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  1. Early game, roleplaying AI / Endgame, play-to-win AI
  2. The problem with Diplomacy in ciV
  3. Is there a hotfix out?
  4. City state nonesense
  5. 1upt...but what if...
  6. More Civ, Less Fanatic
  7. Trade / Relations Help?
  8. Diplomacy Analysis
  9. Not sure I get pangea
  10. I Believe that Stream's Updates are Crashing My Games
  11. AI units being bombarded by city dont move
  12. A finer grain hex?
  13. Why do you choose you difficulty setting?
  14. ZOMG - chess?!
  15. Helping new Civ players; tips & hints for first games
  16. Quick Combat setting
  17. getting past intro screen
  18. Cities research tech, rather than empires
  19. My game last night, Where did I go wrong
  20. Team Games and the AI
  21. Most powerful early-game civilization?
  22. I'm going to war you so hard, you'll wish I didn't war you so hard.
  23. Gunpowder combat bonus
  24. Possible upgrades for scouts
  25. Changing In game Music
  26. Bazaar Game As Ottomans
  27. Am I just paranoid?
  28. Civ has simply reached the end of its life
  29. Removing 1UPT while maintaining 1UPT flavour (and preserving game balance)
  30. starting position
  31. Patch fixed the slowdown?
  32. Do hills offer defense bonus to cities?
  33. The uncertainty principle
  34. Navigating to other saved game folders
  35. Do you find it more fun to play on a lower difficulty?
  36. Since the update, I can no longer press "R" to show resource icons...
  37. City States have no forces in mid/late game
  38. Modding doesn't fix balance problems.
  39. UN a bust?
  40. Units see further (difference from CIV4)
  41. 4 Vanilla vs 5?
  42. Best Civ to turtle with just a few cities
  43. idea for patch - forlorn defender (garrison)
  44. OCC Question
  45. .62 / .621, Coal no longer a strategic resource
  46. Happiness - what was Firaxis smoking?
  47. Steam Global Gameplay Stats
  48. Check this out - amazing genius AI! must see...imagine if this was in Civ6
  49. Capital should automatically get 50% railroad bonus
  50. Land Unit Combat idea for 2 UPT
  51. Diplomacy between AI Civ, pact of secrecy and cooperation, etc...
  52. Make puppets worthless, make courthouse cheap
  53. AI Radar?
  54. How to Reward Small Empires
  55. Sieges
  56. bored at Immortal frustrated on Diety :(
  57. Strike Fighters???
  58. Diplomacy Wins Feel Like An Exploit.
  59. 1k Achivements
  60. Of oil and coal
  61. Future and Space
  62. Pre-orders
  63. Just noticed my tile purchased not updating.
  64. Keshiks, bombards and promotions
  65. Citadel Hell
  66. Civ 5 Multiplayer
  67. What would a better diplomacy model look like?
  68. Don't lose your aircraft to razed cities
  69. AI Tactics
  70. Kublai (Khan) - the international version
  71. Warnings about city states that aren't city states
  72. Edit Keyboard Shortcuts
  73. AI taunts: cause for worry?
  74. Getting the Games we enjoy
  75. City states disband units?
  76. Question about graphics
  77. What do you Love about Civ V - Join the love fest
  78. Nebuchadnezzar's Great Scientist
  79. The future of civilization
  80. Screenshots of Civ V
  81. Is Catherine looking for Siberian riches?
  82. A city state requests a road between our capitols.
  83. Civilization botnet
  84. How much would you pay for a New Civ? (DLC)
  85. Air Power is alive and well in Civ V
  86. The future of the Civ5 community
  87. How to download new patch and mongol through steam?
  88. Graphics : Leaders
  89. Modern Era Warfare
  90. Cormorant
  91. Difference between game speeds?
  92. Play by email
  93. Quick List of Dirty things in Civ 5
  94. One hell of a complain about Civilizations.
  95. Hagia Sophia and Macedonia
  96. Inconsistent Diplomacy in
  97. Civ5 should have taken Civ Unique Ability idea from.. CivRev!
  98. Unit types need modifiers to reflect their realistic usage
  99. Let's get rid of workers . . .
  100. Ankor Wat / Culture cost of adquiring new tiles reduced by 75%?
  101. Current Version
  102. Combined arms problems
  103. Silly Civ 5 pic
  104. Puppets in the game...
  105. Winning in Civ 5
  106. Soren Johnson's Blog
  107. im on my third/forth post, and i have a great idea for this board
  108. Brief Analysis of Sales Data between Civ Rev and it possible impact on Civ V
  109. Start Bias
  110. 'Conquest of the World' Achievement
  111. Still can't delete buildings...
  112. Scenarios may "save" Civ 5
  113. Good, bad and crazy AI - boredom and cultural questions
  114. New Social Policies
  115. ICS: Love it or hate it?
  116. 1st days worth of observations...
