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  1. Spearman vs. Tank alive and well!
  2. Steam Q&A and FAQ
  3. Favorite Quotes
  4. Possible to Name UNits
  5. AI and City States
  6. Please remove the no raze capitols
  7. Gamespots Civ 5 on the Cheap... and how to speed up End Turn Times!
  8. About "Monster Tile"
  9. AI give up Easy + simple idea's for AI
  10. AI not having to disband units?
  11. Modern Units vs Melee Units Would Look More Realistic If...
  12. Convoy idea (a kind of stacking for long-distance travel only)
  13. Civ 2 player questions
  14. How the heck do I know which mods are safe?
  15. [Logarithmic Capabilities]
  16. Culture victory
  17. How to re-name cities?
  18. i really miss replay and powergraph
  19. Ungrateful English!
  20. Settler Tile Recommendations
  21. They gotta fix cultural victories
  22. AI wonder building?
  23. CUL8R: Going back to Civ IV until the patches come
  24. any way to remove the robot?
  25. tile sharing between cities - too many clicks needed
  26. My enemy was 1500 score at turn 180!!
  27. Won My First Domination with Arab
  28. Being a puppeteer.
  29. What improvments do you want first?
  30. Custom Map Ancient Ruins?
  31. Proving that the World is Round
  32. [TYPO] Loading a game should say "CONTINUE your Journey"
  33. Unit maintenance?
  34. City-state music
  35. Crash everytime I am close to winning!
  36. Liberation...
  37. Old Ruins -> Imba?
  38. How to play on a custom map?
  39. Longbow range 3 tiles? What were you thinking?
  40. where are the spanish and their colonial fleet?
  41. Going to war with a friend, winning it with an enemy.
  42. socail policies can you reverse them?
  43. The turn base in multiplayer
  44. Culture shouldn't flip instantly upon capturing a city
  45. city hitpoints low
  46. More City-States Types - More Diplomacy and Strategy
  47. [solved] mined gold not considered a luxury reosurce
  48. Rethinking Global Happiness, Luxuries, Buildings and City Placement
  49. Bring back some of that pure quality sid!
  50. How to load a missile in a submarine ?
  51. How to get harbor work?
  52. Archers, catapults etc should become *auxillaries* and be able to attach to units
  53. A nice civV manual on the web...
  54. I need an intervention
  55. Getting mch infantry before normal infantry
  56. The AI and Zones of Control, Generals, Logistics, Strategic sacrifices and (Medics)
  57. Won my first game at Emperor .. My conclusions
  58. Naval Combat
  59. Hammers in queue lost
  60. dumbed down game
  61. How to Prevent Automated Workers From Transform ??
  62. Walking Worker break the trade route !!
  63. City walls and forts=useless?
  64. thoughts 2wks in
  65. This is by far the most fun I've ever had playing Civ
  66. My favourite new feature
  67. Do you specialize your cities in Civ V?
  68. If you could design a perfect civ ???
  69. AI: What happens if you turn off all victory conditions?
  70. Few questions
  71. [TEXT ERROR] You have discovered Mt. Fuji!
  72. Do you play Civ SP or MP?
  73. A more Fun AI, "Civilization" style
  74. Favorite Regional Soundtrack
  75. 'Brutes'
  76. [AI AUTOMATION FIX] Inefficient Automated Exploration Movement
  77. -33% penalty for being in open terrain a bit silly?
  78. Ironworks - disappearing bonus after conquering city
  79. Has Anyone Seen the Barbsrian king?
  80. Anyone else F5'ing Mod Pack Forums?
  81. Unit production is not effective
  82. Problems liberating a capital
  83. Citadels underpowered.
  84. Capturing tiles
  85. fail Gold?
  86. non-religiouse nations
  87. world builder!!! where is it????
  88. $10 off on Civ 5 -- sort of
  89. Mass destruction
  90. Mid-Game Unit Maintenance
  91. Can't Win Diety
  92. losing HP against injured units
  93. Need help with Worldbuilder
  94. The Fog of War: Seven Lessons from Bollywood
  95. How do you get resources on island tiles?
  96. Steam achievements?
  97. HOW TO: Make a simple cheat or cheats in the Live Tuner
  98. Game shows ALL resource tiles...
  99. Once they hate you...
  100. I getting mighty tired...
  101. locating original capitol
  102. How do planes repair/heal?
  103. Stock exchange rethink
  104. Liberating cities?
  105. Production Penalty for "Unhappy?"
  106. How Very Astute of You, Washington
  107. Installing on Two Computers
  108. why would you ever tell a City-State to stop producing units
  109. City health gone?
  110. A question about "Random" resources
  111. just isn't fun
  112. Strategic view
  113. Have the AIs been known to nuke eachother?
  114. Could at least let us view the tiles worked in a puppet?
  115. Did I misunderstand zone of control?
  116. Trade Routes over water not working?
  117. 1 more to go!!!
