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  1. No copper.. hmm...
  2. Will you play the tut before jumping into your first game?
  3. Australian Gamer Preview
  4. Culture
  5. Random elements in Civ
  6. New Preview with video preview
  7. Not impressed with the tech tree from a gameplay perspective
  8. Strategy Informer Civilization V Preview
  9. What will be patched first?
  10. Health's Replacement
  11. Wot!! No Terra map...
  12. Civ5 in China
  13. Diplomacy options
  14. What civilization would be best for OCC?
  15. video interview with producer
  16. preview (5th Aug)
  17. Gameinformer info about mods
  18. Why does everyone like individual unit promotions?
  19. Idle Thumbs Podcast impressions
  20. Does this picture confirm no wonder movies in Civ 5?
  21. When do we get to find out those two free DLC civs?
  22. CIV5 lacking resources?
  23. Mortal Combat?
  24. So of the things announced until now what is making you likely to buy this game?
  25. Modding requests.
  26. Underpowered Civ abilities?
  27. Fort / Airport / Harbor tile improvements?
  28. What Civs would you add as DLC, and what would their abilities/UUs be?
  29. Something VERY important and often underrated: realistic terrain placement
  30. Civilization Street Fighter Turbo Alpha?
  31. Can I bomb roads and railroads?
  32. Should faster units be allowed to ignore zone of control?
  33. Pre-order special Edition UK?
  34. Getting rid of workers
  35. Lets chop down the Siam rainforest :-)
  36. Dear 2K: Regarding Azazell's Screenshots
  37. What civ will you play as first?
  38. preview claims cant rename cities.
  39. Health?
  40. Unit Transport over water.
  41. Social Policies sound really good.
  42. Overlooked economic bonuses
  43. Taking Land without Taking Cities?
  44. Mac
  45. List of Civilization unique traits and effects.
  46. Multiple Units / Single Unit Graphics
  47. Landscape altering - idea
  48. Potential strategies
  49. Reformation: doesn't it encourage abuses
  50. Why we keep comparing Civ 5 with Civ 4?
  51. A very hard choice (which laptop?)
  52. 2K people - Any news soon ?
  53. What game level will you play at first ?
  54. Cuban Islationists on CIV5?
  55. Improving home tile for a city
  56. civ5 64bit informatiom
  57. Crossing the North and South Poles? (Hex Globe vs. Mercator?)
  58. Has the Demo release date been mentioned yet?
  59. Adopting Social Policies
  60. Game mechanics improvements
  61. 1680x1050 resolution?
  62. Diplo screens feel ... lonely
  63. Speculation on what River Warrior bonus is
  64. Ocean cities in expansion?
  65. Why the Barringer Crater?
  66. How removed features could be implemented
  67. DLC vs Mods
  68. Land units on water - can they attack cities from water?
  69. Rock Paper Shotgun 10th Aug -More thoughts on Civ
  70. How with automated movement work with no stacked units?
  71. City State at War
  72. Gamasutra Interview - "Building Civilization V"
  73. Artificial Intelligence
  74. What You Gonna Get?
  75. culture related starts and city states
  76. Confused about workable tiles
  77. Anyone else skeptical?
  78. Is it possible to choose city states?
  79. random events
  80. Use of Roads in Hostile Territory
  81. Non-City Culture Question
  82. Multiplayer
  83. Low tech or high tech tree?
  84. A Possible Modding Group
  85. What civilization do you think will be the most powerful?
  86. Special Edition is cheaper at Best Buy Canada
  87. No Modern Archer like Unit?!
  88. Civ 5 - no special Edition in the UK?
  89. civ5 Combat and Odds (Video analysis)
  90. Speculations about 2 civs in the first DLC
  91. Full zoom out - Global View
  92. River blockade?
  93. New Unit mod
  94. City states alliance
  95. Ranged combat and mordern warfare
  96. Which CIV4 mods you would love to see in CIV5
  97. Civ5 Installation - Disc Only / Disc + Steam
  98. Changes to Buildings: Upkeep and Effects
  99. Warmongering buddies
  100. Natural Resources + Realism
  101. Map ideias for CiV
  102. why are the clouds shapped like hexagons?
  103. What box art do you like better?
  104. So what city-states are you missing?
  105. Farms and Plantations
  106. Conquest victory
  107. Modern city razing
  108. zero production tiles and terraforming
  109. Which is the strongest UU in CiV?
  110. Destructoid hands-on preview - 12th of Aug
  111. Map size
  112. Will Civ V run under VirtualBox?
  113. Civ V mod wishlist
  114. hands-on for pro players
  115. Raychul is interested ...
  116. CIV V for MAC Users
  117. Connecting resources with roads still in?
  118. Some questions about combat
  119. Favorite Leader Choices
  120. Barbarian Units and side-flipping
  121. Community Feature: Worker Improvements
  122. exactly what is there to be excited about
  123. Solutions to Late Game Boredom?
  124. Heh?
  125. Movies for Civ'n
  126. How does the lead-up differ for you from 4?
  127. Preview by Tom's Games (in French, 6 August)
  128. Preview from Jeuxvideo (in French, 5 August) with 26 new screenshots
  129. [Skeptical] the mighty GIANT DEATH ROBOT!!!
