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  1. Does culture bomb consume the artist?
  2. Does farm output improve in later eras?
  3. Anyone know the maximum size map possible?
  4. One More Day
  5. Defensive pacts
  6. Steam
  7. IRC channel
  8. PC Gamer Review September, 20th
  9. Review September, 20th
  10. Amazon "Release Day" Delivery
  11. More downloaded
  12. How are stealth bombers suppose to travel between continents?
  13. No annual income again!!!!
  14. Live stream on 9/20?
  15. Polyanna?
  16. The game has a time limit?!?
  17. Screenshot Function
  18. Demo - how big is it?
  19. What the?! Playable Demo Before Release Date?
  20. If you could replay a game in Civ V...
  21. Penny Arcade and Civ V
  22. IGN Review (not that it matters, they suck)
  23. Civ V Demo Competition
  24. Online play
  25. Hey! 2K Greg
  26. How does the immortal´s look like?
  27. Some questions from the manual
  28. Civ day launch
  29. The Escapist: Review Civ V
  30. I'm back! (ok, not very good title line, but read on)
  31. Shifting between Turn-Based / Simultaneous Play
  32. Optimal city placement and tiles
  33. Question for 2kGreg
  34. Grouping units together
  35. Civilization V Funny screenshots
  36. civ v demo release time announced: 10 AM eastcoast, 7 AM westcoast, 4 PM middle europ
  37. A few things about Civ V (resources & exp talk)
  38. AI & Diplomacy
  39. Early Annex/Puppet of a City State
  40. Wall Street Journal Review (Sept 17)
  41. A Possible New Unit Promotion
  42. Civ 5 Menu (Nom Nom Nom)
  43. Diplomatic Victory only by Liberation?
  44. "Nearby"
  45. AI Personalities
  46. 'Twas the night before Civ5
  47. Civ 5 and my fathers birthday......
  48. Power Plant Stacking
  49. I don't have a problem with the GDR but could..
  50. Difficulty - your first game?
  51. Steam claiming unlock on the 24th
  52. Steam unlock delay?!
  53. How many copies (and DLC) do I have to buy for the full game?
  54. Steam Unlock Time...
  55. So what's your "last" Civ IV game like?
  56. Option to turn of leader animations?
  57. CIV 5 - NonSteamVersion -> Changeable Language?
  58. Civ IV -> Civ V
  59. walmart civ run
  60. When was the last time you played CivIV?
  61. Music in Civilization V
  62. Real Life 1PT!!! lol
  63. Combating Pre-Release Syndrome
  64. What are you doing to hold you over for the next dozen hours?
  65. Is bombardment really for ranged classes?
  66. Whose blowing off work / school?
  67. 12 hours to go
  68. Can units still garison in cities?
  69. Fog of War
  70. The Barbarians Are Coming
  71. i have been hearing allot about civ5 lately!
  72. Is it possible to merge workers into cities?
  73. Civ 5 Demo Features?
  74. ITT: We rage about Steam
  75. 2k greg... Word 2 ur mother
  76. No Spain?
  77. City-States putting out "contracts" on rivals?
  78. Accidental Domination
  79. Meta-Critic score of 95
  80. Puppet State. Possible source of irritation?
  81. Easier or harder to be peaceful in Civ V ?
  82. Ars Technica Full Review (21. Sep)
  83. Happy Civilization V Day Marylanders!!!
  84. New Natural Wonder: Lake Baikal
  85. Seriously...can't install the game?
  86. Random City-State personalities
  87. What a Long Strange Trip It's Been (Nostlgia)
  88. UI improvement probably only in Civ6
  89. Wine Glass of distilled, purified irony. Release time.
  90. when is release in usa?
