View Full Version : Instillation problem

Oct 27, 2005, 07:12 AM
I just purchased and intalled CivIV and when I try to play i get the message:

"Movies not installed properly", then it crashes. Has anyone else had this issue and/or do you have a fix?

Oct 27, 2005, 08:28 AM
No idea, but have you uninstalled and reinstalled the game yet?
Also, not sure if it matters, but my buddy had problems installed from a dvd writer drive. Might want to install from a non writer dvd or cd drive. Doubt it helps, but never know.

I would definitely reinstall the game for starters.

Oct 27, 2005, 02:07 PM
I actually reinstalled it twice, but haven't tried a non writer dvd or cd drive. I'll give it a shot. I hope this is not gioing to be a video card issue. Thanks for you suggestion and let me know if you hear anything else.