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  1. Some questions on Civ5
  2. Why is ICS good for civ 5 but it wasn't for 4?
  3. Where in blue blazes did you come from?
  4. Describe the CivV civs in three social policies
  5. Anyway to turn off Quick Combat after the map has started?
  6. Rivers on tiles instead of in between
  7. Disable the ESRB warning
  8. Civ 4 graphics compared to 5
  9. Civ 5 Should not have required Steam, some new thoughts
  10. Civilization social network
  11. Total Beginner, Need Help
  12. Conquest of the World steam achievement
  13. Civ 3 Settlers Spotted in Civ 5
  14. Language translations for leader sayings
  15. What does Civ V have against builders?
  16. Research & Wealth & Production & Looping again.
  17. Late game takes forever to progress
  18. Civilopedia - rearranging data
  19. Anti-Climatic Space Victory...
  20. If Civ leaders were real life actors...
  21. Where's my Top 5 Cities screen?
  22. Some concerns with 1 unit tactics
  23. Well...huh?
  24. Where to look for my achievements?
  25. Civ 5 Development
  26. What is the formula?
  27. In my emperor level game ai is still dead
  28. Enlighten me modders!
  29. Jpeg of Earth map sizes
  30. Escorts and GPs
  31. New Civilizations are coming
  32. Can't rebase aircraft to carrier!
  33. random mangled geometry in DX10/11 mode
  34. General Consensus on Civ 5?
  35. What do you dislike about civ 5?
  36. Civilization V has been nominated for Best PC Game by the Spike VGA Awards!
  37. New mode of doing religion
  38. change hexagons to octagons
  39. My [[very late]] First Impressions {long post}
  40. rail roads
  41. The usefulness of luxury resources should not be so limited
  42. Battleship Vs Missile cruiser
  43. Civ V will Never Have Colonization spin-off (
  44. New Civs
  45. Why can't we get real 'Future Techs'?
  46. Continent's a piece of cake - Pangaea though is amazingly tough!!
  47. Brilliant sneak attack
  48. I hope this is just a phase I'm going thru
  49. Editing number of max turns?
  50. Funny caption contest
  51. Workers management is a chore
  52. AI, blame me for your fault
  53. Speculate on Inca and Spanish UU/UB/UA
  54. crash at turn 148
  55. Achievement Suggestions for ACE
  56. Where's the Mongol DLC?
  57. Condensed Maps idea (maybe for Civ 6?)
  58. How to put a colon in a trireme
  59. Firaxis, please, add this feature to the UI...
  60. Horses and Iron - A use in the modern age?
  61. New LPer in Town. . .
  62. Where's the Civ V Info?
  63. Do overflow resources carry over to the next research or production?
  64. the build army achievment?
  65. How do I turn off the 3D diplo screens?
  66. Civlisation 5 has some annoying aspects about it
  67. What does this mean?
  68. Bet: after the beta test is over a console version will be released. Anybody agrees?
  69. "Major civs to destroy: X" pop up with mods..
  70. Yet more crash dumps.
  71. Mods dissappear
  72. I've just been invaded by a civ on another continent!
  73. Naval AuI (Artificial Unintelligence)
  74. Quick Patch Question
  75. Reality Check
  76. Art of Sub Warfare
  77. ModBuddy upload "Failed with code - UnknownError"
  78. Okay, have searched and not found how do you escort a settler?
  79. Copying Babylon is Piracy?
  80. Civiliopedia gone horribly wrong..
  81. Forge only working on Combat units
  82. TGA sucks, what were they thinking?
  83. Ugh, backstab or just more AI stupidity?
  84. Ancient Siamese Rifleman
  85. Why are cities not included in unit cycling?
  86. Civ 5 wishlist!
  87. Disable enemy movement?
  88. The neurological basis of why Civ V is boring (and Civ IV was not)
  89. Advanced game
  90. To Those Wishing For The Demise Of Civ 5
  91. How to improve Puppets
  92. got a quick question about puppets?
  93. How to cancel deals?
  94. AI won't negotiate peace when facing extermination/ AI negotation balancing
  95. unit layers?
