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  1. Who can you trust?
  2. Earth Maps in general and Montezuma UB.
  3. To buy or not to buy?
  4. Rebasing mod badly needed
  5. Favorite "defeated" animations?
  6. Nerfing RA's
  7. June/July Patch Notes
  8. Germany and Ottos got buffed
  9. Happiness Post Patch
  10. AI empire to collapse ?
  11. Strange idling during AI's turn.
  12. This new patch seems to be going the wrong direction, balance-wise
  13. Social Policies (Under Upcoming Patch)
  14. PolyCast Episode 120: "Pounce Like a Tiger"
  15. Thoughts about Ottomans and the new patch.
  16. This new patch seems to be going the RIGHT direction, balance-wise
  17. Does Your Leader Have a "set" Personality?
  18. denounced for being backstabbed
  19. Nameing units
  20. New RA formula
  21. Archers useless to promote?
  22. two patch changes I love
  23. One thing that I just don't get.
  24. Idiotic AI war declarations in latest patch
  25. Reading the patch notes properly
  26. Analysis of Happiness in new patch -- cheaper!
  27. "Baseline" game?
  28. How do I attack cities with bombers and guided missiles?
  29. Whats up with the soundtrack?
  30. Patch changes- Good or Bad?
  31. Civ5 needs a War Room like Civ4
  32. Will AI ever manage a navy or a naval invasion?
  33. Newest Patch?
  34. What?
  35. why is this even called a patch?
  36. Whats CiV will U play: New Patch
  37. Maximum City Border
  38. The new patch and Arabia
  39. Last chance to deity victory, and I cheesily grabbed it
  40. Whats the purpose of lancers? need buf?
  41. Why a world war against me?
  42. Workers reset
  43. Finding the right mod: The easy way to improve your gaming experience.
  44. Rant: Mongol Achievments
  45. Syd Barrett as Russia
  46. War problems
  47. Micromanagement....
  48. So we're getting stone as a brand new resource, eh?
  49. To Firaxis - a pre-patch petition for boosted goody huts
  50. Terrible desciptions pasture, quarry and plantation
  51. Editing Game Files...
  52. Second culture bomb delay is nullified by reloading a save
  53. What triggers the city demanding a luxury resource?
  54. Is the next patch where Civ V should have started?
  55. can you win above prince without cultural means?
  56. so is hotseat coming in or not?
  57. Civilization 5 Expansion
  58. 2-range siege units not good enough on the field
  59. State Religion
  60. Help! I am addicted to marathon/large.
  61. rename units?
  62. Natural wonders
  63. Your Civ5 traits!
  64. Players, how much experience do you have in the Civ-series?
  65. New patch and diplomacy
  66. Upgrade units with hammers
  67. Steam unable to sync... Error
  68. Moving units with left mouse; right click menu
  69. Will the patch nerf Tradition?
  70. Text error advisor: Fl Gardens for China
  71. reaquest for a deamon race for civ 5
  72. Battle animations in hotseat?
  73. What is your favorite Civilization game expansions included?
  74. New Patch??
  75. Diplomacy and the AI?
  76. What will you be doing untill the patch comes out?
  77. Porcelain Tower.
  78. Hotseat and Mods
  79. Early AI / CS Relationships
  80. This is just ridiculous
  81. Huscarl???
  82. Anyone else feel... cheated?
  83. Civ-specific unit skins?
  84. DIY liberation
  85. why rebels pillage stuff and act like barbarians??
  86. is there a way, in this world, to repair relationships?
  87. Has CivV improved significantly since launch?
  88. POLL: most annoying thing in diplomacy
  89. Which aspects do you prefer?
  90. Comparing Civ V
  91. Wait... What?
  92. three musketeers
  93. The Social Policies (Order)
  94. steam and achievements
  95. Starting Solo
  96. Trying to be constructive.
  97. Earth maps
  98. Lag a& AI question
  99. Greece influence's CS from the grave
  100. how do specialists work?
  101. PolyCast Episode 121: "Not Just a Lame Clip Show IV"
  102. Upgrading Ranged Units w/ Range Promotions
  103. Can anyone beat
  104. Eras
  105. ambience
  106. Quick Combat
  107. Is it possible?
  108. Large Number of Cities
  109. Inflation Help Plz !
  110. add ons
  111. negative money
  112. 2 multiplayer game questions
  113. babylon, china, japan, persia, siam and france account for 54% of civfans' preference
  114. for when, the earth map scenario?
  115. POLL: what is/are the civs you hate the most
  116. Golden Age affect trade? Harbors?
  117. AI Serves Up Vicory On A Platter
  118. Haven't played for a while, a few questions.
  119. DLC Recommendations
  120. Is there a way to reset the Hall of Fame?
  121. City tile radius?
  122. utilizing resources
  123. Catherine the Coy, Hiawatha the Obsessive Compulsive, Elisabeth The Snob
  124. Ode to irony
  125. Is this bad AI?
  126. City working citizen limit
  127. Lengthening Research times -only-
  128. How does a city's population change when it's conquered?
  129. City advice
  130. Is it wrong that I can't play anything other than true-start location maps?
  131. Question about difficulty
  132. Patch coming out today!
  133. Patch is Out!
  134. what do you think of the new longsword?
