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  1. Quick Question About United Nations
  2. What would you rate the game?
  3. Jungles actually useful
  4. Er Trading World Maps?
  5. What is the deal with city demands lux?
  6. Show the Mongols some love
  7. Where are the tutorials?
  8. Biggest rule change shock
  9. Easiet Way to get embark
  10. Weird dots in water
  11. Just another opinion.
  12. Off-the-cuff review of Civ V
  13. Diplomacy and relationship management got the axe in CivV
  14. No Conquest Victory Option?
  15. Bye Civ 4, looks like Civ V takes the lead now
  16. How to cancel deals with AI?
  17. Saving a multiplayer game
  18. Sometimes pillaging has smoke rising sometimes not?
  19. Are Patch Notes live anywhere?
  20. Arrow Keys as opposed to W,A,S,D
  21. Greatly underestimated Germany's UA.
  22. The manual [is incomplete] about Steam!
  23. No map trading?
  24. Anyone Else Still Degfragging?
  25. Juddering after diplomacy screen
  26. Keeping terrain textures in memory!?
  27. Turn on Anisotropic Filtering, i dare you..
  28. Demo download
  29. Currently enabled mods are not compatible with save?
  30. Preorder from EB games
  31. Why are your turns taking so long?
  32. Review of CIV5 for fanatics
  33. Building in the City?
  34. Alphabetical list in Civilopedia
  35. A good way to remember Civ IV seeing us none of us will be playing it anytime soon
  36. Research Agreement?
  37. God.. I feel like I"m playing Heroes of Might and Magic
  38. numerous crashes
  39. view single units?
  40. So it must be easier this time around?
  41. I''ll say it first - Civ is dead
  42. All the menus feel clunky.
  43. Checking diplomacy
  44. Distance between cities
  45. Pacts not in Civilopedia
  46. Civ 5 City improvement tutorial
  47. I need a Medic!
  48. Installation sucks!
  49. I am disappointed in Firaxis and feel betrayed By Elizabeth/Greg
  50. Is it me or what is up with the Alt+Tab in Civ 5?
  51. Pink hexes, cities and resources, trade
  52. Advanced settings? Resources
  53. A new deal?
  54. [IMPROVEMENT] Too many steps to enter game / Useless desktop shortcut
  55. I kind of get the sense that it was designed for a console.
  56. I miss civ4 leader traits
  57. Abnormal Unit Movement Behavior
  58. What are you running Civ V on and how well does it work?
  59. How much time have you lost so far?
  60. laggy?
  61. Coming up for air: my first impressions
  62. Furor Teutonicus
  63. I hate the foreign advisor!
  64. So, how was your first game?
  65. In case you are wondering, there's no bonus for circumnavigating the globe.
  66. Rivers and roads are very poor!
  67. where does it show what resources a city is collecting?
  68. Just finished my first game....
  69. 3 Quick Questions
  70. Anyone tried it on Bootcamp yet?
  71. Don't pass judgement too quickly...
  72. Cheat
  73. Does anybody else HATE the Diplomacy system?
  74. Performance on huge maps?
  75. diplomacy wierdness
  76. Fallout?
  77. Mini-Map
  78. Some people never learn...
  79. Disabling Intro Video?
  80. non stop peace treaty
  81. Alexander is just damn hot!
  82. Is it just me
  83. [IMPROVEMENT] Anti Aliasing-Not Selectable for Me
  84. Who is planning to remove 1UPT with the new Mod?
  85. City Screen Yield graphic
  86. Game crashing to desktop at around turn 162
  87. Are save and load options really this limited?
  88. Not dumbed down, just missing an awful lot of stuff
  89. Where do i find directx10 or 11?
  90. Scout and City States
  91. preorder ended early :(
  92. [IMPROVEMENT] Time
  93. When Civ V comes out for Mac will I be able to play it with...
  94. So what's up with the super ugly rivers?
  95. Can I queue up the tasks for workers?
  96. "Unprecidented Modding Tools"?
  97. Great People
  98. Thoughts after my first game
  99. roads not needed to connect resources anymore?
  100. so you can't take a city with just archers?
  101. clean this place (request to mods)
  102. Graphical slowdowns on game load
  103. Religion
  104. City spam
  105. Civilian unit graphics with era.
  106. How much the AI cheats this time?
  107. AI won't settle across sea
  108. Demo v Full Game
  109. Do a favor to the rest of the world
  110. Is anyone besides me happy with the game?
  111. Just some random opinions based on demo experience
  112. Anyone else missing Spacebar as "end turn" button?
  113. Icons that show food/gold/hammers !?
  114. Scouts being 'upgraded'
  115. How would you rate AI
  116. The civilopedia entries.
  117. Direct2Drive version for sale in some places of Europe - please advice
  118. My game + pic for those still waiting
  119. [req] dx10 gfx
  120. Features in civ5: like them or not? - Vote!
  121. basic question - DirectX vs. DirectX 9 option?