  96. Lets talk about oil....
  97. Loading multiplayer saves in singleplayer?
  98. In the spotlight or not?
  99. Diplomacy Info - what does it mean
  100. Wierd situation
  101. What is your favorite goody hut combo?
  102. An Alternative way of handling difficulty
  103. I must confess...
  104. Possible change for Happiness Buildings
  105. Diety... turn 29 Stonehenge lol
  106. New Victory conditions
  107. You can't save in multiplater games?
  108. Reasons not to sign a Pact of Secrecy
  109. Songhai Cities
  110. Mobile SAM/AAA in city garrison
  111. Civ5's Biggest Weakness
  112. Solution to Happiness
  113. Civ V Music
  114. Civ 5 World Builder...
  115. Cost Of Next Social Policy
  116. Anarchy and Social Policies
  117. HTML Civilopedia
  118. Civilopedia 5 online
  119. Which game do you prefer?
  120. The Leaders' Reaction to War
  121. quick question re: updated mods
  122. Earth map
  123. Non emotional city participation
  124. One City Challenge on Immortal Beaten
  125. ICS best of the best!
  126. Likes & Dislikes of Civ 5
  127. City-State Easter Egg
  128. Mysterious Free Social Policy
  129. Fan Noises drowns out gameplay enjoyment.
  130. No resource from allied CS?
  131. Why civ4 fun and civ V not
  132. Motto
  133. Just fix the game !!!!!
  134. Is Civ V for War-Gamers?
  135. Pangaea Map
  136. What do Civ5 opposers still like in Civ5?
  137. A way to stop ICS and make the game more interesting
  138. Civilization: The Board Game
  139. instead of stopping ICS, bolster Builders
  140. Resources Question
  141. Culture - Is there an AI cheat here as well ?
  142. Multiplayer a mess!
  143. An argument for why vertical city growth is too slow
  144. Treat culture as a yield, like science
  145. Civilization wide food
  146. My ICS Solution
  147. Handling ICS and other thoughts
  148. The Mac version is out!
  149. Back to square 1?
  150. unhappines per specialist
  151. Sid Meier's GDC2010 talk, obviously the Civ5 devs didnt listen.. Why?
  152. Mac version of Civ 5 is released, still no new patch :(
  153. can anyone help me with this im not very good with computers?
  154. Why Did You Kill Civilization Jons
  155. Personality types and traits
  156. When do you implement Social Policies?
  157. Should I buy Civ V?
  158. Elizabeth Deity Strategy
  159. CIV5 diplomacy is poor
  160. Civilization V + Die Untergang
  161. Civ 5 help question
  162. Multiplayer Lan One Copy?
  163. Why can't I liberate city-states anymore?
  164. For those who don't play the game anymore... Is Civ5 salvageable?
  165. Did I read that right? Mac CiV is free?
  166. Buildings and tile improvements for the next expansion
  167. Fundamental pitfalls of CIV5
  168. Remove the Chat Box (Clean up screen)
  169. long waiting times
  170. Anyone see AI uses Tanks & Battleships?
  171. So this game was 'optimized' for 4 cores?
  172. Road/Railroads cost/mant.
  173. What will Civilization 10 be like?
  174. Science victory movie fantasy
  175. Do you regenerate your maps?
  176. My Fog is black and blocky
  177. Aircraft
  178. Permanent Alliances
  179. New DLC-when/which civs?
  180. Has anyone else noticed the new Achievements?
  181. Mod suggestions?
  182. Suggestion on Social Policies
  183. Civ 4 City Buildings
  184. Bored? Frustrated? Try a lower difficulty...
  185. I get so tickled
  186. Boom like an Egyptian!
  187. Difficulty level
  188. The Leaders' Reaction to Defeat
  189. Fighters and scouting
  190. Is there really something new in Civ5?
  191. Why is the colosseum better than the circus, theatre, stadium?
  192. What are you playing until the next patch?
  193. Civ 5 Demo
  194. Maybe I *have* been thinking of Civ5 the wrong way!
  195. Babylon - Can someone please tell me...
  196. Maritime relationship decrease and missleading food calculation
  197. City orders use incorrect mouse button
  198. The AI did not build a single city!
  199. Hiawatha Must Die!
  200. Zombie/Fallout Mods
  201. Immortal & up: gift units should arrive following turn, not 3 later
  202. A question about the harbor.
  203. Looking for help/advice with cultural strategy
  204. Is Civ5 salvageable? Yes or No poll
  205. Bought Civ V waiting for it to 'bloom'
  206. How to decrease chppiness in DX11 ?
  207. I didn't think it could happen
  208. Defensive Pact: Just there for show?
  209. Neat little video (animated history)
  210. What is wrong with the 5th game in franchises?
  211. Strange city expansion
  212. Whats population for and whats the cost of a specialist ?
  213. Enyone beaten deity yet ?
  214. Isreal Civilization?
  215. No Iron
  216. Game fixes still not out ?
  217. civ revulations console game vs civ 5
  218. civ5 markets vs civ 4 villages for money
  219. kinda wish that city states and barbarians
  220. Monopolies on Luxury Resources
  221. I know why the AI sucks with out the abilty to cheat
  222. Space Race Victory
  223. Happiness
  224. Idea's for making civ5 a better game
  225. Why does everyone hate CIV5?
  226. Game Settings that could help the AI
  227. Mod Buddy Crash
  228. Cruiser missiles
  229. Why Im Happy that Im not happy with CiV!
  230. Babylons/mongolians multiplayer
  231. Which Civ has least Merit to be included?
  232. Civ 6 using DLC in a good way?
  233. File uploading
  234. Opening or the Trailer?
  235. PolyCast Episode 105: "Off-Kilter"
  236. Runaway civs - the poll version
  237. Why is Civ5 so unappealing?
  238. Bollywood Achievement
  239. How much Penalty vs Naval?
  240. The Funny Leaders Thread!
  241. Cities leveling up
  242. Capturing city with Burial Tomb fails to double Gold or the Steam Achievement
  243. How to get "Connected" to a city state?
  244. The latest patch
  245. Hate Civ5?
  246. Domination Victory?
  247. fun
  248. Achievement Progress
  249. Approval Rating; How does it work?
  250. Back to the Future: 10 Problems with Civ3