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  1. Can't upgrade gifted unit (which should be unique)
  2. Cannot trade opponent strategic resources
  3. Governments as well policies
  4. Repeating Colours
  5. Place your bets! The next DLC Civ coming out is...
  6. Does the AI randomly choose someone to hate at the beginning?
  7. Inefficent unit pathing incl. border violations
  8. Why is the AI so bad at Island games?
  9. At-a-glance info would be useful ... images
  10. Why do people take it personally?
  11. Civ V Personal Pro/Con list
  12. Is there a way I could change civs colors ...
  13. Meta Analysis: How popular IS civ 5?
  14. Civ 5 Mac
  15. Civilization V confirmed for Mac!
  16. Really, Rami? One civilization's self denial
  17. Finally finished my first game -- That was underwhelming
  18. is there a way to check your progress on achivements?
  19. Bait & Switch
  20. Military units should be capable of "conquering" hexes
  21. How does unit defense work?
  22. Problem with city states and Total War
  23. I think you guys are gonna want to see this video
  24. In the interest of fairness.
  25. Civ 5 criticism looking beyond the detail
  26. Installing without internet: heeelp!
  27. Will Civ V's flaws ever be fixed?
  28. Who's betting we get the patch this week?
  29. Conquered cities lose hexes
  30. How does score work?
  31. List of music in Civilization V
  32. I have Civ 4 and 5...I've never played either...
  33. Steam News: PC Gamer UK podcast
  34. If future Civ5 expansions add 'layers of complexity,' will you buy them?
  35. Paying customer satisfaction
  36. Confused...
  37. Emperors new clothes
  38. No, a unit does NOT need orders
  39. What do you dislike about civ 5?
  40. Marble trading and effect on production.
  41. I don't understand....
  42. Idea: Wonders stronger. need/use resources.
  43. Capital lost but enemy did not attack
  44. How would you implement espionage or religion?
  45. When was the last time you played Civ 5?
  46. Guns, GERMS, & Steel?... and CROP CITIES?
  47. Best Civilization/Leader in CIVILIZATION V (October 2010)
  48. Resource needed to build unit question
  49. Tactical AI will be updated in patch (official)
  50. Unique units gifted from city states
  51. A relatively easy way to make the AI "smarter"
  52. Buying Negative Influence from City States.
  53. Nuking the unexplored space reveals the area
  54. Rebuilding improvements on foreign territory
  55. Building (rail)roads for other civilizations when in war
  56. Score decreased dramatically after finishing the game
  57. Culture not showing up in tooltip, science is
  58. Missiles not military units?
  59. Yield giving up information about other Civilizations!
  60. Attacking "naval" unit with other naval unit
  61. AI having great difficulties setting up fishing boats
  62. Who Don't like Civ 5? Who would pay for another Civ 4 expansion pack?
  63. Custom games how do you do it?
  64. How to rotate view/camera in Civ5?
  65. Planning mask - for tile imp. and units
  66. Are you going to buy CiV DLCs?
  67. Display Glitch then Lockup
  68. Who here remembers MoM's Wraiths?
  69. Ever destroy a civ cuz they got on your nerves?
  70. Civilization 5 - 50% off!!! soon on steam
  71. Mod Game not saving
  72. Venn Diagram Secrets of the Masters
  73. Does the AI not get happiness penalties like we do?
  74. Best time to Tech Rush?
  75. Fixing Magical Maritime Food (ala Sullla)
  76. Never ending trades
  77. AI never colonizes in terra
  78. Why DLC Scenarios may be better than the Game
  79. Horses should add +1 Road Movement
  80. Eeeeeasy Immortal Victory
  81. Two interesting Tales
  82. Leaders not animated.
  83. CIV5 enormous loading time between turns
  84. Why I can't wait to get Civ V
  85. make the interface smaller?
  86. My vision of Civ VI
  87. Can't the AI even beat you with spaceships?
  88. Lack of Information
  89. How many ciV copies has been sold?
  90. Walking Gait
  91. The Civ Console feel
  92. Italian: Workshop Improvement Missing Icon
  93. Upgrade to Musketmen?
  94. Open ground penalty.
  95. Is the patch going to coincide with the DLC?
  96. Generals and units
  97. In which we give real-world justification for Civ V's game mechanics
  98. Wondering if you agree?
  99. AI Trust
  100. 1upt once more... ignoring AI faults
  101. CIV V A good idea with a horrible concept
  102. Subs can't go within enemy borders?
  103. Anyone miss privateers?
  104. Civ VI - radical departure required
  105. Diplomatic victory = Economic/war victory ?
  106. Balance of Power and the Art of counter insurgency
  107. Making Great People interesting
  108. Is Civ5 calculating city defence incorrectly?
  109. DirectX 10 vs 9
  110. Yet another opinion on Civ V vs Civ I - IV
  111. Balance Mods: Which to choose?
  112. Cultural Victory comparision: IV and V.
  113. Multiple Players on one Computer?
  114. I was attacked on Turn 0!
  115. Big City Names
  116. Removal of Global Warming
  117. Geographical Name Overlay
  118. 2civ DLC pack is coming in december!
