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Sep 25, 2004, 04:02 AM
I have no joy with this in OT, and think that's because it's too historical for people to know about :undecide:

I hope this isn't too new for the history forum! Cause if it is, we must have something between history and modern day... we could call it modetory :p

I'm looking to expand my knowledge of post-war automobiles. Actually, I am tempted to buy an old classic entirely for fun... but I want to do lots of reading into it first, because I'm concerned that I don't know what I'm doing. Thing is, there isn't a lot of information :sad:

I have been considering a modified Daimler SP250. I know a little about them, but have nothing to compare the data to, so the knowledge isn't very helpful.

The Internet has not been very helpful because all the sites are dedicated to specific models. If you don't know the models, you cannot find the data!!

So anyway, being in the UK, there is some knowledge of old British cars floating around, but even that is very incomplete (because people don't remember too well). There is definately no knowledge of German, French, or American alternatives :sad:

Here is my thread in OT ( where I explained the types of post-war cars that interest me, but there have been zero replies :undecide:

Can anyone tell me what the alternatives were?

P.S. I want to race it in it in the Sahara* (it seems like a good way to tour Africa) against other cars of the same era. That's why the actual history and period-specific data of the models are important.

* In 1998 there was a tour from London to Cape Town, this got me interested in the activity, but I have only now felt that I want to join in. From that I learned that you must pick the vehicle carefully (popular choices seem to be old Bentleys and Rolls Royce because they have strong chassis). There are regular competitions but ussually they are much shorter than that one.