  135. Some patch stuff from in-game
  136. New Patch - First Impressions?
  137. Anyone else not get the UA change from the new patch?
  138. Great Person improvements not providing resource?
  139. Animated Victory Scenes
  140. patch changes - xml number changes
  141. Stonehenge RIP
  142. Research agreements require micro since patch (no overflow)
  143. HOTSEAT - Player 2
  144. NEW PATCH ? - My Stonhange got built in the sea as always. This is a joke.
  145. luxury for gold.
  146. Toggle map -> can't turn on/off hex grid
  147. Angst & Rage @ Patch
  148. The AI is now using Giant Death Robots?!?!
  149. Dear Fireaxis. I've had enough!!!
  150. AI Building Less Wonders?
  151. The UI in general
  152. World Builder Doesnt start
  153. Some puppets are now on default focus instead of gold focus since 332
  154. Are the Map/Civilization packs worth it?
  155. Hadron collider, Panama canal and Three Gorges Dam.
  156. The health benefits of being bombarded
  157. The New Honor Social Policy
  158. Predictions/Requests on the next DLC Civilization?
  159. Achievements- Does anyone care?
  160. Post-patch AI Expansion & Aggressiveness
  161. New patch: ICS-lover's dream
  162. DLC is not in my game - just bought it yesterday
  163. Map trading
  164. Convert gold to culture?
  165. Patch: Broken keyboard shortcuts?
  166. Graphics Card Help...
  167. continents plus and city states
  168. patronage nerf
  169. Autoplay Firetuner
  170. Great Library gives 18 gold per turn
  171. How quickly do cities regenerate health now?
  172. Super Aggressive AIs O.o
  173. Post Patch Snag List
  174. AI attitude after patch
  175. AI doesn't build improvements - again
  176. Viking Scenario pre patch - post patch.
  177. diplo vic and city states
  178. Liberating conquered Civs
  179. FREE library
  180. Hotseat implementation and quality
  181. Suggestion for future patches on City States and Civs
  182. Multiplayer Game - Level Selection Saving
  183. Should there be more incentives for conquering city-states?
  184. Managing happiness doesn't seem to be as difficult post-patch as I thought it would b
  185. Barbarian archer AI...
  186. Civilization V: The Mobile Game!
  187. New Patch and Loading Times
  188. At which point do you know when you should raise the difficulty on yourself?
  189. Mouseover and combat recap questions
  190. new patch. Your first three....
  191. Hot Seat?
  192. Question about Legalism
  193. Wow, Honour is very useful now!
  194. Worth it, after recent patch?
  195. Hotseat: invalid number of players
  196. Hotseat: cs rep carries over to player 2
  197. How many games do you not finish due to slow CIV5 software?
  198. Hotseat: focus locks on scroll
  199. Demand option in diplomacy screen
  200. [] a couple of things
  201. What do you think of AI behavior?
  202. A question about roads and research agreements
  203. Great people from 2 different cities - can they come out together?
  204. 3-way war issue
  205. Liberated Civs Still Ungrateful in 332
  206. Thank you for your "crude map of the surrounding area"
  207. Steam sale: 33% off Civ 5 and all DLC (until July 10th)
  208. What DLC is most worth it now that they're all 33% off on Steam?
  209. Raging Barbs for AI Players
  210. Multiplayer Option Freezes Game
  211. Trading with the AI
  212. HOTSEAT - Map location
  213. Save game sort by last modified. Broken
  214. Cache and ModUserData
  215. Multiple versions in the MODS folder
  216. EndCombatSim event
  217. The AI can take cities now!
  218. Tanks!
  219. God Bless America!
  220. What is up with this latest upgrade to Civilization 5?
  221. CIV V Jargon explained
  222. Rate the June patch
  223. Why cant both these cities build a stoneworks?
  224. How Many 'Shafernators' are there?
  225. Problem with Liberations?
  226. Happy days for Large/Huge map lovers
  227. Civ V 66% off (offer over)
  228. Fishing Boats
  229. Roleplaying Civs and the Policy Tree
  230. I love Continents Plus but...I want to settle islands too.
  231. guidance
  232. Razing Cities
  233. Missing Happiness from Notre Dame
  234. Civs' UUs and UBs...
  235. So ... what exactly is this 'flanking bonus'
  236. How to get more civs in a map
  237. Someone seriously needs to create a TSL map based on Asia soon...
  238. Destroyer visibility limited to two (2) hexes?
  239. break-even point of Free Speech
  240. [UI/.332] Economic Overview UI is not providing exact value of cost per each unit.
  241. [UI/.332] Recent patch effect is not reflected on Economic Overview UI
  242. [] AI civiliations declare wars on conquered civilizations
  243. How do I get out of this black hole?
  244. city state barb hunting bonuses
  245. Is the AI massively overvaluing Open Borders...
  246. PolyCast Episode 122: "The Proof Is In The Pudding"
  247. On Trade and Transportation
  248. Instant heal exploit
  249. Air and Sea units getting Barracks bonus?
  250. Late Game Panics