map data
  235. [SDK] Coding a tag to use buildingclass
  236. AI for Major Change - GLEEP!
  237. Question: Debugging
  238. Making sorted() Python 2.3.5 compatible (for Mac)
  239. Sea Bridge Mod
  240. Weird problem with code
  241. iCommerce(s) for improvements
  242. help me, please
  243. Help with coding
  244. "Failed to compress game data"
  245. [PYTHON] Selecting a Random Plot from a List of Plots
  246. Civic as requirement for promotion???
  247. Siege units and experience
  248. [Warlords] Python help
  249. ::Read / ::Write problem
  250. spawn barbs within culture borders.