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  1. Wars before WoI
  2. sequel is not as good as original
  3. The ONE thing I would change...
  4. Betsy Ross
  5. accessories
  6. Trading with natives
  7. How Strong of a REF have you defeated?
  8. Did I miss something in this game?
  9. Printing press without paper??
  10. My analysys
  11. how to set trade routes?
  12. The Secret Navy
  13. Banana gives bonuses only in forests?
  14. Unarmed colonists strength. Again.
  15. promotions.
  16. How score is calculated?
  17. gfx of col on bts
  18. Help Update Colonization Info Center!
  19. Was it worth it to you?
  20. Keyboard shortcuts
  21. Bit disappointed about purchasing colonists
  22. Quality Decay at the Docks ?
  23. Fighting firebrand preachers
  24. Scout to Dragoon?
  25. Coolest looking Leader?
  26. Coolest looking Native leader?
  27. Collest looking King?
  28. New Select/Order sounds?
  29. Do I have to unload 300 guns ...
  30. Changing Game Year?
  31. Just want to say thanks
  32. Best to start off with...?
  33. no "beads/money" from native villages on different land masses?
  34. I want to start in North America
  35. The King should do something...anything
  36. Please tell us when first patch comes out
  37. Now the game is pretty good ...
  38. How can I load less then 100 cargo?
  39. Why won't it let me start a mission on this island?
  40. Rebel Sentiment stalled
  41. Thanks a lot Firaxis and Sid for Col2
  42. Fountain of Youth?
  43. is the time limit hard coded?
  44. How can it be done?
  45. Can the leader heads be turned off?
  46. Travel time to Europe
  47. Victory Conditions
  48. Tax is killing me
  49. Who's not playing until a patch comes out?
  50. Where is best to defend from?
  51. Founding Fathers Question
  52. Annoying messages
  53. REF doesn't attack. What to do?
  54. Is there a max on founding fathers
  55. Gold and Potato Resources!
  56. Getting just annhilated by REF
  57. How do you beat the king
  58. There is one sole specific issue which is very wrong in this game..
  59. Charismatic might be the worst trait of them all?
  60. rebel sentiment
  61. What do you think about Mods?
  62. two quick questions
  63. New Victorys; My Ideas(and others)
  64. Favorite Good?
  65. I give up
  66. where = colonization 1 ?
  67. Automate Trade Routs
  68. my top ten wish list
  69. Some balance needed for the early game
  70. Smuggling in C4C ???
  71. How Much War?
  72. movement points for indians?
