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  1. native conversion
  2. Missionaries: Free Colonists vs. others?
  3. Pre-settlement "Kiss The Ring" immunity?
  4. Effects of trading with natives
  5. A Question
  6. Why No Foreign Intervention Forces?
  7. Problem assigning workers in a colony??
  8. How is Final score worked out??
  9. Playing the Indians.
  10. Where can I get a PDF of the manual
  11. No-Installer Official 1.01f Patch
  12. Building Political Points
  13. Order of Founding Fathers
  14. Why cant I start a war???
  15. So you MUST attack the natives...
  16. Is it me or do the French have crappy ...
  17. Selling guns to natives and balance?
  18. How to quelsh rebellious colonies?
  19. Emphasizing
  20. Why can't I put goods in wagon train?
  21. I don't like Colonization
  22. Trading stuff
  23. Eye Candy for Civ4Col
  24. Is anyone interested in a coloniztion demogame?
  25. More than 5000 gold
  26. starvation
  27. Tedious question!
  28. why cant i get expert farmers/fishermen?
  29. Does this game work now?
  30. Expanding Borders
  31. Slaughtering your fellow Europeans
  32. Does the AI ever beat their REF?
  33. Can't Trade
  34. can't produce horses
  35. Colonization Strategy Section
  36. Cant tell what natives want to trade.
  37. Can't find guns or horses in europe.
  38. Independance problem
  39. First Ramblings
  40. Some newbie questions
  41. Master Cotton/Tobbacco planter?
  42. Game Crashes using AODII (v1.10)--Help!
  43. Do any of you Col fans play Civ?
  44. Relations with natives.
  45. which civilization has the most sheer naval power
  46. Observations about the Endgame
  47. Increasing Native Gold Amounts
  48. Tax increase triggered by trading with Natives???
  49. Native wars
  50. This game's user interface is repulsive
  51. Questions, questions
  52. Converting Natives
  53. REF won't attack!!
  54. What is the deal with Chief Powhatan
  55. How do villages generate their teaching specialties?
  56. education does not work
  57. Assigning roles???
  58. Colonization Merge w/Civ 4?
  59. Caribbean Map?
  60. multiplayer noobs
  61. Is this game worth $NZ30?
  62. Changing Camera Zoom in XML
  63. I always start in the south of the map
  64. Old Col player intersted
  65. keeping ships automated
  66. easy is easy
  67. Observations
  68. How do i bombard a settlement?
  69. Mod Suggestions
  70. Colonization vs Colonization 2
  71. Needing some direction and help
  72. Equipping Soldiers with Horses, or Scouts, or Dragoons?
  73. map stops scrolling
  74. Modding trouble
  75. Worth Buying?
  76. 5 Political Points per turn?
  77. Sugar Planters
  78. Review "star" inflation
  79. Starting pos. just out of Brazilian coast
  80. Worth the money?
  81. Ships return to the new world in odd locations
  82. Is the immigration "deck" random?
  83. Question about seasoned scouts
  84. Frigate stuck in Europe
  85. My list of major complaints and solutions
  86. artstyles
  87. BUG/BAT mod for civ4col?
  88. How to access the tutorial mode?
  89. The dastardly Dread Pirate Bobo
  90. Identity Crisis
  91. muliple mods
  92. How long are your games?
  93. Technologies
  94. Problems creating Dragoons
  95. How to gain more food?
  96. Please help!
  97. Missing Natives
  98. Does a Seasoned Scout unit have to be Scout profession to get the artifact bonus?
  99. auto colonization
  100. Does anyone here know how to setup trade routes?
  101. Col 1 Stuff in Col 2
  102. Howto drag and drop a certain amount of trade goods - not the maximum amount?
  103. BAT,BUG and BULL
  104. Food question
  105. this irks me
  106. Lack of ships on the king's part causes me to lose
  107. Jingle bells... But not that much !
  108. Quick Question
  109. New to Colonization, but an experienced Civ IV player. and I need help...
  110. Who are the kings?
  111. Why is the tobacco tab highlighted yellow?
  113. maps with islands?
  114. Holy cow, what is happening?
  115. Discounted Native Land Purchase? How to purchase native land?
  116. How do you get a trade route to automatically sell in Europe
  117. What is supposed to happen when a tribe gifts me a village?
  118. My review - areas of improvement and suggestions.
  119. "Trade goods"?
  120. two weird phenomena...
  121. Civ 4 Colonization : new deal !
  122. Civ4 Vet Needs CivCol Help
  123. Stuck at "Tools"
  124. 3 Icon!