  130. Potential wonders
  131. Any news from Cologne?
  132. what your excited about part 2
  133. Wonder/Project Maintenance
  134. Rather than removing religion altogether ...
  135. The AI CHEATS! (Admitted to by Sid) lol
  136. Wow. No Babylonains for me unless I pay for delux edition and d/l the game?
  137. Advances should be cheaper as more civs discover them
  138. YES! One way Open Borders Policy!
  139. Has Firaxis finally learned to balance the game?
  140. Zombie Apocalypse
  141. Trading Post Graphic(s)?
  142. Hitler rants about civilization V
  143. Switching Languages and Censorship
  144. What a difference five years makes
  145. strategic resources
  146. playing city states
  147. Diplomacy Modifiers (how much they <3 you)
  148. Super modular mods.
  149. Alpha Centauri
  150. Potential civs for upcoming mod
  151. All this modding is making us kind of spoiled...
  152. How strong is AI going to be?
  153. Best video card
  154. I never understood the purpose of Factories...
  155. No religions or corporations in CIV 5?
  156. Multiplayer Question
  157. Mac question.
  158. Lets Talk how strategies already appear to be dif from cIV
  159. Parody of a Civ
  160. Size of maps
  161. What's up with the Hoplite?
  162. Diplomatic Victory (AI behavior)
  163. What worries you the most about the Civ 5 yet?
  164. Where's Israel?
  165. Optional Technology Limitation
  166. Possible cheap strategy.
  167. Civ 5 AI
  168. Mod idea: Public opinion
  169. The Civ V trailer is such a tease!
  170. a few questions
  171. what does the "utopia" wonder do?
  172. Ever-Changing Landscapes
  173. Civ5-like trailer
  174. Any Civ V Expansions planned?
  175. Natural Wonders on non-Earth-type maps?
  176. Waiting for Official Civ V Podcast and Modding!
  177. Totally minor thing but: lightning in the fog of war.
  178. I wonder how city states get where they get:
  179. Cottages and Trading Posts
  180. Questions about early game
  181. Do Forts have HPs?
  182. "Research Agreement"
  183. Units consume population when produced?
  184. Natural Wonders look awesome.
  185. Any speculation on how the history replay might (I HOPE) be improved?
  186. Look at this Screenshot!
  187. Flatland Production Improvement
  188. [Japan] Nation for WARMONGERS!!!
  189. [Civilizations] KICK ASS of ASS-KICKED!
  190. Tech tree discussion
  191. Monopolizing resources
  192. Super secret unit revealed!
  193. Civilization V Expansion Idea - Global Economies
  194. If a Civilization is featuring as a City State...
  195. nukes for city states?
  196. Civ+UU idea
  197. Did either of the 2Ks ever confirm DLC?
  198. Combat formations
  199. Why is religon so important to you?
  200. Buy Civ5 for its price tag or wait until later
  201. CN Tower wonder.
  202. any sign of the Terra Map?
  203. Dubrovnik not a city-state?
  204. Are you happy about no tehnology brokering?
  205. Gamestar new screenshots from Gamescom
  206. You gonna build that road or not?
  207. City State Idea: Mercantilism
  208. India will be a MONSTER!
  209. Cold war scenario
  210. Is it much to ask for different unit graphics for different civs?
  211. City States=Barbs
  212. Epithets?
  213. staging areas
  214. Apolyton interview with Jon Shafer at Gamescom (Aug 18)
  215. Is it just me, or, is anyone else worried about the French?
  216. Dutch preview with some new screenshots (Tweakers, August 19)
  217. Wish you a HAPPY war!
  218. Big Ben Wonder
  219. enhanced trade
  220. Gamescom video on
  221. Will Great People be more useful this time ?
  222. Dont spoil the Super Secret Unit, keep it to yourself please!
  223. Does Civilization 5 have global warming game design?
  224. Merging (hurt) units
  225. Tunnels through mountains
  226. Civil collapse
  227. GamesCom Impression
  228. Look what Civ did to us
  229. Don't make CiV too colorfull !!!
  230. what makes the B-17 so special?
  231. What you want/expect in a demo
  232. May we please have...
  233. The crazy runs deep
  234. Mohawk Warrior speculation
  235. Guess the Demo release a prize
  236. The ultimate future tech
  237. Super Secret Unit: Is it really this obvious?
  238. This is a little apprehensive
  239. Things You Are Afraid About Civ5
  240. Secrecy Pact
  241. CE/SE..whats the Civ5 alternative??
  242. Another Gamescom writeup
  243. Civ5 Nuclear Missile (Atomic bomb video)
  244. Are there ICBMs in CiV?
  245. The single thing hyping you most now!
  246. Where is all the game footage?
  247. City-State Sugar Daddy - or micromanaging city-states
  248. Favorite Civ?????
  249. I just got civ v! [thread locked]
  250. civ5 tech support