View Full Version : PBEMs : tell you best memories !

Jun 14, 2005, 06:36 AM

playing PBEMs is not always easy and we all know quite a bunch don't survive (and trying to keep some alive is tedious). Many (especially scenarios) have been completed however which is nice.
These can bring good memories but unfinished ones can too.

So if you have good memories of a PBEM or of some special events, fellow players,... please tell the story here. It could be a splendid victory, an unexpected treachery, a beuatiful long-term alliance, a stupid disastrous mistake..., whatever you want.
Just to show PBEMs are not just GPS messages but have real actions, relationships,...

You can just recall as well some of the best PBEMs you have played and maybe see what the other players thought about it.

However it is not a PBEMish Story & Tales thread.