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  1. Renaming Cities
  2. trading resources with AI
  3. Preview of upcomming Civ5 Comic
  4. How many nukes does it take to...
  5. Diplomacy screens are actually getting worse
  6. I have an idear on the stacks
  7. Growing improvements
  8. Deity victory options
  9. No Depth
  10. Ranking of Comparative Difficulty Levels ciV vs civ IV
  11. What little things did they not put in civ 5 that bother you?
  12. Should I build railroads?
  13. [WORLDBUILDER] A river with only starting/ending point will freeze the game (no save)
  14. Monastery
  15. How to change civ or settings in save file.
  16. Any hope of 'Capture Capital, Cause Civil War'?
  17. Multiplayer Question :)
  18. Your 5 Improvements to make CiV a great game
  19. Steam Update?
  20. So did ANY of the people who reviewed this game actually PLAY it???
  21. how do you turn off advisors from popping up?
  22. Civ leader quirks?
  23. Seaport Requirements?
  24. You can't do anything right in this game
  25. AI Flavours
  26. Just a reminder about combat AI and strategy games
  27. Happiness hits with treaty cities
  28. Why civ5 isn't as good as civ4
  29. (somewhat) Easy way to quickly plan out city placement
  30. Religion, what would you want it to be?
  31. The Best Thing about combat in this game
  32. Sullla Discovers the Major Fault Behind Civ V: The Death of Civ?
  33. Ships or Artillery? How do you decide?
  34. Expansion flavour defines AI strength
  35. just one more... game
  36. Optional toggle for spaces between cities.
  37. A different diplomacy
  38. advanced start options
  39. "Hex inspiration" or prehistoric version of Civ 5...
  40. Ugly trading post spam replacing ugly road spaghetti spam.
  41. Time go by all to quickly
  42. How do we FORCE gaming companies to start releasing FINISHED Games???
  43. AI access to information
  44. Should you be able to change Social Policies?
  45. Worldbuilder - can't scroll huge maps
  46. Amazon reviews
  47. going to try the occ win.
  48. Smarter Diplomacy
  49. Gameplay questions
  50. Binary outcomes
  51. What mods have you guys downloaded?
  52. Casus Belli, Client States, & Tentative Land Claims
  53. Stages of ciV =)
  54. I'm raging so hard right now...
  55. Slept like a baby
  56. War - time to go to work!
  57. Building of national wonder stopped when razing enemy city
  58. Is there a place where I can find what resources I have?
  59. World Wonder view?
  60. 1UPT: lets end the discussion here. what do you want?
  61. The only thing that makes deity hard is...the turn lag
  62. AI attitude--why so angry, yo?
  63. So basically, you want to pack the cities?
  64. Refund?
  65. I think we agree
  66. range 1 ranged-attack units.
  67. Courthouses revisited
  68. Implanting CIV4 BTS Tech Tree to CIV5
  69. What happens to AI hostility if all win conditions are turned off?
  70. And now for something completely different.
  71. something that I think could do with improving
  72. How does one get the music from Civ V into mp3 format
  73. Turning off city-states
  74. Too Few "Interesting Decisions"
  75. Montezuma Amasses a Huge sum of gold in Deity Game
  76. Load my current save game in world builder?
  77. Slowdown: It's the workers (with link to ugly fix)
  78. The return of square tiles?
  79. Clarification of Iroquois trait
  80. Help me love this game
  81. Why no roman wonders?
  82. I was wondering, why not hot-seat?
  83. Razing AI cities
  84. dont know which difficulty to play
  85. Repeatable crash
  86. So the AI doesn't cheat with gold, huh?
  87. Relocate default save location?
  88. End game multiplayer FAIL
  89. How to customize default game settings
  90. Random events & victory/wonder films
  91. Spaceship Parts Wont Go Into Capital?
  92. Civ on Facebook
  93. Who said that "happy & friendly overall design" ?
  94. How to reduce AI aggression
  95. Unit Fatigue for Multiple Battles in a Turn
  96. Military Overview
  97. The rule changes would of suited SMAC2 better
  98. A reasonable accomdaiton for Victory 'Movies'
  99. Can I get my money back?
  100. Problem building the spaceship
  101. Rush building
  102. AI issues in team games
  103. Great wall crash
  104. Which do you prefer?
  105. Is Civ 5 produced and designed by Siam?
  106. Buying negative influence from City States, exploring world with NUKES! - YES, NUKES!
  107. negative 13 coal
  108. Extracting pictures from Civ5
  109. Why I do not like Civ 5....please let me explain.
  110. Newtext/EN_US Folder
  111. Great Person Buildings
  112. Civ5 crashes more often wehen Kaspersky 2011 is active
  113. Tip: Wait for expansion or atleast a couple of patches, in the meanwhile...
  114. Which nickname for Civ 5 appeals to you? (Vote for one)
  115. Looking for map view images of wonders
  116. Your most memorable decision in a Civ game
  117. What do you think that Firaxis was thinking while making this game?
  118. Why does everyone here dislike the game?
  119. The enemies of your enemies is your friends.
  120. CIV 5 the worst letdown in PC gaming, ever.
  121. Main menu automatically to mods?
  122. Naval Vs Embarked Units
  123. scenarios
  124. Dear Firaxis...WE WANT CANALS!
  125. Auto Workers and building railways (Madly)
  126. Earth correct starting locations??
  127. Happiness & City Raizing... I dont understand?
  128. Suggestions for CiV Gameplay/Mechanics
  129. Trick to getting coal?
  130. The Uses of a Great General
  131. Possible Graphics glitch on Leader screen
  132. Land trade
  133. Can you try a couple of save files for me and see if they crash?
  134. Who really likes Civ5?
  135. Why doesn't AI sabotage our diplomatic victories?
  136. Trading Post -where increase money
  137. Cultural victories...biggest empire (ignoring puppets) you've done it with
  138. What would you buy first?
  139. Does Civ 5 meet your expectations
  140. City state additions and changes
  141. Unit promotions from ancient ruins--a game-breaker when it happens?
  142. 3 games at Immortal the pattern is always the same: 1 super AI dominates all.
