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  1. On the Dresden bombing... part XXXVVVIX
  2. On Holocaust denial...
  3. "Seven Holy Cities of Islam"?
  4. Could the World exist today in its current form without slavery?
  5. Descendants of the Scythians
  6. Tourists endanger legendary Inca citadel of Machu Picchu
  7. Greek History - Alexander etc.
  8. Natural Disasters in Wartime
  9. A guide to 535AD Catastrophe Theory
  10. Why are there so many Chinese?
  11. Ever wondered where your family's ancestors roamed 60,000 years ago?
  12. CE or AD?
  13. The Battle of Tannenberg - First Draft - Reviews needed? :)
  14. First part of Ethiopia's Axum obelisk arrives home from Italy
  15. Hawaiian Soils Reveal Clues To Cultural History
  16. You may be surprise to know that...
  17. I'm Living In A Year 7513 ??!!
  18. Why single out Germany and its Holocaust?
  19. article competition articles now available
  20. After Death or Anno Domini?
  21. Worst Killer in History?
  22. Were the Allied bombings of civilian targets during WW2 a war crime?
  23. Was Austria a German state??
  24. Chicago Style - How do I cite sources?
  25. Vietnam, a lost and forgoten war?
  26. Egyptian Sea Vessel Artifacts At Pharaonic Port Of Mersa Gawasis Along Red Sea Coast
  27. The Men Who Conquered The Most Miles
  28. Jawbone hints at earliest Britons
  29. Medieval Armies VS Roman Legions
  30. was the zimmerman telegram real?
  31. Barbarossa
  32. The most evil men in history: who killed the most?
  33. Any good historical movie recommendation?
  34. Question on Russian Military Uniform
  35. I found a cache of history articles...
  36. Why do Americans ignore Russian space achievements?
  37. WW2 Bombing. How Effective Was it and Viable Alternatives:
  38. The Battle of Assal Uttar (The Full Reply) Indo Pak War 1965
  39. WWII casualty figures
  40. Help with the Crusades history
  41. Taiwan
  42. What if Boudicca had defeated the Romans?
  43. Search for roots of modern images
  44. RTS games and World History...
  45. Explanation for an event in 1755
  46. Somalia's Ogaden region?
  47. In search of a King...
  48. Early humans 'followed coast'
  49. What WWII battle was the main or the most famous?
  50. Roman conquerors had woolly socks
  51. Germany & Japan WWII
  52. The Swastika
  53. The escape of the "Rugard" or the last fight of the Kriegsmarine
  54. Freedom/free will in history
  55. Chamberlain and Appeasement
  56. Failure of the League of Nations
  57. 19th century Italian Leaders
  58. I need to learn about Nasser quickly.
  59. Interesting Historical Relations
  60. Founding Fathers & Mothers: How Many Crossed The Land Bridge?
  61. what was Alexander's the Great's capital?
  62. 17th-century Islamic brassmakers were far ahead of European peers, engineers say
  63. Triple Alliance War
  64. Was World War II worth it?
  65. Reccommendations for an overview of French history:
  66. forum is up and running again
  67. The amateur Colonel of Curupayty
  68. WW2 According to David Irving
  69. Worst American President?
  70. German U-Boats
  71. Drawing uncovered of 'Nazi nuke'
  72. Chinese Battles in WWII
  73. The Causes of the American Civil War
  74. Hitler wanted to exterminate the German race?
  75. Modern day Preussia
  76. Family resemblance
  77. Should Hollywood History Be Allowed?
  78. Research To Investigate Links Between Ancient Greeks And Modern Science Fiction
  79. 40 yr old '007 spy suit' found in NASA bunker
  80. Very Theoretical Question - Modern v Ancient
  81. Small historical riddle
  82. Human Inhabitants Of Madagascar Are Genetically Unique
  83. Weird Similarities Between Historical Figures?
  84. Alternate History
  85. Military Quotations
  86. Questions on Ragnarok
  87. Europe's oldest civilisation unearthed: report
  88. Antique bell is returned to China
  89. Erotic verse sheds light on 'playboy Lama'
  90. Ancient Tribes?
  91. Stonehenge, what is it
  92. Early Glassmaking Site Uncovered in Egypt
  93. The Battle of Kadesh
  94. Western comes from Greek ?
  95. How many races in the world?
  96. Researchable PM-based history quiz
  97. The Zimmermann Telegram
  98. The Worst Mistake in the History of the Human Race
  99. How accurate is the Bible
  100. How Lord Nelson, a methodical and conservative man, became a romantic hero
  101. The Divide & Rule Thread - Definition & Compendium
  102. English redcoats
  103. Why didn't the Romans invade scotland?
  104. The Cyprus Issue
  105. Our Religions: Are they the Religions of Humanity Itself?
  106. Rate Napoleons Marshalls
  107. Neville Chamberlain Re-examined
  108. Favourite Turning Point in History
  109. Civil War authority Shelby Foote dead
  110. The Big Roman Dig
  111. New Museum Exhibit Showcases Ancient Yemen
  112. Good Books to Read on Africa?
  113. Turning Point of the American Civil War
  114. Can Anyone Reccomend any Books on the Outcome of the Napoleonic Wars?
  115. Whats with S and F
  116. A topic about why all the anti communism in USA and stuff...
  117. Footprints of 'first Americans'
  118. Gene study suggests Polynesians came from Taiwan
  119. Lost notes on alchemy by Isaac Newton found
  120. acent egyptians?