  117. attaining a new era,
  118. Build queues?
  119. Where are units?
  120. Science system
  121. So, apperentl people have no actual clue about Macedonians, and Greeks.
  122. Fractal map
  123. Anyone notice that the great wall doesn't cover your entire territory?
  124. Building walls cuts off all trade routes?
  125. Build: repair city health
  126. Cant enable mods
  127. Riflemen +100% vs Mounted
  128. Hit and Run
  129. New Civs?
  130. Queued production after research
  131. Death on the plains
  132. Idea: Let us abandon roads
  133. Global Market Values?
  134. Diplomacy Text Quirk
  135. how to speed the game play up
  136. ICS: A list of factors that contribute to its success
  137. Why put out an unfinished game?
  138. The AI Naval Power
  139. PolyCast Episode 103: "For What It's Worth"
  140. AI nukes?
  141. Military Units
  142. wrong tile yields on the map.
  143. Tile improvements
  144. No City Challenge.
  145. Razing cities cancel national wonders and Not possible to puppet after viewing cities
  146. Do you like the new embarkation?
  147. Have unique civilizations develop later in the game rather than at start
  148. Civ 5 war acadamy?
  149. Barbarian Hordes
  150. AI Warmonges - Funbreaking
  151. To play or not to play, conundrum.
  152. I LOVE this game!
  153. Renewing open borders?
  154. AI happiness = difficulty balancer?
  155. City States gift Khans as Great People
  156. One City Challenge-quick question
  157. button - I laugh at you.
  158. Movie screen and hidden assets
  159. How do you start the Utopian Project?
  160. Buying multiple buildings in the same city question.
  161. When is it worth building roads?
  162. Will Civ 5 impact Civ 6 sales?
  163. AI refusing to make peace with human player
  164. Does anyone build lots of buildings in their cities?
  165. Most & least favorite RUIN bonus?
  166. why not 64 bit version????
  167. Naval healing (minor issue)
  168. What am I doing wrong?
  169. Surveyors
  170. HELP! Upgrade Units - How???
  171. Possible work-around for crashing when loading/starting new game
  172. Can we please fix the yield display?
  173. Game hangs after building every second wonder
  174. Game will not launch - fixed by reinstallation
  175. How is unhappiness for population calculated?
  176. AI's Great Generals
  177. Funny Name
  178. 104 Hours Later CiV Reflections
  179. City-state gift units with experience
  180. How do I disable auto-unit cycling?
  181. max civilizations on small map
  182. Whats the deal with the AI when on teams?
  183. How to annex puppet cities?
  184. change in starting locations?
  185. Civ 5 Vs. Civ 4 BTS+ RoM:AnD - a final conclusion
  186. Why wont any of my mods work?
  187. How to make small empires capable of withstanding large ones...
  188. The Cold Hard Truth
  189. IMO not including penalties for Social Policies was a mistake
  190. What is the AI doing ?
  191. what's better, tanks or planes?
  192. Allow picking of tiles for culture expansion
  193. Rename a Unit and add flags to them
  194. Any news on next patch?
  195. Mongolian Scenario - Thoughts?
  196. Is Multilayer for Civ5 possible? if so, how?
  197. Worst Civilization in Civilization 5
  198. Blue Marble?
  199. Question about Mods.
  200. My Thoughts (Not expert)
  201. Diplomatic Pact
  202. The incredible shrinking social civilization
  203. Do you play your losses to the end?
  204. Movies that make you want to play civ
  205. Civilization as roleplaying game
  206. Does (Map-)Size matter to You?
  207. Panzer General Forever - proper scaled 1upt
  208. What's wrong on that picture
  209. Large map. Not one single mountain.
  210. AI war and diplomacy - It is one dimensional
  211. What is strategic balance?
  212. What do you do when the AI surrenders?
  213. Playing to win, AI playing to lose?
  214. How to view whole map from start?
  215. seaports question
  216. French Culture Win
  217. Montezuma is a funny guy...
  218. Ramakamanang - no special achievement?
  219. How about a simple Tax Rate option?
  220. Just one more turn???
  221. Firaxis's grand conspiracy theory to fool us and rip us off!
  222. What Difficulty do you play on (most of the time)?
  223. how long to set up a new game?
  224. CiV Music Question
  225. Questions about City State mission to build Roads
  226. What's the reason behind denying CS to be razed ?
  227. Do you want an increased penalty for razing cities?
  228. Instant Heal Promotion Issues
  229. How do you feel about having to use Steam? (Poll)
  230. Can you improve the criteria for smack downs?
  231. Fighters and planes healing
  232. How should maritimes be nerfed?
  233. What are your recommended mods for Civ 5 today?
  234. Great General Range
  235. AI "afraid" ??
  236. Diplomacy...or lack thereof
  237. Worth playing again?
  238. God damn this game is good
  239. Civ 5 unplayable post turn 200
  240. Adding new diferenciations to already existing civs
  241. Is there a cost to unit usage?
  242. Poll- Is AI better in new patch ?
  243. nooby question
  244. HTML version of civilopedia
  245. New unit stacking?
  246. Fixed units should garrison after settling
  247. How to unlock the AI's secrets
  248. Sniper unit
  249. Civ 5 vs Rise of Nations
  250. Spearmen vs. Tanks