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  1. To all who complain: An open letter
  2. Epic Civ Music Video
  3. Art of game design
  4. Wow, I think I have made friends with the barbarians.
  5. all these little annoyances
  6. Upgrading a Unit
  7. Civ 5: Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down?
  8. How the CIV V civics could be represented in reality???
  9. Favorite Civilization!?
  10. Balance suggestions compendium
  11. Installatio Issues- I request your aid, great leaders
  12. Trading luxury resources question
  13. this game should be awesome with mods
  14. Razing a building ?
  15. To Those Criticizing the Game as Incomplete/Unpolished
  16. Let down by CiV? Loving Paradox games?
  17. The server is too busy at the moment. Please try again later.
  18. Garrison units not selectable?
  19. Civilization is more than a game
  20. There IS a clock in Civ 5
  21. How much longer for research agreement?
  22. loading mods error
  23. How To Get Better Performance?
  24. How come wonders still appear "under construction" when they're finished?
  25. Just finished my first game
  26. Question about GraphicsSettingsDX11.ini
  27. Airplanes
  28. Civ 5, confessions of a Civ newbie
  29. Cool, you can recapture settlers.
  30. So which one of you is Sid Meier, and Jon Shafer?
  31. How does trading Strategic Resources work?
  32. Gifting units to city states.. does it work?
  33. where to enter preorder bonus key
  34. So where's the documentation on Unit upkeep costs?
  35. My impressions after spending 3 days in the game
  36. Stupidest mistake so far
  37. Full marks for the soundtrack
  38. Music Still Playing after ending game
  39. Civ 5 Keyboard Shortcuts?
  40. 1000 things Civilization 5 has taught us
  41. CtD
  42. Multiplayer Alexander -.75 culture loss with cultural unlock
  43. Does anyone have any background info on Jon Shafer?
  44. D-day on the Siberian Peninsula
  45. The sound of civilization - What do you think about the Game music?
  46. Earth map
  47. Can you still trade technologies?
  48. Now the game won't start??
  49. try this
  50. Start new games and lose right away unless I quit
  51. Are Puppets broken or WAD?
  52. Whiners : You're doing it wrong.
  53. What is the best civilization in civ 5 poll
  54. Patch Notes
  55. Dev tracker?
  56. Is capital razing possible with domination disabled?
  57. [SUGGESTION] Preferences not stickying
  58. Huge map and marathon play
  59. Barbarian Fortification combat bonus
  60. A few questions...
  61. Military Roads
  62. no worldbuilder?
  63. Attacked early?
  64. Why no culture flipping?
  65. Are city states constrained by resources?
  66. must have fixes
  67. Is it possible to label a city? or rename?
  68. Moving units over water? How?
  69. In Depth UI Comparison, IV vs V
  70. Babylonians spoil SG saves?
  71. Map edit mode while playing?
  72. visible "stats" for relationships?
  73. Tesselation
  74. Unit supply, deficits, and disbanding
  75. How do I turn off the opening movie?
  76. Assigning expanding city borders
  77. Protecting a City-State
  78. Thick AI
  79. The heal unit promotion defeats the improved tactics in Civ V.
  80. unable to declare war... keeps saying i have a peace treaty?!
  81. Survey: How long it takes to load a saved game?
  82. Is the Barbary Corsairs UA working for you? I am confused
  83. Minor complaints - the little things...
  84. How to minimize
  85. City Borders Viewed from above look exactly like...
  86. My first game and my observations :)
  87. Robotics quote = instant win
  88. Steam?
  89. AI stopped producing units
  90. Just one more turn, AND just one more Library...
  91. Installing CIV V on two pc's and playing at same time
  92. 1000 reasons why you're disappointed
  93. How does World Age Work?
  94. Eternal peace treaty?
  95. Completed my first game: observations
  96. Automated worker removes fort
  97. A guide on how to run Civilization V successfully
  98. High score rankings
  99. I like that you can be small...
  100. Mesopotamia map seems incomplete!
  101. Inflation is STILL in this game?
  102. Screenshots
  103. Specialized Citizens?????????
  104. Thoughts on Militaristic City-States
  105. Advanced Options
  106. Foreign advisor on pangaia gives advice to build ships
  107. No airports??
  108. [SUGGESTION] Travel orders and city states: City states are ignored in path finding