  118. Do you really get better deals from allies than from non-allies?
  119. Pyramid worker bonus doesn't seem to apply retroactively
  120. The future expansion civilizations thread
  121. Frustrating AI Behavior in Diplomatic Relations: Peace where no one was made,also war
  122. Which Wiki?
  123. Wonders Expire?
  124. Earth Huge Map
  125. Resource Distribution Options
  126. I didn't see "beta" on the box
  127. Advanced Starts?
  128. Is version the most up to date version?
  129. Ummm...Can we not cancel deals with other civs?
  130. Confused AI
  131. Somewhat unfair AI criticism
  132. Constantly running out of gold lategame
  133. Discussion about some game aspects
  134. Gold Incone dropping exiting GA
  135. Turn take 2 min to load??
  136. National Debt
  137. Puppet State Re-think
  138. Civ V taste test.
  139. Finally remembered what the combat really reminds me of:
  140. Wonder questions
  141. How Modable is Civ 5?
  142. Where is Civ5 Mod Section?
  143. Diplo victory even when you don't want it?
  144. Why do you like Civ 5?
  145. How satisfied are you with Civ5?
  146. Hiawatha wants a secret deal against a civ i'm already at war with!
  147. AI: Oh your cheating cheating ways
  148. Courthouses and Puppet states
  149. This incessant begging is driving me mad...
  150. City-State Seemingly Crashes
  151. Black terrain spots using MSAA 8x
  152. Anyone able to play on Huge maps without crashes?
  153. Barracks and other military buildings should add to city defense
  154. Radical new ideas for future Civilization games
  155. Some clarification on the 1UPT
  156. Why does Hall of Fame score differ from game final score?
  157. Did not recieve achievement
  158. Fire Tuner
  159. I will protect my enemies
  160. Quick question
  161. Civ AI Can't Swim: Needs to be Fixed!
  162. Lone Roman Legionnaire likes to run.
  163. Civ 5 Strategy Guide
  164. in the military overview screen, double clicking the highlighted unit...
  165. World Builder-How to set my start pnt??
  166. World Builder-How to set my start pnt??
  167. how do you use sid meiers civilization V world builder??
  168. From Hex to Triangle map (Bring back Epic Scale)
  169. Renaming Units...
  170. The "Next Turn" button - requires change.
  171. Images of all the Earth Maps
  172. Peace treaty expired
  173. Dear Puppet city AI
  174. -500gpt but none my units/buildings auto-disbanding?
  175. Tundra
  176. Cannot see existing modded saves when saving a modded game
  177. NeverEnding Peace Treaty ?
  178. This explains the default zoom level...
  179. i love my pyramids in the water...
  180. Customer Loyalty Program -- Printed Manual
  181. My starting location
  182. They need to remove the Zero...
  183. Mostly interface improvements (I hope)
  184. Bad Release = Encouraging Modders = Genius!
  185. Civ V - How is meant to be played!
  186. AI Bonuses at Different Difficulty Levels
  187. Bombard promotion for submarines ????
  188. Bombing infrastructure
  189. Would you recommend Civ 5 to your gaming friends?
  190. I love waging a proxy war through a CS
  191. Multiplayer ruined Civ 5 for me...
  192. faster game start (modify config.ini)?
  193. Trade route glitch in custom scenario
  194. My Civ V Review
  195. I'm having most fun with Civ5 playing as a single city
  196. Advisors
  197. Civ 5 - escape from the optimization nightmare of previous installments
  198. Multiple lock ups
  199. Drawing tools
  200. Music bliss.. Oh my..
  201. Citi State does not raze captured city?
  202. Spread of Culture
  203. Mod Browser size
  204. Poor Diplomacy
  205. What is your strategy for city placement?
  206. 1 unit per hex: failed experiment
  207. Maritime CS not always near water/sea
  208. Trying to figure this whole modding thing out
  209. CiV can learn a lot from Rise of Mankind.
  210. Is it a good thing that the map almost never fills up?
  211. How to choose where borders auto grow?
  212. My IRL Home City is a City State in Civ5!
  213. Military Advisor has given up xD
  214. "+ and " of Civilization 5
  215. How the heck did that Ruin just upgrade me to a tank... in the year 1300!?
  216. how happiness should work (and health)
  217. Victoria 2
  218. Solid State Drives
  219. Why there are so many "FINAL_RELEASE" in my save files?
  220. Civilization V: Aplha Centauri?
  221. Having Arabian as neighborhood is not fair
  222. Going back to Civ 4 ROM?
  223. Steam - Can this even be possible
  224. Breakdown of Civilization
  225. City name list reset?
  226. World Age?
  227. Some logistics issues plus stuff
  228. City State bonus suggestions
  229. Why doesn't the AI build citadels?
  230. suggestion: deployment pool
  231. Is it a good Idea to expand early and often?
  232. Disappearing resources?
  233. More problems with the AI
  234. Gamebreaking balancing issues... did somebody test this game?
  235. how can a coastal start ever be good?
  236. Custom Map, created with World Builder, doesn't load?
  237. Diplomacy AI ignores aggressor/defender status
  238. Team problems&1upt violation
  239. Prince is stupid
  240. Civ V will be best Civ ever
  241. Where are you? A Civ Community Poll
  242. Possible to play whole game in Strategic View?
  243. Casus Belli System
  244. On what difficulty do I have to play for the AI to be challenging?
  245. use mods?
  246. Maritime city state exploit
  247. Color editing
  248. Combine Single Player with Mods screen
  249. Throne room
  250. City-States