  122. Day 0/1 Patch?
  123. My first game - Write-up and pics
  124. Boxed game, patch download
  125. Medieval Times in BC
  126. City-States: Does this count as trespassing?
  127. City name display too small in strategic mode
  128. Where's Babylon?
  129. [CRASH] Full Version
  130. Can you see civs relationship chart ?
  131. how to check FPS
  132. road coast + explorer
  133. I can skip the opening movie just fine...
  134. Is the economy in Civ V to simplified?
  135. Civ 5 sucks. Got 4? Stick with it.
  136. I will give credit where credit is due
  137. Weird AI behavior
  138. Rivers don't do anything?
  139. Regional restrictions
  140. Happy with Game!
  141. It's not possible to be a leader&civ with a custom name????
  142. Dual monitor
  143. Great Game
  144. The game doesn't suck
  145. My Thoughts After a Sleepless Night!
  146. Decent earth map included?
  147. Did we really need all that computer animation for Civ Leaders?
  148. Loving the game
  149. will Unlocked 24/09 at 00:01 in Europe?
  150. No animations for working tiles - WHY ?
  151. Selection Bias (AKA Civ 5 is better than posts make it sound)
  152. UK Players - has started dispatching!
  153. Possible to grab resources out of your territory?
  154. What is so great about the combat?
  155. Rome's UA
  156. So... ruins?
  157. Planning for V-day?
  158. What are the hidden civilizations?
  159. Too Much CIV on my Mind!!!
  160. Love'in every minute of it
  161. Civ5 Command-Line Options?
  162. Pros and cons
  163. Favorite Special Edition Bonus.
  164. AI demands
  165. Multiple Crashes
  166. Are you playing on DX 9 or DX 10/11 option?
  167. My take - feels like an epic mod.
  168. Automated Workers Destroying Improvements
  169. My Thoughts After Playing the Demo
  170. Leaders mocking you
  171. Australian Pricing Rip Off
  172. Awful!
  173. How do I activate units in a city?
  174. How to disable combat animations.
  175. My eyes have a hard time focusing on things
  176. Suleiman just gave me his entire empire
  177. Production
  178. What about worldbuilder!
  179. How wide is the radius your city can work?
  180. E.T.A. on deity AI improvements?
  181. Is there a difference in garrisoned units, Archer vrs Warrior?
  182. Editor?
  183. Demo savegame in full version?
  184. Civ 5: Average
  185. Luxury Resources: A potentially stupid question
  186. How do I get ride of that intro sceen at the start?
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  188. My First Game Thoughts (9-20/21)
  189. Game Freezing During Map Scrolling (Geforce 8800 GTS ?)
  190. Opening movie--how do I bypass it ??
  191. Diplomatic victory should be commerce victory
  192. cycle units
  193. maintenance
  194. The game's ok but the UI isn't finished
  195. No worker options
  196. No production option?
  197. Downloading demo without steam
  198. Turns: You're doing it wrong...
  199. You've played one game: How in love with your "civilization power" are you?
  200. review 87 points
  201. Trespassing with auto explore
  202. Players rate Civ V a 92 out of 100
  203. Don't Be Discouraged!
  204. Why it doesn't suck
  205. CIV5 MP and first impressions
  206. missing: Fantasy Realm and Final Frontier
  207. Why can't we see other civs' technology progess?
  208. My system - how will it run.
  209. Can anyone help me understand diplomacy?
  210. City States are bleeding me dry!
  211. AI and difficulty levels
  212. The Pre-Order Bonus Civ?
  213. Petition for Online Game Rankings and Ratings
  214. Re-generate map at the start
  215. I miss you, Soren... so much
  216. How to get more map types(solution)
  217. Got my retail copy today with a 8 page manual and a big poster
  218. City state wants help, why not give me a map?
  219. Game Speed
  220. What if Civ Rev and Civ IV got Married?
  221. This is a beta.
  222. Pillaged tile not quite evident
  223. Resource tile yields are way too low
  224. Drug References
  225. Goals?
  226. Civ V - way better than Civ IV
  227. Is it possible to group units?
  228. Civ 4 vs Civ 5 my thoughts
  229. How access Cradles of Civilization Map
  230. Utter disappointment
  231. The big conclusions thread
  232. My thoughts on Civ5 (That's not a 'Story' or a 'Tale')
  233. Connecting resources?
  234. disabling the ESRB notice?
  235. Civ 4 reigns supreme
  236. My Civ5 review
  237. Good thing about Steam pre-orders: Refunds!
  238. I found out how to fix long loading times
  239. devs slacking off? or hidden feature?
  240. List of city-states?
  241. First impressions are very good
  242. Two noob questions (what am I missing?)
  243. boxed game - playing without dvd
  244. Build road recommendation on strategic resource
  245. [Feature] Movement path on multiple turns not shown
  246. My quick and dirty Good/Bad of Civ 5
  247. Utter disappointment
  248. Kotaku's review of Civ5
  249. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
  250. A question to all the 'Civ for Kids' camp