  109. how to play civilization V on pc thread
  110. Working Tiles: Can I Change Them?
  111. start bias
  112. Is the demo worth it to make a decision?
  113. Cant Build Nukes
  114. Luxury resources
  115. The things I like.
  116. Attack a city with a naval unit heals it if HP below certain amount
  117. Gems in Research table
  118. Problem loading a game
  119. How can you tell when a city has a wonder in it?
  120. It takes Civ. 5 longer than Civ. 4 to find the shortest path between two spots?
  121. forgo money, give me all science
  122. Is there a short-cut / hotkey for
  123. Are Wonders of the World, really wonderous?
  124. Who has the best unique units and buildings?
  125. In Game Text Does Not Load and is Blurred
  126. Defend city?
  127. World Builder/Cheat mode
  128. My Civ V thoughts...
  129. Make Peace Ghandi!
  130. Another AI Stinks Thread -- My Observations from my first full game
  131. Let's talk about something good :)
  132. Things that would make Civ V even better:
  133. Should I be worried?
  134. Pros and Contras in CIV5
  135. resource outposts
  136. Dead unit leaves behind ghost icon
  137. Diplomacy: Thoughts and Improvements
  138. I can't play past year 2050?!
  139. Auto-loss on game start
  140. AI Declaring War On Eliminated Civs
  141. [Suggest] Diplomacy screen issues
  142. Umm... One more turn syndrome has set in
  143. CIV 5: Please Re-Add the Clock
  144. Multi Player Experience
  145. So my wife . . .
  146. Suleiman's Power worthless?
  147. Map Sharing/Trade
  148. Couple noob questions...
  149. Long long turn loading time...anyone?
  150. City States
  151. Civ V performance guide by Gamespot
  152. Long wait between turns
  153. Taking a look at the balance between Infantry and Cavalry
  154. So I played the Demo and....
  155. So what's next?
  156. For those who do not like CiV or are disapointed with the game. Will you buy the DLC?
  157. Choose new Production notification doesnt open menu
  158. barbarian encampments are left unguarded!
  159. AI wonderspam (=conquer me) mode
  160. Can My Computer Run Civ 5 Well or Not? - Bottom Line
  161. 24th Sept! Best Day Ever!
  162. Diplo: Elizabeth tells me my economy is in a pretty sad shape. And then?
  163. Barbarians too passive
  164. Buying City-Tiles - Why the difference in prices
  165. Quick Questions and Answers
  166. A Production Penalty for "Unhappy?"
  167. Trade route values: +0.01?
  168. Skipping Intro Movie?
  169. Anyone else think that AI has been toned down for the release?
  170. Cancelling Deals
  171. Bismarck the new Montezuma?
  172. Civ5 standard is like Civ4 large
  173. Why rivers have been copied and pasted from a Civ I bitmap ?
  174. Warriors don't look like warriors
  175. Barbarian settlers!
  176. My game / technical question
  177. Two UI/Info improvements - Needed Lux and Protected CityStates
  178. Very disapointed without map editor
  179. Impressions after... one... more... turn...!
  180. Holistic Civilizations
  181. Air Units
  182. Russian Retail
  183. Impressions after afirst complete playthrough
  184. Insufficient tutorial
  185. Loved Civ IV, but loving Civ V too
  186. [SUGGESTED IMPROVEMENT] Harbor trade routes are broken
  187. Constantly Crashing
  188. AI has Infentry in Classic Era???
  189. A glitch that is the bane of a warmonger.
  190. Worker automation -- your observations?
  191. D2D question
  192. Why can't you retire?
  193. DO you need steam to play civ
  194. Civ5 Should Remember Settings
  195. Impressions of Civ 4 and Civ 5 (demo) from a CivNoob
  196. Is it possible to finish a turn without giving orders to all units?
  197. [TYPO] "The Budapest City of Budapest" in tile rollover
  198. CIV 5 By Far the Best Civ Yet
  199. Playing Civ 5 Music in iTunes
  200. Where has my game gone?
  201. Disgusted.
  202. Anyone else notice these issues?
  203. City State AI ignoring ranged attacks, sending units into suicide, not healing units
  204. My concern
  205. CiV Design - Sucess and failure
  206. Civilization V Demo.
  207. If you had to associate each City State to a Civ (ethnicity)
  208. CiV GFX-Card Burnout?!
  209. Game hangs and requires reboot
  210. Level 3 Capped
  211. Civ V two thumbs up
  212. Wonder Wallpaper
  213. Leaders speaking their own tongues: a good feature?
  214. How to wake sleeping units?
  215. Changing default set up game options
  216. Show us a pic of your massive c........ity!
  217. Printed Manual?
  218. Flood plains vs grassland
  219. Satellite tech no longer revealing map?
  220. Has anyone gotten Siam to work?
  221. +1 or +2 science from tradepost?
  222. Help - can't promote
  223. Where's Dan Quayle?
  224. Tech tree - does it actually offer any difficult decisions?
  225. Civ V Cracked Already
  226. killzones and death traps
  227. Demo quick questions
  228. Get to the chopper!
  229. Settler Show City Radius
  230. Great Scientist
  231. AI wigged out?
  232. Trade Route Broken
  233. Workers: You can see how much time to complete
  234. Purchase Production
  235. Cradle of Civilzation Map "Pack"
  236. Diplomacy details
  237. The graphics are great
  238. Dx 11
  239. SO you think Civ5 sucks.
  240. Where is Religious?
  241. Is it not possible to sell buildings?!
  242. Babylon download: How many times?
  243. Which is your favourite tech quote?
  244. Stats view after victory, other
  245. Click sound's
  246. Some constructive critisism
  247. Resource trading
  248. I doubted but it's true the AI IS that bad:
  249. Which buildings are shown on the map?
  250. Vanquished civ allies with city-state (save included)