  91. Civ Synergy
  92. Leaderhead subtitles
  93. Release time (not US)
  94. So wonders do not become obsolete at all anymore?
  95. Where is Victoria?
  96. Global steam chat to discuss the game. (Multi-Player Community only).
  97. Bit-tech review - 21st Sept
  98. Matthew Murray at PCMag doesn't like it... - 21st of Sept
  99. Paratroopers
  100. DLC Release
  101. Embark: Comabt or non-combat?
  102. Seeking a Willing Participant to Give Us Our Fix
  103. Work and "food bucket"
  104. How's the retail manual?
  105. Why the 'negative' or less than stellar reviews are really not bothering me
  106. New civilizations mods, quality FTW
  107. Would you rather the Civ community was larger or smaller than it is now?
  108. Is anyone sick today? :P
  109. Happy Civ Release Day North Americans!
  110. Unit maintenance
  111. Golden Ages - quick query
  112. The Moment of Truth
  113. City States - the key to the next Civs?
  114. What do you expect from Civ5?
  115. Intelligence reports and data on other civs?
  116. To Pre-Order or Not, THAT is the question!
  117. The Final Countdown!
  118. Hog-bash FFA scheduled this afternoon .
  119. Are you getting the Special Edition?
  120. How to Unlock?
  121. Help me kill 30 minutes
  122. New Ranged Unit Needed - Upgrade to XBoxman
  123. Direct 2 Drive = Steam?
  124. To Azazel
  125. Policies: Which ones are "must haves," which are "avoid at all costs"?
  126. 1300 active users on the forum currently
  127. Do I have to have a steam account to download demo?
  128. Restart Steam to start decrypting
  129. Unlocking has begun (If you couldn't tell already)
  130. Yay Civ Fanatics is still up! 1007 fans on the board right now!
  131. Babylon Info
  132. No demo yet?
  133. Decrypting done... now 1GB patch?
  134. Which charity are you supporting with your Civ 5 purchase?
  135. ***Official "I'm at/below Minimum Specs" Club ***
  136. What are the playable demo Civs?
  137. Am I the first? I first met Babylon (screenies here)
  138. For the lucky ones...
  139. AppHangB1 - hanging game
  140. Separate Soundtrack - where?
  141. If I order the digital download from Gamestop...
  142. Strategy Informer Review is Live!
  143. Is anyone successfully playing the game yet?
  144. Why does the game lag a lot on recommended video setting?
  145. Store release?
  146. Demo regens same map?
  147. Utilizing resources?
  148. Why Staggered Release Dates?
  149. Oh Civilization V, How You Tease Me...
  150. In Game Tuner
  151. Crash during startup
  152. Holy Crap! (Beautiful graphics!)
  153. Interface questions/issues
  154. screenshots?
  155. Gigantic UI?
  156. whats the super secret unit?
  157. World Builder?
  158. A Little Self Discipline
  159. very disappointed in graphics.
  160. Would you buy xpacks if it had a few DLC civs?
  161. Eurogamer Review 21/09
  162. How do I tell which tiles are being worked?
  163. To all of you who are playing the game now while I'm at work
  164. The demo is just 1 fixed map!
  165. Notification System
  166. Cheat Codes
  167. AI War Stories?
  168. BSOD dx...
  169. Direct2drive pre-order bonus?
  170. Demo - Mouse not contained on multi-monitor setup
  171. The worlds two largest EVER empires not in game??
  172. The demo is a waste of time
  173. End turn Times
  174. Day One Observations
  175. Why does the game start really laggy, then speed up?
  176. A few initial thoughts on game - after playing(FWIW)
  177. City States
  178. "Fair" Difficulty Level
  179. Earth map?
  180. Grade the AI
  181. Who is the Voice?
  182. Headline news (well, in Norway at least) + positive review
  183. Gameplay Videos Request
  184. Any luck running it on sub-par machines?
  185. Pact of Cooperation???
  186. Multi-player, no animations?
  187. Babylon Op Thoughts?
  188. Wait a minute now!
  189. KOTAKU (over)review
  190. My first impressions: Not good
  191. Has anyone managed to get it going with integrated graphics?
  192. The classical music is.... absolutely beautiful.
  193. Ready to play in approximately 2 hrs...
  194. Question about Earth Map
  195. Is the pace too slow?
  196. My demo experience + my thoughts on the game
  197. No Civilopedia?
  198. Pet peeves about the interface thread
  199. Ordered from D2D - can i install the game on multiple machines?
  200. About buying
  201. difference in diplomacy in demo/full game
  202. Skip intro?
  203. About the 64-bit ringa-la-lingidot
  204. Nit of the day...
  205. Super Unique Building for Greeks revealed
  206. Hardcopy has no printed manual - so don't feel bad Steam users
  207. Some things I like...
  208. First-day achievements
  209. Pinged to Death by Tiny Arrows
  210. Civilopedia Entries Missing?
  211. Opening Game Leader Narrator Voice Annoying!
  212. How do I move my units with the keyboard?
  213. So Civ5 Cities are Zerg?
  214. Whoo-Hoo!!!
  215. City-State Bonuses?
  216. PC upgrade query?
  217. Earth Map - Player Start Locations
  218. How much happiness for a Golden Age
  219. Is there a science/research slider?
  220. Militaristic City-States will be my savior
  221. using spacebar to end turn
  222. Cant get the demo running in DX10?
  223. Some Questions & some Rant after playing the Demo
  224. Not working
  225. Why auto-installing Directx 9?
  226. Always tell the AI to GTFO and not settle near you
  227. So... is it good?
  228. Couple of General Questions
  229. First Day Observations/Suggestions
  230. Don't lie! Who's eyes watered on the intro movie?
  231. Queueing orders?
  232. How to tell what techs they know?
  233. Something for Poland fans
  234. Link for the demo please?
  235. Question about Stopping Science Progression
  236. World Builder, Custom Maps, Scenarios?
  237. - Review 22/09
  238. Technology Quotes
  239. Strategic View Crashes?
  240. World Builder?
  241. Weird.....
  242. Is the Babylon Civilzation any good?
  243. Be honest! Who currently still prefers Civ IV?
  244. Civ IV Nostalgia
  245. Trouble taking screenshots...
  246. Rough guide for going from Civ4-->Civ5
  247. Two tooltips at once
  248. Turning off the turn timer
  249. City Spacing
  250. Several Hotkeys don't work?