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  1. almost great captains
  2. How much impact did Qin actually have on China?
  3. roman history quiz
  4. Troops in World War II
  5. Napoleonic Trivia: Generals
  6. Why did the Incas and Aztecs succumb to the Spanish so easily?
  7. If the C.S.A. maintained it's independence...
  8. War with England?
  9. little boy wants to read
  10. Revisiting the Topic of Teutoburg Forest
  11. Top 25 Greatest Tactical Feats
  12. Huh? (or what's up with my history teacher)
  13. Atlantis found???
  14. True Allies? (Russia struggling in WW1)
  15. The Korean War: The Chinese Road to War
  16. News: Archaeologists put humans in North America 50,000 years ago
  17. The Sea People
  18. "Lost" Afghan treasures found
  19. The Korean War: The Chinese People's Volunteers; Through the Gates of Hell
  20. Why do europeans hang on to the aryans so much?
  21. Epirus, the land of which?
  22. The First and Second Balkan war's
  23. Worst small arms of the 20th century?
  24. Louis XVIII
  25. History of Your city
  26. 1421-The year China discovered the world
  27. Russian SDI
  28. Provolution "Forgotten Wars Series" THE CHACO WAR
  29. Overrated great victories
  30. Luckiest victories in a battle?
  31. Assassinations
  32. Have the French ever won a war
  33. I need Historical Indian Maps
  34. Northern opposition to Southern slavery - Primarily moral or economic?
  35. The History of Portugal
  36. Rolo Master's Age of Exploration Quiz
  37. WWI, and Italy
  38. Did the americans really beat overcoming odds in WWII?
  39. Why did the forefathers choose the piramid?
  40. Freemasons: Need a brief and understanding summary.
  41. The rise of Protestant Fundamentalism
  42. Top 15 campaigns in Military History
  43. What is the most important event in human history?
  44. Belisarius army vs trajan or ceasar armies
  45. Help - European History Notes/Outline?
  46. "Death place" victory
  47. Atlantis?
  48. Forrest and Wilson: The development of cavalry in the ACW
  49. Mao Zedong paedophile?
  50. Muhammad's religion?
  51. Materialist sources for the causes of WWI
  52. Worst mistakes made by otherwise competent generals
  53. Which WWII sub-theatre do you find most interesting?
  54. Headless bodies found at mysterious pyramid
  55. How would you have voted in the past...?
  56. WW2 - Japanese victory?
  57. What would you have done?
  58. alternate map of Europe after WWI
  59. The Battle of Las Navas de Tolsa
  60. 1920s USA World Power Emergence
  61. Indochina Sailing
  62. Food and Farming in the 17th Century.
  63. 9,000-year History Of Chinese Fermented Beverages Confirmed
  64. Your favourite historical quote
  65. Messerschmitt Schwalbe vs. Gloster Meteor
  66. Battle of Narvik - On Request
  67. Rome VS The Mongols (hypothetical)
  68. The last flight of the eagle
  69. The Causes of WWI
  70. How did Christianity Become the Religion of Rome?
  71. What is the difference between Turk and Arab?
  72. Favorite small battle.
  73. Historical Filth- When Popes attack!
  74. Most interesting period(s) in history?
  75. Favorite Ancient Civilization?
  76. Favorite Historical location
  77. nadir shah
  78. What if: 1932
  79. Most efficient military machine
  80. The Great filibuster
  81. Is there anything great about theodora?
  82. Rate-that-General
  83. What was Theodora's occupation before she met Justinian?
  84. Samurai History Forum
  85. Who Rescued Mussolini?
  86. Clash of the Ironclads
  87. Women warriors from Amazon fought for Britain's Roman army
  88. 60 years ago today
  89. Yi Sun-Sin and turtle ships
  90. The Battle of the Bees
  91. Napoleonic wars
  92. Which was the most useless nation during WW1
  93. Map of Europe after a german WW1 victory.
  94. One sided victories.
  95. Age differentiation
  96. The point of History?
  97. Sons that outshine their fathers
  98. Successful Counter-insurgencies?
  99. Why Have Jews Been Persecuted?
  100. Striking Similiarities in Military History
  101. Most Defining Moment in History
  102. The Survival of Hinduism
  103. What happened at Caen?
  104. Natural disasters that change the course of history
  105. What factors cause(s/d) civilizations to rise?
  106. Entries sought for military history article competition
  107. war between wars
  108. Conquerors' Hopes Dashed
  109. Sunken American Civil War mystery
  110. The Dog that started a war
  111. On the French Revolution...
  112. Hannibal (General, not the Serial Killer) ;)
  113. Stalin expected peace in Non-Agression Pact?
  114. History of Paris
  115. Weakness in you favorite military
  116. Modern World?
  117. On the Wehrmacht of WW2...
  118. How will Canada be remembered in history?
  119. Archaeologists Shed New Light On Americas’ Earliest Known Civilization
  120. Do you have some noble ancestors ?
  121. Clash in Mongolia
  122. How non-circumcision determined the course of history
  123. Naming
  124. Sikhism
  125. Historical Rumor, is this true?
  126. Modern danger and ancient mystery on Laos's Plain of Jars
