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  1. "Parade of Victors 1939" - a Polish documentary (English subtitles)
  2. How do you see Genghis Khan?
  3. More Central Powers?
  4. RAF, Luftwaffe, production, economy and other factors
  5. Mafia and the Cold War politics.
  6. Who in the Justinian Dynasty made mistakes that had the most long-term bad effects
  7. 1920-1922 Could there have been a different outcome?
  8. Homosexuality in Ancient Egypt.
  9. Were Korean Turtle Ships ocean going vessels?
  10. What is the earliest-referred to event?
  11. When was the apex of [American] power?
  12. Wild West forts
  13. Operation Gomorrah: Thoughts?
  14. Indenture System
  15. Russia and Communism
  16. Medieval rights, laws and privilegues
  17. Firebase
  18. Books or sites on diplomacy
  19. Interactive Historical Atlas of the World
  20. Aztecan
  21. Historical regional cuisines that were vegetarian
  22. Peter III and Catherine the Great
  23. WARHAMMER Empire? (formerly known as In England's green and pleasant land)
  24. How long was Case White expected to last by Germans?
  25. The initial steps in colonisation
  26. What do you think about the Chinese civilization?
  27. Discovery of Hydraulic Cement (4400YA)
  28. The Cradles of Civilization in Civ V
  29. Oldest City in Mesoamerica?
  30. Nationalism-fueled history
  31. A question about Austria
  32. Stonehenge Artio, Heelstone Artaius
  33. American (USA) industrial era architecture
  34. It Never Snows in September - the Battle of Arnhem, 1944
  35. Britain and France relationship: Post Napoleonic wars.
  36. Spain in Transition (1975)
  37. Could Britain have prevented the American Revolution?
  38. Towers of ancient India
  39. Ask A Korean on Korean History
  40. Khmer encore
  41. Help me bring ancient Sparta to life
  42. Very interesting book on the history of trade and money
  43. wrong forum-please erase...
  44. Futurism as an architectural style?
  45. Greatest Commander of Alexander the Great
  46. Battle of Chojnice - an anniversary
  47. Military Units and Leaders
  48. Roman Empire vs Han Dynasty
  49. What would have happened if China discovered the New World?
  50. What if China discovered the New World?
  51. Tang Dynasty vs Umayyad Caliphate
  52. Who is the greatest leader in Chinese history?
  53. Scroll Trench Rebar Examined
  54. The age of Ghenghis Khan
  55. History Article: Macedonia and Tzar samuil.
  56. 1204: The Greeks under Latin rule.
