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  1. No User Info in Multiplayer -- PLEASE HELP
  2. Multiplayer problem - starting next to human players
  3. Upgrading units, visual error
  4. Zones of Control
  5. I think a new patch/update was just released!
  6. Multiplayer woes
  7. Is unit maintenance cost out of whack?
  8. I have Buyers Remorse!
  9. What Graphics Level Did You To Get To With DX11 vers Without Lag?
  10. Civilization Revolution 2 Beta
  11. Is anyone else annoyed by this?
  12. The 'Anarchy Bucket'
  13. CIVFanatic Steam Group?
  14. Railroads breaking trade links?
  15. Conquered mine but no resource
  16. The Power of Golden Ages
  17. AI giving away the farm
  18. Giant Death Robot - Resource?
  19. I want to hear from Firaxis
  20. Who's idea was it to...
  21. Multiplayer questions
  22. Hotkeys Work When Windows Are Open
  23. F12 loads old game without asking !
  24. Comeback of the slider?
  25. Civ 5 Tweaks
  26. Game gets really slow, really fast with huge map
  27. Simple Fix for 1UPT's Main Problem
  28. I miss the movies....
  29. Cultured City States - Global Bonus only, not local culture
  30. Sulla's first Civ V walkthrough
  31. Using Culture to Buy City State Influence
  32. Are relations between civilzations displayed in game?
  33. Games runs well on my 4 year old computer in Strategic Mode :)
  34. Should vassal states return?
  35. A little confused about all the "this is not Civ 4" criticism
  36. Can't use my iron?
  37. Are we able to direct the culture expansion of a city?
  38. Ok: Where is the Clock
  39. Weaker AI or more complex game?
  40. Pacts of Cooperation and Secrecy
  41. War is Fun in Civ V
  42. Building Road to Other Civilizatins
  43. Sotd
  44. Innovations? Progression? Improvement?
  45. Next/Previous Unit sometimes doesn't work
  46. Steam - love or hate?
  47. next tile will be desert
  48. Best Version of Civ
  49. Malformed notification about city-state
  50. Joke: First Civ V Expansion Announced!
  51. How do I play with mods in multiplayer?
  52. A list of each Civ's city names?
  53. Diplomacy gripe: "We see your troops on our borders"
  54. Maximum number of units - Malus on production
  55. Diplomacy Problem
  56. Marathon Mode
  57. More Broken Achievements?
  58. Why Is Alexander such a *squeek*
  59. Ruins upgrading your units
  60. Is their gold maintenance on naval units?
  61. Natural Wonders: What happened to Everest and Lake Titicaca?
  62. City State requests help against myself
  63. Chinese music as India?
  64. Issues and random thoughts on Civ V
  65. [FIXED] Strategic Resource Trading in Non-Standard-Length Games
  66. Map Size and Nations Opinion
  67. 'Escape' Move Mode
  68. tile yield drops when I buy the tile
  69. Great Generals useless in civ 5?
  70. Ottoman SA converting both Naval and LAND units
  71. Open borders, and the on unit per tile.
  72. max number of civs and city states at one time?