  127. Help with quote
  128. New book by Jared Diamond (Guns,Germs and Steel)
  129. What's Your Favorite WWII Tank/SPG?
  130. What is your favorite weapon of all times?
  131. Who is your favorite historical person?
  132. Your top 5 nations of all times?
  133. Your favorite poll?
  134. Your favorite continent?
  135. Who is your favorite mass murder of all times?
  136. Andean civilization endures!
  137. why do people think FDR was bad
  138. (Northern) Europeans are Savages
  139. If the Sami is indigenous to norway where do the other non-Sam of scandina come from?
  140. What is the world's bravest nation
  141. Does anyone know the details for the Mongols invasion plan of Europe?
  142. Greatest traitor in your nations (or anyone else’s) history?
  143. Atlantis
  144. Losing Finland: The Arch-traitor of Swedish History
  145. Hitler's second cousin "defective" -- SS report
  146. Warmongering government
  147. Poor ships, not divine hand, saved Japan from Mongolian invasion
  148. Prohibition
  149. Naval Disarmament Treaties between WW1 and WW2
  150. Russian change in government
  151. The Congo, Cannibals And Wild Geese
  152. Sinking of the Maine- February 15, 1898
  153. Greatest President in US History?
  154. Why didn't Hannibal go for Sicily?
  155. Da Vinci workshop discovered in Italy
  156. Chinese History Forum - take a look!
  157. Japan A-Bomb?
  158. What are the best armies ever?
  159. Design your ideal classical or medieval army, who would command it and why?
  160. Orgonization that requires a terminal illness to join
  161. When did thhe French invade Mexico?
  162. Why did neither the U.S. nor U.S.S.R ever invade Cuba?
  163. "Peace on Earth"
  164. Mongols 101
  165. Uomini Universali
  166. WW2 and Resources/Industry
  167. Ancients Leaders circa 280BC
  168. Striking Corrolations in History
  169. Man Says He Helped Goering Commit Suicide
  170. Was Arymbas II greek?
  171. Naming Conventions of German States
  172. This Day In History...
  173. Tsunami throws up India relics
  174. Vietnam people - what is this?
  175. Did anything good came out from Nazi germany?
  176. Any one know any Arabic?
  177. Most Forgotten or Over Looked Wars in History
  178. Chinese Used Diamonds To Polish Sapphire-rich Stone In 2500 BC
  179. Were the founding fathers of America Christians?
  180. Who Is the Best Tactician Ever
  181. Who was the most evil man in history?
  182. Civil War Army Commanders
  183. Questions about the Ancient Greeks
  184. New Clues Add 40,000 Years To Age Of Human Species
  185. Kites in warfare
  186. WHy did the Ottoman Empire fall?
  187. The Reasons for Terrorism
  188. Which country had the best trenches?
  189. Test shows sticky porridge used to cement ancient Chinese wall
  190. Ambitions over Constantinople
  191. Uigher
  192. Jews of Spain -- Feedback needed.
  193. Flags for 1490 Spain
  194. Controversial Dates Of Biblical Edom Reassessed In Results From New Archeological Res
  195. Best General of WW2
  196. The Schlieffen Plan
  197. Books on Medieval Europe
  198. Capetown
  199. Marco polo
  200. History on naval vessels
  201. Ancient mesopotamia books
  202. Project on Roman Ships and Ship building
  203. Chineses Invasion of Tibet
  204. Hanging Gardens of Babylon?
  205. Most interesting age of history
  206. A Good Stalin/Beria Book
  207. Historical maps
  208. Sending of colonists
  209. Who is Elizabeth Borden?
  210. Who here has/will/or is majoring in History?
  211. Is History a science?
  212. Question: Seljuk Turks
  213. Who was the better man, Robert Guiscard, or William the conqueror
  214. Africa: Rawanda
  215. WW II Japanese submarine
  216. Need some WWI historic sites
  217. Could Russia have defeated the Nazis without Stalin?
  218. Greatest Civilizations of Africa & why?
  219. Leader of Quebec?
  220. history of food?
  221. Who was David?
  222. What do you think?
  223. Nuclear Analysis Reveals Secrets Of Inca Burial Site
  224. German vessels WW I and WW II
  225. The books of Clausewitz and Sun Tzu
  226. Help me with some Napoleonic era Infantry q's
  227. Imperial Japanese Fleet (WW2)
  228. Roman History
  229. collaborationist troops
  230. Oldest Fossil Protein Sequenced: Protein Sequence From Neanderthal Extracted And Sequ
  231. Historic trade routes
  232. Optimus Princeps
  233. Truest Democracy Ever: Soviet Union?
  234. What if the USA hadn't got involved in WW1?
  235. Did Hitler ever plan to attack Switzerland?
  236. Would Germany have won WW1?
  237. Books you'd Reccomend and why
  238. What if Columbus did not discover America?
  239. What if President Bush sr.
  240. some random questions...
  241. The Tang Dynasty
  242. Help of World War I
  243. Yes, Comrade!
  244. Who is this person?
  245. Suez Canal Crisis and West European consequences?
  246. Repeating Flintlocks
  247. Japanese Imperialism
  248. What is Fascism?
  249. Stefan Dusan's territorial gains map needed.
  250. Why exactly did Saddam Hussein invade Kuwait?