  125. suggestions of regular soldiers/natives and dec. of ind
  126. infinite money glitch
  127. Caravel glitch
  128. Pioneers and Improvements?
  129. Is this a bug or is it just me?
  130. Mac Patch 1.01?
  131. Next patch?
  132. distance between settlements
  133. can you do a world map and can you go to industrial age
  134. training vets - impossible?
  135. yes, you can! (train soldiers)
  136. Colonization for Mac
  137. How to select the amount of ressources you take?
  138. Russians?
  139. Difficulty levels?
  140. Preferred good
  141. School question?
  142. Downloaded Map
  143. Rush Building
  144. Village People
  145. Cyprus on the map
  146. Starting place glitch?
  147. Resources question
  148. sailing to Europe problem
  149. Civ5: Colonization? And what would you suggest?
  150. Cyrus McCormick Is The Devil
  151. Ships and wrong side of map
  152. Allies In war with my enemy but not attacking them
  153. How can I fix this? Help.
  154. OCC doesn't get you more points?!
  155. No tundra farms?
  156. AI Decl of Independence?
  157. Who's your favourite Founding Father?
  158. Governor Tab Assignment
  159. Can't Declare War?
  160. AOD2: Anyone ever win a Trading or Industrialization Victory?
  161. The noob asks.. how can i transport tools?
  162. Transporting partial sums of resources
  163. Problems with game
  164. A newbie question about autosave
  165. Problem with Wagon Train?
  166. Defensive pact with the natives
  167. Can't purchase seasoned scout in Europe?
  168. Are You a Lurker?
  169. Play as the Natives
  170. Efficient Wagon Supply Route Assignments?
  171. rushing immigrants
  172. Monty
  173. Must have been a pretty big hurricane...
  174. King Mechanics Question
  175. ICBM & Terraforming?
  176. Can I get Tech Lead in this game?
  177. Question de débutant
  178. Cannot buy Ship of the Line in Europe?
  179. No cheating stinks
  180. Experienced Civ4 player tries Col - woah, WTF?
  181. Question
  182. Natives offering settlements
  183. Micro Management
  184. Not enough people want a revolution
  185. Newbie question
  186. How to turn off auto save?
  187. Yield icons not showing actual yield on tile
  188. Hall of Fame
  189. Declaring Independence Question
  190. Are liberty bells same as political points?
  191. Is this game good now?
  192. Slavery
  193. Trade with other nation's colonies
  194. Idiots guide to modding?
  195. Starting position in the western hemisphere bug
  196. Victory in 100 Turns After Independence?
  197. Merging mods part 2
  198. outside resources
  199. Request for KJ
  200. civ iv:colonization colonies
  201. MacBook pro and Colonization
  202. Why Are Neighboring Europeans Taking My Land
  203. Firebrand Preachers
  204. Config File Location
  205. Mod Suggestions
  206. Just got civ4:col. Need help for playing on new macbook pro
  207. Larger menu,etc icons
  208. Adding civs to a mod question
  209. Have you ever seen AI invade?
  210. Dutch East India Man
  211. King's fleet
  212. Victory Conditions?
  213. Age of further discoery updates?
  214. AoFD updates?
  215. Request to modders
  216. Where is there a col. Manual ?
  217. Starting location?
  218. Could someone explain native attributes?
  219. Is there any time/tun limit?
  220. original colonization music - real counterparts
  221. Just saying HELLO.....
  222. How to declare independence?
  223. Latitude of plants
  224. Starting position fixed?
  225. New to Colonization
  226. Baffling Bug
  227. new to colonization
  228. Trying Out The Game
  229. Why can I only train fishermen and farmers in schools
  230. Crash when rush buying cannon
  231. Historical Accuracy
  232. I kind of feel like and idiot for asking this but......
  233. How to Bind units with a certain number?
  234. Aquiring Founding Fathers?
  235. Doing the Sums
  236. Preventing the REF from landing
  237. Warehouse Expansion not selling Excess?
  238. Looking for Mod
  239. Another Independence Thread
  240. Capturing Rival City: Raze or Install New Governor?
  241. Schools & Churchs - what % of your cities have these?
  242. Liberty Bells = lots of Founding Father points, expanded City Borders, ... & more
  243. How to build
  244. My first game... this might be laughable
  245. Veteran Soldier Won't Attack?
  246. How many cities?
  247. Scoring System
  248. Will Colonization run OK on a Mac with only integrated graphics (Intel HD 3000)?
  249. how do I declare war on another civ?
  250. Then I played a I'm a BELIEVER!