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  1. What do you want the double civ + map pack to be?
  2. Is "Art of War" really the best choice for China?
  3. The Civ V Expansion Wishlist v2.0
  4. Will UAs be leader specific?
  5. Apolyton hands-on preview - Aug 21
  6. Civ5 Diplomacy - how will it work?
  7. What language does Ramessess II speak?
  8. Need More Information... LEADERS
  9. One
  10. Singularity as an alternative "tech victory".
  11. Human wave attacks.
  12. question on hex tiles
  13. What are you dreading about the Civ 5 release?
  14. gamescon pics
  15. The (failed) VIP group (Gamescom, again)
  16. Thoughts/Information on Start Bias?
  17. So. Why has the word modifiable been replaced with moddable?
  18. Apolyton blog on Ancient and Classical Cultural Policies in Civ5
  19. World Age?
  20. DRM and online activation?
  21. Poland should be in it has great story. And what leaders I would like to see
  22. Why is future tech so short in the new civs?
  23. Idea for the worker unit and doing improvements
  24. So, who is taking Civ V release week off?
  25. Leader'head' (Leaderbody?) accents
  26. Strategy Informer interview with Jon Shafer
  27. The Bomber unit compared to Stealth Bombers
  28. How will map imports work?
  29. Late-game strategic resources
  30. Amphibious Assault Ship
  31. Babylonian special ability
  32. More ancient/medieval warfare options
  33. What I am happy to leave behind:
  34. What civ are you going to play first?
  35. Special Abilities for New Civs
  36. What's the deal with Longswordsmen?
  37. UB's, any ideas...
  38. Anyone know a decent cryogenics lab?
  39. Pre-order question
  40. It says we can only purchanse unclaimed tiles?
  41. Gold ?
  42. Civ 5 Demo (when)?
  43. Are SP effects cumulative?
  44. Will it be possible to play ciV with a PCI video card?
  45. Question about civics
  46. Civplayers Civ5 League 2.0(Civ5 league) open beta started.
  47. We'd still respect you if you release the demo early
  48. Question to 2K: Russian language
  49. how will collateral damage work?
  50. Game speed: too fast?
  51. artillery and aerial support
  52. Barbarian Animals
  53. Civ V mystery unit mentioned...
  54. Tech tree ideas
  55. Exploring + 1UPT
  56. Podcast Episode 7: Battles and Gameplay Galore
  57. Legendary Start?
  58. Air-raids and city structures.
  59. OCC Speculation
  60. A PENALTY from flat land positions?
  61. Ideas for a fantasy/magic mod
  62. tech research
  63. I had a dream last night
  64. too few strategic resources?
  65. Russia looks...
  66. Sun Never Sets
  67. Civ5 and chess
  68. ZOC needs to be reformed
  69. Happiness = Corruption/City Maintenance
  70. Babylon + 2 Unknown Civs Pre-Order Question
  71. Podcast 7: Battles and combat.
  72. light unit/heavy unit dichotomy?
  73. Fall From Heaven 3?
  74. since the map editor is standalone
  75. No way to play on older hardware.
  76. Coolest Name In-Game
  77. Manifest Destiny - What's the advantage?
  78. Brainstorming: Marathon-based Mod.
  79. Civ5 in Steam Top Sellers of the week
  80. Multiple Units in Cities
  81. Do we know if units can hide in forests?
  82. Will 2013 bring a Civ 5 - SMAC conversion ?
  83. Drug References
  84. PC Gamer UK Review
  85. The Porcelain Tower
  86. Electricity: and alternative system
  87. the ONLY thing from Civ3 I wish were in Civ5...
  88. Civ 5 and new game features.
  89. Cities' ranged attacks
  90. Jon Shafer's interview @ Gamescon by Jeuxvideopc
  91. No Diplomacy Info In game?
  92. THis is old, so many likely to have seen, but the REAL diplomacy game details:
  93. Question - Annex a City?
  94. Which Civilization seems best suited to "engage" City-States?
  95. Question on how steam works
  96. A Few CiV Questions -mostly about social policies
  97. Rushing Production with Gold/ Why no Foriegn Trade Routes?
  98. How to deal with rebellions?
  99. Interview with Jon Shafer at gamescon (DUTCH)
  100. What happend to the tiles of a captured city?
  101. Civ5 and Steam, quick question.
  102. Implications of an ingame mod browser
  103. 13 things we love ...
  104. Talk to me about Civ V
  105. Combat Question
  106. Canals
  107. List of Great People in Civ V please?
  108. Empire-wide happiness = more natural mix of city sizes
  109. Civilization V Demo Release Date: 21st of september
  110. City States Question?
  111. Leader mods
  112. Can You Run it?
  113. strategic view question
  114. CivAnon contest
  115. US Manifest Destiny
  116. Predictions....
  117. Switching and buying production
  118. How Long Will it Take You to Win Regularly on the Highest Difficulty Level?
  119. Torture captured spies to gain essential intel
  120. Problem with leader choices.
  121. When might we get a chance to look at achievements?
  122. New category of Great People: Great Educators
  123. Conceptual Identity
  124. The Civ IV hatred runs deep for some...
  125. Boxed DVD Copy Anyone?
  126. Is anyone else worried about possible time constraints for ciV?
  127. can citystates grow?
