View Full Version : Civ 3 Crashes bigtime !

Nov 26, 2001, 10:24 AM

The first time i played Civ3, not only the game crashed, i also succeeded in crashing Windows XP. (i thought they finally made a decent OS?)
Only thing to fix the problem was power down.
Its not my pc, i have an Athlon XP 1500+ with 512mb DDR ram and a GeForce 32mb DDR

So i installed Windows ME again, played civ3, all went fine.
But now it crashes again !!! I'm playing the really big worldmap with 14 civilizations. Its around 1920, i conquered North and South America, destroyed already 5 opponents, and got my nukes ready to destroy the rest... but that damn game crashes everytime i reload my last savegame.

Anyone else knows this problem? I think the AI in the game cant handle a better human player, coz i was on the winning hand both times it crashed.