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  1. Production doesn't jive between city screen and build menu.
  2. workers embarking is really annoying
  3. Happiness is unbalanced
  4. Do you reload a saved game when you get a beatdown?
  5. Balance Issue: Unit-boosting buildings are all but useless
  6. Scaling Cultural Policy Cost Formula
  7. Changing difficulty midgame; Is it possible?
  8. Grrr... I won
  9. Ressource denial abuse
  10. Starting to feel a lot of sympathy for Civ5 devs
  11. Suggestion for a map
  12. Interacting with the AI
  13. Steam Patch
  14. Post here if u hate Steam being down and Steam spam
  15. Civ2 player returning, start with CiV?
  16. So on my 5th game and have not completed one yet
  17. Any way to tell what resources annexed cities want?
  18. Putting Civilization back into Civilization
  19. suggestion for multi-stacking units on roads
  20. How many hours have you logged into Civ V?
  21. bulldozing?
  22. Where do I find (all) the leader traits?
  23. question about using nukes in civ 5
  24. Let's talk ciV AI (Suggestions/Fixes) for the Developers
  25. Citizen = 1 hammer, Engineer = 1 Hammer also?
  26. Modern Warfare Rambling with Emoticons
  27. A cogent explanation on the shortfalls of Civ V
  28. it figures
  29. Scoring - How does it work?
  30. Civ V retail box version, can't play for 2 hours while Steam updates game...
  31. Speed Civ 5 Up Between Turns?
  32. Can you play MP Civ5 offline?
  33. Boot Civ without the intro video playing...
  34. AI obeys no game rules, uses cities as offense
  35. Do you try to lead your civ morrally or how you would lead in real life?
  36. Only haveing 7-8 "Major" cities makes sense in an empire
  37. 8 to 10 turns after eliminate Russia, city state is no longer an ally with cathy
  38. Human welfare, Great Activists, and slums
  39. Why are people so surprised at the state of Civ V?
  40. Why Civ V is more complex than Civ IV
  41. Hello? Civ V is Civ I/II reborn...
  42. disheartening observation
  43. How to fix the movement.
  44. Talk about cutting it close - Bollywood on turn 499.
  45. Why does anyone care if CivIV is more complex than Civ V or visa-versa?
  46. Poor Ghandi...
  47. Favorite Peace Song
  48. Oh Ghandi, you silly old man.
  49. Civilization 5 is okay!
  50. Are they threatening me?
  51. Post/Letter I wrote to Firaxis - hope many of you will support it
  52. Difficulty on domination mode for worth playing ???
  53. How do you win as Alexander
  54. 2K Greg's recent posts on the 2K forums
  55. Big Issues with city defence/defence buildings!
  56. Night & Day
  57. Civ's city management, plus troop movement from TOTAL WAR series.
  58. Pledges to CS not working
  59. Chariot archer uses melee promotions
  60. Tooltip for trade posts on jungles outside of territory display +1 science
  61. AI only gives benefits on first peace treaty
  62. Machu Pichu requirement description misleading
  63. Workers build around units instead of wait to be prompted
  64. Harbor description misleading
  65. Penalties carry over upgrades
  66. map size
  67. I Hate To Wait!!
  68. Mod Browser Interface - "Special Thanks" text does not wrap correctly
  69. 2 Computers but not at the same time
  70. Wait, what?
  71. Squished images
  72. How to create more of a challenge:
  73. Improvements for War AI (open letter following)
  74. Auto unit cycling
  75. Emperor too easy, Immortal too hard?...
  76. Trading 101?
  77. Adding espionage would help this game
  78. Expected upon Release? I expect crap when I shop at the dollar store too...
  79. Cassandra : How to move CiV forward
  80. Beginners questions
  81. rage quit
  82. Wake All
  83. Allying City-States
  84. Limiting technological advancement.
  85. Anyone else's preodre from not yet arrived
  86. How to raze your own city?
  87. man, I must really suck.
  88. Is Montezuma a fruitcake like he was in Civ 4?
  89. Changed city name doesn't show in strategic view
  90. How does Elizabeth do it?
  91. I tried, rly tried, but i cant get into ciV
  92. Digging Through the Music
  93. How would you improve civ unique abilities?
  94. On Civilization 5, gems, and polish
  95. Commonwealth/Common market
  96. City State Civil War!!
  97. Complete a Social Policy why?
  98. Same tile but price varies from city to city
  99. Irrational City State Behavior
  100. Religion in Civ5 for happiness
  101. Playing civ IV and ciV back to back
  102. Ive just created a map. How do I play it?
  103. How do you upgrade your units?
  104. Drunken Roadbuilding
  105. Minimap
  106. Keep stack attack back !!
  107. Bud Light Presents
  108. Tech paths in Civ 5
  109. Swordman kills infantry
  110. altering an active game?
  111. Sad Story
  112. AI City Placement
  113. You can no longer continue playing after loosing?!?
  114. City States capture and keep cities?
  115. Invasion Fleets
  116. GDR Insolence
  117. Trade routes to puppets
  118. Is CIV V a console version?
  119. Playing at Deity level
  120. new special building from great person please
  121. AI *WILL* build a navy
  122. Destroying an enemy capital - no modding
  123. What is the fun when every game is played in the same way?
  124. Civilian units should be able to stack
  125. should I build roads to tile improvements?
