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  1. Has anyone tried Unrestricted Leaders yet?
  2. This game can be polished into gold
  3. Warning: This game is NOT COLONIZATION NUMBER 1
  4. Missionary question
  5. demographics
  6. Liberty Bell settlement percentage???
  7. Bug? Indian converts -> free colonist
  8. Weird Founding father quirk
  9. Australia getting the shaft again.
  10. Trade With Europe
  11. Burial Grounds/Ancient Ruins question
  12. Why did they shrink it?!?
  13. Unused Trade Route Screens?
  14. Too many natives. :(
  15. Horses are a bit too cheap
  16. Colonization or Pirates
  17. I can't stop restarting
  18. What is the "Europe" victory condition?
  19. Can't find...what do locks mean?
  20. Learning by doing?
  21. A few questions /help:
  22. Economy Good, War bad
  23. Chief Powhatan - 0 + 50% = ?
  24. Bugs, glitches and oddities
  25. Automatic worker managment broken?
  26. Cannons/Ships and Rebel sentiment
  27. What is the Man-O-War and the SOL anyways? - a topic on ships with some ranting
  28. Cool bugged stuff?
  29. Victory!
  30. Map Size?
  31. Question about trade with Europe!
  32. Squirrel run: intended game design or a flaw?
  33. Alternative Education System Idea
  34. Giving Up
  35. Indian Capitals?
  36. Is it usefull to arm soldiers for WoI?
  37. Regular Civ IV not needed for Colonization?
  38. native relation bug?
  39. The problem with Sail to Europe tile distance
  40. Ship of the Line or Frigate best against King?
  41. Rate the game and give your review!
  42. Free cigars.....
  43. Describing a game of mine to ease some people's concerns
  44. Pioneer impovement prices
  45. How score works?
  46. Anyone else noticed that...
  47. How are Political Points calculated?
  48. Liberty Bell Percentages
  49. My first victory
  50. Artillery and Man-O-Wars
  51. These things I like
  52. Should I...
  53. Walkthrough (w/Pics)??
  54. It is possible to beat this game! read here
  55. Education confusing
  56. Buy
  57. Colonization Manual for buyers via Steam?
  58. This game is awesome!
  59. Defensive bonuses...or lack thereof?
  60. Artillery, uh, is there a hidden button?
  61. How to get founding fathers once you've missed them
  62. Colonists Defending for Europe
  63. Did anybody actualy won this game?
  64. Cities really need a build nothing option..
  65. How I won on revolutionary..
  66. WHy have walls and Frig/SOL if they serve no purpose?
  67. Petition For Bigger Maps
  68. Natives gave me their settlements and I got the ruins
  69. A little odd about warehouse expansion
  70. Played, Finished, and Lost
  71. Order ship back to Europe?
  72. Will it enhance the graphics of original Civ IV?
  73. Missing something
  74. 'Missing' Colonists??
  75. The REF and the small empire.
  76. Automated resource distribution
  77. This game is bad, where can I get the Col 1 Dosbox
  78. Petition For Bigger Maps
  79. What if Education gave bonues, and Bells bonuses were reduced?
  80. Roads are too dim
  81. The necessity of massmurdering royalists...
  82. Trading some but not all
  83. moving colonists request
  84. Snoopy/Dale unofficial patch
  85. What in the world is this game ?!
  86. Remove education punishment in the patch
  87. Converted Native Learns From Natives ?
  88. Colonization Screenshots
  89. Wining with a small score isn't that great.
  90. deny king money = bigger REF?
  91. Terrain Combat Bonuses
  92. Colonies' Demography
  93. destroying REF navy
  94. Kiss my ring
  95. Marathon Game and Taxation
  96. Are there plans to fix this game in a patch?
  97. A straightforward victory.
  98. What's RIGHT About Colonization
  99. Bugs and Patching - quick fix
  100. Who said this game was tough?
  101. whislist
  102. Huge mistake, theres no cost of maintenance the army..
  103. The way i would fix the REF
  104. Tax raise in every 2nd turn... Bug???
  105. Beta Testers?
  106. Attacking & burning enemy colonies!
  107. not enough native settlements?
