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  1. Veteran Soldier can be generated in education.
  2. Capturing Colonists with a Privateer
  3. Problems with the King's army
  4. Using Hardy Pioneers versus Regular Pioneers
  5. Win by raising a huge army of freed slaves
  6. How to make Veteran Dragoon from - Captured Veteran Soldier Colonist?
  7. Altering Number Of Turns?
  8. Simple guide to independence.
  9. Epic Failure HELP!
  10. Are there ANY advantages to playing on something besides the Quick setting?
  11. Maximizing wagon use -- hub and spoke warehouse distribution centers
  12. Settlers & oceans
  13. unit promotions in native villages
  14. Dock pseudo-exploit
  15. Political Fathers
  16. Education of soldier
  17. Using FF Dom Pedro to beat the REF
  18. A general strategy guide for civcol
  19. Indian Aggro Bug
  20. Native Proxy Wars
  21. Best Leader
  22. So this is my first Civ game...
  23. a simple guide for playing revolutionary
  24. What unit should have GG attached? How many units should share the experience bonus?
  25. Rebel Sentiment from Food Colonists?
  26. How do you defeat Revolution!!!!!!?
  27. Help! Ships always come from Europe via Pacific
  28. Kinda confused and having trouble !
  29. A few questions
  30. How does the patch change your strategy?
  31. Don't hate your statemens
  32. Increased Tax Rates
  33. How to build Artillery?
  34. I know this is a big, big ask!
  35. The more the merrier? (AoD2)
  36. Questions About Native (Indian) Settlements--Conquering, Defenders
  37. Leaderhead Spreadsheet for Colonization available?
  38. How Voctory points are calculated ?
  39. Veteran Soldiers
  40. Something wrong with the new patch?
  41. Settlement resources
  42. Missionary question
  43. How can you go back and buy a Founding Father...
  44. What influences the education cost?
  45. Europe Pricing
  46. Abandoning cities
  47. Basic question, I think
  48. Lost Old CoL1 Player
  49. cargo
  50. 1st Noble game : Should I strike now?
  51. Setting Trade Routes
  52. Question: Will REF attack both settlements
  53. Trying to get the hang of the mechanics
  54. Reducing the trade route headache
  55. Tip for speedier training from Native Settlements
  56. Struggling with settlements
  57. Problem with ships and Go to Europe
  58. Early Dragoons
  59. A few REF land units are left, but where?
  60. What is the consequence of refusing the kings requests for cash?
  61. war vs. european colonists
  62. not enough colonists ?
  63. Do Tax Increases based in any way on current Tax Rate?
  64. Victory conditions?
  65. Foreign Intervention
  66. Ridiculous REF
  67. What Basic Tips Would You Give Someone New?
  68. Native Alliances
  69. A few Questions
  70. No Sugar Planters?
  71. Settlement/City Expansion
  72. How do i amend settlements?
  73. Civ4 Colonization is the boss of me
  74. Hello guys, guide for 1.01 patch
  75. DoW and vassals
  76. Learning how to play Colonization
  77. What can you see and when??? Can you help me?
  78. Pilgrim Prep-School I: George Washington
  79. Many early cities + building points = quick FF?
  80. Did anyone finish this?
  81. No elder statesmen?
  82. Anyone try to play without using money at all?
  83. Why are the islands smaller and space tighter?
  84. Colonization Hints
  85. Difficulty levels
  86. Training Wheels 1 - Peter Stuyvesant
  87. Huge Problem-Can't immediately declare war!
  88. Sailing to the West Coast
  89. Selling horses & guns to the natives
  90. Suggestion for "Advanced Gameplay" - Opening Phase
  91. Suggestions for "Advanced Gameplay" - Secondary Phase
  92. a few dumb newbie qns to help a CIV4 player new to COL
  93. Help! Trade route problem
  94. Lots of questions...can you help?
  95. Fastest win?
  96. A good number of game questions from simple to complex
  97. Downloadable manual available
  98. Which is king: Cash or Food?
  99. Royal Expeditionary Force
  100. How does the length of games compare to Civ IV?
  101. How many days does it take you to finish a game?
  102. So how do you start a typical game?
  103. [AOD2] Early military/power production
  104. Silly Question
  105. A great Game in NEED of Indexed Strategy Guide
  106. Hold The Sugar! Need a little advice please.
  107. Who is the best leader to learn the game with?
  108. Have you tried Daisy Chain Transportation?
  109. What happens after the REV?????
  110. The Finer Points of Native Diplomacy
  111. Basic native conversion rate with missions.
  112. Problem with my settlements
  113. Disbanding Units - Refund?
  114. My citizens won't start a revolution
  115. On cheating
  116. How do you make troops in colonization?
  117. Frustration with lack of instructions... help please
  118. Amphibious Attack
  119. import/export
  120. Free Vets
  121. Very frustrating...
  122. Wagon train
  123. AoD2 strategy help and other questions
  124. When to create soldiers and bells
  125. Indian needs
  126. What is the easiest way to automate exports to europe via ships?
  127. Garrison, what for?
  128. Load/unload exact quantities of goods?
  129. Where's my Silver?
  130. Is navy useful in fighting REF?
  131. need religious victory tips
  132. New to colonization. i need help with the game's concepts.
  133. fighting the REF - a hint for Colonization I veterans
  134. The Winston Churchill Strategy
  135. Why won't this Pioneer do his thing?
  136. turn off citizen automation
  137. simon bolivar determined? what does that mean?
  138. Love the original, but this game has issues
  139. Naval Strategy
  140. The Land Pirate: How to catch up fast
  141. Started recently. Have some questions/comments
  142. Indian Trade
  143. The Tools Turn the Tide.
  144. Tools ASAP
  145. Stratergy for 1 turn war
  146. Trying to start multiplayer games..
  147. Help me please...
  148. Any good Lets Plays of this Colonization that you've seen that could help me?
  149. Calculator
  150. Cheating too much got backfire...
  151. Playing As Vikings
  152. TAC mod strategy guides?
  153. A couple RaR questions
  154. TAC Strategy Guide (English Version)
  155. What causes king to as you to go to war?
  156. Caribbean maps
  157. Caribbean maps
  158. Col4 TAC Armies
  159. Just bought civ 4 and need some help
  160. razing colonies
  161. TAC fun/strategy help