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The City of

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Information on the City of Odawara
Information Office; Last Updated 710 A.D.
Epimethius, Mayor

General Information
Population: 11 (660,000)
Connection to Capital: Yes
Province: Edo (3)
Governor: Invy

Total Shields: 23
Corruption: 6
Net Production: 17

Production Goal: University
Amount Completed: 39/200
Expected Time to Completion: 10 turns

Build Queue: University

Total Food: 25
Food to Storage: 3
Storage Level: 0/40
Expected Time to Growth: 14 turns

Total Commerce: 26
Corruption: 5
Taxes: 2 (10%)
Science: 19 (90%)
Luxuries: 0 (0%)

Barracks (called Odawara Castle)

Within Walls:
1 Settler
1 Regular Spearman
1 Regular Pikeman
In Hinterland:

Wines (1)
Furs (1)
Silks (2)
Gems (4)

Strategic Resources
Iron (2)
Horses (3)

Growth per Turn: 10
Total Culture: 477
Expected Date of Next Expansion: 53

City Pollution: None
Hinterland Pollution: None
Sources of Pollution: None
Efforts to Reduce Pollution: None

Odawara was founded as an outpost against Roman expansion into the North Roman Plains and Hakone Desert in 1325 BC. It was founded at a narrow point in the major Tibakawa (or Tiber) River, which flows to Rome and enters the Great Eastern Sea near Hispalis, and under the shadow of the great lone Mount Odayama. Thanks to its position on the fertile banks of the Tibakawa, the frontier town quickly blossomed and grew to a great city. To block Roman advances, the Imperial government invested heavily in culture, making the city one of the most cultured in the entire empire, and giving it a library and temple. When the province of Zarnia was divided into four, it was made the capital of the eastern portion, now known as the Edo province. With the recent war in Rome the city has also become cruicial militarily, serving to produce, house, and launch many of the invading brigades of swordsmen dispatched by the Shogun into Roman territory. Since its foundation centuries ago the city has been ruled by the Kekkaron* clan, who control the large (newly constructed) castle in the center of the town, as well as a troop of Domo-Kun** who enforce their feudal rule. The town is important as the capital of the Edo province, namely Odawara Bridge, as well as cultural institutions such as the Odawara Library and Temple. And thanks to the possibility of a status as secondary capital and recent irrigation projects, Odawara has a bright future as one of the largest cities in the empire, and the Capital of the East (Tokyo).

*I am currently torn between this (Japanese for hindsight, while Epimethius is Greek for hindsight) and Wutang, which I consider a good deal funnier. :p
** These are the brown fluffy things. They are my private army, since they are cheaper and fiercer than samurai, which they eat for breakfest (occasionally. More often they eat wheaties). :p

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Pictures of Odawara
Odawara and the surrounding countriside, before the start of the war.
Odawara Castle, Home of the City and Provincial Governments
Old Odawara Temple
Great Odawara Temple
Odawara Bridge over the Tibakawa (Tiber) River, with Odawara visible in background. The bridge is an important crossing on the Tokkaido. Also shown is the Daimyo/Mayor's entourage.
A scene along the Tibakawa River north of town, with Mt. Odayama in the background

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Citizens of Odawara
468,000 total population, the following are noteworthy:
Epimethius (mayor)
JackA (summer residence)

Sep 30, 2004, 08:19 PM
Imperial Court Considering Creating Eastern Capital in Odawara

Voting in the Imperial House of the People has begun on the issue of where to construct the proposed Forbidden Palace, which would serve as a second capital and center of bureaucracy, and Odawara is one of the top contenders. The proposed palace complex, which would cost a massive amount of time and effort, would effectively reduce government corruption in the cities around it and serve as a great honor to its host city, which would be elevated to the status of Secondary Capital. Though some choices in the far north and south of the Empire have been proposed, the recent war with Rome has led many to believe that it should be founded in the center of the continent, so that it could serve as a capital of the soon-to-be-Japanatican Roman territories. As a result, the chief contenders for the palace are Rome, Antium, and Odawara. Mayor Epimethius has campaigned enthuastically for the palace to be built in our fair city, pointing out that it will not be effected by the war the way Rome and Antium will be once they have been liberated from Caesar, and can start construction almost immediately. Rome and Antium, however, will have deminished populations and resistance, and a wrecked countriside and a need to build basic inprovements first. Odawara's high production and central location make it an ideal location for such a palace, and the mayor has already started clearing a large portion of land to house the massive site. He has also invited all the Represenatives to the House to a tea party Odawara Castle, to convince them to vote for Odawara rather than the yet-to-be-conquered barbarian capital of Rome.

Oct 30, 2004, 09:06 PM
Mr. Mayor,

Will the Forbidden Palace be built here after all?