  108. Any way to disband a colony?
  109. Any random events?
  110. REF builds colonies?
  111. Silver value falls below food
  112. Trade with the Natives Issue
  113. Agressive AI. How will it change the game?
  114. Long string of thoughts
  115. Contest : Earliest win date
  116. Do you want events in this game ?
  117. Why is the king so evil?
  118. Max Turn to declare WoI?
  119. How do you feel about the constitution options?
  120. Anyone had their native allies actually help during the DOI?
  121. Finally won a game
  122. Native Trading
  123. The Tyrant Paradox
  124. Necessary changes to the REF
  125. Other Europeans keeping cash on hand?
  126. What DOES REF scale to anyway?
  127. How can I maintain my settlement boundaries?
  128. Starting locations in the western scenario??
  129. Civ 4 Colonization worth to get?
  130. What speed are you playing? I can't seem to do well at Normal.
  131. A defence hole (bug) you could drive a Mac-truck through?
  132. What good are Cannons when you do the DoI?
  133. Missionary question
  134. Lost Feature - natives cannot be converted by force
  135. What is REF?
  136. I took a break and played BTS for a night...
  137. Curious; Full list of constitution effects?
  138. "buying" land from native settlements
  139. Remove education punishment (rephrased)
  140. Do AI powers get buildings for free ?
  141. One KB shortcut, two functions...
  142. Why won't natives quote prices if...
  143. Feature request: dumped good notification
  144. Cabral, Minuet or de Leon?
  145. Just a couple of questions
  146. Do you "haggle" with Indians/Europeans?
  147. Man O Wars
  148. Great General too expensive on marathon?
  149. Game Speed
  150. Starting Positions
  151. This is not a game...
  152. "Sail to Europe" button disappeared
  153. Is there any way to cancel a trade boycott on a resource?
  154. How can I see the resources demanded in native villages?
  155. Why no seasons
  156. Issues related to non-normal game speed (Marathon)
  157. Declaration of Independence problem
  158. Balancing Issues
  159. Editor-Question : Placing goods
  160. native villages should not be able to train converted natives
  161. Increase Road-Speed or Assigning already moved colonists to new jobs
  162. What mods are underway?
  163. Europe screen
  164. Just a Quick (and probably easy) Question
  165. One way to win
  166. Map sizes
  167. Why punish a player for building a big colony?
  168. Has anyone heard anything from Firaxis/2K?
  169. I don't get the schoolhouse...
  170. I was playing as Bolivar last night...
  171. Uber Ship of the Line
  172. Its quite obvious really . . . . .
  173. Maybe the moderators should add a Colonization - Whining forum category
  174. Colonization - worth trying?
  175. Which Constitution freedom is most valuable to you?
  176. Has potential but needs more ballance
  177. Living with the natives with 2 colonists
  178. Wierd bug
  179. No, No, No, my gold not yours, go eat some cake!
  180. Why Won't Units Stay Where I Put Them? (Newbie)
  181. Natives razing powers are unbalanced
  182. Score vs Victory
  183. Feature request: Barbarian-style independent colonies
  184. Starting Revolution Issue
  185. Someone please explain to me how to win combat against the REF?
  186. My scout won an accidental victory
  187. Can we get a "sandbox" mode?
  188. Bell-Production and Rebel-Sentiment
  189. Playing or (losing) in the European Market
  190. Books and Movies about American Independance War and Colonial Life
  191. Eh, after 2 games...
  192. Your Favourite Starting Conditions
  193. Col II is a Sloppy Product
  194. Play On Beyond 300 turns?
  195. [?] On FF points
  196. Monarchy still taxed?
  197. Will natives offer up their settlement more than once?
  198. Please remove "point-Production"
  199. [?] City Flipping
  200. Historical Accuracy of WoI?
  201. Monthy's new personality :D
  202. Ship repairing in Europe
  203. RNG is alive and well
  204. In honour of Civ4 Col, Her Majesty the Queen!
  205. Col interaction with Civ4 + Exps.?
  206. Things That Defy Logic
  207. War of Independence too predictable?
  208. What about a Hospital?
  209. The "other Europeans" respawn exploit.
  210. Turn off Rebel Sentiment Decay?
  211. Make it stop, make it stop, Oh please, make it stop!
  212. Can you have more than 10 Founding Fathers?
  213. The King Just Taxed Me - Why?
  214. Good Forum For A Tough Game
  215. Moving a colonist to another settlement
  216. Is this the Firaxis official forum?
  217. Isn't there too many tobacco?
  218. Mechanics: Victory Conditions
  219. It's Not Even a Mod - It's a Scenario
  220. Attacking AI during their WoI
  221. Idea:Mission chains
  222. Automation: how and how much?
  223. Games not broken on release?
  224. Warehouse overflow.
  225. Discovering new resources when chopping?
  226. DomAdvisor Trade Routes page
  227. A few questions
  228. Does the expansion affect the epic game?
  229. Calling Col Oners...
  230. Power
  231. FF, how to get them after refusing at first?
  232. Sitting Bull smokes too many cigars ?
  233. Asking King for troops also increases REF
  234. Selection of ALL land units on a city with ships docked at port
  235. Group selection of military units by profession instead of by type
  236. Annoying privateer behaviour when it is "on sentry"
  237. free promotion - formation
  238. workers moving around at random
  239. [Idea] Selling Cigars to Europe reduce REF size.
  240. Suggestion: Colony aura culture
  241. LB expanding border - a historical interpretation
  242. wheres the map with only north america?
  243. Food city
  244. Education Q
  245. Colonial Industry and Gun Manufacturing
  246. Fan patch?
  247. Huge North America Map - Always Same Spot?
  248. Request: some icon or color to tell whether a trade route is active
  249. Infinite City Sprawl anyone?
  250. Any way?