  143. happiness makes me very unhappy
  144. I'm unhappy so I won't reproduce, or produce (Citizen allocation focus problem)
  145. Does AI cheat on Prince?
  146. What is the relatioship between hit points and attack strength?
  147. China Quick Q
  148. Ranged combat & embarking makes no sense
  149. City States - Collection of Suggestions and Posts
  150. There just shouldn't be worker units.
  151. Most illogical thing you have seen the AI do?
  152. Question about your games against Alexander...
  153. Should Culture policy be based on Population instead of # of Cities
  154. Research Agreements
  155. Suspension of Disbelief
  156. How do you rate Civ V after the first 4 weeks?
  157. UN vote change proporsal: 1 vote for each city state conquered!
  158. IGN claims Civ 5 "has no soul".
  159. Cannot skip an upgrade
  160. Help stopping the lagggg
  161. Are resources in trade screen excess resources?
  162. Need Prince advice.
  163. civ5 "after release" rate: 65% - by votes of 41 CFC members
  164. Is "Flexibility" a (or the) missing link in Civ 5?
  165. One thing I don't understand about CKN
  166. Little adjustments to 1upt
  167. Question: Does United Front stack?
  168. So whom else uses the strategic view exclusively?
  169. 4 questions and a Civ5 suggestion
  170. Love it or hate it? CAN'T DECIDE
  171. Stuck at Retrieving Host Information - Internet Multiplayer
  172. How Does One Use The World Builder?
  173. Is there team continents?
  174. Can you recomend me some game like CIV?
  175. two questions
  176. The AI seems to intentionally set out to upset you
  177. Better auto-explore mode?
  178. AI Military Decisions
  179. Question For Moderators
  180. important question
  181. Wars Take Too Long!
  182. City states: Exploit or AI Problem?
  183. Too many Resources?
  184. Settlers alone are 99% dead meat, suspicious ?
  185. "Oh noes, its Monty.."
  186. Help "getting" the AI?
  187. Scoring nonsense
  188. For Those Who Haven't Bought CiV
  189. Unit maintenance costs
  190. Congratulations to CFC for getting us FREE DLC! (the mongols)
  191. Is there a reason to build a farm?
  192. Blast From the Past: CivFanatics Forums from November 2005
  193. How many Turns it takes for AI to set up Fishing Boats?
  194. Bonuses from formations
  195. Free Ghengis Khan and Mongols Oct. 25th
  196. City State bent on conquest
  197. Resource Expansion - Synthetic Resources
  198. Air unit capabilities
  199. Military camps/outposts
  200. So beakers don't overflow... does production?
  201. Okay CiV has problems...what mods are you all using to 'fix' it?
  202. Uranium
  203. The Mongols are Coming!
  204. Crossing the Sea
  205. hmmm....
  206. AI capitulation is getting out of control
  207. What change would you want most in the next patch?
  208. Should workers be able to build marshes or otherwise change terrain?
  209. Which Of The Video Settings Gives You The Most Bang For The Buck?
  210. May have been listed, but no city states say not met
  211. Cavalry [Mounted] -> Tank [Armored] Upgrade using Ancient Ruins
  212. Will we be able to use Babylon\Mongolia in MP?
  213. Longest Golden Age?
  214. maybe it's not the AI afterall...
  215. Map Dimensions?
  216. How to make a mod for civ 5?
  217. Manifest Destinty Achievement?
  218. CiV DLC - What is acceptable?
  219. Maritime CS > farms? Why?
  220. Social policies - immersion problems
  221. The smartest thing the AI did to you
  222. Roleplaying Leaders.
  223. abundance of strategic ressources?
  224. Which Civ title has the best nuke explosion animation in the series?
  225. Cannot select units from Military Info (F3) screen
  226. Where can you see whats your "stance" to other civs?
  227. Interview with Firaxis' Dennis Shirk!
  228. How to enhance the AI for better play
  229. 1st Victory at Deity. Now gimme some fixes...
  230. Mongol screenshot analysis
  231. 4,99$ For Babylon
  232. Please, give us Civ 4.5
  233. 'Raging' Barbarians?
  234. I think you should have to research enough techs to advance an age
  235. I did my Part---HA!
  236. Poll on time between turns.
  237. How to convince angry customers that Civ5 is AWESOME!
  238. How to get mobile infantery before gunpowder
  239. Where are the city state diplomacy themes stored in the files?
  240. Opinions on CivV
  241. Revised "Next Turn" Button - images
  242. Crash upon loading savegames
  243. What Civ V seems like to me
  244. Starvation!!!!
  245. Why exactly does everyone hate Steam?
  246. What do the numbers listed for each civ on the Diplomacy screen mean?
  247. Difficulty
  248. New to CivFanatics
  249. Forum Acronyms
  250. Holy Carp! - I've Actually Been Defeated!