  73. A Dear Wish
  74. Rebel Sentiment
  75. Should I buy it?
  76. Western Hemisphere map
  77. Still no portuguese patch ?
  78. I just bought this game... one question though please...
  79. Now that's the way to tell it!
  80. Just a few words about this fine game...
  81. Trade routes and import/export
  82. Whats the Difference?
  83. land war
  84. Anyone else find automated trade routes unnecessary?
  85. random resources
  86. Your biggest score so far?
  87. When to take a Founding Father or not
  88. What conditions trigger an amphibious attack?
  89. No female leaders
  90. Changing Starting Locations
  91. A good start
  92. Which Asian Guys you want to be in Col
  93. Choose A Royal Colony or a Trade Company
  94. Quick way to create soldiers?
  95. Thirteen
  96. What is the biggest REF you have beaten
  97. The balance of Europeans
  98. Trade after Revolution
  99. Expert Indians
  100. Colonization ship battles?
  101. Oops I think I upset the natives!
  102. 2 Separate Questions re Food and Native Trading
  103. Where To Start ?
  104. A few questions...
  105. How many turns should a WoI take?
  106. So...what am I doing wrong?
  107. Question on victory conditions
  108. Horses
  109. Civilization vs. Leader Traits
  110. Dry Docks, Shipyards Question
  111. AI Keeps spending !!
  112. war
  113. Trade route set-up glitch?
  114. Few questions about Natives
  115. Gold as a Resource
  116. Is there a use for finished resources other than trade?
  117. Historic game suggestion
  118. Marathon speed - Europe Dock prices capped?
  119. Colonization
  120. Why are Huge maps so SMALL?
  121. Colonization Patch ?
  122. Why do I always start so far south?
  123. The game is optimized
  124. Can someone make a mod that shows wood carvings like original?
  125. Securom question
  126. Will a patch really fix whats broken with this game?
  127. Are These Things Bugs?
  128. Was the Colonization I Education Modelling Better?
  129. Indian Training times
  130. GoodS Seperation (dont want indian with 400 guns)
  131. I don't think a patch is coming
  132. Why does the AI get the equivalent of culture?
  133. Founding Fathers after the offer
  134. Trade with Indians
  135. Help with Civ 4 Colonization
  136. How is Revolution 50% Calculated?
  137. One treasure in a galleon?
  138. If a privateer attacks a galleon...
  139. Ever notice...
  140. Now there's something you don't see every day.
  141. I can't ever make tools HELP!!!
  142. All my Units are invisible!!
  143. *sigh* Wacky Natives
  144. Founding fathers never show up
  145. stuck in shcool
  146. Look what I found at FAQ
  147. Game won't let me delete units
  148. What's Up With the Col II Website?
  149. I feel cheated.
  150. civ4col 19.99 civ4complete 19.99
  151. Hows this for a bug?
  152. Portugal
  153. Something wrong @ Firaxis?!
  154. Why am I still paying tax to a foreign country?
  155. I am disappointed
  156. Worst Sid Meier Game EVER?
  157. Tutorial?
  158. Worry about future of Colonization concept
  159. Anyone still playing Civ4Col?
  160. New France made peace with its King...
  161. The REF landings took over 50 years
  162. How effective is van der Donck?
  163. Man, I just noticed..
  164. Man-O-War's
  165. Happy 235th Anniversary, the Boston Tea Party!
  166. Raw materials to finished goods...a Founding Fathers views
  167. Colonization before Sid Meier's 1995 classic?
  168. Does any one play with the europe victory turned on?
  169. Cannons useless during Revolution?
  170. Firaxis Mod Contest
  171. Bring on the Revolution
  172. Settlement range
  173. Civ4Col forum reorganization
  174. I built a warehouse, what gives?
  175. Any way to change font size?
  176. Colonization Sheet Music?
  177. All this nay-saying about C4C
  178. other games like colonization ?
  179. Starting the revelotion
  180. What programs to use to Open - DDS/PY?
  181. World Builder Save?
  182. Export to Civ IV?
  183. Gold - Question?
  184. Costum house mod + 1.07 patch
  185. This game rocks
  186. What is the difference of One Monarch and Free Election?
  187. Combat XP and leveling
  188. Question: discard privateer captured goods?
  189. Marathon Speed
  190. Civ4: Colonization Frequently Asked Questions
  191. The Haunting Torgo Theme
  192. What is the most turns it took to get treasure to colony?
  193. Does the AI play to the Victory Conditions?
  194. Problem with Jesuit Missionary
  195. Just purchased game and I have a ?
  196. Losing Roughly $1000 a Turn For No Reason
  197. Anyway to shut colony reminders off
  198. Banana
  199. Where can I find the game for MAC?
  200. Colonists captured by Privateer
  201. Priveteer - Why it doesnt carry passengers?
  202. Declaration of Independence - Without Troops
  203. Can I have - Founding Father after DOI?
  204. Exploration Points - How Can?
  205. I love this game
  206. New player - few questions
  207. Settlement Defense Bonus
  208. I have Captured a - Jesuit Missionary via Priviteer
  209. i think they should add new ways off winning.....
  210. Trading with the Natives - Does it tax by the King?
  211. Silver disabled?
  212. Interesting game I just played.
  213. Tedious and boring late-game
  214. Graduation
  215. Europe Victory?
  216. Colonization - Judgement by an old fan
  217. Unbalanced REF
  218. Should I buy this game
  219. Why does Natives - Always Demands Guns?
  220. King of England has only built 6 Warships !
  221. You know you've been playing too much col when..
  222. Colonization 2 Taxes
  223. Taxes
  224. Single Unit Graphics Option missing in AOD Mod?
  225. my colonist auto change jobs
  226. What is the Best Colonies - To Play?
  227. What is your Favorite Item - Sell?
  228. Why does educating colonist - takes longer?
  229. How to know the - Total Liberty Bells produce?
  230. An update from Firaxis about the Colonization patch
  231. What are the effects of relations with the king?
  232. Mods needed?
  233. Difficulty Settings?
  234. Post your awesome starts
  235. POLL: Do you play vanilla or a mod?
  236. Forcing a specialty on native settlements.
  237. Question about European AI initial colony placement
  238. SDK does NOT build for me.
  239. Any idea why my wagon train always stops at a certain city when set to automate?
  240. Colonization For Cheap
  241. Western Hemisphere (huge) map
  242. Questions about Colonization
  243. Civ4 Colonization Patch v1.01f Released!
  244. New Player Question
  245. considering buying: steam vs store?
  246. Settling Mountains
  247. Patch 1.01f - Undocumented Changes
  248. Free Elder Statesmen
  249. Is the current AoD II v1.07 broken?
  250. Satisfying the King