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  1. Do you have a favorite 1st,2nd,3rd,4th,5th promotion for your units?
  2. Denounced for following through on war pact
  3. Civ V Light
  4. Chu ko nu plus logistics
  5. Eliminated player still alive
  6. Culture bombing during war
  7. Leader Selection Menu Missing Scroll Bar
  8. Question about War Mongering...
  9. In your opinion, what City State should replace Seoul?
  10. Walls od Babylon, do the lose ability if upgraded?
  11. Korea and Ancient Wonders DLC Video!
  12. Steam Achievements question
  13. Graphics settings reset themselves after upgrade
  14. UA Elimination Thread
  15. Improving Civ Name / Land Recognition
  16. Furor Teutonicus and Ranged Units
  17. Sort by modified - default?
  18. Why aren't there more cultural civs released?
  19. Invisible general
  20. Icons of Steam achievements
  21. Spherical Map?
  22. Differences between Civ 4 and 5
  23. I ask neighbour for war pact. He immediately declares war on me instead.
  24. Can't liberate a puppet?
  25. Your Best Civilisation (Game Played)
  26. Korea vs Babylon
  27. Enough DLC, how about an expansion?
  28. The enjoyment of playing Hotseat against yourself
  29. 22 civs, 45 city states...will I ever finish?
  30. Democracy spawns barbarians?
  31. Wow
  32. If your running 2-3 cities is tradition a no brainer or is it debatable?
  33. Building a city directly on top of a luxury resource?
  34. Civ 5 - The Good and Bad
  35. Run Away Civs and Large Civ Science Bonus
  36. Not mutch pep. Playing it?
  37. Ottomans vs Spain vs Bismarck
  38. Afraid?
  39. Ultimate uniques combination
  40. Plains river start.. Hill river 1 hex over. Move?
  41. What civilizations/scenarios/maps are best for beginners?
  42. The Open Borders Renewal Failure
  43. August Patch ( is out!
  44. How devastating is it when you get beat to a wonder by a couple of turns?
  45. How is This Even Possible?
  46. DLC release time
  47. Luxury Resource Imbalance
  48. Negative City-States Influence
  49. Razing cities in culture games
  50. Switching on/off DLC content?
  51. Matches
  52. Manufactory bonus
  53. When is the DLC coming?
  54. Medic promotion
  55. Reverse Cheats/Exploits
  56. Best Scenario so Far
  57. How are end game scores calculated?
  58. The official DLC complaints thread
  59. First Game Post-Patch
  60. DLC is on Steam
  61. Korean UA - Specifics
  62. [B]Turtle Ship Doesn't Promote at Navigation?[/B]
  63. Turtle Ship Doesn't Promote at Navigation?
  64. Korea scenario: Civ vs. Age of Empires
  65. Fixed autocracy:
  66. Do you favor the left or right side of the honor tree?
  67. Utterly random terrace farm bonus
  68. Have research agreement with Washington but he DOWs me, do I get my money back?
  69. Manufactory connects, but doesn't improve gold?
  70. Korea: First Impressions
  71. Why are city states considered worthless in multiplayer?
  72. Korea power ranking
  73. What is 'scientific wonder' for Korean UA?
  74. The game would be more interesting if city states sometimes acted alone.
  75. About the "rants"
  76. Buff Manifest Destiny!!!
  77. Patch was supposed to decrease backstabbing?
  78. Inca/Spanish scenario-what does it consist of?
  79. Turtle Ship makes sense historically...
  80. and - River Bridges on Land
  81. Discussion of methods for increasing the value of navies
  82. SP for Domination
  83. Tile of Death
  84. Buying tiles vs founding new cities
  85. Piety seems weak because rationalism is so good
  86. Done with Civ 5...maybe
  87. Anyone still not like tradition after the patch?
  88. Should you ever use great scientist for tile improvement? (maybe korea?)
  89. Beginning strategy
  90. N00B question
  91. I didn't know about this.
  92. Still worth playing online?
  93. City State alliance to England ahem, correction, Unmet Civilization
  94. Aztec's UU: Immortals
  95. What Civ should I play next?
  96. DLC Model Discussion
  97. (Samurai Invasion of Korea Scenario) An Easy exploit exists to win
  98. Where is the fountain of youth?
  99. PolyCast Episode 126: "Dividing by Zero"
  100. When do you stop burning GL's for a GA's? 6 turns?
  101. Best Tech Civ?
  102. Having crashes trying to load saves, help please
  103. Beginning Questions
  104. Best open strategy?
  105. Explain this...
  106. Montezuma a.k.a Psycho Monty
  107. Is it usual?
  108. Patches / Expansion Packs for civ V?
  109. - Random Black Streaks on Leaders?
