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Dec 12, 2001, 04:50 PM

I have this System:

Win2k (SP2) on a
P III @ 1 GHz
ASUS V7700 Geforce 2 GTS 32 MB
ASUS Medion 2001 Motherboard [VIA chipset]
384 MB RAM
DirectX 8.0a

and the following problem:

a) The font (Lucida Sans, i think) isnīt displayed correctly. I tried to find a hint who to solve this problem, but could not find anything. So, if you had the same problem, please answer this thread.
b) Some background graphics are displayed incorrect too. I think this problem has the same source like the first.

I have new Nvidia display-drivers, the newest version of DirectX, font smoothing on and now iīm going to get rid of the game.

Please help me.

Dec 29, 2001, 01:08 AM
Also having trouble with fonts. They are either jumbled in one big mess or they are not aligned with the buttons they should go with.

1.3 Ghz AMD thunderbird
win 98 SE
Rage fury pro
Updated all drivers
Have latest patch (as of 12/28/01)
Going nuts

Any help would be appreciated.


Dec 31, 2001, 08:26 AM
Hi there,

same problem plus several crashes (Divison errors & GPFs; can't run the game at all)

Pentium III 500
ATI Rage 128
20 gigs HD
W98 SE

BTW I've noticed several posts like this on german forums, too.

I have posted an EMail to Infogrames, let's hear what they say...


Dec 31, 2001, 01:51 PM
Hi folks,

Infogrames has a suggestion that may help you, which can be found here:

"The game runs fine, but the text is displaying oddly, like it's all compressed."

We have found that this problem seems to be occurring on systems with more than 256 fonts installed in the Fonts folder, or systems running Scansoft's OCRAware software.

I reduced my fonts from 300-odd down to 100 or so and my text corruption problems went away. This on Win2k with nVidia GeForce2 GTS 32mb driver v21.83.

Happy 2002.