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  1. How do Native Tribe logistics work?
  2. How the @#$%! the rebel sentiment work?!
  3. What do they do?
  4. make king give up???
  5. Huge Invasion Force... Is that normal?
  6. looking for multiplayer players!
  7. 99% Tax
  8. Question re: Chief Powhatan (Founding Father)
  9. They all look alike to Mangas... (Maybe?)
  10. A couple newbie questions...
  11. The king of England has won a TROLL victory
  12. Phantom Colonist Bug
  13. The Next Colonization game (colonization 3)
  14. Colonization Resources and Finished Goods
  15. CIV IV BTS Font Size
  16. Aspyr & Steam untrustworthy: help!
  17. Fixing the REF forces?
  18. Making natives give up their settlements
  19. Pre Revolution Saved Game Files
  20. Why does the church load-up with people?
  21. Purpose of trade goods?
  22. English Theme Music
  23. Looking for multiplayers for games.
  24. thinking about buying...
  25. does the leaders in warlords come with beyond the sword
  26. Civ4 Barbarians Scenario
  27. Trading with Indians
  28. Normal Starting Difficulty
  29. Social Promotion?
  30. I Won>
  31. Meh... disappointed!!
  32. IDEA: Colonization: Final Frontier
  33. How does game speed affects gameplay ?
  34. A Civ 4 BTS Addict
  35. Awkward combat during Revolution
  36. What are the game mechanics for capturing ships? (TAC)
  37. Falling way behind European powers in FF/Progress graph (TAC)
  38. Wierd Marathon score
  39. Is it possible to maintain good relations with the king?
  40. Indians declare war (TAC)
  41. Industrialization/Domination requirements [TAC]
  42. Theme Music
  43. Number of Colonization players
  44. Great Tool Factory (TAC)
  45. Found a very profitable little glitch in Multiplayer Hotseat...
  46. Colonization Just stop working (steam)
  47. Immediately win independence victory in scenario map
  48. Modify save file
  49. questions about original colonization and this game
  50. Really, are you serious?
  51. Making the King angry?
  52. Newb needs help Automating trade
  53. What do you seek for 1st colony?
  54. Name your favorite material to go for.
  55. Funny Screenshots
  56. Where is my gold going?
  57. General Settlement Timeframes
  58. Converted natives living among natives question
  59. If I've *never* played this game, should I start with vanilla?
  60. Angering natives when sacking colonies [tac]
  61. The lord of the ring
  62. Mods in steam
  63. just want to say hi
  64. Bug?
  65. No Patch Download? Already Being Built Bug
  66. Recomended historical mod?
  67. No opponents...
  68. Need Early Game Help
  69. Fixing the Western Hemisphere starting position bug
  70. Historical Maps?
  71. The PROFILE_FUNC usage
  72. Losing land
  73. Explain the Deer Resource
  74. Move capital?
  75. having a problem
  76. How do I add units in C4C?
  77. ead your PM on Facebook
  78. No revolution but I get 99 turns to win
  79. Civilization IV Colonization : Why a mod?
  80. a couple of questions
  81. how did they get my territory