  126. When you simplify a game like Civilization, you have a boring game
  127. Civ 5 Videos
  128. Ideas for new wonders, natural wonders:
  129. Start in Real location
  130. Pledge to Protect
  131. Archery Not needed for Chariot Archers.
  132. Unimportant thing that bothers me
  133. Bloody sheep tile?
  134. Multiple unit movement
  135. Policy glitch, Commerce
  136. Can "patching" correct the game enough to compete with Civ IV BTS?
  137. What I feel is most lacking in this game
  138. I don't get it. Please explain what am I doing wrong.
  139. Looking for the "Just-one-more-turn" addiction...
  140. I win... see ya in a couple years
  141. Save question
  142. City governor
  143. This should not have been closed
  144. Courthouse ?
  145. Why can't I bomb tile improvements anymore?
  146. Gentlemen, I beg you
  147. Policies
  148. No spain? No religions? No %? Wtf??
  149. Steam cannot connect
  150. Thoughts on improving CiV: Roads and Great People tile improvements
  151. Q: Is there a way too always run StrategicView?
  152. Embark issues
  153. Harun al-Rashid, seems to have an endless supply of gold.
  154. No longer available in Asia?
  155. Mahler's Symphony No. 5: Sound glitch, coughing during music
  156. world builder question
  157. Cassandra : How to move CiV forward
  158. Anyone do a Deity OCC yet?
  159. Notification log useless (really!)
  160. The Fallacy of Domination Victory
  161. [IMPROVEMENT SUGGESTION] Great Engineer doesn't tell you how much he contributes
  162. Barbarians at work (barbarian worker blob of death)
  163. Can you pillage/destroy an enemy citadel?
  164. Civ Currency's / Diplomacy
  165. Can't build a lumber mill over resources
  166. Great general hides in a city
  167. Carrier selection in strategic view
  168. Interesting note I found
  169. Growth happens before production and research
  170. no good deed goes unpunished
  171. Generic unit upgrade path?
  172. Things you think will be patched
  173. Crashing Problems
  174. Aspects people think Civ V got right
  175. Problem with Warsaw city state and Poland expansion
  176. Admit Defeat
  177. What good are achievements if you never give them to you when won?
  178. What is an expansion pack? What will Civ 5 expansion packs contain?
  179. how does it work...?
  180. What is more important to you? getting acheivements or mods
  181. No "fortify until healed" for air units
  182. How big is the "City Square" in Civ 5?
  183. Diplomacy
  184. Civ 5 contest: Who is the greatest military leader of all time?
  185. GDR sunk by a caravel
  186. Was this AI cheating?
  187. Iron does not count when you build a city on it
  188. Best build order?
  189. Why is the Chinese leaders Wu Zetian,Sweating
  190. Rivers as trade routes?
  191. No consistency to diplo
  192. Suicidal AI?? Where is he settling?!
  193. Why is Civ V good and Call to Power 2 bad?
  194. There is no way to turn off a policy branch, right?
  195. Archipelago and the AI.
  196. 1 unit per hex. Poll
  197. Railroad and road graphic often too similar.
  198. More realistic and balanced Trading Posts
  199. Carrier cargo
  200. AI and victory conditions
  201. Unhappiness makes me a sad warmonger :(
  202. Design flaws which I hate
  203. Dissapointed
  204. Question about multiplayer map Continents
  205. Caravel survives 2 battleships and a destroyer, sinks escorted armour.
  206. Usefulness of different tile yields.
  207. Social Policy Poll
  208. Trading routes with neighbours
  209. Strange things happening ...
  210. Do you still play Civ IV and for how long?
  211. Got screwed by the game!
  212. Unit Maintenance Granularity
  213. OPINION: Civfanatics Love Logistics
  214. How much are trade routes worth?
  215. Tile (=road) upkeep, how to destroy roads
  216. City states ask for unbuildable wonders
  217. Air Transportation
  218. Attention linguists - Know what the leaders are saying?
  219. Food: Caravans and Distribution
  220. Why must it be SO HARD to play Multiplayer???
  221. [New Victory Condition] Capitals Conquest
  222. These AIs are "Beggin' Bennies"
  223. Puppet cities are aweful?!
  224. I'm starting to think they need to remove water and air units...
  225. 500 turn game limit
  226. A question about trade routes and continents
  227. About the maps...
  228. anyone else finding...
  229. Liberated Civs... Tech Level?
  230. Weekly Games
  231. Any way to have less BLack in UI!?
  232. What do Wonders of the World do? You get nothing for not building a WotW if someone..
  233. A house divided?
  234. AI Declaration of War not at all explicit....
  235. A compromise with 1 unit per tile / Bring back civ 4 population based gold
  236. CIV5 happiness formulas
  237. Confusion On Research Agreements
  238. Barbarians dont know how to heal?
  239. Possible to disable FOW?
  240. Hotseat mode.
  241. Things that I hope will make a return one day
  242. Automatic snap to menu for city production
  243. An Ode to Alpha Centauri
  244. Hardcore CivFanatics Talk
  245. Pact of Secrecy lasting even if target dead
  246. unit=population
  247. Poll: Which Civ-style TBS game has the best unit and combat system?
  248. Great Leaders - A poll
  249. Things I'd like to see as CiV gets expanded :D
  250. Wu, you lying, backstabbing, conniving...