  57. A question about the Soviet officer purge
  58. Polish Army 1938
  59. Popes in History
  60. Oliver Cromwell
  61. Steven Mithen's 'Prehistory of the mind'
  62. Best roman empire!!
  63. Surviving World War II
  64. Ethnic composition maps of the early 1860s
  65. Prohibition
  66. Xinhai Revolution - 100 Years Anniversary
  67. Getting Away With Nazi Warcrimes!
  68. Downfall question
  69. Which period of Greek history
  70. Greatest military disaster in Sassanid Persia
  71. Parthian and Sassanid Armies
  72. Revolution, Reaction, Reform
  73. Origin of the Goths
  74. Minoa and Mycenae
  75. New book claims Hitler died in Argentina in '62
  76. The Greatest Women in World History...
  77. Sea fight between ironclads!
  78. Ask a greek about Greek history
  79. How is Napoleon viewed today in France?
  80. Population of the steppes
  81. History of Sailing
  82. Hunter-Gatherer Mythology
  83. Dissapointed
  84. Vampire architecture? Wallachian, Mayar or something else?
  85. The Worst War Ever?
  86. The rapid expansion of Lithuania in 13th - 14th centuries
  87. Financial Panic of 1907
  88. The manchu history
  89. The Young Turks--Precursor to the Arab Spring?
  90. Ancient India
  91. Taoist Chinese Emperors?
  92. How is Alexander the great viewed in the West?
  93. Ethnic identity of ancient Sicilians
  94. Катюша - Katyusha
  95. The saddest war poem in the world
  96. Ancient Astronauts?
  97. Vietnam, My Lai massacre, and fallout
  98. original copy declaration of independence
  99. Garamantes Fortresses found in South-western Libya
  100. Breaking with the Russian Revolution
  101. Thomas Jefferson- Nay or Yay?
  102. How do you think the world would have evolved if there had not been the World Wars?
  103. Frederick II inscription
  104. An old request- surfaced again since we have new people around...
  105. Ancient Greek walls and Fort question
  106. Do Generals make good Presidents?
  107. What are some good books for 18th century warfare?
  108. Did Hitler ever admit to any error?
  109. Aztec temples?
  110. Country-Person Association Game
  111. A Few Punic Sciblings
  112. Interactive Historical World Atlas
  113. Russian Empire in color
  114. Ultimate Warlord Showdown: Chiang Kai-shek vs. Mao Zedong
  115. Japanese small arms: Were they really as bad as we've heard?
  116. Middle eastern medieval fortifications
  117. Industrial USA -last of 2011
  118. Ancient Aztec, Maya or other native american?
  119. Genetic analysis of King Tut and family
  120. What do Mesoamerican historians/enthusiasts think of this?
  121. Support the US Campaign against the genocide of the Burmese people.
  122. Magnum Opus- The building of the Hagia Sophia
  123. I need a large political Byzantine map
  124. Oriental medieval and industrial walls?
  125. Was WWII Inevitable?
  126. What would have happened if France had held the Meuse in 1940?
  127. What would happened if Republicans had won Spanish civil war?
  128. ancient iran
  129. The Rise of Aetius
  130. Female snipers
  131. The Importance of Military History
  132. Greatest general ever?
  133. Bring medieval Portugal to life
  134. Has Religion Slowed Scientific Progress Through History?
  135. Favourite Historical Weapon ?
  136. Most characteristic roman metropolitan building?
  137. Medieval Japan question
  138. Why isn't the Seven Years' War called WWI?
  139. High Medieval Russia
  140. Greek Mythology and Folk Culture
  141. The future of the History subforum...
  142. Medieval English architecture?
  143. World War I and its end
  144. Most Influential Transportation?
  145. Byzantine reconstruction
  146. How technologically advanced were the german "barbarians"?
  147. Tell of Charles De Gaulle
  148. Last One Standing
  149. History questions not worth their own thread IV
  150. So today i started work on a Peloponnesian war mod
  151. Germanic - Celtic relationship?
  152. General architecture thread
  153. 100 Years of Shipping
  154. The Terrible History Thread
  155. Article: Paraguayan Consequences of the War of the Triple Alliance
  156. Victorian British Army Drill
  157. Soviet-German relations
  158. I'll see your Cristo Redentor and raise you a Shumen Monument.
  159. The Mongols could have conquered Europe?
  160. Military hierarchy through history
  161. Let's discuss(and draw) the Holy Roman Empire!
  162. I found the plane! P40 Kittyhawk in Sahara.
  163. Can you compare Japanese interment camps to jewish concentration camps?
  164. 25th anniversary of an epic trolling
  165. I can't find this quote by Genghis Khan.
  166. Carthage
  167. Article: Internment of Japanese-Americans
  168. Justinian's death and the Byzantine conquests
  169. Ioannes III Doukas Vatatzes- Nicaean Emperor and Saint
  170. Most Influential Indian Powers
  171. Genghis Khan as a Person
  172. 2000 year old marble-paved road found
  173. Malinese Rebels destroying Timbuktu
  174. The Great Depression of the 1930s
  175. New Project: Comprehensive List of World Civilizations
  176. Are Huns and Mongols Related?
  177. Modern US Presidential Elections
  178. What if ancient Greece hadn't invented the early version of democracy?
  179. The Michelsberg Culture
  180. Invasion of Attu
  181. Did the US culture bomb Texas away from Mexico?
  182. Do Medieval Muslim commoners read Quran?
  183. Top Ten Medieval Battles
  184. British light forces 1989
  185. Byzantine Empire Nomenclature
  186. WH Cabal meet-up 2012
  187. Several questions regarding tribes, war, and currency
  188. Tongjeon - a bullet firing Korean Hwacha ?
  189. Ribbentrop-Beck Pact - should Poland ally with III Reich
  190. Would the World be Better or Worse if WW2 Never Happened?
  191. Eric Hobsbawm dies at 95
  192. Best Military Leaders of all time?
  193. How did old emperors, kings, tribes and republics declare war?
  194. Frederick the Great .vs. Robert E. Lee
  195. Is history useless?
  196. Why the Roman Empire fell and the East survived
  197. Most Decisive war of the 1800's?
  198. Archduke Charles .vs. Wellingtion
  199. Gen. Iroh.vs.Aragorn
  200. Kirk vs Picard
  201. Pure Pacific War
  202. On "feudalism"
  203. recommend historical fiction thread
  204. Nina Paleys "This Land is Mine"
  205. War at night
  206. Now that PR is going to be a state, will the structure of the House change?
  207. Discussion about 1892-1919 in Europe
  208. Most well defended city in the world?
  209. Mankind: The Story of All of Us
  210. A most Byzantine question
  211. "World War II" as just another standard war
  212. Why starting position/map conditionws matter IRL
  213. The Industrial Revolution ended slavery?
  214. An architectural question, feature found in India, Thailand, even China
  215. Late Neolithic wooden well excavated
  216. Question about Operation Barbarossa et al
  217. Commandos during WWII. Worth it?
  218. Was the Civil War about slavery?
  219. Abyssinia vs. Ethiopia: What's the difference?
  220. History quiz about Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth
  221. North America: The Conflict of Civilizations, 1600-1675
  222. Ani - Historic Armenian city
  223. What would the 1950s think of 2013
  224. CFC's Top Recommended Historical Works
  225. Hitler was No Good at All
  226. Oliver Stone's Untold History of the United States
  227. Edward VII "Uncle of Europe"
  228. Feedback and help with a history simulation game.
  229. Most important technologies from history.
  230. U.S. History Essay Topic
  231. Great military leaders and commanders in history
  232. What's wrong with the Ivy Schools nowadays!?!
  233. What would historic figures think of strategy games?
  234. Egypt in WWI
  235. XX century Ideologies and politics
  236. 16th to 18th century battle maps / schemes
  237. Greatest 5 Polish Things Thread
  238. Greatest 5 Jewish Things Thread
  239. Roman conquest of Italy timeline video.
  240. Did Stalin's leadership do more good or harm for his country during the Eastern Front
  241. Any military leaders that are known for instilling morale in their troops?
  242. History questions not worth their own thread V
  243. How did Poland impact development in the Orient?
  244. My youtube world history series.
  245. Sub Saharan origins for pharaohs (new DNA studies)
  246. War stories from YOUR ancient relatives
  247. Why Didn't They Make a Film/ TV Series About This?
  248. The Historical Basis for Catalonian Independence
  249. Behavior determined by beliefs and values, or by environment in Gun, Germ, and Steel?
  250. Performance of the British army in WW2 - how good?