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Feb 06, 2005, 09:01 AM
This thread is to list the completed items that will go into the DG6 Constitution. It will be updated over the next three weeks at each article gets voted on and accepted.

Preamble - Pending Approval Poll ( Passed

We, the people of $COUNTRY_NAME, in order to create an atmosphere of
friendship, cooperation, and pride, establish this Constitution of our
beloved country. We uphold the beliefs that each citizen must
have an equal voice in the government and ruling of our country,
that government itself is a construct of and servant to the people,
that rules, regulations, and laws should be established to
facilitate the active participation of the people and to make
possible the dreams and desires of the citizens.

Polls, Amendments and Quorum - Pending Approval Poll ( Passed

All polls shall be public except those types of polls which are specifically designated by law as being required to be private.
The following types of polls, which have the purpose of choosing and/or judging individuals, shall be private.

Polls confirming or denying appointments
Polls to determine guilt or innocence.
Polls to determine sentencing

Only registered citizens are authorized to vote in polls. The results of public polls may be checked against the citizen registry, and votes by people who are not registered may be deducted from the poll results. Any citizen may challenge the result of a private poll by requesting the moderators to verify citizenship of all persons voting, and adjust the vote totals accordingly.

Amendments to the constitution require (a 2/3 majority of all votes cast), or (a simple majority of all votes cast and a number of votes cast more than 60% of the census). The census is the lesser of the average number of votes cast for all offices in the most recent election, or 80% of the number of votes cast in the most recent ratification vote, or 80% of the votes cast in a quorum vote called for the purpose of establishing a true census.

background information
-- DG5: census was average number of votes in contested elections

-- DG5: 2/3 of census for Constitution
-- DG5: 37% of census for CoL

-- DG5: 67% of non-abstain votes must approve
-- DG5: 55% of votes must approve

Feb 06, 2005, 10:37 AM
The pre-amble section has been posted, pending approval. (poll ends on Feb. 8th)

Feb 11, 2005, 07:20 PM
Noms, Debates, and Elections ( item selection poll has been put up.