  128. globe
  129. Firaxis is sooo screwed -- Judge: Video game addiction suit can go on
  130. Create your UA (funny)
  131. Civ 5 Demo
  132. Does anyone know about what scenarios will be in Civilization V
  133. Social Policies
  134. Mod idea: Barb and City-state tech trees
  135. Giant Death Robot in Civ !?
  136. Amazon guide Sept 10 (postponed)
  137. Icons not very iconic?
  138. Is the game shippied with a real manual?
  139. Idea for Augustus' Theme (Real Music Included!)
  140. Bitmob on the mod browser
  141. Civ 5 - What Future Expansion Unit / Feature Additions Do You Want
  142. Diplomacy Victory Question
  143. civilopedia please
  144. My Modding Tool Wishlist
  145. Patronage
  146. CIVILIZATION 5 BETA (not a demo) release date?
  147. Prerelease Download of Civilization V?
  148. Suggestion: Resources have impact on research
  149. will civ 5 be released at best buy
  150. hexs and border pops
  151. What is your Utopia?
  152. Would we please have GREAT BARBARIANS in Civ V?
  153. Some stuff I would like to see
  154. Multi Core use and the AI?
  155. Borders/Culture Mechanics Question
  156. Askia Mohammad
  157. A warning now, OR don't cry later. This is to save you some aggrivation.
  158. Totally AWESOME book to tide you over until release!
  159. For an expansion: History play Civ5
  160. VE3D preview
  161. Best preview
  162. Landsknecht Question
  163. the waiting
  164. Talk to me about Victory conditions and if any can be disabled.
  165. Choke points vs funnels
  166. PC Gamer gives Civ V 93%
  167. Fun Civilization Speculation Time!
  168. Multi-civilizations deals
  169. Movement question
  170. How the heck does a city get taken w/ a unit still defending in it?
  171. Civilization V's Social Responsibility (Community feature; manual example; 31 Aug)
  172. PolyCast Focus: "Civilization V" with Jon Shafer and Pete Murray
  173. Leaders
  174. Pay to Play: Mods
  175. Will Play by Mail be Play by Steam?
  176. What sort of Mod do you think would be the bet fit for CiV?
  177. Will I be able to run Civ5?
  178. Conquering capitals/ liberating?
  179. For the sake of the Civ Mod Community DONT BUY CIV5
  180. CiV's ugly borders
  181. civ soundtrack preview?
  182. War weariness?
  183. limited resorces
  184. Civ V - Will an Elvis return?
  185. Civ 5 - Combat Unit "dying" question
  186. First battles in Civilization 5
  187. Unit Naming and New Civs Modding
  188. Can city states declare war?
  189. Jon Shafer interview on Bitmob - modding in Civ 5
  190. Concerns about Trading Posts
  191. Civilization 5 Website...some civs don't talk?
  192. Realistic Approach Institute
  193. What happens when you loose needed resources?
  194. Pirates
  195. Concerned about happiness transitions
  196. Just cancelled my preorder of Civilization 5
  197. List of civs that won't be in expansion
  198. Are strategic resources of variable quantity?
  199. If religion returns in a Civ5 expansion...
  200. Improved Trade Routes
  201. A call to dj_anion to make a CIV 5 guide
  202. Collector's Edtion Dimensions?
  203. CivPlayers Civ5 Cash Kickoff Contest!
  204. Good Bye Civ4
  205. National Wonders
  206. Why is the science advisor African?
  207. Instruction how to cancel preorder
  208. Who's gonna make a let's play of Civ V?
  209. Pointless and silly over the top rant #5687
  210. Leaders "Roles"
  211. Petition : Change trading posts to towns!
  212. Advanced Start
  213. Cool civ 5 pics
  214. Haida/Pacific North west First nations Civ
  215. other players
  216. Playing Civ 4 not Satisfying right now
  217. Civ5 fan art thread
  218. I have been away
  219. Demo Release Date?
  220. A Confession of Faith
  221. ciV Modern battle video
  222. Missing units from Civ IV
  223. Opinions on 1upt
  224. Ranged Bombardment makes a come back in Civ5
  225. Civ5 at PAX
  226. Dragon Ball (Z) Mod
  227. Question: citizen loyalty?
  228. Realism and Strengthening of Unit Importance
  229. Surviving after battle question
  230. Is everybody having problems loading the official CIV V site?
  231. Civ 5, what will be taken away from Civ 4
  232. Screen Shot Question
  233. Civ5 Enemy Invasions and Roads/Railroads
  234. Optimal city distance
  235. Variability of social policies
  236. I just pre-ordered the game, and I want to know more stuff about the pre-order bonus
  237. Can air units destroy naval units now?
  238. CD in the drive even with steam?
  239. Nukes in Civ 5.
  240. Will the map still turn into a globe when the player zooms out?
  241. Next Community Feature - What do we want?
  242. globe
  243. Release date moved? (Answered: No)
  244. mods that tag along the game
  245. Fusion + Uranium = GRD ???
  246. France - Industrial / Modern start
  247. Did the sun just set on the British Empire?
  248. Don't Social Policies replace Leader Traits, not Civics?
  249. G.D.R civilopedia
  250. Keith David doing tech voices?