  119. Can't Understand Civ 5 Diplomacy? Help is here!
  120. Who's to Blame for Civ V?
  121. What do you build first?
  122. Alt+tab much?
  123. Why do people hate this game?
  124. One unit(per civ) per tile?
  125. Saving Multiplayer LAN games - CIV V
  126. Is there a way to...
  127. My thoughts after playing ciV
  128. One Man's Take
  129. In city,1 ground & 1 naval unit , can't attack with ground unit.
  130. How do I ungarrison my units in Cities?
  131. As a huge fan of CIV4 when is the :):):):)ing patch coming out?
  132. Why haven't you bought Civ5 yet?
  133. Balance discussion (AI) with no city-states
  134. I Miss Civ Addiction
  135. AI expanding fast on huge maps
  136. What features from older games would you like to see in Civ V?
  137. Disabling animations?
  138. Optimistic point
  139. What we can learn from New Vegas and Civ V?
  140. Proposal: Limited Stacking of Combined Arms
  141. How does this compare to CIV IV?
  142. Patch this weeks?
  143. Question About Roads
  144. Is RB3 proving its point?
  145. what if they will release Civ V on consoles?
  146. suggestion to improve "Play Now" option
  147. The new patch seems to have arrived
  148. Patch is out!
  149. Interesting move Darius, interesting indeed
  150. Unit maintenance costs
  151. Incomplete Installation (10) - God I hate steam
  152. Running out of room question
  153. New Patch causing civ not to start?
  154. removing the 2050AD turn limit.
  155. Eager to hear reviews/results of new patch..
  156. Cannot enable mods
  157. New Patch - Deleting Buildings
  158. Windowed mode problems
  159. ...then tell me why you are here, Monte?
  160. Are past versions of CIV relevant?
  161. How do you download the patch?
  162. AI - is it better after new patch ?
  163. AI on AI Action?
  164. Undocumented balance changes
  165. I notice no performance differences with the patch...
  166. AI better in patch?
  167. after patch: how does the AI manage its units?
  168. Old Faithful should not block ranged attacks
  169. Civ 5 is completely fixed now, better than BTS. You all can rejoice.
  170. Civ 5, what a dissapointment.
  171. Mystery metal
  172. Is it good enough?
  173. OMG Ships!
  174. Anyone else tired of razing enemy cities?
  175. My civ 5 experience so far
  176. Is the Roman Empire too weak in Civ 5?
  177. The game is even EASIER now on Deity - If that's possible
  178. The Patch Killed my Saved-Game Files
  179. Panzer General System vs Call to Power System
  180. New patch--Now no Mods!
  181. After the new patch, does the AI now build air units and nukes?
  182. Turn 64 (normal), Montezuma has a Rifleman
  183. Suggestion for reconciling empire size and cultural victories
  184. General Rant And Request For Pointers
  185. How to change city name?
  186. 'Major River' Tile suggestion
  187. Well, I suck at trying to get the Bollywood achievement
  188. Help with playing my premade maps?
  189. Constructions made by money, not "hammers"
  190. 3 good, 3 bad and 3 hopeless
  191. My harbours are not creating trade routes
  192. The Case of JUMPing Workers
  193. Got to love the animations and sound effects...
  194. Railroad production bonus
  195. No Mods working after patch?
  196. Question about the music (delux edition)
  197. Gifting carriers with bombers to citystates, latest patch (
  198. Gripe 1: Skipping the Starting Film
  199. Did they do something with the Ai?
  200. Gripe 2: Steam
  201. Auto end turn, should it work as I understand it..?
  202. Only ONE guy in the dev team for coding??
  203. Does the AI even try to win?
  204. Alien crop signs in CiV
  205. How to install patch?
  206. Game options gone after patch?
  207. What is your favorite victory condition?
  208. Problem with earth true startlocations
  209. One-sided trades (after patch)?
  210. Remove Civ 5 purchase links ?
  211. I'm so Glad the Slide is Gone
  212. Bismarck declares war on Bismarck
  213. new patch does wierd things
  214. Crash loading modded Saves (NOT deluxe)
  215. can ships pass through fortress ?
  216. Is there a single Civ player who prefers trading posts to towns?
  217. how do you know if an AI civ is frielndly or hostile?
  218. Invalid map file
  219. stop complain guys,its time to say goodbye to civving
  220. Language option gone?
  221. The logic behind software version numbering?
  222. Resource dependent building for weaker resources
  223. Siam/Ramkhamhaeng bonus?
  224. Still no mod menu
  225. I think Firaxis could learn a little something...
  226. Remove civ 5 purchase links ?
  227. Civ V windowed instead of fullscreen
  228. Are there any aspects in which you think CiV surpasses CIV?
  229. Intense way to play...
  230. More and more unique luxury resources
  231. "Unfair" to compare cIV BTS and ciV?
  232. Border expansion
  233. AI combat smarts with new patch?
  234. Colonists and Colonies
  235. Wait for the Modders to Work Their Magic?
  236. Ranged units (archers) are not effective to upgrade
  237. Patch: Roadbuilding STILL extraneously unoptimal, unstraight
  238. Great News!!!
  239. 59 hours in, and I've already lost the will to play
  240. Those who love and hate Civ5
  241. Runaway AI has no idea how to win the game
  242. A few Easy Diplo Fixes
  243. Can't load save game after patch
  244. Do roads earn money for you?
  245. Best version of Civ EVER.
  246. 3 No brainers for next patch
  247. Proposed Mod (Words of War and Wonder)
  248. Boarder Cities
  249. Patch: AI /worse/ at trade
  250. Save Game Edit?