  73. Wonders: how would you improve them?
  74. Roads not within my city radius don't cost me money
  75. City States don't accept worker as gift, so how to deal with excess workers?
  76. What's the value of trading post?
  77. Killing a city-state's aggressor
  78. As a old player of CIV series for 15 years, I have to say CIV5 is the worst
  79. Scott Longbowman vs the World. Seriously What the Hell?
  80. Unit move glitch
  81. Trade Route Cost vs Revenue
  82. Can someone plz help me defeat the Romans? (Saved Game Included)
  83. Spies make so much sense....
  84. My totally unbiased and definitely not paid for by 2k review
  85. Dying for this
  86. Why not a new series?
  87. Maritime City States
  88. Trading Posts only give +1 science with rationalism...not +2?
  89. Max amount of cities?
  90. Rare Resources.
  91. Adjusting XML files to 'fix' Happiness.
  92. The Slippery Slope
  93. First Game - Diplomatic Victory
  94. I can't destroy a city
  95. Rectifying Christian Belief System w/ Civilization's Scientific Progression
  96. Who are those people ?
  97. Amazingly bad buildings?
  98. AI Wonderspam
  99. Socially responsible......
  100. Does the Great Wall actually work?
  101. New patch (
  102. Is this game too easy?
  103. Runtime errors
  104. I made the AI harder :)
  105. Is there a resources overview screen?
  106. Reformation policy golden age is not affected by Itza
  107. My 'first' impressions
  108. AI problems vs. difficulty level
  109. 49 turns of Golden Age?! What the heck is going on
  110. Modding CIV V
  111. War Weariness
  112. Make quick combat changeable during game
  113. Gold vs everything
  114. Civ5 Stats
  115. Civ V AI City Placement
  116. Idea for a Mod to reduce unit tedium
  117. Civ5 is a lot like Civ1
  118. Pledge for protection .. and some other observations/questions
  119. Has anyone confirmed or denied region locking yet?
  120. F10 anyone?
  121. You have made peace...
  122. How to disable research agreement?
  123. can we play CIV V without the DVD
  124. interesting article about the changing political attitude of civilization
  125. Foreign trade routes?
  126. I click the ĎNext Turní button. What happens?
  127. A bunch of Civ V features I like a lot
  128. Fast Turn crunching
  129. An honest and balanced first impression review of Civ 5
  130. Staal's thoughts on Civilization V
  131. Hide / Remove Score-table possible?
  132. Video Review - Civilization V - Unbiased and Honest
  133. Trade route broken
  134. Best Balanced Time/Production/Research Speeds?
  135. State of Civ5, and what it could become
  136. Terra Map? Why am i the only colonizer
  137. Dumbed Down? I don't see it.
  138. Dat menu music
  139. Selling/disbanding Buildings? Is it possible in Civ5?
  140. Whats all this fuss about steam?
  141. Got a late start.
  142. Merchant shipping
  143. new patch
  144. Your Thoughts
  145. Where do I find the Patch
  146. Cities exit WLKD/demand resource/enter WLKD within two turns.
  147. Trade with AI
  148. How frequent patches will be
  149. 45 bad things with CiV that needs changing
  150. Dlc
  151. Messing with GraphicsSettingsDX11.ini
  152. Representation policy
  153. AI has Rifleman in the classical Era!?!?!?!?
  154. Proof Of Poor Game Balance
  155. How to make CIV5 better (players letters to Fyraxis)
  156. Is there a way to upgrade to digital deluxe post-purchase?
  157. Combat in SP mode
  158. Question: National College, etc.
  159. So I just took out the most powerful, closest Civ to what?
  160. How many times have you restarted?
  161. Strategy, strategy, strategy
  162. Am I missing something?
  163. a way to unpatch and get puppet state exploit back?
  164. Difficulty? Is my game copy broken?
  165. Destroy Road
  166. language Distortion
  167. Automated Workers
  168. How do you retain game settings?
  169. History of hex-based AIs?
  170. A neclace made of The Pyramid & The Great Wall
  171. Can't embark after getting Optics if units have not entered friendly territory
  172. how do you load a map pack
  173. Air Units / Ranged Units - Attacking Strategic Resources.
  174. Witless protection program and 2k greg
  175. New to civ series.. A few questions
  176. Iím jealous Iím not loving it ;-) Ė Can civ5 be modified to keep us all entertained?
  177. Specialists?
  178. My review of Civ 5
  179. Civ5 Managing happiness by SPM
  180. A fun little war/AI behavior report.
  181. Attacko's- Art, and Empire
  182. Regenerating starts and saving in MP...
  183. i'm having a problem with gold ...
  184. Civ V for old hardware project?
  185. Where's My Airport / Airlift Feature?
  186. National Epic re-buiding after conquering new cities?
  187. One Epic game down: 2 big nuisances found
  188. Whats up with The Great Wall? (Graphics)
  189. Problems and Solutions: Cities
  190. Citizen Allocation Focus - can't figure out how this works
  191. Athletics/Sports
  192. So, what difficulty are you playing at?
  193. Most Unique Complaint I've Seen Yet
  194. My Questions
  195. I am waiting for a patch that fixes the AI before I buy the game
  196. Civ V = Settlers of Catan Deluxe.
  197. Esc. close info panel
  198. WW style battlefront - screenshot
  199. Panama Canal
  200. Review from Croatia
  201. [USER MADE FIX] Calculation of turns to next social policy is slightly off
  202. Askia the Braindead...
  203. cradle of civilization map pack
  204. Great Wall effects.
  205. Can we get the diplo view to report no city..
  206. Why did England let me win?
  207. Iron: the gift that keeps on giving
  208. King difficulty; getting my.. kicked, help
  209. Can not get out of Peace treaty !
  210. Battle predictor before declare war
  211. Anybody achieved a cultural victory yet?
  212. Is there an off-line option?
  213. Communism and planned economy
  214. UI Suggestions
  215. Some things have not changed...
  216. Exploitable culture feature
  217. Gotta love city spam and super city locations!
  218. I've been playing Civ since before Civ came out...
  219. Any way to show games saves chronologically instead of alphabetically?
  220. Multiplayer is seriously flawed - and SLOW !
  221. Simple question.
  222. 500 turns 450 of war
  223. Enough with the auto-focus already!
  224. Forcing Peace
  225. Coastal cities and boats.
  226. Deluxe Edition - How to access bonuses?
  227. Directx 9 leader antialiasing
  228. SLI not working
  229. Wolrd Builder Tool..Why Steam Only?
  230. Game freezes while loading Auto-saves
  231. I just want the FORTIFY button on the first unit control panel.
  232. "Sparse" Resources - Much Better!
  233. MOD Tickets
  234. Why are people comparing Civ V vanilla to Civ IV BTS?
  235. I need current deals to be shown
  236. New World Builder Doesn't Work!?
  237. Custom music work with MP3?
  238. Additional railroad benefits
  239. Future Leaders and Civs to be released...
  240. Re-save my file please
  241. Culture bomb
  242. Civil Service Equivalent for Mines
  243. Barracks?
  244. Deal cancelled because of phantom wonder
  245. Civ V on its own merits
  246. Favorite Game Settings
  247. England Likes Longbowmen
  248. Is there a in-game World builder in Civ 5?
  249. Crash on load screen, Fog of War setting
  250. Oh catherine, we hardly recognize you