  121. Was Alexander, the Great the best leader of all time?
  122. New light thrown on origins of Chinese culture as lost civilization emerges
  123. Munich Agreement-today?
  124. Why is it said that Germany started WW1?
  125. Trotsky murder weapon may have resurfaced in Mexico
  126. Political propaganda
  127. Britain's Roman Army
  128. Why did the Mongol Empire Collapse?
  129. Grover Cleveland, 22nd and 24th President of the United States
  130. To Day In History!
  131. Buddhism and War
  132. Native Lore Tells The Tale: There's Been A Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On
  133. Four Types of Armies
  134. WW2 as an RTS - deleted, why?
  135. ww1 questions
  136. Khazars and jews
  137. Another 'What if' scenario (Chinese navigation)
  138. Most Powerful Religious Order
  139. Guilt (Germany in World War 2)
  140. Rare Pompeii dinner set unveiled
  141. Biblical Scroll Fragments Found in Israel
  142. Iraq & Genocide: Parallels in (recent) History
  143. Best Ever US President?
  144. Mexican Archeologists Find Rare Sacrifice
  145. Jewish Catacomb Predates Christian Ones
  146. The Thousands years old palm seed
  147. Bulgaria unearths Thracian riches
  148. Wicker Man
  149. Constantine's head found in sewer
  150. Further Reading
  151. Help on the Great Depression
  152. Recommend me some books
  153. Trojans Who are they
  154. Great Orme and Stonhenge
  155. Excavations Reveal Secrets of Roman Road
  156. Spanish civil war.
  157. Ancient Iraqi Harp Reproduced By Liverpool Engineers
  158. Mass graves hold secrets of Spain's Francoist past
  159. Rebuilding Iraq……and Japan
  160. Rebuilding Iraq……and Germany
  161. Political cartoons
  162. How Britain helped Israel get the bomb
  163. Roman Legion founded a Chinese City!
  164. Enola Gay should we keep it around?. A-bomb. and Japan.
  165. Writing a Research Paper - Tips
  166. What ordinary men can do: The bombing of Hiroshima
  167. Is it true?
  168. Goal Of Zionism
  169. Blindness History
  170. Historical Book Authors Question
  171. New Analysis Of Pottery Stirs Olmec Trade Controversy
  172. Flight Of The Earls
  173. Soviet Question
  174. War, and nothing but war!
  175. Replaceable parts?
  176. Experts 'decipher' Inca strings
  177. Face of ancient Fiji shows Pacific's past
  178. Famous first names
  179. What would the world look like if - Germany would have won WWI
  180. Panama to display letters from failed Scots colony
  181. Italian archeologists on trail of ancient warships
  182. What Makes a Good Conqueror?
  183. Farthest advance of the Arabs
  184. "Operation Dodge” info needed
  185. Archaeologists Find Ancient Treasure
  186. Fakirs and Saddhus
  187. I need your help master history buffs, I need your help...
  188. Did Japan have the bomb?
  189. Revisonist US Civil War
  190. America, the World, and the Future
  191. The origins of Jeanne d'Arc and other questions about the Hundred Years' War
  192. 1769: Jefferson Proposes Law to Free Slaves
  193. Ancient graffiti from Pompeii
  194. The Charter of Medina
  195. Who was explore America first?
  196. Vietnow
  197. Any experts on 18th century satire/erotica around
  198. Gannibal - Puskin's Great Grandfather
  199. Historical Filth- Honourable Members
  200. Military "Pictionary" Game II
  201. Groundbreaking Research Sheds Light On Easter Island's Ancient Mystery
  202. Mystery of lost Australian PM put to rest at last
  203. Anywhere/Anytime
  204. Customized Ships
  205. Zhang He and The Treasure Ship
  206. Adenauer in Moscow, September 1955
  207. Explorer Says Lost Peru City Is Plundered
  208. Opium
  209. Cotton
  210. Historical Perspective on US Disaster Response circa 1906
  211. Anywhere/Anytime II
  212. Historical Joke Thread
  213. Golden Age of Athens books?
  214. 14th/15th Century Explorers
  215. Question with the Schism in Islam
  216. Late XIXth century ships
  217. Help with Recent Conflicts
  218. Hannibals Elephants
  219. French and Indian War Leaders
  220. Outbreak of the Second Punic War
  221. Book says Cold War KGB had major foothold in India
  222. "Imago Mundi" (The Image of The World) [Reference Thread]
  223. "Imago Mundi" (The Image of The World) [Discussion Thread]
  224. Monotheism: why?
  225. The Iran-Iraq war: 25 years on
  226. Indian Ruins Show Signs of Ancient Tsunami
  227. Who's Worse?
  228. Historical Criminal Cases
  229. Selahaddin: Kurd or Turk?
  230. Greatest British Monarch?
  231. Long-sought Maya City -- Site Q -- found in Guatemala
  232. Could China have dominated the world??
  233. Fabled lost island is rediscovered
  234. Could the Nazi Germans have "Won" the war?
  235. In British military history, who do you think is under-rated?
  236. HBOs "Rome"
  237. HMS Victory versus USS Constitution
  238. Burning the White House.
  239. What If: Western Allies Had Taken Berlin?
  240. Top Tank?
  241. The British Empire
  242. The 1421 Theory
  243. Harappans Civ3 help
  244. Characters in history
  245. Barbarians
  246. In 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue...
  247. chold greece have dominated the world?
  248. History of Warfare
  249. The Youngest Country
  250. Operation barbarossa flash, or something...