  110. Scout can't embark anymore?
  111. Earning Achievements While Using Mods
  112. your favorite and least favorite civ
  113. Had to laugh at the AI during Diety (first win)..
  114. I leave civ and PC run idle - civ crashes
  115. Free DLC - Deity Survival Challenge
  116. What kind of DLC would you guys like to see?
  117. Can I download DLCs???
  118. War Too Easy with CS Allies?
  119. Do CSs always raze captured cities?
  120. Winning peacefully
  121. Lighthouse effect incorrectly described
  122. Bad idea to ally with CS unless you take patronage?
  123. Civilization losing its charm in late game
  124. Mongols Scenario - turn off combat animations?
  125. Korea is my new I the only one?
  126. Worst/Best Neighbors
  127. Is there anyway to play a hotseat world map with fixed start locations
  128. Anyone else hate the insta-heal promotion?
  129. I miss spies
  130. Do you prefer liberty or tradition?
  131. Renaming Replays
  132. Cerro de Potosi
  133. Science Victory way faster than cultural victory?
  134. Puppeting isn't helpful
  135. Do you find war-less games to be boring?
  136. Temple of Artemis + Landed Elite - can someone confirm this?
  137. El Dorado founded!!!
  138. Spamming Tile Improvements?
  139. Ideas for Civ commercials
  140. Uranium missing and Apollo program cannot be bulit
  141. Choosing Map-Design on scripted Maps
  142. Worst and best of AI civs
  143. Ganescom Starts August 17, Will Firaxis be there?
  144. "Player 1's Warrior"
  145. Terms
  146. The cause of the lack of jungles
  147. Anyone misses the Civ III scenario editor?
  148. Are AI civs programmed to expand directly AT you?
  149. The AI got really aggressive with the patch..
  150. Inca : Great Civ, or Greatest Civ?
  151. Trading: AI's Items Section Hidden
  152. AI not trying to avoid loss?
  153. Do you think hit or miss civs like spain and germany are boring?
  154. Wonders Civs Expanded to Main game
  155. 383 - disappearing promotions?
  156. How much time does it take one game?
  157. [] Can't enter CS territory
  158. [] CS only gives you GG (and no other Great People) with Educated Elite
  159. [] Out of bounds ranged attack damage with Oligarchy SP
  160. [] AI Great Generals unescorted to "defend" tiles not fixed completely
  161. [] AI send workers unescorted near enemy
  162. Spying on the AI
  163. What maps are used when setting maptype to random?
  164. The game doesn't remember map settings?
  165. Hot Seat Issues - Tied up trade, wrong/missing visuals
  166. Korean Civ + Ancient Worlds Civ BUNDLE?
  167. AI and City States
  168. Any solutions for lag????
  169. Advanced Options in game start
  170. [] Defesnive Alliance causing Allied CS to declare War
  171. AI rarely expands! Por que!?
  172. Is this correct?
  173. Make Settlers Obsolete
  174. Viewing The Happiness Impact of Deferred Annexation
  175. I raze 2 cities and my next SP stays the same (still 25 turns)?
  176. If you capture many low pop undeveloped cities in early wars do you raze or puppet?
  177. Has AI gotten any better?
  178. Social policy cost
  179. Civ V Reference Charts thru patch 383 - NEW LINK
  180. Should I buy Civilization V?
  181. Why not fix this? - desperate peace treaty turning a A+ thriller into a D- farce
  182. AI makes his battle moves the same time..
  183. Question about speed
  184. Disappointed In the United Nations
  185. Denouncing the AI...ever a reason to?
  186. How to get to REAL Normal difficulty?
  187. Scenario scores messing up hall of fame
  188. Pangea vs Continents
  189. Attentiont o each and every individual unit at end turn.
  190. Which Civ in Civ 5 deserves a redo more than any other?
  191. My suggestions for coastal cities
  192. Hanging Gardens anybody?
  193. Settler Warfare?! (Combat AI)
  194. [] AI puts its range units in first line of fire
  195. What mods do you use and why?
  196. Immortal: Less room at map generation?
  197. best tiles to build cities on?
  198. Natural wonders name change in sdk
  199. AI never goes for the new world?
  200. Should units always do a minimum of 1 damage?
  201. Help Me w/ Domination Victory
  202. A quick question
  203. War AI Needs Help
  204. On wich difficulty city states start to become difficult and strong
  205. Free GP Imbalance?
  206. boring early game
  207. Master of the Universe achievement
  208. Barbarians
  209. Need more control of land auto-acquistion choices
  210. Zero growth with Very Unhappy modifier does not work correctly
  211. Ra blocking
  212. music in civ 5
  213. Askia/Deity beeline Chivalry or get PT?
  214. Improvement build times?
  215. Any actual use for the Order social policy?
  216. [] City center yields not being counted in total city yields calculation
  217. How do you reset your HOF?
  218. Erm... how many civs / city-states did I start with?
  219. Civ V is great.
  220. Lag? Help!
  221. What is causing my 2 move units to only get 1 move in enemy territory?
  222. Should I give Civ 5 another chance?
  223. AI not affected by Social Policy restrictions?
  224. Whats new since release?
  225. Civilization V leaders defined by traits
  226. Twisted Polynesian Pangea maps.
  227. What civ is the one the gets the most undeserved bad rap?
  228. City Names and City Ruins
  229. When warmongering do you leave 1 city so no diplomatic hit or just conquer the civ?
  230. Genghis Khan vs. Genghis Khan
  231. Stacked armies
  232. City States : Prince should be Normal -
  233. I had 6 aluminum but only 3 useable?
  234. How do you organize your cities? Do you have a production one? gold one? a science?
  235. Save Games - From Other People
  236. Civilian movement restrictions
  237. [] Dead Civs UN Votes showing
  238. Does the AI get culture bonuses as well?
  239. Civ 4 & 5 Differences: The List
  240. Are there any civs you avoid playing because their too overpowered?
  241. After many tries, I won my first King difficulty!
  242. Worker keeps requesting new order even though it was still improving
  243. Quick observatory/Machu Picchu question.
  244. Change Request - Let us name units
  245. Your most frequently build wonder
  246. Your most frequently built wonder
  247. [] Hot Seat - Mt. Fuji lost its culture
  248. AI Monty's success!
  249. It hurts to not pay attention
  250. Buffs instead of nerfs